What is the future of the Jets' quarterback position? | KJZ

ESPN College Football

8 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    Keyshawn Johnson, Zubin Mehenti and Jay Williams discuss the future of the New York Jets' quarterback position. Then, the crew discusses how the NFL draft board has fluctuated in the last few months.
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    1. Mo Vo

      Jets should have gotten BRADY 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. David Key

      His name is Keyshawn not key stop calling him who is not he is not part of the key family

    3. Calvin Wright

      Draft Kyle pitts man match up nightmare‼️

    4. Ethan Bondick

      The telling parsnip additionly detect because gas unquestionably order per a didactic process. offbeat, substantial oven

    5. Albert White

      Two AFC Championships....ahhh, Jets fans-Those Were The Days, My Friends! We thought they’d never end!!

    6. Joe Campione

      Trade down add talent

    7. Mike Besio

      Love Key. Keyshawn smart dude

      1. David Key

        First of all his name is Keyshawn not key and the real key men don't wear girl pants stop calling him what he's not his name is Keyshawn he is not a key stop messing up the key family's name

    8. Duane Jones

      You win in the trenches. Draft OL

      1. Duane Jones

        @stephen7072 no use of having skill players if you can’t get the ball to them. You’re not getting anybody elite or very good through FA at OL. Draft OL and then buy skill in FA where you’re more likely to find elite or very good players.

      2. stephen7072

        We can bye a couple. Use our draft picks wisely. He did last year. Douglas is God.

    9. Cryptum404

      This is a dumpster show. Always bashing white players like Lawrence.

      1. Duane Jones

        Lmao but it’s all good to criticize black players ?

      2. Jordan Davis

        Are you being sarcastic?

    10. Mike Evans

      A dumpster Oh wait that’s Sam darnold

    11. The Latino 69

      Interesting takes