I’ll take YOU FISHING for Giants! SMC BASS CLASS - Flipping / Chatterbaits

Scott Martin

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    I take Subscribers Don and Parker to the “Secret Lake” for a on the water bass class with me. I show Parker how to Flip and also give him tons of info on how to be a better tournament angler! Everything from how to fish to how to win.
    If you are wanting to try a SMC Bass Class send us a email and we’ll send some info over with pricing..VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY
    Email: Smcfishing@yahoo.com
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    1. del crow

      On my bucket list. Flipping with SM. Have you come up to GA and do a cast and blast turkey hunt and bass fishing on the river.

    2. Juan's Hobbies

      Come out to Hammond Indiana !! We have lake michigan and wolf lake . I need to turn pro!!

    3. Chip Hester

      Hey Scott, you should make shirts that say It's a big one. My wife said they will sell like hotcakes. Lol

    4. Hammons Outdoors

      Hey my names parker too, How do we enter to go fishing with u , cuz I would absoulutley love to , I'm 13 and love to fish, would love to have some tips also

    5. derrick bowens

      Living your dream Good job

    6. FaZe RANDOgamer

      How do I get into your bass class

    7. Buddy G

      That fixed position tip is a very good tip... Thanks Scott!

    8. Roy Forrest

      Do you ever conduct a Bass class for an older gentleman I am a man who would be willing to pay in order to go fishing with you and learn some fishing techniques and skills that i have not got up to this point if you would be interested in something like this please get back with me and let me know God-bless you in great fishing to your brother. By the way just to let you know my largest bass that I have ever caught was maybe 2 pounds so I really do need some help in catching the giants or the monsters but you call them it would definitely be on my bucket list.

    9. 510purple

      Dee Thomas is the inventor of flipping. i know you know that SC but im just commenting for the youngins out there

    10. Country Lewis

      I would love to go fishing with you Scott and I watch all of your videos every night while I am driving

    11. Logan Williamson

      How do you get to go in these trips. It has been my dream for years to meet you

    12. joe culler

      looks like that "secret lake" aint as weedy as it used to be

    13. Ed Naccarella

      Scott i live in ocala in oct i had a massive seizure was hospitalized in advent health have amnesia since then had 2 more se8zue they thing a gland in my brain it trigging the mass will be removed from surgery anyway i nedd a class to learn how to fish again thanks in advance Ed

    14. Rodney Hanbaum

      Yes! I really enjoyed this one! Thank You

    15. Chef Outdoors

      Great videos

    16. braden_peirce

      Hey Scott I have a question for u plz answer my uncle clay Gaines said he use to fish with u??? Is he liying or telling the truth

    17. Bass Bros

      Hey Scott how much longer do you think you will fish the FLW tournament because it would be awesome to fish against you in it when I get older.

    18. Jett Robertson

      Will you tell me your rod and reel setups

    19. Avery Mills

      I must be an idiot, I can’t find the e mail address

    20. Avery Mills

      How could I arrange a trip with you for my Grandson and I! It would be a dream come true!

    21. Red Danger

      I just wanna say that you, Jordan Lee, and G-Man are my favorite fisherman. Keep up the good content!

    22. Fishing With Dog

      how’s old timer terry doing? he put on me some slammers back in the day. like the one in my profile pic. love clewiston

    23. Josh Dicken

      What happened to the garmin trolling motor? I saw it on your boat when you pre fished toho. Then it was gone when you fished the bass open.

    24. Braden Wyatt

      Hey Scott I’m from Kentucky too Hollar st me sometime on insta @bassinbraden

    25. Troy Eddington

      Secret place haha..... how did your guest enjoy lake keenansville.... I mean the secret lake 😂😂

    26. Michael Guthridge

      hey Scott I would like a S M C sticker to put on my boat and truck

    27. Michael Guthridge

      Scott wish you would come fish here in Louisiana on are rivers Calcasieu River

    28. Wilson Joiner

      Saw billy down at Harris chain this weekend in the favorite boat doing a little flipping.

    29. The Angry Bass

      A lifetime of great tips in one day. Thanks again Scott!

    30. Elijah Varnell

      how do I get a trip on a bass class and if I do I won't be able to come to florida because I live in tennessee

    31. scott overman

      Do you think y'all make a neon yellow SMC hat?

