Crashing my Boat isn’t a Good way to Start the Tournament!

Scott Martin

152 миӊ. көрүүлөр39

    Trying to repeat a 125,000 victory and with the AOY title on the line, crashing my Boat in the rocks the first day on the water isn’t a way to start off. The final FLW Tour Event is on Lake Champlain and this will be a super challenging fishery because the water is totally different this time around. I will have to beat John Cox and David Dudley to win AOY.

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    1. Morgan Folds

      Scott: I’m going to be calm quiet and cool Also Scott: blows freaking air horn to wake everyone up

    2. Preston Mire


    3. Preston Mire

      Scott you are so dam funny

    4. bill5074

      I guess those guys thought it was funny when you hit those rocks. They would not have been laughing if that was me that happened to.

    5. Grasshopper

      I don't know why one of these guys hasn't woke up before Scott and woke him up like that. Reminds me of when my mom was working and dad would wake us up for school. Turn on all the lights crank up the TV and stereo. Always went to school in a bad mood on those days lol.

    6. Caleb Herbert

      at least you didn't set this one a blaze like the last one lol

      1. Scott Martin


    7. Fred Walker

      I want a hat

    8. TJ Murray

      Yall crash too.much showboatin round

    9. RuffRize Rise

      Wow how is it so bright at 5am there..

    10. m s

      Hum, think i push you out of boat everytime out.😄😄

    11. jeff sebastian

      Sorry Scott but the covid-19 has me sheltered my mom had. Another stroke and is now bed confined I can't even visit her due to risk. I hope you and your family are doing well.

    12. Rubber Ducky

      Prank blacktipH with an air horn

    13. Blaklist Official

      Dude I peed my pants laughing

    14. marc k

      Excuses on camera gear

    15. Mike Bennett

      Pork chop flip gave me a chub. Awesome job guys!!!

    16. Rustin Winborne

      Lol 🌪️

    17. Jimmy Cline

      You should trade that slow azz Ranger in, keep the Evinrude and get a new Bullet or Stroker! Even that Bass Cat is a better performing boat with the same horse power! If your going to have all this nice equipment, you need to upgrade your boat, and yes I’ve owned a new Ranger before, never again! Those boats are tanks, and I don’t care what anybody says a stroker or bullet rides just as good in rough water, but when you need the speed in tournaments you’ll beat everyone, and the hulls are so much sleeker looking than that dinosaur looking hull on the ranger! Have a great day slick!

    18. shield707

      Just Do Ur Thang Man... AOY BAM😎

    19. shield707

      😂😂 New that shit was coming... You know when folks get bunked up with Scott they're all sayin..."HELL NOOOO 😫😫😫" At least have a cup o Joe to hand the poor bastards...😂😂😂😎

    20. Justin Owens

      Anybody know what kind of bibs he wears when he fishes?

    21. Tony Parrott

      This video is ridiculous! So many great things going on man. Jude loved the Cinematic Pork Chop Flip!

    22. Paul DeSesso

      27:27 I could have sworn that was Gerald Swindle for a sec

    23. Suburb Kyle

      The Fishbrain ads are so frequent and annoying. I will never download it. 🤬🤬🤬

      1. Scott Martin

        Dang..some good fishing spots there

    24. Andrew Burgner


      1. Elite Specialties

        U can run xd50 tho

      2. Elite Specialties

        Andrew Burgner that’s the only thing I got out of this video

    25. CajunMullet

      😂😂😂 “ima be real quiet” baaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

    26. Joel

      I’m borderline fat...... hold on let me get a cheeseburger...... ( here’s your sign - blill engvall ) lol jk jk you’ve earned the dad bod!

    27. Joel

      Hahahaha hahahahah that pork chop flip.. I will never be able to grill again without slowmo and music

    28. C Bancroft III

      Only Issue I have on Lake Champlain with the Hair Jig is rock bass and smaller bass will annoy you when targeting the bigger Fish!!(my Hometown prefered Lake) Is champlain

    29. Vaughn Fletcher

      LOL you got ME in trouble with the air horn! XD

    30. David Brown

      Scott, I love ya brother. But, if you woke me up like that there would be a fight going on.

    31. Chad Thomas

      Where is the tournament video???

    32. Caleb J.

      God bless spread his word!

    33. Garrett Lewis

      Where are y'all from

      1. Garrett Lewis

        We fish smith lake in Alabama we got some big bass

    34. jeff sebastian

      Dear .Mr Martin The closest lake to me is under alot of pressure shoreline and boats but I see alot of guys catching striped Bass I know nothing about them is there a bait you can recommend to get one I watched a guy bust them on top water he said he saw them busting on top but I didn't see a thing I could use some advice please this lake has fish but heavy pressured how do I go about doing better from shore till I get my boat back nothing seems to work in this water I've dove the lake helping with emergency services you can only see a foot or so I'm lost sorry for bugging you just looking for some help

    35. Mike Parker

      I'm just curious as to what u do with your old boats?

