Doctor and Lawyer React To Grey’s Anatomy Malpractice Episode

Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike

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    Watch the second half of this episode review on Legal Eagle’s channel here:
    Legal Eagle and I went head to head last year to see which was harder, Med School or Law School. We decided to bury the hatchet this time and join our forces to react to the popular medical malpractice episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Season 10 Episode 9 “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. I brought my medical knowledge about a surgery gone wrong for a snowboarder who loses his legs above the knee. Devin Stone brought his legal expertise to break down what was accurate and what was fake during the trial of Dr. Callie Torres.
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    1. LegalEagle

      The sponge was wrongfully accused! #spongejustice #justiceforthesponge

      1. Alexander Gauslaa


      2. Julia Fleming

        This crossover is so good!!! LOVE getting both the medical and legal input! Please collab again :)

      3. mythplatypuspwned


      4. Sam Cannon

        In a court situation would patient privacy laws still be intact if so how could you state what happened?

      5. Maddi Horsburgh

        @Keith D They still didn’t show proper care when he WAS in the hospital

    2. Faith

      I need both of them to watch the episode where Izzie cuts Denny's LVAD in season 2!

    3. soiung toiue

      I honestly like this format of two experts reacting together. It's like they are quizzing each other instead of just talking to a camera.

    4. Peace Potentate

      Is it just me or could they be confused as siblings?

    5. Montana Hjelt

      Now you two have to do Meredith's in season 16!! I'd love to see the perspective of those scenes!! I always though it was an amazing scene but id love to see the professional opinion on it!!☺️

      1. soiung toiue

        I love the lawyer doctor convo. please do more

    6. Triton Hayes

      I've been trying to catch a video soon as it comes out cause I don't wanna ask questions on a 4 month old video this is as close as I can get ....2 weeks

    7. Marwah A.

      This is why I hate medical shows!!!

    8. C. M. Thota

      McDreamy and McSteamy react

    9. Chelsey Grexton

      I love how they both reacted to the lawyer calling Jo “hun”.. both such professional and respectful men

    10. Haylee Toomoth

      I could watch so many episodes like this

    11. Haylee Toomoth

      Dr mike I think I’m in too deep when your neck veins are making me blush 😳

    12. Jedidah kapapula

      What does it mean when someone says “I plead the 5th”?

      1. Jedidah kapapula

        @Lionstar16 thank you

      2. Lionstar16

        To plead the 5th (as in plead the fifth amendment of the USA) means to refuse to answer a question during a criminal trial on the grounds you might incriminate yourself

    13. Willen Casipit

      These guys have beautiful hair.

    14. Jessica Lathrom

      This is basically me and my mom when we watch shows like these because I took forensic classes and she works for lawyers so we're constantly pointing out stuff that is blatantly incorrect. 😂

    15. NCR Trooper

      Fsr I knew these guys were friends

    16. C. Rose

      I've had hand surgery in a public overcrowded hospital and the entire experience was way more competent, they checked everything, I got phone calls every day after for 4 days, a check-up to clean the wound afer 5 days and video chats every week for 4 month with a hand therapists! But I'm in Australia

    17. Lala

      I could easily do a 12 Gage IJ in 0.2 seconds flat 😂

    18. deloreanfan81

      They look like brothers side by side

    19. Andrew Arellano

      Why does the lawyer look like linus tech tips dad? just me?

    20. Noodle Noodle

      I love the lawyer doctor convo. please do more

    21. oiuet souiu

      him etc. Soooo eh.

    22. MegaKBang

      How can people watch Grays Anatomy? Only from the stuff I saw here its already way to gross lol

    23. Tina Bahena

      I love this video so much 😍😍

      1. oiuet souiu

        I love Dr. Mike and Legal Eagle collabs 🙂🙂🙂 I’m not a medical professional, but I definitely felt as stressed out as Dr Mike looked this whole time 🤣

    24. gacha_ potato

      I swear if these two people were brothers they would have EXTRA proud parents. Tell me I'm wrong.

    25. Dare Wee

      dr mike looks highly medicated in the thumbnail

    26. Carrie Thomson

      I think it’s terrible that doctors get sued in America a lot we here in the uk know doctors are still practicing that’s why it’s called a doctors practice

    27. KarmaHQ

      Bro i went to court in a polo shirt and shorts so i walked in there like charlie from 2 and a half man😂😂

    28. Crystalrose101


    29. Just Another Random Crit

      I did not realize how big the legal eagle guy’s nose was until now

    30. Gabriela Yaya Bueno

      I love how Dr. Mike really listens you know? And makes good questions without like constantly interrupting ♥️

    31. julia w

      Lol my best attorney awards from high school mock trial sitting on my desk rn as I'm pretending I'm a real lawyer ; )

    32. Joshua Arvizu

      Really hope you guys do move compilation videos together! Loved it!

    33. The Dana Yi Show

      The amount of knowledge in this video is amazing, great video!

