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29 миӊ. көрүүлөр10

    When Far Cry 2 came out in 2008, it transported players to a conflict-ravaged African nation, plunged them into dealings with corrupt warlords, and gave them a vast open countryside to adventure in. The Ubisoft News team is firing up the cult classic and setting lots of fires, which they will then have to flee as the flames propagate across the countryside. They'll make some friends, take down some enemies, and try to manage a nasty case of malaria.
    Far Cry 2 is available now for PC, and is included in a Ubisoft+ subscription; more information at plus.ubisoft.com/.
    The Ubisoft News team keeps you up to date on the latest news and announcements from Ubisoft at news.ubisoft.com. Join Chris Watters and Youssef Maguid live every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00AM PT as they play the latest Ubisoft games, dive into the Ubisoft+ catalog, and showcase special in-game events.
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    1. SMOKEYoriginalHD

      Make a remake of this game!

    2. Moslem

      it's in here ❤️ thanks to ubisoft Make Far Cry 2 Part 2 or remaster the old one

    3. DOCTOR. Marci107 brain

      have you finally fixed the bugs in the game? just because he had been playfully buggy so far


      Far Cry 3 is my favorite

    5. Ice Nice

      I wish they would remarster that game

    6. SimplyJoel

      Yes!! My favorite game, and one of two games I've actually bought a physical copy of. I really hope it gets a remake some day in the future, Far Cry 2 definitely deserves more love.

    7. BENTSA SM

      Что серьезно far cry 2 , даже вы поняли что это самая продуманная ваша игра))

    8. Brace Land

      All games need the weapon degradation like Far Cry 2 does

    9. labib tazwar

      Bruh they need to remaster it The recent ones were a downer to me Plz I love the old facry remaster this Loved when your weapon blows up In farcry 2 Gives you the idea that Not to rely on your weapon too much

    10. Carson Carter

      so no farcry 6 then

    11. DarkiGG

      you should focus on Far Cry 6 and not Far Cry 2

      1. Carson Carter

        lmao so true

    12. Wersjon

      I enjoyed this game sooo much

    13. Pegasus CODM

      I remember Pulling out the Grenade launchers in MP and blasting everyone 😭 i wish remaster this game and make it alive again

    14. cod is awesome

      Yo y’all over there at Ubisoft need to remaster this after you finish far cry 6

    15. racecobar

      I find the jackal one of the most interesting villains in Far Cry.


      Best of all.

    17. Darius Tschentscher


      1. Darius Tschentscher

        @Brace Land I NEED TO KNOW MORE!

      2. Brace Land

        Probs just drove off

    18. Gamez Hub

      Can add takedowns?

    19. Bad 9amer

      When will ubi show some far cry 6 gameplay, it has been more then a half year? I can understand because of covic but show something.

    20. Rebalanced

      LUL i remember in this game if your FPS goes too high the NPC's bounce up and down :P


      The best farcry. We need a remaster

    22. Finn the gamer


    23. Md Shakir


    24. João Alvez

      *START IN **10:26* no problem

    25. America FUCKYEAH!!!

      What's the Far Cry 6 gameplay?

    26. RTX 3080 BENCHMARKS

      Far Cry 6 gameplay incoming?

    27. Chandler Sun

      Multiplayer thus time around?

    28. Bat Knight Channel

      I would like this and late far cry's if it can be also played on 3rd person too.

    29. Per Haglind

      FARCRY 5 is best.😏🔫

    30. EXO Overdose

      i need remastered ac altair in ps4 or ps5

      1. FantasyNero

        Not remastered we want remake

    31. Corn Person

      So when we getting the remaster

      1. FantasyNero

        Remake is better

    32. Shawn Smith

      Can we get a remaster already

      1. FantasyNero

        Remake not remastered

    33. jbroti 004

      Ubi when are you going to fill us in on anything new related to Far Cry 6?!?! Can we least get a status update?

      1. Steve Trueman

        I think this is a sign like that there saying hey we will get you some gameplay soon

    34. Elkarus

      I loved this game even the harsh aspects FC2 had. Its immersion was superb (details like the map ingame helped). Altought it had some rough parts like enemies respawn was pooly made. Overall my opinion of it is that was great.

    35. Rayne Bloodshed

      Far Cry 6 still exists confirmed

    36. edskt

      FARCRY 2004 is best

    37. butter Z

      Y’all need to make a game like valiant hearts again that game was the best game I’ve ever played it was a masterpiece

    38. Dr. Slap Back

      The only Far Cry game worthy of a remaster but it has yet to get one.

      1. amazingalex

        Maybe a remake its very outdated mow

      2. Elkarus

        This with a difficulty mode like the 'Ranger difficulties' on Metro 2033, with weapons being more letal both to the player and to the enemies, I'd be in 100%.

    39. Steady Cuzzin

      Wow what a classic. Now I feel old.

    40. Duckierorb

      6k views and only 13 comments. Damn

    41. rusty Squeezbox

      Man im bout to fire up the ps3. to this day i have still never beat this one its hard but damn i can get lost in it looking for diamonds

    42. Aden Master

      And put it on ps4 and 5

      1. Dominic Begay

        Wait PS4/PS5 doesn't have it? Kinda feel lucky having an Xbox One S now

    43. LB 23

      Wish they’d remaster for console, this game and it’s multiplayer was one of my first experiences to video games as a kid

      1. Imperial Gaurd

        @Mr.Wayne thats what i was thinking.

      2. BOB poop

        Far cry instincts: Predator was my first game I’ve ever played. Then it was COD WAW then I got Halo reach and ODST as my first actual games and soon after Skyrim and BO2. They were some good times.

      3. Mr.Wayne

        Damn u must be young lmaoo

      4. Jameel Far

        remake not remaster

    44. Aden Master

      I kinda want a remaster not a remake keep the story and everything just update the graphics a little bit

    45. Gavin Riggle

      I’m glad we are playing far cry 2 and yet there is no information on far cry 6 yet alone a release date gg Ubisoft

    46. Pankaj Jorwal

      This game engine is better then whole series

    47. Zer0Logic0


    48. ezpz


    49. Garfellow


    50. NØRIX


    51. Roland Catholique