Day in My Life: Coffee, Physio, and Date Night in Tokyo

Simon and Martina

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    These past two weeks have been super busy, with us renewing our Visas, and with us taking the mandatory steps to getting a new dog. But tonight's Date Night, and NOTHING GETS IN THE WAY OF DATE NIGHT! But first....we need dope coffee and physiotherapy.
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    1. rin h

      Yesterday I was very frustrated with KGup and its content. A lot of youtubers post videos that has been done over and over again and I started to feel like the quality of the content is taking a nosedive. Since when did this platform become a nest for people who compete for views, advertise products they don’t use, and couldn’t do anything else right, so y’know why not do KGup..? And then I watch your video, so beautiful, even thoughtful in sharing experiences like going to physio and what that is like, and you still apologize for not having higher quality content. Some people do crappy vlog for 365 days and call it an achievement. Thank you for raising the bar and restoring faith to this platform.

      1. Lipursan

        You spoke my mind

      2. Metalman200xdamnit

        KGup used to be about people. But now that people can make money from YT,the You has been replaced by a job or career mentality.

      3. notDre

        I used to think Simon and Martina were annoying, but the more I watched, the more I thought of Simon and Martina as just two people doing something they love and they're extremely down to earth and just.. Themselves.. It's refreshing and they put so much effort into their videos.

      4. Brittany McMillan

        Amen I wish there were more channels like this I’ve pretty much stopped using KGup except for you guys and a few music things

      5. Sara

        Finally someone say it!

    2. Moon Shade

      Anyone else watching old content because you miss Simon and Martina? Nope just me....

    3. 五ヶ瀬三太郎


    4. Flipgal RN aka Laura


    5. Karthik Bhaga

      I like your love story.. very unique and sweet

    6. penny barlow

      I love your content. I have a forty year old Dad too. j/k "my Hub's" is my freaking hero tho. I deal with chronic illness and he got so sick of them not knowing what was wrong with me and numerous visit to the doc and ER. He started researching and figured out what is wrong. He comes running in the bathroom as I was soaking said" I know what wrong with you" I was like no way?! really what?!? He said no I'm being serious. So the next time the problem arose it wasint a week later. I had them start the testing for it and he was right. I have Interstitial cyctitis holes in ma bladder can go along with EDs and other illnesses. So now I got that diagnosed I have had other diagnoses. Cause you know you have one you have a few!! He is my hero we have a blast like you two. And date night is important. He like Simon also works out knowing I may get worse. Anyway love you guys we are alot alike!

    7. ChibiPanda8888

      How can people dislike your videos? I don't recall ever watching a video of yours I truly didn't like. I dunno. People are weird. Love you guise so much!

    8. Tam Vu

      when u guys simultaneously said "AWWWWWWWWWWW" right when the egg yolk oozed, it was so cool. u guys are so in sync

    9. iKaryn Life

      We call that open face sandwhich in PA a Monte Cristo. Also good with real maple syrup over it.

    10. Kirarasdemonx

      Lmfao he said hairy I said blood coming out of throat, that's when I immediately gave up :( I was never good at charades anyways

    11. River isthename

      I genuinly feel so special when you guys take us on your dates and adventures

    12. Rob Go

      hey Simon and Martina, my partner and I really love your videos! What sort of visas are you guys on that allows you to have your digital content business? In my experience with visas in foreign countries there's often a job offer/sponsorship involved. We actually immigrated to Canada! haha best decision ever.

    13. Confetti_Head_Gore

      QUESTION: Might be a weirdly specific one. But like, when your hips or legs would give out, would there be a sharp pain beforehand and immediately after would the hip give out?

      1. Confetti_Head_Gore

        @Simon and Martina Oh ok, thanks for taking the time to explain! Ill have to look into those exercises :O When my hips give out, it'll just happen out of nowhere; one minute I'll be walking fine then I'll swing my leg forward to take a step and I'll get an intense sharp pain in my hip joint just for a second, enough to make me inhale sharply and my leg will give out x.x not fun...

