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    Hot Ones legend Steve-O is back for the Season 14 finale! He’s a comedian, author, and KGupr. His latest special, Gnarly, is currently available on, and while you’re there check out his memoir Professional Idiot, his skateboard decks, and-as fate would have it-his own hot sauce, Steve-O’s Hot Sauce for Your Butthole. But how will he fare in his second round with the wings of death? Watch as he shares stories about 50 Cent, reminisces about his Jackass days, and closes out the season in the most epic fashion possible.
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    1. First We Feast

      This one’s for the fans! Thanks for supporting another season, spice lords. Who do you want to see next??

      1. James piniotes

        Spice king

      2. Michael Eggerichs

        Joe Budden needs part 2

      3. dildite


      4. Terry McAllister

        Does it matter? Too scared to sit in from of each other

      5. therealsirgoatman

        Chuck Liddell!

    2. Brandon Sweeney

      😁💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 Steve O A FuCkin Legend

    3. Mr Tactician

      Steve-o really is that crazy uncle who would let you drive his car at full speed

    4. Jimmy Johnson

      Why can't people in general just wear normal glasses.

    5. Nathaniel Martinez

      Steve-o: pours hot sauce in eye Steve-o: THAT WAS UNNECESSARY!

    6. Fernando Vago

      Holy shit!!!!

    7. DiYu Musik

      Steveo is a beast ❤️

    8. Joey Alarma

      this is my favorite episode. jackass and all these guys had such a bad influence on me and i love them for that. i dont regret anything.

    9. Raphael the 3rd

      That was real smart Funny man look who's laughing now you idiot.

    10. Tayyara

      freakin legend

    11. gris186

      Steve-O as the Joker in Batman

    12. King Pepe

      I hope you know when I looked this up on KGup I searched “steve o is an idiot and out hot sauce in his eye”

    13. Chrissie Crisis


    14. Zetsuke4

      lol that gordon ramsay mention

    15. Zetsuke4

      he poured it in his eyes again

    16. IHateEveryoneLots

      Hhahahahahaha that ending I fucking died

    17. Watittakes2

      He's blind

    18. Oki Doki

      First time I hear Steve Os voice. What's wrong with his voice.

    19. J

      Stevo wins.

    20. Ameen Ouassaddine

      I’d love to see Mae Whitman, who is such an amazing actress and activist, take on the hot ones gauntlet!

    21. Sonifyi

      steve-o sounds like crusty the clown

    22. Harrison Dozier

      Steve-O for president


      Is he ok? Sean I mean

    24. Pop Corn

      I’d love to see kid rock on the show, or Stallone, he’d be really running up those philly steps 😂

    25. Pop Corn

      I got a lot of respect for this man he’s humble and great full I’d love to meet him.🙏

    26. Calvin Kutter

      Steve O ain’t no bitch.

    27. Brad Toops

      I just got the good news yesterday that I'm clear from cancer when they did my endoscopy and biopsy. Good shit steve o

    28. SokGamingG

      stev-o goat

    29. cowsrock1q

      Just do it the normal interview in person LOL...

    30. Zedetnik

      God fucking damn it, Steve O...

    31. James

      No shot he's eating fish fingers with hot sauce

    32. Cody Smock

      Was anyone else expecting him to pour the last dab in his other eye?

    33. Melanie Mathews

      I love Steve-O. He looks really good and seems to be doing well.

    34. ActuallyChar

      Nothing but respect for steveo, wow! 👏🏻👏🏻🤯🤯 great video!

    35. Andrew

      You're a nine club fan!?!?

    36. Quinn Boone

      Who knew Steve-O was so profound about existence. Mad respect for that.

    37. SilviaSE90Mike

      Who the fuck cares what this stupid ignorant waste of oxygen does....stop glorifying ignorance

    38. Levi Thorstone

      Steve-O is the only reason I watched this show no one comes close, all celebrities are fake shallow can't even call them people Steve-O is a real one 🤘🏻non come close

    39. Alison Helms

      literally a fucking beast

    40. Josh Mehrtens

      Oh my god. Best ending

    41. Brandon monterroso

      saw stev'os bucket list in Pasadena and have to say it was funny as F*** keep it up dude you've come a long way

    42. steven roheem

      Steve-o: Suffering extreme pain from over application of ultra spicy hot sauce to the eye. Sean: "Let the people know what you have going on in your life." Me: Has a thorough and guilty long laugh at Steve-o's pain.

    43. steven roheem

      The whole last part is too funny for me. Steve-o never fails to be the absolute craziest daredevil ever.

