DeVonta Smith describes his relationship with Nick Saban and makes Super Bowl LV predictions

ESPN College Football

38 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    Alabama WR and Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith joins First Take to make a prediction for Super Bowl LV and discuss his relationship with Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban.
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    1. Joe Williams

      Really like the class and humility Devonta shows with the bobbleheads - his discomfort with the spotlight is a testament to the fact that Alabama recruits good guys not just great athletes

    2. Mikevdog

      He got the Super Bowl wrong and everything else right.

    3. aaron breeds

      well he was right... it came down to tb defense

    4. Will Anderson

      Max REALLY needed the teleprompter on this one. Keep your eyes up, son.

    5. Sarah Lloyd

      You would think that I gave birth to this guy...I am SO proud for him! Lol. But I have been one of his most loyal fans since the first time I saw him play. I also love his attitude and hard work ethic. He and Mac and Tua just stand out for their humbleness and off the chart Skills. And I give their parents credit, too. Respect.

    6. Donald Beard

      Devante Smith made Mac Jones look great but I didn't think Mac would ever be as good as he was And that goes to show how much I don't know about Mac and I only wish he the best just as I wish All Alabama players Roll Tide

    7. Jerry Glen

      What class, Devonta Smith shows. Bright future for a very talented man.

    8. GMcKBack

      “Take a chance” on DeVonta! This kid is so humble. They were begging him to come to Bama but it was Tua who convinced him.

    9. Sampleador

      Steven forgot about minkah fitzpatrik when ge said saban love more him more than any other player; in Alabama he was called nick saban son

    10. Don Goldsworthy

      This guy obviously wishes he could have played at Boise State. Winning a National Championship at Boise State would be for a real champion

      1. Don Goldsworthy

        @Johnny D In the game of Football Boise State is known as America's team, most winning team in the history of football, in fact Boise State is the most dominant team in the history of football. Out west they don't play that boring soccer brand of football they play down south. Let's be honest SEC football is lame. The tide beat up Mississippi St. and West Carolina then claim they are good. Alabama is way to scared to play anyone anytime and would never take a chance losing to Boise State on the Blue

      2. Johnny D

        What’s Boise State?

    11. faiz Ali

      If Miami is smart they will take devonte but all he has to do is add some muscle to his frame

    12. Johnny Comer

      He gave you a chance? Like nobody else would?

    13. Travis Bush

      Did....did she say Heisman trophy winner potentially? I must have heard it wrong

    14. 4Forty8 Bucks

      That Stephen Stephen A's son you tell by the hairline 🤣😂

    15. Mason.

      Saban has had him PAID the last 3 years

      1. Johnny D



      I know this won’t happen but I would love to see him in Green Bay

    17. JSU Tigers

      The SLIM REAPER 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    18. un a5xp

      Jets baby!! We need you here!!

    19. Ruben Adame

      Amazing kid wish him nothing but the best in his future

    20. Ducky


    21. E Bon

      The industrious brother bodily confuse because europe conservatively touch like a heavenly heavy hellish draw. mature, many part

    22. Amanda Welch

      The super customer aesthetically hunt because alto steadily reject following a robust island. numberless, nasty mass

    23. kcirrad51

      When your team draft smith and 2 years later trade him ..don't say a word....jus WADDLE

    24. Baller Steph

      How can’t you like smitty super humble

    25. Happy Gilmore706GA

      Love the fool but hes so dull

    26. Anthony Ledbetter

      Best college football receiver in College Football History . Nobody has done more or been better in College Football.


      such a humble guy! any NFL team would be blessed to have him not only for his talent but his leadership

    28. Graymont to Los Angeles

      Saban may be a racist and a white supremacist, but he’s the 🐐 football coach. If I had a Black son, I’d happily to send him to play for Saban because I know he’d be ready for the league in 4 years.

      1. Joan Mandeville

        So wrong! If he is racist, why all the good black players want to play for him??? Did you not see him leading the March for justice?

      2. Graymont to Los Angeles

        @Vallano Media TV ok.

      3. Vallano Media TV

        He is not racist. Stop race baiting

      4. Thatmanstu MotoConcepts

        You are clearly confusing the nation's greatest College Football Coach with the nation's worst ex-President.