      2. Simon and Martina

        I feel a painful “pressure”building and if I continue to move or put weight on my leg, I’ll have a sharp pain from the subluxation and I then have to do this funny looking leg lift to pop my hip back. That’s very common for me and I can deal with that pain BUT had to go to physio after I really intensely injured myself at the gym using the leg press machine. More painful was sitting, since my hips wouldn’t stay in socket, my SI pushes on the nerve bundle at the bottom of my spine and it was intense never ending pain. I’ve done PT to strength my inner abs so I can physically pull my hips back together when they start separating using this newly trained muscle. It’s been a HUGE difference! You can look up: transverse abdominal muscle (TVA) exercise if you can’t go to physio but have separation in your hips.

    14. Elinor Russell

      Still can't get over how nice the cup martina's drink was in was 😍🍵 oohoohoo

    15. ps8hholoogiline

      can't believe it's almost been a year. my favourite day in a life. although i say that about every Simon and Martina's day in a life video.

    16. Ana M.

      Simon just likes cookies in general of course he liked the cookie haha

    17. Tj Joker

      I haz opsteopathy of the brain....I blame it on my foot lmao :)~

    18. Goddess

      Hey girl, you go girl, what’s happening girl 😂😂it’s so cute how they speak to each other.

    19. Mya Raen

      I dream about finding my forever mate---like you guys. It's been so difficult going forward on my own for so long. I know it's not all rainbows and smiles but I love how you guys always have each other's back. You give me so much hope.

    20. Maya

      Simon, you have the nicest LEGS.

    21. Knit & Read

      Peas and Beans lover here! You're not alone, Martina!

    22. N Watkins

      So cuuuuute!!!! ♡♡♡

    23. N Watkins

      Idk how I wasnt subscribed to you guys! I'm a long lost fan. I remember watching you guys years ago! Subscribed. Still as cute as ever! So happy to see you're still so in love and adorable!

      1. Simon and Martina

        Welcome back, glad you found us :)

    24. Paige D'Winter

      I had to google Physiotherapy. It sounds like something between Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy here in the States. I didn't have to google EDs though, I learned about it from Jessica Kellgren-Fozard 's channel.

    25. Vanessa Knights


    26. Kim Il Sung

      I definitely recommend trying a low carb ketogenic diet. Even if you only try it for a few weeks you should really try and see if you feel any benefits from it. A lot of people will joint paint have reported massive benefits from this, both short and long term.

    27. Abigale Richard

      I always end up inevitably enamored when I see Martina's hair-do. The skills~~~

    28. Nikki Christine

      I love peas Martina!

    29. Orionlk

      I phone is better than dslr

    30. Kinikochan 37

      Is your date night monthly? My husband an I try to go out whenever we can afford it. (Living that broke early marriage life) 👍

    31. Bernd Eckenfels

      Those cherry trees do they actually mess the whole street up with cherries?

    32. Tanjiro Tetsuya

      Simon really thinks so out of the box! Love all the ways he expresses his love for Martina and the adventures that surrounds him! Looking at you two gives me the inspiration to let myself enjoy all the things that I truly enjoy!

    33. Oscar P

      Dumb question, but don’t they have CBD in Japan? Have you tried that if available ?

    34. Araceli Perez

      Is that a lip piercing??? Edit: .... Was* that a lip piercing???

    35. Faith

      First of all, I just want to say that I love the two of you. You two have such uplifting energies I can't help but smile every time I watch your videos. The past four years have been a big struggles because complications of my EDS,(I have the vascular form) I spent half of that time in the hospital and the other, just recovering from it all. But just when I seem be getting to a dark place, I come across one of your videos, and I'm encouraged to keep fighting, and living my life to the fullest. Thank you for being amazing people! 🤗

    36. GarouLady

      As a person with Chronic Fatigue I feel you Martina and bless you Simon for taking such good care of her. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well. I went through Chemotherapy/radiation treatment for Metasizing Stage 3C Uterine cancer, working full time and taking care of my disabled mother, I know the drain emotionally and physically it can be on a caregiver. I would love to send you a care package. Is there a current address to send a package to japan?

