Dustin Poirier on Beating Conor McGregor, Calf Kicks, Possible 3rd Fight


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    This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show #102 with Dustin Poirier. open.spotify.com/episode/49kTL8iuVCLaMLOZj9ADVd?si=80b1d53c67634d2c

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    1. Chris Serpicø

      Poirier might be the most underrated fighter in the history of MMA. How many fighters have the resume he has? Holloway 2x, Conor, Gaethje, Alvarez, Pettis, Hooker ... That’s as good as a resume gets. IMHO, If he beats Conor again, he is *without question* Top 10 all time. People get hung up on how many title fight wins someone has, but that doesn’t mean anything unless the win is against an elite fighter. That’s why the argument against Khabib being the GOAT is a bad argument. Poirier beating Conor, Gaethje, and Max in non title fights - is much more impressive than Jones’s title fight wins against Rampage, Sonnen, OSP, and Glover, as well as other wins he’s had.

    2. bbefb b

      Joe rogan it's called META

    3. Jorge Castro

      This guy is so respectful, not mocking anyone, not insulting and giving credit to whoever deserves it. Cool guy.

    4. Warren Valles

      Joe “how did you like that clavicle?” Rogan

    5. Von45Rose

      Joe does great interviews! I really enjoy them. I was a much bigger fan when he had less than 5 million subs though. I thought I read on Spotify that after “so many months” of free streaming you had to start paying?

    6. Dominic Palmer

      I'm sorry but does anyone else see the smile he had when talking about the legs kicks lmao. He knows he has Conor weakness lol I fucking love it

    7. Pedro Hernandez

      Man it’s like they forgot about Jose Aldo.

    8. NeXesses •

      He really grew into one of the best in history ngl

    9. thersten

      Pay the man Conor.

    10. above average duck dong Dianna

      He's a cool guy

    11. Feilong423

      Love Dustin!!!

    12. Donna Carr

      McGregor got the shoulder move from Nate Diaz, him & Nick have always done it, just my opinion 🙂✌

    13. Sweenal Bandodcar

      Guys go home third fight ain't happening

    14. 5haur sirnaik

      Now khabib gone I'm a fan of diamond very respectful guy

    15. Your Septic expert

      Nick Diaz shoulder strikes

    16. Jse contractors Inc.

      Suprised no one uses the counter to the calf kick attack. fighters from Thailand will break your leg real quick if you try to calf kick them seen it many times. The Japanese learned not to real quick

    17. Tri Beard

      Even though he won, I genuinely can't vekieve it whenever I look at his face

    18. DieCalmerThanASuicideBomber

      Where the fuck do I get this podcast now?

      1. Harsh Singh


    19. Mike Berry

      Dustin is right bcs I box and seen it to,it was the right hand that got him then the flurry so stop taking away from Dustin and if Conor ur watching this sorry brother if u had any honor u would fight full heatedly and not half hearted like Bruce lee says and let fly

    20. P17 interiors

      Really cool guy! 👊

    21. TaeLisa Shipper

      Dang, he’s a hottie. He should be a model or something 😍

    22. CloudsBeyond

      Conor is a FOOL for not ditching Kavanagh and his camp and going to an elite training camp e.g. in US like Jackson Wink. It is the Ronda Rousey story all over again, natural talent not fully developed due to mediocre trainers, had Ronda gone to an elite camp who knows what would have happened. You can understand loyalty and not wanting to switch things up too much but we're talking about a legacy on the line and reaching full potential or not.

    23. chadbailey30

      This guy says has the right response for every question!! He'll be an announcer after fighting!!

    24. George Sneed

      i wanna see conor in this podcast

    25. Paidinfull•

      Earned it all, PAID IN FULL

    26. H 1

      How do you like that clavicle

    27. Fact

      I wonder if conor will ever go back to featherweight

      1. Hamza Hussain

        Hes too old to cut lots of weight and volkanovski is a boring fighter why would he go back down

    28. Valverdeno1

      Just want to point out that Connor was actually winning the fight in the first rounds. So, not taking anything from Dustin in any way but he was being beaten by Connor. One good shot was all it took to change everything around for both fighters.

