"The Life of Mr. Cheese" Among Us Song (Animated Music Video)


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    Mr. Cheese was always destined to be the greatest impostor in the world. From when he was a little child, all the way to a conving crewmate aboard The Skeld.
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    1. FoxStudios

      The part where mr cheese left his home almost made me cry.

    2. Irtaza Haider

      Awwwww so cute 😍❤️😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

    3. Graham Bradbury


      1. Graham Bradbury


    4. Tashey Dawa

      Mr cheese do u remember me i am raven from among us ms cheese just say i love mr cheese

    5. Bijay Tamang

      Meh:*teleports to among us seeing mr cheese the second time* Meh:no god plis no

    6. It's Tomato Gear

      My name is mr cheese

    7. Dragon Vlog

      do life of player

    8. Arthur Bruch


    9. Arthur Bruch


    10. Arthur Bruch


    11. Justice Legacy Plays

      lol what song is 8 minuets lol

    12. BSGAMER 63

      Ooooo MR. cheese

    13. LEMON_DATA

      Hit it baby cheese lel

    14. Gordon Ivens

      sorry my mom or dad wont let me get mech so sorry

    15. The gaming House

      So wait he worked on a spaceship and didn't go to school?

    16. Kasparo Tabas

      I'm a pro impostor

    17. Farhana Yasmin

      Mr chesse you are very good

    18. Cazi X

      This is so fucking cute

    19. *

      Will the diaper do anything outside the suit???

    20. jaya roudh

      'My name Mr.Cheese!'

    21. TJ Jibz

      I thought in the title that he was gonna murder his parents. partent- saviour from God! ;(

    22. Kappa Mee

      3.07 vector

    23. WKD R

      Mr.Cheese the best!My favourite


      1:30 when school ends

    25. WKD R

      Amazing video like always

    26. Fantune

      When you get 50 dollars 1:30

    27. Eric Xue

      Aww Super Cute!

    28. Evan Way

      6:49 no one is like that 2 mr cheese lol

    29. Evan Way

      4:28 what do you mean its raining? Your mothers raining!!!!!

    30. saheli dey

      I cannot watch it 1 time i am watching 12 times

    31. JackiPACi

      Wtf this is just looped for 8 minutes basically

    32. Rekdyoface XD

      this is so bad

    33. Jeneve Nieves

      My name is Mr cheese

    34. Serkan Junior

      Oooooo 😍is cuteeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    35. Rismatul Fitri


    36. DMT jon

      Heeeeey I see Mr cheese in among us I see him

    37. Chicken Tendies

      This is WEIRD

    38. Briiight

      There is no god but Mr. Cheese and the Gentleman is his partner.

    39. Søren Pedersen

      So cute🤩

    40. Landon Gillette

      cheese and hat

    41. Landon Gillette

      he wears to hats lol

    42. Marek

      small: my name mr.chees me: set

    43. ILGrande Partita

      ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥😍🤩

    44. ExerneticGamerz

      has anyone noticed that Mrcheese was born with an astronaut suit on

    45. Jayaraj Cyriac

      Deserves to be in garbage

    46. The Growing Corruption

      awwwwww so cute Mr. Cheese you da man!

    47. Player of All

      nina is

    48. Shivakumar S

      Boo I hate mr cheese

    49. Prince Nyambintock

      this whole thing gave me tears

    50. Zuzia Bogdan żaba

      They should make a backstory on how

    51. M dMV

      I love that exist plushies of among us, its like exist human plushies... Wait a minute, that’s true

    52. Penguin Plays!!!

      I like how they spell it grater not greater. And also he is shaking a toy among us character whilst saying he will do us proud

    53. Geraldine Dangate

      The singer sounds like veteran.

    54. Jrsonic_yt Animations

      So wait thouse suits are skin?

    55. Booh Zep

      Mr cheese your life is rock star

    56. -TritonosExoPlanetBall-

      2:18 MOON MADE OF CHEESE?!?!! XD (on the news paper)

    57. -TritonosExoPlanetBall-

      2:18 MOON ON CHEESE XD

    58. Titan3338 Медведев

      Among us"the sceld impostor"(амонг ас "космический корабль предатель)

    59. 3 GGs studio video

      The music man it's so relaxing realy wow just this is my favorite song

    60. Álvaro Henríquez

      wow mr cheese esta genial :D saludo soy de chile y hablo español

    61. Elexus Mae

      Mr 😚

    62. Blaster Vanguard

      Armas de Jesus queuing here's a child👶🥰🥰

    63. Defne Bey

      its awsome

    64. Mark Smith

      Stop baby's so cute I can cry for it

    65. Sharleen Sh

      This is great

    66. Junalyn alsola Miculob


    67. pramod lisi

      Best song ever

    68. justyna czarniecka

      LOL "there is no chees grater" do you actually mean greater or a chees grater

    69. Melish the warrior

      I cry

    70. shanelle services

      3:54 wait 2 orange?

    71. Gerald Umpad


    72. Maura Spagnuolo

      Dislike this= you sus

    73. NotTheWindowsGalaxy

      3:29 Is it just me or......

    74. Kazumi Kyjoshi

      Ma guy friend name him self Mr.cheese o.O

    75. Naomijai Andrews

      I love it

    76. Kyran Gamer Pro

      Wouldn't his dad be Mr cheese

    77. Ayberk Bozkurt

      i hate cheese

      1. Sᴀɪ is gone. [Forever]

        Thats your opinion.

    78. Scout

      Da life of mr YEAST

    79. NOWO ?


    80. Cybertronic Gamer

      Is that their actual eyes or is it just a space suit 🤔

    81. Adwa Surfina Arif

      I love you mr cheese 🙂

    82. Adwa Surfina Arif

      So cute >

    83. Lester John Dagdag

      Mr eggs bruh. Mr cheese yeah

    84. Finite95 YT

      Mr.Cheese is getting famous every week.

    85. Owen Ohandley

      1:33 he has the peace sign!?(sry if im wrong idk what that atually is)

    86. wee jee youtuber

      SAD story:-(

    87. Asta Vabo

      lmmag nnvcamt jaug mnlambal jah

    88. Asta Vabo


    89. wee jee youtuber


    90. Asta Vabo

      nooooooooooooooooo❤Love baby

    91. Asta Vabo

      baby is yes among ue

    92. Donna Pletado

      I saw mr cheese at real among us

    93. Rosalie Remojo

      Wow I like it the song 😢

    94. The cheater Guy 2.0

      All i can hear: He's gonna be the best *impostor* 😂

    95. Joseph Locricchio

      The graceful child thermodynamically label because salmon immunocytochemically explode to a sulky action. accessible, frantic hen

    96. Rosalie Remojo

      Mr. Cheese is all my name in games

    97. Pewdiepie aw man

      After listening the song s🤮🤮🤮🤮

      1. Pewdiepie aw man

        But the song is still good

    98. Sora DJ

      Mr Cheese it's sow cute finnaly Mr Cheese is is Go too spas ship song good olike it the song is beaotiful good ending

    99. Aleeza Del Rosario

      Wow... Now I know how he became a crewmate/impostor! Thankyouuuu

    100. Vino 5B

      There is something wrong 1. At Mr cheese when 2 year old the song say she 2. When Mr cheese in the bus only him that has hair and clothes while all just naked normal among us guys