Philza gets taunted by Tommy, Ranboo & Drista on Dream SMP


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    This was VERY chaotic...
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    1. Barney Stinson

      Philza is really like a God, unbelivable move in there lol

    2. Bader Adel

      The speed runner

    3. Bader Adel

      Sub to electy

    4. Christinia Tynes

      Tommy video was so funny how drister spawned the ender Dragon

    5. Mark Pascual


    6. Mark Pascual

      This made me

    7. Mark Pascual

      Oh look he vanished i wonder where he went oh you little shit

    8. Thomas25 Zaharopoulos

      Are U going to post on season 4 anymore ph1Za

      1. Thomas25 Zaharopoulos


      2. Thomas25 Zaharopoulos

        I can't speel

    9. Icy_fox

      It is I noza minecraft

    10. Et0ns L1ght

      Phil, when I mined my dirt, why did I not get any diamonds. I was at Y=11 too.

    11. Spade Alpha

      2:24 My son

    12. Tomasz 5559

      Do u drink Milk?

    13. George Algeri

      what the hell happened to your hardcore survival? Did you die in it or something its been like four months since an upload bruh moment...

    14. The Recon Empire New Arcadia Will Rise


    15. hotdog brained

      Phil, can you share the texture pack you use, it makes netherite cool

    16. Christian zedrick Doquila

      Poor phil

    17. Joshua Sparks


    18. Fäñčÿ Lëmøń

      No one: One person in chat: GODINNIT

    19. Klein Maynigo

      tommy is trying get the belt again from dadza

    20. Team Quinton

      Can you post more hardcore? Plz

    21. A V

      god I love how many views you get now after your death in your hardcore world your channel blew up, and i love it

    22. Blob

      So if tommy is a canonical son and dream smp started in April 25th 2020 then how is Tommy a 17 year old then how is he 17 because if this is canonical then he should be about 1 year old in the actual series. But he is 17 so what is this 🤔

    23. FalconFunds

      i legit just saw a commend in chat that said "LOL F**K ME DRISTA" wth

    24. ••Foxox••

      i think i ate your wing right now-

    25. K. Gressel

      Dude calm

    26. Kallen Scalf

      What’s your texture pack it looks sick and I need it

    27. Felix Rasmussen

      Phil how did you put up with that

    28. ttv.go6eto


    29. THE ALL KNOWN_

      Phil pls put some content from origin smp

    30. v:

      Phil always gets bullied by kids 😀

    31. Koti and Tiko


    32. Blue Blade

      5:57 says the guy with the skin of a Bleach Charater

    33. Juan Nicolas


    34. Ryan Elder

      How does Phil have that stuff for netherite armor like the blue stuff it’s cool

    35. Salt For Sale

      So philza can wear an iron helmet in Origins SMP. would like him to see this, :P

    36. Julix


    37. ambily vinod

      whats ur thought on dantdm hardcore world ebding

    38. ChethanIsCool

      Philza minecraft gets bullied by a child

    39. MrPenguin

      I just realized that the achievements were turned off in the SMP ._.

    40. Carter Houle

      chat be like kill god then we'll talk

    41. Sky Aidan Santos

      How tommy go invis? Lmao

    42. sans gaster

      Wait what

    43. Jayden Cantu

      Hey Phil you probably won’t see this but you are like an online dad to me my dad is dead and you make me thrive I was about to kill myself and I watched you and I felt better and now I’m here today and I want to thank you for that

    44. Disgraceful

      Dad in a cage, WHAT WILL HE DO? Leave like any dad would do.

    45. Møøñplåyz ÙwÚ

      When u have seen this on tommyinnits Chanel😭🤛😂

    46. Oliver Karlsen

      Can u realise season 2 3 4 seed

    47. Coffee Pigeon

      Idk why but phil always puts a smile on my face 😊

    48. Ananjan Khajuria

      Techno can teleport him using his stasis chamber if they want to put philza in there forever. (5:25 shoutout to the chat for the idea)

    49. monet

      ed sheran knows tommy iniit??????????