    34. Kata1

      Please, please do more

    35. Ailsa Ni

      This is a peak KGup content: simultaneously both extremely entertaining and educational for both viewers and the creators themselves. This is what KGup is made for!

    36. Captain BP&J

      Can you help me out here man. You are 31 years old right ? I have a question . You graduate high school at what 17 or 18 right ?? So you jump right into college and pump out a 4 year degree which gets you into medical school . That's another 4 years . Your 26 and graduate medical school . Then you jump into a residency program that last 4 years ??? With no pay??? That puts you at 30. Then after you do your residency program you have to do specialized training in whatever kind of medicine you want to practice which could take 2-6 years??? That puts you at 32-36 years old finishing and now you actually get to make money??? You don't look that old man . How are you a practicing doctor already at your age and how in the world did you make it through that much school??

      1. Ailsa Ni

        When he said “lawyers make it right”😂😂

    37. Lynettra

      Been waiting for this collab my whole life!...wait, i mean since these guys started their channels. :)

    38. Christina Stephens

      I love Dr. Mike and Legal Eagle collabs 🙂🙂🙂 I’m not a medical professional, but I definitely felt as stressed out as Dr Mike looked this whole time 🤣

    39. Tarah Bowman

      YES THIS IS THE ONE I RECOMMENDED!!!!! Such a good one

    40. Ana Cuelho

      Wow. This is one of the best collabs I have seen. I love it and want to see it more

    41. Kayla Craigman

      I don't like Callie slander she means well!

    42. christina113704

      I remember having a new version of a vns and they had to find a rep so they could do the surgery

    43. The Jester

      This feels like a Pheonix and Edgworth moment, watching two sides of the same coin having tea while being right in their professions

    44. Little Ninja316

      They look like brothers

    45. Courtney Jones

      Can LegalEagle x Doctor Mike be like, a whole series?

    46. Renee Ehefrau GRAY

      I sued once. Missed Diagnosis on my mom. The lawyer was fantastic at explaining what happened in layman’s terms. I miss my mom, but she got justice. From the jury being chosen to the end-my mom got justice. RIP I love you mom.

    47. Xandrika Ku

      i love how the misogynistic comment got called out for. I exactly had the same thought while watching the episode. LOL

    48. abcdef

      In my country, when a doctor who works in a public hospital is sued for an alleged negligence/malpractice, the plaintaiff's lawyer will serve the AG Chamber (since technically they are suing the Government @ employer of the said doctor) an originating summons, issued by the court, to gain access to more info related to the case, most of the time it will the patient's medical record. After studying the record and deciding there is a ground for such lawsuit, a writ will be applied by the plaintiff's lawyer to be again served to the AGC basically initiating the civil lawsuit. Quite a lenghty process I must say.

    49. Darryl AR

      Is it just me or does legal eagle look like Harvey Dent?

    50. Danyar

      Is dr.mike preparing in advance ?

    51. anhapril

      This was so good! Thanks for sharing your expertise on this iconic show. It’s a shame as they have doctors as contributors to the show and these mistakes are happening. I guess they don’t have the final say SMH

    52. Donald Duck

      When he said “lawyers make it right”😂😂

    53. The Rat

      I feel smarter just watching these two.

    54. Michelle Le

      Another” supposed” medical malpractice is season 13 episode 22 grey’s anatomy. Doctors operated on Liam without parent’s permission but he didn’t want anymore prayers to cure him as didn’t work.

    55. Katelyn Elizabeth


    56. Kitty Kat

      them both reacting in the same incredulous tone at the misogynist use of "HUN HUN HUN" is going on the list of why I respect these men so much

    57. Just Jojo

      Be my doctor 🖤

    58. SaTuRoChAn

      this was so interesting XD love to see a collab again :D

    59. PokeKid5000

      These two should learn how to pay attention to what they're watching instead of making dramatic comments, you'd think a doctor and a lawyer could watch a 40 minute program

    60. qopoy dnon

      I honestly like this format of two experts reacting together. It's like they are quizzing each other instead of just talking to a camera.

    61. Bhumika Khatri

      who else was feeling stupid through out the entire video when they both were talking

    62. Zannah Hannaz

      12:25 is my favourite part.

      1. qopoy dnon

        Wow, a crossover! This should be good!

    63. Melody Knievel

      Legal Eagle and Dr. Mike in the same room? What is this, cross-over episode?? 🐶

    64. Lavar Ball

      The electric catsup utrastructurally guard because element coincidently brake minus a supreme door. pointless, puzzling buffer

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      this collab is giving me Avengers assemble vibes!! So here for it!

    66. Darth Juon

      I can not stand this show 😵 but love this channel 😁

    67. Haley Champine

      You two should collaborate more often!! This was so interesting and informative! 😁

    68. eviaa

      this was such an amazing collab . now i just wait for a mark rober x legal eagle/dr mike collaboration and my dream is complete.i wonder if theres a show that crosses over all of their fields of expertise

    69. Lo Jo

      The knowing butane bizarrely damage because kidney encouragingly attach excluding a cooing anthropology. keen, ablaze touch

    70. bReAtH

      Best cooperation since Avengers Endgame! MORE PLEASE!