    29. ayush sinjapati

      Dana might be banning leg kicks for corner Vs poirier 3

    30. kenneth salter

      Dustin Grew on me! Respect! He seems like he has integrity! He honored the 3rd fight! Appreciate that!

    31. Kreios

      Is Joe sitting in a booster seat???

    32. Remy Lagrene

      Joe rogan is the best commentator of all time !!! Nick Diaz army

    33. Parth S

      Dustin is the best.

    34. Realities Exposed

      Khabib took some leg punches and still carry on Connor doesn't has it anymore

    35. itachi Uchiha

      OMG CONOR AND DIAZ ARE BOTH ACTIVE. So this is the time to do it Connor vs Diaz 3 WE NEED IT!!!!!!!!

    36. Bruh Life

      I karate chopped myself too hard.

    37. Bruh Life

      Don't karate chop your arm, I'm speaking from experience....

    38. brando The man yo

      Here’s not a uncommon phrase “ shut up joe “

    39. Dustin James

      i hope connor talks more about welfare experience and etc his fight with eddie alvarez highlighted a big issue connor literally looked down at the ground i feel that everyday men that are on assistance are made to feel like shit i hope connor wins for all of ireland and all the poor people still in his position we all trying hard all the time! i really think few years connor adjusts to having money lifestyle he be the best again probably few more undisputed runs for sure. Also skateboarders are immune to calf kicks dont ask me just try a few tre flips and youll see why hahahahah

    40. Trevor Falls


    41. Trevor Falls

      Alex kid in 135 division can kick too

    42. Joseph Stiegman

      Dustin Poirier is the best lightweight behind Khabib. He will be the next lightweight Champ

      1. morena.a.j

        You think he beats Michael Chandler?

    43. Conrad Terry

      Bro Dustin hit him with it the first fight and Connor shock his head. His mental really made the difference this fight hes been round along time and never stagnated. Modern day gladiators.

    44. OJeez

      Dustin: "He's just built different" Joe Rogan: "Mhm..."

    45. Nathan Rippy

      When u getting Connor bruh

    46. Karl Lele

      It’s funny how he’s low key ignoring Conor 😂

    47. inthenameof myfather

      kick did not stop Kabob from beating you & justin down!!!

    48. ClebThePleb

      The calf kick revolution in MMA is similar to what the three did for basketball

    49. Dominick Ruiz

      Dude how in the actual hell do you walk around at 190 freaking pounds and have to cut 45 pounds?

    50. Eli Andrews

      We need the Diaz brothers on the podcast

    51. Abstract Jakobe

      How’d you like that clavicle?

    52. Frank Wies

      Dustin should have the focus not Conor. Joe is still over hyping Conor. 3-3 in his last 6 fights. 2 taps and a KO. NOT exactly GOAT performance, nor PFP.

    53. Austin Hernandez

      Dustin thinks joe is weird as shit lol

    54. Cody Chasteen

      You give Dustin massive respect, but hate on Conor because he hurts your feelings? Lol. Come on. Delusional, little kids

    55. J B

      Dustin your big heart and big fight in you will make you unstoppable. Connor carry's to much pride to save face and not enough heart to fight. Well done Dustin 👍

    56. Adam Shockley

      Lets give Aldo the respect for bringing the calf kick . I think Faber would agree

    57. Rough Spaghetti

      2:27 joe had a glitch

    58. josh Oconner

      Legend Dustin com a long way 👊🏾

    59. Junior King

      McGregor gave him that fight, as a gift of gratitude

    60. James Lyons

      Gaethje and McGregor should fight and winner fights Dustin for belt

    61. J Mystic

      From Nola to Lafayette represent for the boot baby!

    62. REG3305

      I wonder hope much Joe is going to LIE in this video... Tell us again Joe how SPOTIFY DIDN'T DELETE the controversial videos with Gavin and Alex?