      1. monet

        @channing Channing shut up

      2. channing Channing

        @monet my grandma has diabetes

      3. monet

        i was made to keep your body warm but im cold as the wind vlows so hold me in your arms my dad said that

    50. Alma bratved

      phil is lit the sweetest person ever mg

    51. asioe kiou

      ''You'd better not break that fancy redstone door I spent weeks on'' - Philza (THE AUDACITY) - Technoblade 2021

    52. [Username Deleted]

      [Comment Deleted]

    53. GeckoLettuce 1

      Haha lul

      1. asioe kiou

        Can someone please tell me which stream that is

    54. podgamezz


    55. Emily C

      Alternative Title "Dad left alone with the kids and becomes traumatized"

    56. Bento

      Praise God 🙏🏾

    57. Joshua A. M.

      Philza’s mc skin looks a lot like kisuke

    58. Graham Fitz

      Glasses off: Philza minecraft Glasses on: Ed sheeran

    59. Jalen Hu

      just realised phils skin is ones from the bleach anime thing

    60. vanilla thunder

      Not once have i seen philza without any other colored shirt aside from black

    61. Cora Doornbos

      I like how Phil casually just has a beer.😂

    62. chan

      so we just gonna ignore how sweet that one part was at 3:17 - 3:33

    63. yeah

      wait a minute is your pfp that dude from bleach?

      1. R C

        Yea, so is his Minecraft skin- I wasn’t anime so the way I found out was from m e m e s 😃 Edit: my brain broke I meant I don’t watch anime*

    64. isaah

      Phil why do you look like the old guy in the green hat from the bleach anime

    65. Why r u here

      tommy: hits phil also tommy: gets hit back by phil again tommy: pulls up the minors gang

    66. Haikyuu_Simpツ

      Lol Tommy and Drista are just the perfect chaotic duo

    67. Ann Charice

      philza please just notice for one second ;-;

    68. Potterboy

      I've seen this on Tommy's channel and it is hilarious!

    69. Zee Lind

      Can someone please tell me which stream that is

    70. Crazyexplosion 233

      two children and an enderman messing with a poor old man

    71. Lennons Life


    72. Jelephone Phonejele

      i just watcged this earlier in tommys channel and went to philza as fast as i can

    73. Monique Lee


    74. Ranboob

      "You fucking donkey"

    75. ItsMegaGamer


    76. Caley Roe

      Ranboo spitting hard facts: On the DreamSMP you don't get compensation for your trauma... only more trauma.

    77. Jonas Gummy

      I know you won’t see this but is your skin based off of the dude from bleach? I just started watching it and I was like “ph1lza?”.

    78. WillHam

      what is your sky texture pack?

    79. Cryogenic


    80. ꧁ ᴅᴀʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ꧂

      666,952 views... WTF

    81. Nat Crapule

      666 666 views oh god

    82. Aron

      Is your skin kisuke?

    83. Hello Hi

      “hee haw” -Ranboo 2021 - 2022

    84. yogurtnotfound_

      That must be the most traumatizing experience ever XD

    85. Alan Flores

      Philza there a song called Minecraft dream manhunt speedrun

    86. dcoog anml

      "This is the Dream SMP, There is no compensation for trauma, just more trauma." -Ranboo, 2021 Truer words have never been spoken

    87. Invis

      Alternate title: Old man gets jumped by teenagers in 2021

    88. Daniel Cubez

      Thats better than any prison created

      1. dcoog anml

        Drista is probably the biggest brat to exist

    89. Maxaroni Sucks

      three teenagers bully an old man, more at nine

    90. PowerSuperset80

      What is your texture pack??

    91. FrankDoodle123

      You could say that Philza Minecraft crafted Minecraft. 🤔

    92. Bannanae

      me just concentrating on the rl music

    93. dark night


    94. Nienel

      oh pog techno joins

    95. Fox

      How tommy can be invisible?

      1. Aisya The Pokémon Connoisseur

        Spectator mode

      2. Sweet Mah


    96. Lukijano X

      Phillllll,are you szil a dentist😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    97. tiger of soul's


    98. Mr_moseby

      Seeing your perspective after Tommy’s video makes this 1000x funnier

      1. Sweet Mah

        Yes sjamaijsks

    99. Pewdiepie 3

      Nice Phil lmao

    100. Kaz The Terrible Commenter

      Philza in a box, what does he do?