Caught on Film - Hilary’s Biggest Fish Ever!

Scott Martin

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    12yr old Breaks her RECORD and does it while looking at this GIANT FISH hiding in the bushes. I am so proud for her and I will never forget this moment. I hope you enjoy this episode and please share this any girl who thinks bass fishing is cool.
    This show is from our SMC that airs on the Discovery Channel. Hope you enjoy!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Please share this video to any girl who thinks fishing isn't exciting...Thanks for subscribing! Oh...almost forgot Turn on Notifications.

      1. Thetruth99

        Holy cow, the camera you guys used this episode is amazing. Im watching in 360 and it looks 720

      2. toby suttle

        Just saw this video for the first time and it was awesome. My little girl just turned six and loves to go on the boat with me. Can't wait until she gets a bass like that.

      3. Kevin flabouyfishing

        In 4 months she won't need a cooler to stand on dang!!! I got 2 boys growing up so quickly!... Scott that was a great trip with ur daughter shes hooked for life that fish will be remembered forever!!

      4. Thetruth99

        this chick is a hell of an angler

      5. marc k

        I've seen this video like 6 times it doesn't get old that was amazing wow just crazy awesome.

    2. Matt Bywater

      Hey Scott & Hilary , Great video. Its really cool to see you 2 having so much fun. Keep the videos coming. Watch out world, we got a new super star on her way . Awesome job Hilary.

    3. Mike Murphy

      You go girl ! Love watching you and your Dad fishing. !

    4. Slyone 42

      Holy, BIG BASS!!!!

    5. Matthew Jaffarian

      I love all your videos, but there was something special about this particular one. Great job you two!

    6. J Flores

      “Thank you dad. That was so awesome.” Loooooove it

    7. Luke Goodrum

      Sorry to say but it don’t count if she didn’t make the cast

    8. eugene graham


    9. Bob Davis

      Good stuff. Both of you did great. 🎣

    10. Micah Williams

      When she said thank u dad for takn me😢! God bless

    11. Micah Williams

      What a bass for a young kid to catch! Memories!!

    12. Mark Mills

      I have a daughter also and when you were keeping her from from falling off the cooler I cried. Congratulations

    13. Mike G

      You guys are awesome....such a great video. You are very fortunate to be able to live this way and share things and make memories together. Treasure it. 💪🏻👊🏻🇺🇸

    14. Sledgehammr 16

      Scott Martin tell your daughter that’s a good bass

    15. J.T. Cooper


    16. John upchurch

      Incredible fish Hillary! Congratulations!

    17. Chuck Sorrentino

      hello scott, i always wanted a little girl of my own, however i never found the right one for me. i am now 48 years old and im very i'll (dying).. i just started watching your channel and hilary's as well. you must be very, very proud of her,( she is a little pistol) as im sure you are all your children. when she said to you at the end after releasing that toad, "thank you dad" im sure you did everything you could to hold back your tears. i myself am a very sensitive man and i started balling, CONGRADULATIONS SCOTT!!! tightlines buddy....


      This is how many people that sow here flying on the title

    19. Micah Williams

      Memories last a lifetime!! Great video guys!!

    20. christina martin


    21. Detstormvet7991 Rider

      Look how young she is in this video

    22. snouser61

      Damn....I miss my daddy now

    23. Kendra Case


    24. Charlie's Art & Soul

      id hate to have the miserable life of one of the 136 people who disliked this video lol

    25. El Duderoony

      Aah. She’s so cute and unpretentious. What a sweetie. AND to catch that huge bass all by herself! Epic! Thanks for sharing guys.

    26. Encidius

      Crazy to watch this and see how much Hilary has grown as an angler!

    27. Casting_with_cal

      She was so tiny😆

    28. Greg Wilson

      Hilary first Lady Tour champion!!! It's gonna be awesome!!

    29. BigNzfishN

      These are my favorite videos of you and the Kido out gettin at it doin your thing. Has to be cool to be able to go back an laugh at all these and re live it all. Keep it up 👍 all I’m sayin buddy !

