Homemade Screw Tank #3-Hydraulics


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    1. colinfurze

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      1. Kye Robinson

        Hi Colin big fan of your videos. I have a 1977 Playcat atv with no engine or drive. I’m looking at converting to hydraulic drive do you have a list of hydraulic parts or links as most of the parts you used would be ideal thanks kye

      2. Alexxx X

        Do u have COLIN FURZE SUPPORT STICKERS??😉👍👍👍👍

      3. H H

        Leviatãn kgup.info/get/ppaHho7JlJ5_j4M/video

      4. Luckless Rain

        colinfurze your old videos are better but demonetization

      5. BurntFaceMan

        Saw you on Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier show!!! the knife belt was always one of my fav's but was secretly hoping for the chainsaw lamp given he was on about "useless inventions" bahaha Top job bro!

    2. Awk Cra4ty

      The people who dislike are people who cant respect hard work.

    3. The Epic Knight Gamer

      How much power does it have in hp

    4. 1 dude

      what would you do if u didn't? we wouldn't, would ya?

    5. Dave Down-Under

      It strikes me, watching the CNC cutting and metal bending, that Colin and other engineers of his ilk would be awesome at origami...

    6. Mitchell Bliss

      Colin what kind of work were you in or did you do before you started youtube? Or how/where did you learn all this metal working stuff? Seems like thats were the core of your knowledge is ancored at, aside from allthe engine related stuff..!

    7. WOLVExGray 1

      What’s the song at 5:50 and 9:20

    8. [MD] Darkscrillex

      6:20 This was actually really good split screen, I was not able to find where it was split.

    9. Brian A

      I'd love to see a collaboration between you and Bad Obsession Motorsports.

    10. Haruka Satou

      Tank goes *brrrr*

    11. lyanwmerny

      how did he do that

    12. Dr. Acula

      5:58 well yes, but actually yes

    13. Riley Richardson

      Uh 7:12

    14. Rogan

      That second track is FIRE! And the third is....

    15. Redcharcoalaz

      8:38 so you can have a fish and chip takeaway while driving your tank

    16. nhinconcaC2112


    17. Kejhi Rodriguez

      I love you and all no homo but you need too brush your teeth

    18. Haroon Sharif

      Was this guy a plumber at nasa or sumshit?

    19. Legongo Gaming

      I wish I could have this equippement and such a cool Garage and propably build anything I want

    20. SUZUKI BOI

      7:12 ???

    21. KaneAmora

      “This oil tank is too big” proceeds for fabricate and build an oil tank almost the same size. 😆

    22. SammanX47 ___

      Hey everyone, quick question. The welding tool he uses at @7:19 what is it? I'm trying to find one

    23. I love Gerald

      94% metal 6% frustration

    24. Luca Barbu

      welcome to colin furze,the channel that is 70% montage and 30% trumpet furze

    25. That Viking Downstairs

      Nobody: America: 9:28

    26. That Viking Downstairs

      Nobody: Philosophers: 5:59

    27. sam peterson

      the third track is by Jon doe not John Doe

    28. Dat_Boi _Kid

      The last piece of music is spegethe Witch was made bye John Doe like wat

    29. Caleb wright

      Awesome music matched with awesome content is just ahhh I can’t explain how much I love it it’s just *chefs kiss*

    30. Kunal

      All the while I wondered if he needed a bigger workshop but there he is building a tank in a shed.

    31. David Baldwin

      I can do none of this but. Why run those lines for the hydraulics all the way to the front? Why not leave that thing in the rear and just run a line to it? Less tubing and more protected? Sort of fly by wire...

    32. Teeth Thief

      Never seen Colin spike a tool like that. RIP Ryobi

    33. suburbia workshop

      The only thing I don't like about your videos is that the parts you use aren't in the description so we can't do something similar of our own

      1. suburbia workshop

        Like the hydraulic pump and the levers and all the tubes etc...

    34. Samu Hakkala

      What did that drill do to you?

    35. Lone Wolf

      Are you Look Mum No Computer's dad?

    36. SineApfel

      "Oiltank" sounds so american..

    37. John Lytton

      I tried using SEVERAL variations of the promo code ("tanktastic", "TANKTASTIC", "TankTastic", "TankTastik", "tanktastik") NONE of them worked!!! Love your videos Mr. Furze... BUT NOT happy with this.

    38. Steffen Wehner

      You shouldnt use your angle-grinder without safety glasses collin

    39. John Jones

      Didn't you buy that trombone or did you build it?

    40. Technicalg13515

      7:13 why did he smash the hell out of his drill 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Nelson Glover

        probably kept slipping the step bit in the chuck

    41. Rupa Number One


    42. Jamie M

      That pipe work is a work of art 😍

    43. Quan Luong

      shouldn't put some sort of silicone around the inside of the fuel tank.

    44. Andrew Harteveldt

      Where has the tie gone?

    45. The Who

      which hydraulic pump do you use?

