Minecraft, But Dream Hunts Me Down...

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    Minecraft, But Dream Hunts Me Down... This was super intense!
    I have to beat Minecraft, but Dream is trying to stop me. If I kill the Ender Dragon, I win. If Dream kills me, he wins. This challenge was really hard but a lot of fun!
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    Dream and I played Minecraft Manhunt against each other. Dream is the hunter and I am the speed runner. Dream is a lot better than me at Minecraft so I got extra health to make it more fair!

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    1. Satyakam Behera 1924

      Why are you so bad at manhunt you stupid george

    2. Pxstela •

      If they played this without the screams this would make amazing asmr tbh

    3. Lanz Xander Dwayne Cualing

      The tables have turned

    4. Gamer Girl

      Dream got 3 1/2 rows of hearts before George could kill dream once wow dream is good

    5. Zyro Plays


    6. Vanda S

      when george yelled "i did it. i actually killed you" dream wouldve normally said "yeh because you have more hearts than me what do you mean" but it just sounded so cute the way he just laughed because george was so excited :(

    7. Lenaxx

      Beginning of the video: *George getting hunted by dream* ...13:50

    8. Unnati Vashishth

      16 :04 diamonds

    9. Jonathan Rivas

      Dream: "The most powerful nether portal trap is lava" George: 𝙄𝙣𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙡𝙮 𝙥𝙪𝙩𝙨 𝙡𝙖𝙫𝙖 𝙞𝙣 𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙗𝙖𝙧

      1. Jonathan Rivas


    10. DarKey11o6

      Alternative name: Minecraft

    11. Osman Asif

      He gets 50 hearts

    12. Cringey Nicknames

      Gogy really died at 4:15 and had 48 hearts

    13. Vraltz

      george makes callouts to himself

    14. Meat_bob

      ngl george be lookin cute tho

    15. JoshBot

      Ah how the turntables

    16. Georgia Hitchcock

      dream's a fish'nt confirmed

    17. Shan_sen

      someone please buy them some mics that wont clip

    18. Tiffany

      I like how every time he kills dream he is celebrating calling him bad at the game but he literally has 50 health just to win

    19. Diego Noele D. Tamayo

      So Dream is boxed like a fish😂

    20. Caiden pun

      George don't be happy every time he was near you you lost more then a row of hearts and you have 40 and a row is 10 sooo likeeee yeaaaaaaaaaa

    21. ma. joanah gimeda

      george kill dream in the second round george:YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSS

    22. DragonX Shadow123

      You can tell on the thumbnail that gorge George is depressed to do this vid

    23. I watch Anime

      Did we ever figure out if dream was trying to reverse trap George's Nether Portal like he thought?

      1. nana

        i was there for the stream and if i remember correctly, dream actually hadnt set up anything but it wouldve been pretty amazing if he had and george avoided it last second lol

    24. theezanonymous

      Unfair he gets a health boost>:(((

    25. ChaosJacob _YT


    26. ChaosJacob _YT

      Dream & Wilbur

    27. DZ PLAYERS

      I liked dream making a reference to attack on titan by saying "give up and die" just like levi did

    28. Griffin Gould

      dogwater lmao

    29. No name Paulson no name


    30. salwa althaibani

      George: AHHH! Thats a pig i thought thats you Me: Technoblade is the sabotager for Dream

    31. Geunyoung Hur

      we all know that dream could have kill gorge easly

    32. RN KARKI


    33. Mert Arslan

      *George* I KILLED YOU LET'S GO! His Neighbours: *Slowly Reaches For The Phone To Call 911*

    34. Dwayne Justin

      You have too many life but your Soo noob dream is good You and your friend hunt dream but you can't kill dream Your only power to kill dream is you have too many life

    35. Ali Hafez

      George: I AM SO LOW I AM SO LOW also George: at 25 hearts (50 health)

    36. orgil odbayar

      8:55 George got very scared lol

    37. Rebekah Whetstone

      8:20 11:16 😩😩🖤✨✨

    38. Dxmonpyx x

      I wanna see this again but george has ten hearts as normal instead of 50

    39. Shourya singhal

      George: you are a noob You have 100 hearts and you almost died

    40. Sarah Speakman

      Dream is good at Minecraft and George not

    41. Janico

      I was thinking the wideo Ends before 2 min

    42. Milky SpongeCake

      Dream vs 5 Hunters: 50 minutes George vs 1 Hunter: 19 minutes *Correction* 4 minutes 😂

    43. Estella

      George to pig: ugh you’re so annoying Dream: meee? 😪😟

    44. isaac barry

      did anybody eals see the iron

    45. Tradd Powell

      Dream just called him what?!?