    30. David Maplesden

      Incredible!!! Makes me cherish my time with my boy who is almost 8. Love your channel Scott keep up the amazing work!!!

    31. Parker Farr

      How old is she now

    32. Brandon DOC

      Wow!! This video gave me chills!!!

    33. Toxic Beans

      Love the vids

    34. jonathan pettigrew

      One of my fav. Episodes.

    35. Benjamin Smith

      How cool man!

    36. Douglas Enzor

      Scott the smile & bride in your eyes was so awesome

    37. Douglas Enzor

      How long before y'all called to tell papa Roland

    38. Douglas Enzor

      I jumped & screamed with y'all, AWESOME

    39. Douglas Enzor

      She will be a true Pioneer of the sport for women

    40. Douglas Enzor

      First female angler of the year & beastmaster classic champion ever coming up in this young lady..papa Roland & pop's Scott gives her the best of knowledge

    41. Lawrence Holden

      Love the reaction of you both. Great moment. Thanks for sharing. Congrats Hilary.

    42. Bret Bass

      Hey Scott I fish and I think I got a crush on. Your daughter

    43. carson sievers

      Such a underrated Chanel these should have millions a video what is wrong with people

    44. carter cole

      Hilary is one of the best fishing girls I know I’m 11 years old and I would love going fishing we’re y’all fish my biggest bass was about 4 pounds I live in Arkansas so there’s not many big fish. Keep up the good work 💞

    45. Dave Wylie

      It was great a year ago and still is!! We need to see her pulling on some of those Sails!!!

    46. ayden Vaughn

      She beat my pb by 2.1 pounds, good job Hillary

    47. Brian Stokes

      Everyone should bring your kids fishing. God bless our children!!

    48. MSBeats203

      To be honest THis dam near brough to tears to my Eyes you guys both enjoyed yourselfs and she was so excited the whole time gotta cherish those moments

    49. Joanne Clark

      I caught a big striper other day Scott martin

    50. Demian Flores

      Ur daughter is hot and thick

    51. Chris Stockner

      This video made me well up, I’m so proud of Hillary! I hope I can have the same experience with my daughters and granddaughter! Amazing video!!!

    52. Penny Roberson

      Dude that was awesome

    53. Tony S

      I dont know how to say this but Hillary just broke my record and I am sure a lot of others. Good for her. I love the see this. Fantastic.


      I've watched this a few times and it never gets old. The excitement and joy you both have is awesome!

      1. eugene graham

        Ovvd. Bchrwo x hdus

    55. Ashton Sullivan

      Hillary needs to wear a life jacket

    56. Cory Kent

      This video is wonderful Scott. It's very obvious that you're a great father, and all around great family man. What I can't figure out is how this video got 106 DISlikes!?! Here's your chance people. You disliked this video, now reply to this comment (if you have any juavos whatsoever), and tell us why. What was so terrible about this incredible moment in a father and daughters life, that you had to dislike it? Clearly the disliker's couldn't Express themselves in the comments. Cowards? I think so. Congrats young lady. And congrats Scott, for raising your children so well.

      1. Scott Martin

        So true..some have to be haters and others are just sad people. 👍🏻

    57. Gage Poitevient

      He has the mast bad ass boat

    58. Twiggerless 15

      Nice fish

    59. Twiggerless 15

      Talking about big fish i have caught the second biggest snapper in Alabama. I am 11 years old.

    60. William Hayes

      That's awesome and the memories are priceless. It's an amazing feeling to teach your kids the fun of fishing and catching a giant on top of it.

    61. Beast_Boys Gods

      How old is she

    62. David Dobbs

      My pb Is 10:02

    63. Leigh Parks

      What was Hillary's pb before that fish

    64. James Voelkl

      Man I even watered up a little on that one. Can't wait to take my grandbaby out with me.

    65. MT434

      I love the way she thanked you for taking her fishing.