    37. Sarah C

      my sleep paralysis demon be like 8:38 jk but seriously, I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your videos again. I watched about 4 years ago and was inspired to live in Korea someday, and idk I feel like I know you guys and... its nice to see you again

    38. Savannah Collins

      I’ve watched your videos since your days in Korea & i’ve recently stumbled upon your channel again. I’ve been in probably the worst depression i’ve had in a long while but your videos have helped me so much! You both always appreciate the smallest things & not only that but you show the real sides of your lives as well (martinas pain, your depression,etc.) this channel has only gotten more magical & special to me & I just want to thank you both so much for being absolutely amazing! ❤️

    39. Raymond Shih

      Thats a dope Jays Cap!

      1. Simon and Martina

        Thank you!

    40. Nathalie Stoll

      6:46 This Chorus of Simons and Martinas Ahhhhh gives me life XD

    41. oneroarmouse

      I was looking for this! Starts at: 8:59 Info. pic at 10:02.

    42. SpitMeOut

      How fitting that I’m watching this video while doing my physical therapy exercises lol

    43. Tormented Soul

      I thought this video was great. Real people, with real lives doing real things. I love the whole concept of date night and putting some effort into your relationship..... just like a garden it has to be cultivated. I was surprised to learn the custom/rule of getting your neighbors permission to bring a new dog into the home. Interesting ?? I really want a pair of those pajamas you had on in the end of the video?? Where can I purchase them??

    44. Shannon Powers

      Creepy Martina is best Martina.

    45. katie kawaii

      I love this video SO MUCH

    46. Kat de castanedo


    47. Maia

      what camera do you use to film?

    48. Ariella

      Yall give me so much hope.

    49. Yurie Y

      Martina! Where did you get your jacket with lots of leopard side faces you are wearing at Organ restaurant? I really want to get it... I love leopards and those type of jacket, also that navy blue is my fav colour so it would be perfect.

      1. Yurie Y

        @Simon and Martina aww Thank you so so so much for your reply!!! really love that jacket. and you look super cool in it! I know that brand! I will try to check online and hopefully I can get it!! I will check their store too!

      2. Simon and Martina

        I lucked out! It was at an airport at a mini-Scotch & Soda store and on the discount rack for end of season. If you check their website maybe they’ll have some new similar dope stuff??

    50. NoPunches

      Is Simon nervous? “Tucking pants into jeans”? Really?

    51. Deborah Nance

      Are you all going to start a family and me and my husband have a date night every Friday. ❤❤❤❤

      1. Simon and Martina

        We’ve started our family. We’re not looking for any new additions to the team :)

    52. DosZanahorias

      I’m binge watching all your content. Sometimes I go months without finding something to watch or like feeling like I don’t want to watch anything and I always go back to you guys because I’m able to feel a connection. You two have such a great personality it just always pulls me in. I want to say I adore you both. One more thing it’s so crazy how much time has passed I think the first video I watched was the ramen one when you two lived in Korea and to this day I do my ramen like Martina’s sorry Simon but no ranch on my ramen LOL

    53. Jenni Lo

      Both of you are amazing human. Wish u all the very best. Thank you for always giving me positivity when everything feels dark

    54. Strike237

      Logan Paul action 😂

    55. Arrani S.

      Happy date night! Good to see you are both doing well :) Martina, I remember having one of those hair tie devices.

    56. Lemon Squeeze

      Martina that jacket is adorable wow

    57. Mee Gray

      do you guys do tours in japan?

    58. utubsometimes

      Where is your blazer from?? It looks so good!!