    44. Mad Monk

      holy fuck sean dr egghead

    45. B U R R

      I wish homie had kids. They'd be fun

    46. Gordon Recksiedler

      Can anyone help me find a certain Sean Evans video?? I’m going absolutely crazy trying find a certain clip online. My memory remembers watching a QnA video with Sean and someone asked him if anyone has cheated the Gauntlet. He answered something along the lines of “yes, but that is all I’m going to say about it”. My memory remembers it being a regular QnA episode at-least a year ago. I know for a fact it was after Gordon Ramsay, but I feel it is more recent than that. I assumed it would’ve been the april 2020 one. Now, I went back and watched all the QnA episodes (along with xmas and covid update type videos) and I CANNOT FIND THIS QUESTION BEING ASKED! I’m starting to think my memory is remembering things incorrectly and I need your help! There’s a chance it could be a separate podcast Sean was interviewed in, regular episode or maybe even a written article. I am losing sleep at night.

    47. 《Cro》

      Can we get like Jacksepticeye on the show?

    48. Paul Herrington

      I just bought that hot sauce bc of the eye thing

    49. Inujosha

      Question for Stevo: Does the hot ones challenge hurt more than any injury you've ever sustained?

    50. NinjaBird

      god i love Steve-O im hope i get to met him one day he is really cool i love watching these when he is on i grow up watching his stuff

    51. Rafael Bautista

      Chicken nuggets😂

    52. Christopher Nunez

      those wings look horrendous

    53. skyflysky1919

      The villain laughs though, once he got to da bomb and onwards 😂

    54. Dan Griff


    55. Dwight K. Schrute

      This man is pretty literate for someone with the amount of brain trauma he’s been through

    56. Kennan

      HAHAHA you can see Shawn tearing up looking at steve-o

    57. René Sandoval

      Wait, Steve O is still alive? What a pleasant surprise.

    58. M OTTO

      Steve-O was one of the last Jackass crew members I seriously thought would make it to old age. So, it makes me unbelievably happy to see him healthy and happy.

    59. Megan Valek

      5:45 I never thought Steve-O would say something that resonated with me so much.

    60. rabooey

      Holy shit Steve- "The Real Deal -O, ladies and gentlemen.

    61. LiLboss13

      Steve-O low key looks like Logic lol

    62. JJ


    63. Nathan Lindstrom

      Stevo, You are the Man. Thank You for everything.

    64. Nick

      Stevo has da bomb ptsd

    65. NONSTOP

      Is that Logic?

    66. Camren Hohn

      I can’t wait till these feel homemade again. I hate the Hollywood effect the pandemic has brought

    67. hiddenspeak


    68. Anthony D

      What is Steve o eating? They look like nuggets!

    69. Abby Gail

      That’s the best hot once!!!! Fuck ....



    71. Lee K

      STILL NOT HAVING PEOPLE IN THE SAME STUDIO.... this shows dead as hell now...

    72. Frank Dickerstein

      I didn't know they still made these.

    73. Brett Johnson

      just bring the normal in person episodes.

    74. BattleFred

      I really like how the older Steve-O gets, the more he looks like Brad Pitt. Probably Brad's one in a million chance to get a badass stunt double.

    75. Comrade Everclear

      I also have Berets Espophigial syndrome. It sucks

    76. aliyah humphreys

      I fucking love Steve-o ❤️❤️😂😂😂

    77. En1gm4 l

      why have the wings no bones ?

    78. jakobramso

      Nine Club Sweatshirt hell yeah Sean

    79. Nick Nailer

      Absolute legend

    80. Dan Souligny

      Damn so much respect for Steve-o. Great words on life.

    81. Jo fine

      best episode of hot ones so far!!!

    82. Joseph Miller

      That sling shot Porta John still has me laughing.

    83. Jacob Robin

      Steve Ooooo you absolute legend. ✌️

    84. Alarming Twitch

      I love Steve-o

    85. Eden Soto

      I adore Steve-o

    86. Ian Cain

      Steve o : chugs hot sauce pour it in eye Also steve o: perfectly promotes all his shit with no problems talking at all 🤣🤣🤣

    87. Ed

      Nine Club!

    88. Aaresch Rahimzadeh

      these guys really really must hate their anus

    89. KLuB 7198

      Day 1 of saying Jelly Roll

    90. iutrteiu sakljdsaj

      Weird.. Los Clientes is green and not red.. Just sayin:)

    91. Stacy Hamblin

      Now I usually sprinkle about anywhere from 1 to 2 million Scoville units over my food on a daily basis with occasional ghost or Carolina Reaper pepper I don't mind the Heat as long as it's got a good taste does this have any taste

    92. Stacy Hamblin

      Now I usually sprinkle about 11 million Scoville units on my food on a daily basis does this have any taste

    93. Gatoj

      Drugs allowed him to do all his crap for so long!

    94. Megan Hollingsworth

      Love this man.

    95. Stagger Lee

      How is this man still alive?

    96. Natasha Devita

      The way they echo the coughs 🤣 sends me

    97. K I N G Boysaw

      6:07 wow

    98. samorka

      Steve is really really tough man holy

    99. david hodges

      He's a monster!

    100. Sukit Hard

      This is guy is so crazy, but i love him still.