    36. Landen Farmer

      hi your frog from live target is good i caught some good ones on it

    37. GML Fishing

      Oh boy that ain’t good well good luck

    38. Joseph Fulmer

      RIP earbud users

    39. dunkind

      content has been shitty and way over edited, but your makin bank from the clown show you dopes call googan. all the hammers left for BASS and MLF and you still cant win a tournament. you should retire and just be a full time googan goof. i think you were somewhat respected by your peirs at one point, your name could have been up there with some of the greats, but its pretty much a joke at this point. money cures all though i guess.

    40. Tanner Stay

      When you go back to Champlain I was just there and we caught multiple smallies 4lbs was the smallest and 6.3 was the biggest but we caught the big ones on mud island if you look on your maps you will find it it's big boulders up close then big weed flats and the smallies r stacked up there

    41. Brady Noyes

      Is the flw tour not fishing August 9-11 at lake Hamilton in Arkansas? Great vids great person keep it coming!

      1. Kendall Arnold Outdoors

        Not a normal Tour event.

      2. Kendall Arnold Outdoors

        Yes, That's the Cup.

    42. Jimmie Emerson

      When the heck are you uploading the Champlain fishing videos we have been waiting a week ;)

      1. Jimmie Emerson

        Does Brandon do anything. Seems like Scott has to catch the fish make the content, all the jokes.

      2. Scott Martin

        A bunch!!🤭

      3. Scott Martin

        Message Brandon..

    43. austin rogers

      So me and my wife are up at 6am, watching some Scott Martin. Like any other normal people. Then, BOOM📢💥📢💥, the air horn starts poppin off. I race to turn it down before kids wake up, I look over at my wife. She says, “I’m gunna kill that Steve Martin.” Lol 😂

      1. Scott Martin

        Hahaha...I should put a warning ⚠️ in the title

    44. Grant Hack

      Hey Scott, the black lock tight is better, lol. But seriously it holds way better for anything. I glue in weed guards on my jigs with it.

    45. Francis Boland

      Revenge is a mofo!

    46. Bryan A.Cal

      Scotty 5...give everything the five finger count down chance, scott, and if you or some-else still cant get it, move on. 5 rods, five fish, five freind's, five warnings, five or your out.

    47. Simon Assouline

      Toxic Waste Fart, waking up all your amigos with a blown horn will most definitely cause auditory hearing damage! Great way to wake up people!

    48. Arcade Kaos

      Found your channel through fish whisperer

    49. Jeremy Gilreath

      Yall men work ur butts off no doubt but are blessed, I didn't go about it rite but if my son even has a slight chance I'll do whatever I got to make sure he can do what yall do ,and live my dream for me he only 6 but its flowing through his veins for sure

    50. MT Fishing

      Pork chop flip was the best part! Love those cinematic parts

      1. MT Fishing

        @Scott Martin Do those for "Mike In Canada" every video love your stuff Scott!

      2. Scott Martin


    51. tidalx savage

      That's what I'm talking about scott!!!! Blow horn them lazy boyzzz!!!

    52. Introverts United

      "I'm borderline fat...Ooh! I need to get a cheeseburger hang on". LoL

      1. Another Somebody

        That was funny right rhere

    53. ShockeyUSA

      I think I would rather have Billy wake me up.

    54. Russ B

      Always love your practice videos Scott! That first morning when you went around with the horn what's the funniest thing I think I've seen all season! Especially when Billy might have **** himself LOL I actually went out on the pond with someone you know well...Ryan Latinville on Monday after you all pounded the place for 4 days and we got on some pretty nice green fish in the Wildlife Refuge area.. pitchin jigs to the wood in the river area.... I learned a valuable lesson about P Line Tactical... it's strong stuff but you don't pitch 12# in the wood(what was I thinking) up there because the big ones are smart and take you down in the limbs and break you that was the only bummer of the day.... Some nice post spawn smallies on swimbaits around Rouses point area also...I love Champlain from back in the late 90's during the Federation days....the place is amazing and I know why you enjoy coming north so much! Question... did you ever think about checking out TI?

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome..Ryan is the hammer up there.


      Put that superglue on your fingernails and stop chewing on them my god 🤮

    56. Shanell Strehlow

      Scott waking everyone up with an air horn never gets old 😂🤣👌💕

    57. Low Budget Bassin

      Great video! You're awesome Scott 👊😎👍🎣

    58. Dbars19

      never thought id have a favorite pro fisherman

      1. Scott Martin


    59. Clifton Graves

      Good luck bud!