      5. Harlem139Convent1


    29. South House Productions

      I love this guy.

    30. 4TF Benji Glo

      Roll Tide Congrats Devonta Smith Thanks For Your Hard Work. I Wish You Well On Ur Journey Ahead.

    31. Chris Mills

      Max pretty much ask the same question.. who do you have your eye when the dust settle 😂

    32. Bill P

      Of all the great receivers at Bama the Slim Reaper was the best !

    33. The Tide

      Gonna miss him but glad to see him transition to the next level . He will be making headlines for years because he doesn’t quit and is tough as a $2 steak. Roll Tide

      1. Carson Rhoads

        That’s the best simile I’ve ever heard lmao

    34. Mike Boyd

      I put DeVonta right up there with my other favorite Alabama player ever, Ozzie Newsome. They handled themselves impeccably both on and off of the field. Also, both men were clutch for Bama. I can’t wait to see DeVonta as a pro!

      1. jp418

        I always enjoyed hearing Coach Bryant say “Ozzie Newsome from Leighton Alabama !“ on his Sunday talk show.

    35. brian 1

      IMHO Best wide receiver to play at BAMA.

      1. Randy Phillips

        @King Collins Julio is a great recievet in the NFL but Devonta smith in college and its not close !! But Julio didnt have the luxury of the offense we run now as compared to when Julio played

      2. King Collins

        @JB 👌

      3. King Collins

        @brian 1 very true. Alabama gets the best talent and then they coach them up and it shows year in and year out. Nick Saban owns college football, just like bill Belichick owns the NFL. And it's not a coincidence that they coaches together once.

      4. brian 1

        @King Collins I don't disagree, julio didn't have the QB's throwing the ball to him or the coordinators the Smith has had. They both have been a God sent for Bama football.

      5. JB

        @King Collins I have, but Julio doesn't compare collegiately. Sorry bro


      Really want to see him in Miami...Tua and Smitty is gonna be Litty 🥴🥴

      1. Puxur

        @Jonas Cash stfu

      2. Jonas Cash

        not sure if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it enjoy!

      3. Hugh Mills

        @Puxur If u get pulled 3 times in a season. U suck

      4. Hugh Mills

        Tua sucks

      5. Puxur

        @TheKevin AndCoreyShow he was a rookie no he don’t

    37. Brent Leclaire

      Good luck in your future,nothing but great things to say about this young warrior,Roll Tide Forever

    38. Chris Lane

      GREAT football player. Better leader.

    39. Calvin Swink

      Can't wait to see him in the NFL

    40. Ryan Kokobones

      Is the ravens draft up, its gonna be for him!

    41. G Code 609

      Smithy is a stud , he won't make it to 6 to my 🦅🦅🦅

    42. Archie dong

      Amazing season for him

    43. aaron short

      DEVONTA will be missed by us BAMA nation, I know he's going to be a stand out in the NFL, critics talk about his size, he's alot tougher than most people think mark my words he'll be setting some records in his career dude is awesome ROLL TIDE ROLL so proud of you Devonta.

    44. dl murray

      DeVonta is 🔥🔥🔥 But he might have just lowered my respect for him with the KC Chiefs things....🤧

    45. michael oduro

      Pls Miami get him

    46. clutchboy615

      Ngl that was dry

      1. Person who ain’t me

        The way I see it he’s focused on the bigger things ahead

      2. AK

        Yea ive noticed that Smitty does not give the best interviews. It's a good thing Mac Jones has some personality and is out going because otherwise that Heisman show would've been painfully awkward. It already kind of was tbh.

    47. Stephen H. Smith

      devonta built like a walmart cashier but will go out and drop 12 catches for 250yds and 3 tds on your head

      1. Mikevdog

        @Mr X He will gain 20 pounds and be fine

      2. Mr X

        @aeromedical67 Marvin Harrison had Payton Manning as QB. And how many WRs who were built like Marvin Harrison had great careers? Yeah that is right only Marvin Harrison.

      3. Mr X

        @Aaron imagine being honest about a 22 year old dreams before your team invest millions of dollars into him.

      4. aeromedical67

        @Mr X - he’s built just like Marvin Harrison. I think that guy had an above average career at Indy.

      5. Aaron

        @Mr X imagine hating on a 22 year old following his dream

    48. exely