    46. Milos Markovic


    47. Ty Kinne

      Dream: "Lava is the most powerful nether trap." George: *Subtly pulls out lava bucket*

      1. sophiescribbles 😋


    48. Gael Sandwich 935

      proof that he is cheating at 10:03 he puts lava and he screams nooooooo because he lost the lava but as you can see the lava he puts down it comes back to him and he edit something out and the lava in the bucket is gone at 10:06 as you can see the lava is gone form the bucket

      1. *ŤŐŔŤĨĶ *

        He's literally not cheating lmao

    49. Mikaela Merritt

      PSA: youtube apparently unsubscribed me. I thought he just hadn't been uploading. George, make sure youtube isn't screwing you over!

    50. Blob

      For a second I thought I saw another dnf complain on my recommends lol

    51. Tavish Music

      Dream is much better than you george, noob

    52. wyo kyl

      7:50 you just insta mined iron with a stone pick🤔

    53. LeoGo15

      George just is normally the hunter so like he just says "OH DREEEAM" even doh he is the guy who is getting hunted.

    54. Kenly Angel Lopez

      Fact: dream are better than George.

    55. Sean Stanfield

      Did any of you see that cross in a desert George ran by

    56. ZeUs

      how u get fast in crafting ?? 1:17

    57. Mason Crober

      George: IM SO LOWWW also George: *has 25 hearts*

    58. Jake SSB


    59. Mahreeoh

      slub goat

      1. Mahreeoh

        you are spitting fax my friend

    60. Jorja Mejia

      “Well well well, how the turn tables.....”

    61. Naruto Uzumaki

      What's the color of color green, dream color

    62. Josh McGonigal

      When George first killed dream that an example of when you little brother kills you once and thinks he’s better

    63. arty marty me

      “AAH THERES A PIG i thought that was you for a second”

    64. JezZ GamingYT

      are u a scorpio

    65. Creeper Playzz

      Dream cannot kill George because he had many hearts

    66. itex

      Only 19 min long HQHQHQHQHQ

    67. L i g h t

      *Dream: Oh George~ 😏* 8:19

    68. Domagoj Granić

      Nobody: Nobody in the entire universe: George: Aaaaaahhhhhh..., There's a pig!!!


      George calls Dream a noob but dies 2 times himself with 40 and 50 hearts!!

    70. D gootsteen

      Wtf dream is to good.

    71. Zombie

      George your dogshiyt

    72. ducky hunger

      The way he said "me?" Literally got me crying-

    73. HyperStorm

      "I feel safer in the Nether"

    74. Moe Gaming


    75. Savitha Chilpar

      You can't win from dream anyway

    76. Amberion

      Nice catch dream.. 1:23 Almost pulled a pewdiepie on a bridge

    77. Sloth Peak

      A bit better?

    78. lilvixy

      george: ypour actually so annoying dream:.........me?

    79. Shark Puppet Fan Show

      Dream has a compass that points directly at me The compass: is pointing away from George

    80. Erin Boisvert

      I love how George is freaking out that he killed dream but dream would have killed him multiple times already without the extra hearts 😂

    81. Avi A

      alternate title: george screams every few seconds and dream laughs maniacally

    82. Cynthia Lefebvre

      George is always screaming and so happy when he kills Dream but when Dream kills George and wins he’s just like “gg”

    83. Devin Cheng

      14:06 "This isn't the end Dream" Me: No it isn't, its the nether

    84. TheDimkaXDD

      i love this old series style

    85. Hamza Kukuoglu

      fun fact if you dont hit back he will just keep hitting you

    86. Zack & Jeffrey's Gaming

      George finally knows what it's like to be Dream in a manhunt. XD

    87. Aaron Orozco

      George saying dream is dog water but George has 50 hearts and dream 10

    88. Chris Bronson S.P. Amio

      I realize that dream says a curse word and how old are you

    89. Endermeen 2001

      At 5:12 or so how is a male capable of making such a noise in such an instant its mindblowing 😆

    90. 자민공원

      George screen: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    91. hedoeseathemayo

      george was found and is ded lol

    92. Blayke Haddic

      Omg I cannot- when you said "uGh your so annoying" Dream just had to reply with a "Me?🥺" ( 6:51 )

    93. VSCO peppa

      Georges scream Dream weezez Me: 🥰😄

    94. Zion Rogers

      george do be noob GO GEORGE


      Dream spares nothing

    96. Zen Gamalo

      title: Minecraft, but Dream hunts me down Me: He hunts you down every manhunt....

    97. DarkWing YT

      ur literally so bad

    98. Cookies Girl887

      The colour of beds George had...

    99. Kayson

      I miss the slightly older videos where its just them playing around having fun

    100. LiamGames

      19:21 when George died 3:18 George makes his first nether portal! 5:36 when George gets his first kill on Dream Edit: And I heard if you say a youtuber name 3 times you’ll get pinned George not found George not found George not found Hope it works!