    32. Popeyeismydog

      Wait a minute you will take my my Instagram is joshchung789

    33. irv Gotti

      Smc swimbait class coming soon

    34. RiderOnThe Storm

      I would love costas grey frames amber lenses With green tint

    35. George Shread III

      Really enjoyed this one Scott

    36. Hookintanks Fishing

      Thank you for all the videos I’ve spent hours watching your videos. You have even inspired me to start my own KGup and Instagram about fishing keep them coming I’ll be here to watch lol

    37. Brock Johnson

      Man I thought I won a fishing trip Dude! What’s up with that man? Lol! Thanks for another great video dude! You da man Scott! Godbless

    38. Colton Strain

      If you wanna do a bass class while your in Texas I’d love to enter for a shot to fish with you

    39. Abdurrahman Esat

      Hi Scott. I am a great fan of yours. I am from South Africa. Hope one day I get a chance to come down to America and fish with you. Keep it going all the time. Thanks

    40. Maxwell Johnson

      Have u ever caught a bass thru the ice scott? Come up to Michigan and let's do a class on it !

    41. Keith Smart

      Got a couple Buckeye nuts heading to Okeechobeeeeeeee in 10 days maybe we will see you on the water maybe at the marina to say hey met Capt Dave couple yrs ago down there

    42. Watson Official

      I got the skills👇

    43. Watson Official

      Check out my first upload

    44. Watson Official

      Live around Sarasota

    45. Watson Official

      I would love to come on your boat and catch some bass with you

    46. Watson Official

      Gambler craw yessir 🎣🎣🎣

    47. James mullins

      Love the bass class video

    48. Another Somebody

      How do you get your jig to punch through the grass without tangling up on the bullet with each rod lift? Maybe grass and hydrilla is different than milfoil like we have in Washington? ...maybe I just suck 🤔

    49. Brandon Wilks

      Scott you ever hit orange lake in Ocala ? That's where I live 18 pounders caught out of it

    50. John Weigle

      Hey Scott what shoes are u wearing?

    51. Dave Rasnake

      I'm sure your subscribers had a blast fishin and learning is what it's about. Damn I'm jealous wish I lived in Fla. would Love to learn some techniques from ya. Awesome video as always.

    52. David Frocione

      Scott would luv to fish with you, send me an email address to send you my wedding pics, i got married on my boat on my fav lake winnipesaukee in new hampshire. Was supposed to featured in bassmaster mag put photographer didnt used the film the mag asked for. I live in Stuart now, but luv toho

    53. Bill Richcreek

      Pick me....I would love to learn with you.......btw a hat would be awesome....LOL

    54. Dino Ververis

      Wow your like a magician making and posting videos in FLA while your doing public appearances in Columbus,ohio was nice to meet you Saturday at the fishing expo . Tight lines to you

      1. Scott Martin

        I am quick

    55. Jimmy Boss

      What a great video! Taking your time to teach the next generation of bass fisherman is AWESOME!!

    56. bryan pahmeier

      would love the chance to learn and fish with you, after we can take my boat off the beach for cobia, etc

    57. Logan Dills

      Scott Martin what's the best way to fish a lake that fluctuates up and down ?

    58. Will Faulkner

      Good ole Kentucky boys. Representing Kentucky greatly

    59. Smoothest Bassist

      Hey Scott, love your vids buddy. Who should I get in touch with to get on these fish when I’m in central FL? Any guide recommendations?

    60. James Dj Unique1

      Love it! Teaching

    61. bud lee

      Damn my PB bass is 3.2 guess gotta get outa NY and fish

    62. John Maynard

      Glad to see you are wearing some real shoes, take care of yourself now, so u don't pay for it later

    63. Joey Guyton

      I am very impressed with you by taking out a young angler and sharing your knowledge with him. Just started watching you videos recently. Now I am a fan for life. Great job my friend!!!!

    64. Bradley Lampman

      Man I think it's awesome that u take time to teach and educate kids I'm 32 know and and fished with ur dad and my dad back when i was a kid on Ray Robert's Ray Murski set it up and my dad knew him so we where invited and ended up fishing with ur dad

    65. Skyler Broussard

      Hey Scott do you use strictly braid on your chatterbait?