    46. Redneck Mechanics

      i guess ryobi wont sponsor you any time soon

    47. Christopher Andrews

      The drill smash is so funny. I've had drills fail all the time. Best thing is to blow them up and buy a new one

    48. Headhunter69

      7:14 what happened?????

    49. Huy Quang Le

      7:28 I had to go back to realize that wasn't his actual hand! :-)

    50. stapuft

      Wait....you can use the chassis as a return line? Whoah.... *sees massive leak* Oh ok so that's why you don't see it too often.

    51. Timothy D’Oliveira


    52. De boys

      Ik ben Nederlands thé Netherlands l

    53. Leonardo Manzo

      We're you get the money to waste on the stupid s#$& you do

    54. moddosser

      Ahhhh. 2Colins. Didn’t think it could get any crazier. 🤪

    55. moddosser

      Wonder if World of Tanks would see fit to include your ScrewTank in future games🤔🤪👍

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    57. Tobias Eriksson

      The build would go faster for you if that other guy, your trombone-twin, would help out instead of just bothering you. Just saying... Maybe we'll see you guys work together in the future?

    58. Alpha Survivor

      hello colin, you should make a video with this boy, it would be very interesting to see their technology in action! kgup.infofeatured

    59. Sigurd Kalles

      7:11 IM dead XD!!!!!

    60. Мёртвый Хоуми

      in woter !!!

    61. DiosGamer0056 Dominguez Campillay


    62. Bass Edd

      Most people with mech engineering degrees can't do most of things you do. I am one of them🤣😢

    63. L0N3_W0LFY

      7:13 why is he throwing that drill on the floor?

    64. joey garcia

      10 million!!

    65. pixle500

      advert for crossout, thats funny XD

    66. koa

      People called him a nerd at school but all that payed out

    67. CHRISTO ze boss

      It is a SCRANK

    68. Freddie Merrills

      7:13 did he literally throw his drill at the floor

    69. hunter gamer

      When you finishing the tank body work

    70. Yuri Pravdin

      Is there a playlist with all the music in his vids?

    71. Risser

      Was that a perfectly good drill that just died because a bit broke?

    72. Takeru Kuniyoshi

      7:11 poor drill :(

    73. Milldog

      Absolutely class! music.apple.com/gb/album/spaghetti/1458800477?i=1458800757 If anyone was struggling to find that last track. Jon Doe- Spaghetti

    74. Jason Rideout

      I also love that it looks so easy when this guy does stuff..... Its amazing when u have all the right tools for the job, i wish my boss had the right tools in the autmotive shop i work in lol... He gets the shitty harbor freight tools dont get me wrong the tools are ok and cheap price but dont last lol..... But good on yah man keep up the channel please

    75. Jason Rideout

      Im only concerned that the tank is close to the exhaust but it shuld be far enough and thick enough away good job though brother ur AWESOME

    76. Jason Gauden

      Would’ve been awesome to put the throttle in foot pedals and mount a turret you control with hands

    77. yikuang voon

      7:11 Haha chill...

    78. Watermelon

      alll terain weelchair

    79. Yaman Tarakji

      7:11 man you went all cray cray on that drill

    80. The Canoe River Cleaner

      Thanks to Colin and all you guys that have decided we might not be a shit band after all. Here is our video featuring a male nun in stockings.. kgup.info/get/d5qTnIfJpqBroJk/video

    81. Tom Collinson

      hey, you should ditch ryobi and get milwaukee they are the top line of power tools

    82. kaiCast

      now make a screw car that can drive on the road

    83. Vito Frisardi

      Hello Colin always great and very strong you are amazing you should come and repair some tractor from me i have to ask my owner if he hires you, hello greetings from Italy

    84. pugslt1

      Why didn't you use pumps like a zero turn mower? Or if heavier duty needed a skidsteer? Plumbing would have been simpler. Just need linkages to the control handles...no hoses.

    85. Ребк Гра

      Норм спонсор

    86. Tetsu Tetsu

      Why is your logo swapped

    87. Mr Pegwin

      The safety tie is a safety hazard

    88. Adam Shaw

      I don’t guess you would 🤷‍♂️

    89. Luciel Campbell

      07:12 Ryobi disliked that

    90. Jomari Suico

      Put some ads


      I always love the music colin u got a great taste in music


      7:12 i hate when my drill does that id slam it too it pisses me off when tools in general dont work.

    93. Federico Garavaglia

      How did you get the two tanks to’ move in different direction with only One engine?

    94. MV_DevonKrisp

      Bruh u love the music choose NICE

    95. Mas Yaris

      I like how he did everything perfectly It's so satisfying especially on that tubes part

    96. David Elliott

      If you'd put the valves at the back with remote levers, there would have been less pipe to worry about. More stuff for Mk2. :)

    97. Hằng Nguyễn


    98. Hằng Nguyễn


    99. pixelbasedlifeforms

      The helping guy getting no credits makes me sad 😢

    100. Nathan Hood

      Highly recommend World of Tanks