When a kid and parent won’t listen to the flight attendant #shorts #tips


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    1. jomilaa

      Lmao her face at the end😂

    2. Aiden Wiggins

      If I was the flight attendant I would throw them off the plane

    3. Shilpa Bhide


    4. Kifah ismail


    5. Matt Ligertwood

      If I was kicking the chair in front of me my mum would transform into satin in 0.5 seconds 😬😈

    6. SKL Vlogs

      It's not the plane the I'm terrified of its the crew and most likely the attendant and this video can prove why

    7. Mahad Afzal

      At the end the flight attendant turned exe mode

    8. Rainbow Kitty

      Lol what if she just leaned in close and said "We dont parasail, but im happy to force u to do it until u educate ur damn child urself.."

    9. SSeven7 Animations

      Do you want to go skydiving 🔪

    10. Emi Chernakova

      Do you and your mom wanna go ✨skydiving✨?

    11. Elijah P

      Never be rude to the flight attendants or else they will kick YOU OUT OF THE PLANE

    12. Cookie_chris O-O

      The son is just dumb

    13. I eat food Food

      I heard if u say a KGuprs name 5 times you’ll get pinned so... I’m sorry but I’m to lazy to type that much

    14. Hope Bolte

      Her face at the very end!🤣

    15. Sanvi Sharma

      She's the coolest and the savagiest flight attendent ever!

      1. doire aintu


    16. noreen galil


    17. Ganesh

      Actually there is no kid. She spoke herself😇

    18. CALL ME JEFF

      Not gonna lie they had us in the first half

    19. Kenzi Lillie

      Why is that me as a flight attendant

    20. Pastel Muziq

      ... M-mask?

    21. JT

      " hi sweet heat do you and your mom wanna go sky diving "

    22. Akile Caul

      Do not mess with the flight attendant or the flight attendant will mess with you

    23. Hannah Rudder

      Mothers that don't care

    24. sapperjoe 18

      i really hope i never encounter anyone like this cause ill smack the $*** out of them.

    25. I don't want a channel I'm just commenting

      Move the child to the seat behind mom.

    26. reagan busby

      that took a dark turn..

    27. miaowmyth

      wait they literally get off the plane jsut like that?



    29. William

      Hey child do you want to play outside?

    30. Michael Galle


    31. Abe McG

      I was not ready for the last part lmfao 🤣😆

    32. GreenGiant O.o

      I'm watching this a 150 times an im going to watch it 150 times more Always be respectful to the workers that work with the community and everyday people

    33. EcoFash Lorax

      Why do female jokes always seem to consist of either sexual degeneracy or infanticide? Chill tf out

    34. Jak e

      I hate people but least of all people who have to deal with other people for their job

    35. Midnight channel Fnaf

      When she said do you wanna go skydiving I was like I know what she doing kicking them off the plane

    36. 阮妍梁

      So you want to kick them out of the plane, You all learned a lesson that you never be mean to them or you will die !

    37. My Name Is Invisible

      Damn she really said I'm going to throw u off the plane if u don't goddamn stop

    38. Saltycat islonely

      OH MY GAWD 😂😂😂😂😂

    39. eģis un elektrība

      Oh shiii

    40. Drfit


    41. GD Alaxa Is Boy

      yes pls

    42. BananaTDM

      ladies and gentlemen I now present to you THE BIGGEST TWIST OF A LIFETIME

    43. The Emily Twins


    44. Sergio Gouvea

      Can (do) airlines blacklist such passengers?

    45. Zenzu

      My sister is a flight attendant and I could never do that shit. I refuse to take anybody’s bullshit, even at my job. And the worst part is your stuck on that plane with them until y’all land

    46. Senseless ColorZ


    47. Sky Master0yt


    48. Jenny Persad

      OH NOO...

    49. Riley Davis


    50. Kekoa Bai

      A master piece

    51. TheOnionQueen

      My mom used to tell me and my brother that they would throw us out of the airplane mid-flight if we didn’t behave 😂

    52. Ana Wright

      They going to die

    53. RAJEEKA

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    54. dio brando

      Dio approval

    55. Nelo Bowes

      Man flight attendants don't get paid enough to deal with this

    56. Sebastian Anderson

      They had us in the first half ngl

    57. HÆX A.

      Skydiving 🤣🤣🤣

    58. Gl1chmac

      Cursed aff

    59. Chelsey Hillen

      Me disciplining my child in public: Baby Mommy needs you to stop doing that and listen please because we want to get through this together and both have a good time and be happy and that takes teamwork so when Mommy asks something I need you to listen. Me after that doesnt work: *gutteral throat sound of impending doom* My kid: and i - oop

    60. N.I.B peace


    61. Mya Amor

      Not the skydiving 🤣I probably wouldn’t know what to do tbh like you want me to yell or smack both gunna cause a scene and both will have said child crying the rest of the way 😭

    62. E_MyName

      Congrats, you recieved a free skydiving ticket

    63. Tyde789! I Yt

      Yay my mommy want to go skydive 🤪

    64. sundown 101e


    65. ItsRxsty

      Can you clap for the nhs

    66. Pink Pearl Disney wishes

      Oof I never mess with flight attendants. They know those planes back and forth and serve your food. If you are really kind, they give you good choice and warn you to avoid the coffee,ice, and water. The filters and coffee pots dont always get cleaned in between flights and it's best to stick to canned or bottled drinks.

    67. Lucjusz Mocarny

      You got me there

    68. Ab Dullah Bin Packing

      Where’s your mask 😷 Kung flu

    69. Christiaan perdue


    70. Sanoie Peters

      That was so funny!!!! I always enjoy your post you made my day thank you!!!

    71. RealityWasTaken

      when she said do you and your mom wanna go skydiving I was gonna try to get a plane asap but I remembered it's the rona going out

    72. alexa ._. HajomA ?

      Uh oh miss take

    73. apt84 talley


    74. Camille Floyd


    75. Eric Antunez

      Skydiving without parachutes

    76. David Carter

      I love that ending..... Hi sweetheart, do you and your mom. want to go skydiving?! 😂

    77. Kazu P

      You got the bad ending

    78. Zero Cadet

      Alternatively: how to piss off a flight attendant to the point they offer you A sky dive trip

    79. Dee Dee


    80. Gamaz Girl

      Uh oh better not go on a plane XD


      Cps has a spot for that kid

    82. Andrew Yonemura


    83. Janax Fidget toys

      I swear I love her so much

    84. Jared Smith

      I'm no pro abortion? But damn some people should not have kids.

    85. Troy Kemp

      Do u and your mom wanna go skydiving got me dead

    86. Jaelyn Ozkan


    87. flashkid gaming

      As soon as she said skydiving I be like👁 __ 👁

    88. ジェイク

      Me: hey kid wanna meet Jesus?

    89. Daniel Badon

      Tells the parent it’s Free sky diving and give them a normal back pack instead of a real parachute and they just fall into the ocean

    90. Wolfie

      Me when I was younger::: FREE SKYDIVING!?!

    91. idioticle

      I'm never kicking the seat in front ever again 😃

    92. sound bite

      This kind of parenting, a good example of why airlines now are so strict with their rules of children & masks.

    93. Paradox

      Should i be scared?

    94. uneverjeans 84

      It's sad because this is starting to happen and some people don't raise there child

    95. StradaIsGood

      Well... that was unexpected XD

    96. Brian Aguilar

      Kid after skydive: mommy!

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