    66. Popeyeismydog

      See you Sunday afternoon at the expo where will you be

    67. Lomesome Dove

      Great information. I'm ready for you to take me

    68. Jake Bryan

      Dang I wish I lived in Florida. I want. Bass class lol

    69. Aviator99

      What chatter style bait are you using? And trailer?

    70. Carlos Sanchez

      I never catch a bass flipping. I'll love to have some class too😀

    71. DJ Folmar

      "Secret Lake" is a pretty good lake. Had better luck at other lakes around "Secret Lake". I'm 12 months out and I'm moving back. That area is gold!

    72. maclain713

      definitely do more of these type videos! I know way more about flipping than i did before!

    73. yourneck2

      What’s Scott’s reel an okuma....?

    74. Project J

      Love the tips!! SMC Bass Class could become a staple in your channel!!!

    75. Jonathan Allred

      Thanks Scott the flipping tips will help me when I'm fishing hydrila beds again. Sheldon lake here in Houston Texas is just a big hydrila bed right now, hydrila and cypress trees!

    76. Jerred Wayne

      Here from a Scott Martin Lunkers tv collab. cant get enough of these two channels

    77. Timothy Lloyd

      What a dream that would be to fish next to you buddy. Following your bass masters vids this year hope u win it all.

    78. Corn Bread

      Fish the Bass Pro Shop employee tournament with me on lake O

    79. Jered Grooms

      Thanks for the video love the information!

    80. Tyler McKee

      Great video!

    81. Bassman

      When we going out scott ?

    82. James Green

      Hey Scott, I would love to do a SMC Bass Class with you but l don't know how to get in touch with you to set it up.

    83. ronald cross

      great show just watched it.

    84. Bill Sr.

      Scott from how these two were fishing. I'm pretty sure.... It wasn't there first time flipping huh. Nah you could tell. They pretty much already knew what they were doing! But I'm sure it was their first time fishing with a top five professional bass fisherman in the world!!! I'd play dumb as hell about any way of fishing. If it would help me be able to fish with you one day!! Great video... Always look forward to your videos. PS You're NOT doing enough videos each week dude! Peace!!

    85. David Mundhenk

      Scott I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy watching your KGup videos. I had surgery on my right forearm and my best pain relief has been sitting and watching you and your family and your friends Paul and one bass after another. Thank you for posting such wonderful comment. You were my favorite by far. Dayton Ohio

    86. AllAmericanFishing

      Any chance you are around home the last week of February or traveling I will be staying at Sanibel, then we are spending a day in Kissimmee, on our way to Disney, I use to watch your pops when I lived in Naples, GO ARMY!!!

    87. Bryce Fritsch Fishing

      I like all videos, but the videos like these focusing on tips are by far my favorite

    88. peter devit

      we need more bass class!!!!!

    89. Dave T

      Ok Scott. I am ready to come down and spend a week lol

    90. Parker Boyd

      Dude really stole my name😂

    91. Christian Love

      My dad and I want to take your bass class! I mentioned it to Mr. Rowland hoping you guys can help. My dad is disabled but can get on a boat from a dock and itd be a dream come true to have a day with you on Okeechobee.

    92. james mcdougal

      Great class would love to come back to the big O and actually fish it because when I met you there a couple of years ago at an FLW tx I was too intimidated to go out there in my tracker so I stayed in the Kissimmee, so I made the drive from NC and really didn't. cross it off my bucket list. "I'LL BE BACK"

    93. Rocky Evans Jr

      Marshall Ray...Old man..We love Roland Martin.. Go Scott WIN ( BASS MASTERS)...🤫

    94. Carson is Fishing

      I would love to do one

    95. Carson is Fishing

      I am going to Kenansville next weekend

    96. Kevin flabouyfishing

      What reel is that Scott??? Looks like a freaking gotta have1 type deal I'm trying to look it up , nice job coaching that boy from Kentucky, Hillary coulda rolled up on the flats boat with a 40lb bag tho

    97. Shaun Cimini

      Dude, did I spy a Phoney frog? Niiiiiiiice!

    98. Jared W

      Thanks for presenting at the Columbus fishing expo today!

    99. Chen Sau Leong

      Thank you sir , for the master class lesson . And please don't forget to tell us how a bite feel like on the line . you sir are a maker of the next generation. Please keep it up and good job.

    100. Beards N BASS

      @Scott, I just ran into Billy gotta bass out here in central Florida! What a great guy. He really represents the SMC brand. All the luck this season.