    60. Gripping Lips Fishing

      Scott "stick em all" Martin. Gotta stop doing that, man!

    61. moronmonkey1

      Why didn’t you ha e the motor up farther in the shallow water

      1. Scott Martin

        It was deep other than the rock ridge

    62. Henry Aguilar

      It's called Karma. Do something like that to people and it comes back and not in a good way. I would have gotten up and knocked you out. lol

    63. florida bass edition


    64. Matt Dennison

      Diggin the chin patch. Just gotta give it a name now 😂😂😂

    65. Trevor Holland

      Hey don’t sleep in a new vehicle with the windows all the way up my friend suffocated one night he went to sleep in his truck

    66. MinutesForMenOutdoors

      Love that lake! I just fished it in June. If the fish are still in pre-spawn, we have found that water between 9-11 feet range drifting flats has produced many nice quality fish.

    67. Hazy

      Just wondering would an aluminum prop have kept from tearing up lower unit? Or can you not run aluminum on those bigger motors?

    68. Hazy

      I’d definitely be locking my camper door with Scott Martin around in the morning! 😂

    69. CB outdoors

      Oh how that made me cringe when the motor bounced! Bad luck, but awesome video guys!

    70. Skeeter4890

      Scott how do I get that blue hat with the SMC logo on the side of the front like that with the saying under it

    71. Frank Yost

      Another great vid as always , good luck find that HOG .

    72. Dan Richard Fishing

      Cinematic pork-chop flip LOL

    73. amon tri

      Karma for the air horn Sorry to say but it's TRUE

    74. JACK of ALL TRADES

      Didn’t like the gigglin when hitting the rock, tell he doesn’t buy his own boat(s) 🙏be nice B

    75. dasuberkinchen

      I feel like crashing your boat was karma for the airhorn bit.

    76. Jon Acree

      If you're gonna ding a prop just go ahead and wreck it like that.. Glad you got the lower unit looked at I was like no way that LU ain't jacked.. Congrats on another good year Scott.

    77. DE10

      Air horn is a jerk move.

    78. nwproper_bassfishing

      Scott looks like he is losing weight.

    79. Flo Rida

      You don't want to pay for googan baits either so your gluing them back together? LOL Great video Scott...

    80. Eric LaMontagne

      I ran a weigh station for a tournament on Champlain over Father's Day weekend. One guy brought in a 7.17 largemouth. Lake record is 7.19. Released it alive and it swam off strong. The big ones are in there!

    81. Phantom Shadow

      Good luck and be safe!

    82. Elijah Drummond

      Scott the other day I was at lake Oconee and I saw a lowrance boat exactly like that and a truck so I don’t know if it was your friend

    83. Archie Williams

      Cinematic Pork Chop flip.............LMAO

    84. dennis reiniger

      Brandon ur the men love ur edits and shoots

    85. Coy Dixon

      Seat belt Brandon! You can be ejected from the backseat too.

      1. Scott Martin

        I tell both of them all the time..

    86. Austin Rohlfing

      That epic pork chop flip. One for the ages.

    87. Hank Xiong

      If spinner worm is your cameraman, what’s Rob’s title?

      1. Hank Xiong


      2. Scott Martin

        PA 😂

    88. Collin Zoellner

      Whenever we cook on the Traeger we never flip our steaks or burgers or whatever and they come out perfect still everytime

      1. Scott Martin

        If you want a little char then only flip once..never twice

    89. Alan Schuler

      Hi Scott Martin did you fixed our boat

    90. mohunter68

      Scott take your bibs off the sun is shining for God's sake.

    91. mohunter68

      Poor Brandon...........The Fart is his only weapon against a horn wielding boss for a wake up call. Good move Sir Brandon......Good move. Tear gas Always works in the face of evil, your opponents will recoil back into the darkness from which they came. LOL

      1. Scott Martin


    92. Rusty Wells

      I'm telling you Scott it's coming I just didn't know it was going to be the Cup but that's cool 👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

    93. Connor Craig

      The broken prop is karma for the air horn

    94. Matt Wietecki

      That's a loon there big guy lol.

    95. Derrick House

      oh my god lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    96. Colby Bryan

      Omg the way you woke everyone up 😂😂

    97. opticalriot

      the fishing is horrible in NY this year, it snowed all the way up into early may, and it was in lower 50's until mid June, I am surprised there wasn't a massive die off

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s finally good now. Go figure

    98. Patrick Callahan

      Ouch, sorry about your boat

    99. Patrick Callahan

      You’re hilarious 🤣

    100. YankeeUseMasksOrDie

      Gears on bottom end goona go.....just wait

      1. Scott Martin