    59. Abby Is Watching

      Martina, I think you're some sort of magician. This is an older vid that I somehow missed...and I'm due to go in on Friday to get the ball rolling for physio and pain management. Most of the problem I was born with, and the things I was born with keep causing injuries, because gravity. I'm nervous about this New Thing, and haven't been feeling very hopeful about it. And here you are, giving me the exact info and pep talk I needed. You guys are a shiny magical force for good in the world. Never doubt it. And Simon, if I could I'd put you in charge of How To Dude. You guys give me hope. 💖💖💖

    60. SkyBlue

      Police officer: are you two alright? Simon and Martina: yes officer, we just had a plate of dinner with our wine.

    61. Isabelle Thiers

      Natural wine is LIFE!! I am with you on that one, Martina!

    62. Gary Lange

      I haven't laughed so much in a long time. I am so fortunate to have found you both and subscribed to this channel. You make me smile, laugh, cry, and feel life is amazing. Yippee Skippee!

    63. Artemis Animals

      😂 “Because it’s my channel... and I can answer questions”. And “today I’m going for the stressed out TA look”. Y’all are hysterical! Love your stuff!

    64. ViolentOrchid

      Raw is like the only way I like peas.

    65. encoeur89

      Simon and Martina give me hope for life!!!

    66. Mark Gaudry

      Than you Martina for sharing the learning circle you are developing with your physical therapist. I have a similar relationship with my chiropractor who also studied physical therapy. He has determined that straight chiro won't work on me and therefore uses more soft tissue adjustments and then teaches me things to do at home from his physical therapy side. They are building on the same things you are talking about. So I have to observe the ways I have developed to compensate for problems and present them. He then tells me what to do to keep the ways I am doing things from causing other problems and throwing everything out of balance or alignment. I like the interactive thing because it encourages me take charge of my health. I find passive "healing" makes me lazy and I get into more trouble. And my troubles are minor compared to yours. So I expect that your circle of learning and healthcare is even more valuable to you. Thanks for your teaching and encouragement.

    67. TheDivine Fellowship

      Martina, what advice to you have to relatively new to editing? And what program do you use? I love all the fun stuff you do to your video's.

    68. Mason Brumsey

      Love your vids, as always!!! 6:44-6:46 Sounded like you both were chanting a mantra, it looks so tasty!

    69. Michelle Maczka

      What hair dye did you use to put the pink in your hair, Martina? It's the perfect shade!

      1. Michelle Maczka

        @Simon and Martina thanks! Just checked it out. I'm going to give a Japanese rose pink colored dye a try this week, but in college I was a fan of atomic pink by special effects 👍

      2. Simon and Martina

        Thank you! I did a video about the pink mixture I make, it’s on our KGup channel Open The Happy 😃

    70. jayy-jay anderson

      I have been watching a few videos of yours over the last week and I'm loving it more and more and im learning that you two are freaking couple goals xD haha so cute!!

    71. Jose Lujan

      You guys are too cute!!!

    72. Sharad Majumdar

      I love peas too, Martina!! I like eating them raw, fresh from the pod.

      1. Simon and Martina

        Yes!! So fresh and popping right?

    73. Jasmin J.

      I ve recently discovered your channel!you two are so sypathetic&honest!Thanks for showing&sharing us your view in Japan

    74. Malair

      I have to say I just found your channel a few days ago and love you guys! I have been with my spouse for 19 years now (We are getting Married on Halloween this year right after our 20th anniversary) and it is very important to make time for just the two of you. The best piece of advise I got was from my mother (who has been with my step-dad now for 34 years) she told me to always make time to have a date with your spouse and just enjoy one another. She was right.