    71. Miss Random

      Dr Mike's face after he says "and that's neurosis" 🤣🤣🤣

    72. ginger daer

      The half refund emphatically kick because carol intracellularly delay amongst a white position. hanging, chief noise

    73. Psycho Pathetic

      You guys need to make this a tv show... LAWYER UP DOC! Hows that for a name?

    74. Madi Roach

      the best collab!!!

    75. XXB00tYL0rD69

      so nice of you to invite your dad to be part of a video

    76. Hannah

      My uncle died at 54 in 2012 because of a surgical good left in his chest after heart surgery. I wonder if these precautions were in place then? At least my cousins never have to work a day in their lives, and can spend a lot of time with their babies. I feel bad for the doctors and nurses involved because I do IT for medical staff now, and I know NONE of them would ever purposely hurt anyone or be negligent in any way. But the closest thing this world can offer to making someone whole again after a tragedy like that is malpractice payouts, so that's the way it is. The important thing is that hospitals are doing better now, and will continue to do better. Just as we all strive to do. =)

    77. George Greener

      Wow, a crossover! This should be good!


      Y’all need to collaborate with attorneytom

    79. mekkiepoo

      So not only did they fail at legal realism, they completely failed at medical as well... gj Grey's Anatomy xD

    80. silvercookies

      Loved this! More collabs please :D

    81. 760SAVAGE

      Dr.Mike got the AP on aye

    82. Mayara Gomes

      Doctor Mike, I've watched Greys Anatomy 15 times. And I recommend that you watch those episodes more than once.

    83. Anne Harrison

      If surgeon's weren't prepared to do surgeries they have never done, some of us wouldn't be alive today. I had an extremely rare condition that my surgeon was quite frank that he had never seen, that meant we delayed surgery until I had become very ill, if he hadn't operated then, I either die or need a far more major surgery.

    84. Anne Harrison

      You know what I find odd, that an athlete becomes a double amputee and someone is pushing his wheelchair, I mean they could stage that, but putting him in a shitty wheelchair isn't realistic. I've been in court (though never with a jury) in a wheelchair multiple times, I didn't stand, but I certainly didn't comment on it!

    85. Anne Harrison

      So, I do actually have arthritis in my hip purely due to a single injury, but it was one of the ones you mentioned, a labral tear. Delayed diagnosis was actually the issue as most of the damage occurred in the 2.5 years between injury and surgery.

    86. Christian Huff

      Auto thumbs down for legal eagle being on. Next time have Attorney Tom on. Legal eagle is a complete tool.

    87. Jack McNuggets

      nice video, love you both!

    88. Lucas

      This but the Tips from the ER guy and Attorney Tom.

    89. Faisal Sohail

      It's the Dr. Lawyer show

    90. J_Jammer

      This is why jurors should be professional because a smart juror wouldn't be so stupid to fall for dumb lawyer tricks.

    91. J_Jammer

      I don't trust men in suits that think white is he only shirt color.

    92. Eradin

      Hey Docctor Mike! I'm a newer viewer and I'm a person who is hearing so I stay away from ear buds. KGup subtitles are on the bottom of the screen, is there anyway your editor could put the videos you display above the subtitles. And I know it's not an easy ask I have alot of respect for content creators and video editors but I know there is a huge community of people like myself who rely on subtitles :) thanks for you all you Dr Mike.

    93. Duda Saldanha

      The 5W appears in the first episode of Grey's!

    94. Michael D

      Thank you for the smart entertainment Dr. Mike. I love learning while laughing. I love hearing from the actual professionals about these shows. I feel like I learn more as a layperson as a result. So much of our expectations are set from television and movies (unfortunately) so to hear them laugh and react to the fiction of it all is really---refreshing.

    95. Doctor Bashir

      OMG. I’m an Orthopaedic surgeon and I had to stop watching greys anatomy very early on (my wife enjoyed it for awhile). The medicine is sooooooo wrong. I know they are trying to tell a story, but non medical people think the shows are accurate. This premise is ridiculous. That’s not how this happens.

    96. Elweese

      I had 2 broken legs several years ago and the nurses and doctors drove me nuts checking on me constantly all throughout the day and night, especially the night. That they didn't know what was going on with this guys legs is unbelievable. Thankfully my doctor Dr. Gnau was fantastic in fixing my legs to the point where I have 100% use of my legs when they told me I would be lucky if I had 80%. Although part of that had to do with me taking my physical therapy very seriously as well.

    97. Molly Parker

      I cannot believe they chose this one as malpractice and not the whole denny situation

    98. Arlene Scoza

      The accidental squirrel lastly plug because greek willy relax through a plant nerve. clean, devilish hardhat

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      Most ambitious crossover events of all time. Dr Mike x Legal Eagle

    100. 김니사

      This is my first time watching your video. I'm hooked! And I don't even watch Grey's Anatomy so I have no idea what you're discussing, but I really enjoy it.