    66. GCAST Fishing

      Can’t wait till my baby is old enough

    67. Mark Friedrich

      That was awesome Yeahh

    68. Steve Voelker

      Awesome. Thanks for sharing this special moment with us. A little teary eyed right now.

    69. Doug Tippey

      Cool moment!

    70. Aaron Kovarik

      Such a great video. Made me tear up. Such an amzing way to spend time with family.

    71. Michael Lukas

      Proud Dad!!

    72. Adrian Vann

      Hillary is a real pretty girl

    73. gjames19

      Dude! How did you not have tears rolling down your cheeks? She'll remember that forever. Congrats, Hilary!! Awesome!

    74. El Dude

      Good job 👍

    75. Alex Tschirlich

      Awesome video! Greats from Germany

    76. Deltadawg660

      Your a good man Mr. Martin and an even better DAD.

    77. Mark Webster


    78. Richard Thompson

      I want a hilary.shirt! She is wonderful and so are you

    79. Evan Wilson

      Should have gotten measurements so you could get a replica taxidermy of this giant.

    80. Gillis Danos

      I hope Hilary shows this video to Brandon.

    81. Charlie Korabek

      Great video......almost made me cry too. Reminded me of fishing trips with my Daughter...

    82. Saltlife Mell

      Love it 💪🏾

    83. daniel neidlinger

      Lucky daughter and lucky dad! Dan73

    84. Sunshine State Frame Of Mind

      Amazing video and more amazing memories!

    85. Mike Furness

      Seeing you and Hillary fishing together makes me long for getting back to New England to fish with my six soon-to-be six year old grandson this coming summer. Thank you for taking the time 2 fish with your daughter and spend quality time with her.

    86. Mariah E. P

      Lol I don’t know why but watching her set in on that big one made me grab my gear I’m heading out

    87. Jed Honrado

      17:49 OMG DON'T JUMP!!!! Seriously, dad goals.

    88. KRANK JUNKY 69

      That was the best video ..

    89. Freddie Howard

      I am a big fan as you no and I taught my boys how to fish and the boy who is in the wheel chair he fishes with every day now and I have two grandchildren to teach , I teared up when I watched this , God is so good , Bless you all 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    90. tommy roach

      Awesome video nothing like father and daughter or son beutiful catch hilary congratulations

    91. Michael Crider

      Your the best Dad man

    92. Jeff Fournier

      Congrats on your pb Hilary, that was exciting.

    93. JonHawaii2003

      Love watching all your videos. It's about all I watch on youtube. I started fishing a few months ago. I lost my Daughter to cancer a couple years ago and watching this video makes me happy and sad at the same time. Keep it up Scott.

      1. JonHawaii2003

        @Scott Martin Thank you Scott, she was exactly Hilary's age in this video. Love your new video with the old timers. It was great to see a new video after being on the lake all day. I just bought a 1977 Caddo bass boat with most of the original equipment. They really had to work to get the fish back then.

      2. Scott Martin

        Jon, I am very sorry about your loss!

    94. TheJtaylor000

      Dude! I'm literally in tears over here. What's worse is its not the first time I've watched this.

    95. Dr. Keith W. Kirby D.D.

      Scott, I'll bet you we"re really proud when she caught this fish. I was for her. And your dad, I really know your dad was proud for his granddaughter. would love to see the three of ya'all fish together. Blessings Bishop Keith W. Kirby

    96. Casper Newcomb

      Hilary keep on catching the big bass maybe soon u might catch an 11 or 12 pounder or bigger u are a very impressive girl and I love to watch u slay those big bass PB’S all the time

    97. Tyler Mayes

      Great job guys love to see how excited you guys get

    98. rifleman1873

      Thank you dad so much for taking me... What a moment!

    99. X VSJ

      Nothing better than daddy daughter fish for bass together!!! Nice job Hilary !!! Thxs for sharing 🧜‍♂️🚒🚒🚒🚒

    100. Jeremy Peebles

      Nice fish I am proud of you Hilary Martin