The Tracks Are ON The S790 Combine

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    1. JEFFERY Thornton

      Did the Swede go to school 4 mechanical engineering and DIDN'T you and DOUGIE go to school or are u self taught??

    2. Michelle Hayward

      Machine that has tracks lifting up even bigger tracks

    3. Kung Fu Pyro

      Nice work on that combine 😎👍

    4. Aaron Sneeringer

      Nice helmet head, Erik!

    5. Jardulli Máquinas

      excellent here on Brazilian soil are already using this technology

    6. SpecTRe X

      That's not Mav, it's Hollywood. Jeez!

    7. Tractor vlogs

    8. Smooch Mcguire

      Great video thanks

    9. Steven Mccullough

      Sometime you just got to know when to say, "That's good enough!"

    10. Emils_R34

      Only trackt John Deere harvester i have driven whas a 1270E

    11. Matthew and Thomas

      I love tracked combines


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    13. AGRO EM AÇÃO

    14. Sionnach1601

      FOLKS BEWARE: SABOTEURS NOW ATTACKING *ALL* STAGES OF FOOD PRODUCTION. - Bolts and bits of metal strapped onto corn stalks - pieces of scrap aluminium strapped onto grass stalks, turns into nasty shards when harvested into your hay or silage which will kill your livestock on consumption - FIRE and spontaneous combustion of grain silos, sugar refineries, warehouses, storage units, livestock pens etc Basically ANYTHING now related to FOOD production and storage is under a Worldwide systematic attack in multiple ways. Be VERY WARY who's wandering onto your land, or checking out your tractors and equipment. This is meant to destroy YOU and make us all dependent on the world eco nomic 4 umm strategy of "Great Reset" of what we eat and many other aspects of the way we live. See ICE AGE FARMER channel. God bless all.

    15. Julien Boval

      Bonne vidéo

    16. Vicky Sinha


    17. German Gomez Forero

      Con tanta tecnología y troncos de brutos el fabricante ese cambia de llantas a orugas tendría que ser más práctico les faltó ingenio

    18. Tractor Working

      Tractor nice Idol.👍😘👍

    19. Major Rick Corbin

      Q] why doesn't Pres TRUMP, wear glasses? [A] because he already has (Business Precision) 2020 VISION

    20. BIRIBINHA Gamer !!


    21. gorge washington

      look better with traks !

    22. Pete Page

      Na. Na. Na... The Big Swed looks like The Iceman. Lol!

    23. Lo-Ammi Marin

      Waoooo que bonita profesión o trabajo 👍💪

    24. Gary Lack

      Good paint huh !

    25. Jacob Hughes

      Then what’s the point of putting the tracks on and then have to boost the wheels back on when you had it back to JD

    26. Lajoska96

      its pretty quicker in the FS19 :D

    27. le bailli des savoies

      Does it make that a big difference , tires or tracks?

    28. dav snow

      In the Netherlands the farmers don't even bother to lease the machinery. They get a contractor to do the plowing, planting harvesting and trucking. The farmer just decides what to plant and collects the cash upon sale of the harvest. Easy Peasy.

    29. WolfeBane84

      Chet seems to jump back and forth between "own" and "lease" like, he says the combine is leased and the tracks are leased, then he goes on to say "we own the tracks" I'm so confused. Is this like a Lease To Own type thing?

      1. Rob Kennedy

        when the combines 5 years is up and goes back, they can keep the tracks for the next one if they get another JD , I guess it wouldn't make sense to buy them and invest heavy into a certain brand unless you know you are sticking with them for the forseable

    30. kb7722


    31. JoaKo

      Nice job bro, new sub! A super beutyfull machine!

    32. Gurwinder Singh


    33. Bam Bam

      The duals look much better

    34. b. blubb

      You guys used the hammer like little girls lol Nice machine tho

    35. H M

      He sure is cute!!

    36. Thierry Kamette

      Idiots at work ! My cat could do better blindfolded !

    37. Una O kane

      Grass men

    38. Mandeep Singh

      My Indian friend 💪💪💪👌

    39. Macha Rakesh

      How much money this harvester

    40. Mandeep Singh

      Nice fakemi so beautiful boxes my Indian friend Jovi I love mi passport pick

    41. Allan Nichols

      Two jacks are NOT safe. USE BLOCKING!!!!!

    42. MajorTom

      Being a farmer looks really cool wish I grew up on a farm.

    43. 50k subs with no vid challenge

      Next when u can put tiny tracks on the s790 or by the time u could put tiny tracks on a combine on the back u would already probably have jd x9

    44. Ede Carlos Machado


    45. 新德

      下方 需要加放木頭 不然會壓死人

    46. sebofo

      Nice video, thanks. It looks like the original drive shafts whent to the final gears through the spacer thingy, but the new drive shafts go to the side of the new spacer. But where do those new drive shafts fit underneath the machine? Does the diff have additional output shafts?

    47. Clinton Emmert

      What’s the cost of a new combine over leasing one for five years?

    48. Clinton Emmert

      Needed LegArms from Welker’s Farms pick up and move around lol.

    49. Sarevok Arens

      Lol wouldn't be a job if it was easy

    50. TractorPasion

      Enhorabuena por en video desde (Web y Revista de maquinaria)

    51. teamidris

      The bolts are really tight? Yep, that’s because it wouldn’t go on in the factory so they dogged them bolts up with a tube :D

    52. James Archer

      Why tracks as opposed to wheels? Better traction? Better steering? Are tracks generally worth the extra expense? Looks like a maintenance nightmare. Your vids are such fun.

