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    We Customized The Faze House In 24 Hours LOL | ZHC Crafts
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    1. Gemma Weir Author

      You did not do a Panting of faze key 🙁🙁

    2. Yakalaguila Diaz

      The flash is my fravevroite super hero

    3. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    4. Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE

      Who’s this chick doing the tour?

    5. alephtavts


    6. Craig Pollard

      :me painting :my mum coming :why is there paint everywere

    7. ΨBlack PythonΨ

      Mr beadt 2.0 is on the loose

    8. Theresa Pettway

      Y’all are some awesome people and I love you guys and your painting is awesome and I love what y’all do to help other people because I am one of those people myself and I cry every time I watch a show God bless Theresa pettway

    9. Theresa Pettway

      I love you guys and it’s amazing how y’all take care of other people y’all are great and whichideal

    10. Zawadi Ruvubika

      hi zhc I am already subscribed and i love Ur video

    11. johnny cooyoh

      STEPHENs home is big mit him

    12. Manal Aldababat

      Are they rich ?💵🤑

    13. Daniel Wisinski

      Imagen being in faze

    14. lightning naruto

      5020:supriseing god with a custom earth

    15. David Beard

      I'm only watching this video cause the faze squad

    16. mohamed fun and gaming

      Love zhc and zhc tell frazier to make a video and giving him a tour of your 10m house subscibe to Zch

    17. manju parkavi

      I love zhc

    18. PokèKing Wuuski

      1:44 is where i made 60% of my tiktoks gonna miss that room

    19. Janel Kondo

      zhc do u still have the most expensive pen?

    20. Rylee Jones

      At 1:47 uhhh what the cameraman wearing....?

    21. khumo mpebe

      * it is a faze mom*!!!

    22. Ignas Gud

      where h1sky

    23. Priyanka Lanka

      2030:ZHC buying the faze house and giving it away for free cuz he wants to be mrbeast

    24. red harlow

      boy cannot smile

    25. Matthew and Ebony Patterson


    26. Sahishnu bh

      Imagine getting lost in that house or playing hide and seek

    27. Beatrice Klemann

      omg i love you so much zhc you have the best videos ever

    28. Azad Othman

      and she is the best artest in ZHC

    29. Azad Othman

      omg vivs one is so insane

    30. Bano Feroz

      2030: zhc giving everyone customizing airplanes

    31. Ammie Liu

      Can I get a Mack book plssssss💻💻

    32. Ariana Olivas

      yall said a badword

    33. Mbreti Andi

      24 hours or 3 hours now XD

    34. Betty Kampororo

      Them : if justine bieber touched we wana touch it to Corona : oh realy

    35. Leighanda Masters

      Why is that girl acting like she bought the house lol

    36. Faiyaz Farouk


    37. Sonal

      You guys are really cool

    38. Temprance goldfarb

      can you get me a new i phone

    39. Bhavish 6th a

      2050:so today we r gonna customise all the humans 😂

    40. Jakub Nogga

      Can you do a video with Carter sharer

    41. Jakub Nogga

      2060: coztoming a country

    42. Rocky Lumanang

      Amazing videos

    43. Raju Ahmed

      2091:Buying a planet and customising it for Mr Beast.

    44. charina mactal

      Chu vids REALLY made mah day all night and all day tho ;>

    45. Yip Ethan

      Sr jaih Andalusia hekw jwymb h67tejkh hjjhhsjk Hey Enjoy the day tw

    46. Priscilla Hernandez


    47. Hana El-Nahas

      Can you customize for me an iPad air

    48. Jake Mullane

      Mr beast 2.0

    49. WendellJay daniel


    50. sam dragon

      The girl with the pink hair is a show of

    51. sugan praveen


    52. Gawd Gawd


    53. Ali Reacts

      Your so good ZHC

    54. Melissa Collevechio


    55. Izuku Midoryia

      3067:We are coloring the moon and jupiter and making aliens have hair

    56. Catherine Saaski

      I don’t like how he is flexing his money

    57. Destinee

      I don't know who that girl is that lives there... but I am her. I act the same way. and no one wants to hang out with me.

    58. Mthesheep


    59. Brooke Sutton

      When you can say the main part of the house, after you thought they were done with the video.😢😢😢😢

    60. patricia palmans

      Wtf you house es cool bro

    61. Aydan Ticker

      I love the pool

    62. Aydan Ticker

      I would live there if that was my house I love the bathroom

    63. Pravanya Sarma

      Wow that is such a big house

    64. Phoenix Burhorst

      happy 2021 Jan 1

    65. ####Jordan ####

      I want Leo back plssssssssssssssss

    66. Chase Brosnan

      I hate myself I'm getting into art and I'm not subscribed to you so I just subscribed

    67. SsKonrad Yeet

      2030 today we are going to customize 1000 rocket ships

    68. SsKonrad Yeet

      So cool

    69. Dustyplok

      2060: Customizing the whole planet and giving it to Mr.Beast

    70. Liam Benson

      Zack you should do the world and sub and like or else i will hit you with a rock / stay safe yall

    71. James ramos

      Just customize Brent Rivera's house

    72. Fabian Rodrigues

      Hi zhc 🤣🤣

    73. Muy Chouシ

      The way zack fall and said ow quite and the girl shout

    74. Nida and Sisters

      Mr.Beast, I have a question, what made you create a youtube channel?

    75. Joshua Richter

      Lol I like how Hannah tries to help

    76. Avleen_

      dude make more vids

    77. IceCuber 3x3


    78. IceCuber 3x3


    79. Ethan Erwin

      The solid softball pathohistologically knock because scarecrow peroperativly taste midst a loutish coin. jobless, devilish larch

    80. Nurazfaradillah Khalid

      I want 1 phone

    81. M Smith

      What if zhc crafts can paint 1000 iphones in 1 hour that would be cool

    82. Otws Xhen


    83. Kristine Flores

      WoW 🤩

    84. Jessica G

      2050: today I will be painting 🎨🖌️ 1000 TVs in 100 hours

    85. BLOGGER XT

      How many are watching in 2021

    86. peacon 3434

      Next time my friends called me "rich", ima show them ZHC'S house

    87. AiD4N

      Customize me

    88. Youssef Tamer

      Zhc 2030 costumising NYC in 1 week

    89. Ananya Bagri

      I dare you to kick turkey out of the house

    90. Hanna Shameem

      3030:Customizing the china wall

    91. Sameeksha L.N

      Super crazy 👌

    92. Gav the Great

      Ya know I like how they did not start customizing the until 4:25

    93. Dipesh Lama

      I Want Customize iPhone

    94. •Glossy X Hyper•

      Ok now customizing FaZe house lol boi

    95. Guapo Money

      You barely did anything

    96. Guapo Money

      How that a video like bro

    97. 24k Dreams

      I don’t want to spread hate

    98. 24k Dreams

      Yo we no wat the faze house looks like

    99. XXXayaan playz07

      Title:we painted the faze house Bruh:they painted one wall

    100. Mirza 007

      Zack in 2050: customising dubai