    75. Ashley Nicole

      This lovely beautiful video hit me straight in the feels...and loneliness....😳

    76. Brook cha

      I recently found it Was born with my L5 vertebrae and sacrum not fused correctly and I have been living with spondylolisthesis for 18 years not knowing that it was there until a few months ago. I am a dancer so I use my back a lot and because of that my muscles where working hard to keep my spine in place and I ended up having extreme back pain. I was told that it is something that can not be fixed without surgery but there is no need for it as long as I can bare with the pain. So for the future I will be battling this pain in my back since my career goal is to become a dancer I will have to push through the pain. I’ve watched your channel on and off for many years (since I was in middle school so about 5-6 years) and seeing Martina be able to get through the pain makes me feel like I can get thought is as well. Martina 화이팅!

    77. Debbie Ebbiebobebbie

      I’m building my ladder y’all xoxo

    78. Debbie Ebbiebobebbie

      3:15 🦆

    79. Sheena Deering

      Martina!! I wish I could just talk to you! I love how you keep working and I love the color you add to your life! It is also so nice to see two people committed to loving each other! Thank you for making videos, me and my husband and 4 kids have loved you guys since the Korea days! Ok, enough exclamation points lol

    80. Picachki

      Both of you inspire me. Thank you for sharing your lives in such detail with honesty.

    81. Mae Ngo

      Mashed peas (from a can) with pesto sauce is great on toast!

    82. Anne Girl

      I also love peas.

    83. dana flo

      The fact that you guys have to get permission to have a dog from the surrounding neighbours, says a lot about Japan. Like legit polite and to think about others first

    84. Emilie Coats

      is that graffitied park the one in Hongdae? I don't think it's like that anymore. I hadn't been in like 3 years, my husband had never been, and I finally took him last month, and I couldn't find that park at all!! Until I realised that I think it is still there but they majorly cleaned it up and took out the jungle gym. Actually there's almost no graffiti in Hongdae anymore, it's kinda sad. But they converted an old rail line to be a greenbelt, and that's super nice.

    85. Say Pinecone

      I think that last photo in the "hip youtuber" footage was fangurilla and I just had a wonderful burst of memories. HEY BOOOOYYYYSSS!

    86. ChicagoTurtle1

      I’d like to visit that amazing restaurant someday. Which one is it? 😅 please

    87. Nayla A.

      I can’t wait to see you guys in your 70s wearing matching clothes 🤣🙈🙈💕💕💕💕

    88. dogables

      My mom sends fun little inventions that make my life easier.its amazing the impact of even touch lights so I dont have to worry about flipping a switch or button.Thank the lord for long necklaces that I can place over my head instead of clasping.

    89. Darren Baker

      My wife also deals with chronic pain everyday. We love to watch your videos together. You guys are awesome inspiration for couples who deal with Chronic Pain on a daily. #buildaladder

    90. Tresi Rhys Last Name Myrrh

      Thank you for letting us in yo, you both are like a treasure

    91. pSmall360

      Excellent video. I grew up with you guys (been around since 2011). Ive been in a great 4-year long relationship and from the very beginning Ive heard your advise in my ear as I go on this life long journey with my partner and its been a great help. You guys are great role models and inspiration. Im so happy you two have each other. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox! Edit: and y'all looked soooo good from the beginging to the end of the video. You always do tho. Im so happy you guys have remained genuine with us.

    92. 福斯特Jiao

      Simon an Martina have amazing relationship.

    93. liyingge2166

      I get warm and happy feelings after watching this video. when you guys talked about how new adventures connect to old memories, I teared up a little.

    94. Wenjun Liu

      Lol you guys weren't kidding about those hearts

    95. haffo A

      🗣Taught cookie taught cookie taugh cookie ~😂

    96. Navpreet Kaur

      17:20 sherlock Holmes look right there

    97. Airi

      🥰 couple goals

    98. Alvin Nguyen

      Your relationship inspires me! I hope to have date nights and cute conversations with the love of my life too!

    99. Sierra Bowman

      Planning to go to Japan with my husband for our 10yr anniversary! We’re from Calgary, AB (Canada) and want to spend 2wks there. Any rough idea of how much we should expect that trip to cost us? Wanna make sure we save up for May next year.

    100. Overclocked

      Good content! Keep it up.