    53. Jeff Ecklund

      Isnt it dry enough out where you don't need the tracks this year? Heard tracks are tough on hydrostatic and final drives

    54. Kenneth Melnychuk

      The drive sprocket looks like plastic(?)

    55. Iron Man

      so how much pressure do u need to put in theese new tires?

    56. KuKoKaNuKo

      The way I always answer when someone tells me I bent or messed something up.... "Nah, it's custom"

    57. Type 3 66'

      Nice combine and video as well 👍🤘🤟😉



    59. AGRO EM AÇÃO

    60. kamaroway günther

      the tracks

    61. Tv 5150

      If I ever wanted to kill my 75 year old retired safety engineer father all I’d have to do is show him this video so he can have an absolute heart attack over every aspect of the way all y’all were working under that combine.

    62. Dale Gribble

      Imagine spending 9 hours putting the tracks on, to only realize you put them backwards. 😂😂😂😂

      1. donald everette

        I didn't do it!

    63. Zamolxes77

      I don't like John Deere, mostly overpriced crap. Hopefully they put more thought and give better prices for farm machinery than they do for bobcats and such.

      1. 12345789O

        i ve just sold 5 yrs old jd tractor for 75% price I paid for it ...nothing else to say ...

    64. Yusuf Kaymak

    65. Venkatesh gowda venkatesh gowdru

      How much price

    66. Jose Rodriguez

      Its a beatiful good , good , from to México

    67. AU tv

      I really love farming... I love to ride horses and everything..

    68. Huw Lloyd Photography

      Awesome video! That’s one big combine. 👌🏽

    69. Christo Croukamp

      What is the benefits of tracks

    70. Grandprixtop

      Waaayyy too long to put tracks on.

    71. Ron Wood

      Are these tracks Doug-o proof? Ron

    72. iBelieve


    73. Mark Arnott

      🦜au - Guy in city i bought a Lamborghini $1/2 ml 🚜 Farmer Fptt i drive a john deere tractor & a Mars Rover harvester 😅 from a small tractor i drove on a farm in 70s to one these New type wud take me ages to learn to drive so many Buttons😲 just to sit in one wud make my day

    74. slowride55

      That poor John Deere tech is probably making $15/HR.

      1. Ejay

        Pretty garbage job to leave when the job wasn't done but it might not have been his say. I guarantee you he's making at least double that. Diesel & Heavy Diesel Techs are paid far more than car mechanics. When I did my first year as an apprentice with Komatsu Australia I was making more than tradesmen car mechanics. But hey, I would've had that casting off in 5 mins no problem, when you show up for a job you don't borrow the customer's gear you come prepared.

      2. D D

        15? Lol my guys here in Canada get paid 38 an hour to start. Need your Red Seal Heavy duty mechanic ticket

    75. Rick Matz

      I don't see it. I will take the duals anyday. And the combine.

    76. David Robins


    77. Martin Johnson

      Geez guys. So with a single jack it below out the seals. Now two jacks so if one fails the remaining jack could then also fail. Basics, don't reply on jack for any longer period use BLOCKS. Hate to see you guys squished.

      1. Mike Robb

        Martin Johnson I agree. Put two small bottle jacks and dont use safety stands. I will look for the video where at least one of these boys is killed through stupidity.

    78. 2A 3B

      Why do so many ag farmers vote democrat ?

    79. Doug W

      Exactly how heavy are the tracks compared to the combine? It blew out a one-ton jack? Dang....... Holy sheets, changing over to the tracks was unreal. A non-farmer question, what's so good about tracks versus original tires?

    80. Mikesdyna55

      Since the combine is a Lease why in the Heck would you go to all that Trouble and expense to put tracks on only to have to take them off in the Future. i don't see the reason

    81. Charles Stufft

      Awsome install

    82. Farmer George

      Lesson learned! Buy the next one with tracks already on it.

    83. Farmer George

      This is what I always liked about farm equipment, everything is stubborn!

    84. Amanda Goss

      easton hi Larson farms.

    85. Hudson Branvold

      Were we supposed to the case quadtrack in the background?

    86. Bud Myers

      B b

    87. JeffTexas

      How much does each track assembly weigh?

    88. Christofer Sears

      ummm... maybe little knock'er loose there boys? A little lube can go a long way there boys.

    89. Keith Westbrooks

      Nice shop.

    90. seap

      Now lets go mudding!

    91. Tired old mechanic

      So much factory rust on those parts.

    92. Paul Wurz

      Any other brand, mms you don't have half the the stress. Never mind more grain in the bin.

    93. monster FZ09

      By the time you get the next combine JD will change the wheel bolt pattern again so these tracks won't fit the new combine.

    94. jasonhessels

      Are you ready for the roughest earth shattering denture destorying ride of your life. I like green combines but the need to do some reverse enginerding from lexion on how to build tracks.

    95. David Katz

      Just asking don’t hate. Why don’t farmers use anti seize! I think JD uses locktite Green

    96. 46Rambo

      I just love JD's little tools and software, and you need your own tech living with you to work on them

    97. deernutOO

      Trying to be an actor?

    98. Zane Lathrum

      That thing is sHiNy

    99. Christian Gierach

      I dont know how I feel about the orange on the track

    100. Sam Pittman

      I thought the drive shaft would have gone through the spacer so it would get torn up by stuff