    63. jared seels

      Dustin is such a corny clown. Hahah

    64. Student Of Life

      Joe Rogan high af! Hahaha "how did you like that clavicle"

    65. Renaldo Matadeen

      Makes sense to take the Conor fight. Money is better than that belt. Dustin is behind Khabib so he doesn't need a belt

    66. John Olmos

      He killed that leg. Conors leg will never be the same

    67. Ryan Kindler

      Joe says “Conor doesn’t have the ability to switch stances”......... he may be a southpaw but he absolutely switches stances

    68. Kramas Music

      Was always a fan of Dustin but thought he lacked personality. Turns out it’s just the stupid mma questions he was tired of responding to.

    69. Caden Clark

      My dad used to tickle my nexk as a kid woth his finger and said “clavical worm” “ clavical worm”

    70. Stefan Stefi

      Joe my Iphone goes brrrrRogan

    71. df9208

      I never knew how intelligent, thoughtful and well spoken Dustin was until this interview. He definitely has a post fight career as an analyst/commentator if he wants it. I'm a huge fan now.

    72. George Floyd Did A Porn

      IS THE VIDEO AND AUDIO OUT OF SYNC? I am only gonna listen to this one man i cant spend the time staring at their fucking mouths :D :D

    73. AKA Mani

      Why not islam in tslk joe

    74. famposiom

      "How did you like that clavicle?"

    75. Whitford Racing

      Matt Hughes used calf kicks on Renzo Gracie some were to the knee but he kicked the calf too

    76. Alien

      Conor was not fighting at all look at his stands

    77. skeebs10

      When is Conor going to be on the show

    78. Ryan

      Dana did Dustin dirty. Olivera vs Chandler like wtf

    79. Christian Unger

      Imagine how Dustin woulda reacted if Joe asked if he thinks the title fight shouldn’t even include him and be between Oliveira and a guy that has only had 1 other UFC fight. 😂😂😂

    80. Dabbz_tv

      Wow it's like Joe is sitting here saying the calf kicks are the only reason Conor lost. What a loser.

    81. pato sandoval

      joe's a kite here

    82. Raymond Wilson

      Bruce Lee(low kicks)... Read his book. Look at his audition for Green Hornet.

    83. Aaron Broomfield

      Poirier seems to take offense to people chalking his victory up to calf kicks but it could be worse. He could be known for his biggest win being because of eye pokes like his boy Cormier

    84. optimisticcosmic

      When a guy starts saying things like “paid in full” you know he’s probably working harder than you and you’re about to take an ass whooping.

    85. ryan bhambra

      theo von disciples will know the clavicle line was a inside joke :)

    86. Chris Johnson

      Never say to Dustin he won the fight due to calve kicks:D

    87. thundarr isaboss

      dustin, it was the calf kicks. it wasnt your right hand. or your left. conor has MUCH better straight boxing, than you. you know that. feel proud you were able to use an array of skills to counter conor's world class boxing.

      1. morena.a.j

        World class boxing, yet Khabib knocked his ass down.

    88. Mobius Nnaito

      dustin walk around 190..so who said khabib fought smaller guy?smh

    89. shhch sjcub

      The glib hallway histochemically possess because perfume subsequently plan outside a lazy branch. broad, bitter corn

    90. BLOXX

      Imagine a soccer player taking 1 calf kick lmao

    91. Christopher Hindley


    92. Lance Scallon

      so basically he acknowledged he wasn't the better fighter, he was the more studious fighter. stay in school kids. and when your teacher gives you shit, kick them in the calf 4 times.

    93. Lance Scallon

      he who shall kick more calfs shall be victorious

    94. essay I b cs

      Straight right

    95. David A

      Dustin has Joe a little giddy ... Clavicle 😂

    96. Stubby Cheese

      wilson goveia was the first fighter i noticed use the low calf kick

    97. John Franklin

      The rude father arespectively bomb because vein ultimately hate with a cuddly banjo. recondite, clever spinach

    98. Niko7581

      Joe Rogan is teaching the force of leg kicks

    99. Sanjeev Pradhan

      Joe, I know you are cool. But lord Ganesh behind you in your studio, that is epic. I might just have decoded the reason behind your success.

    100. Logan Duncan

      Who's here after Charles vs chandler has been booked?