Bob Ross - One Hour Special - The Grandeur of Summer

Bob Ross

17 млн көрүүлөр3 226

    Bob Ross, the host of television's favorite art show The Joy of Painting, paints one painting - Grandeur of Summer - with complete instructions for you to follow in this exclusive 60 minute video. Bob goes into the entire ''how to'' details for each painting providing you with excellent reference tools for your home studio. This episode was never seen on television!
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    1. Caleb Godard

      Still waiting for the day I make it through the whole video before I'm so relaxed I fall asleep

    2. Psycho Squeaker

      I miss him

    3. A Table For a Magic Show!

      Why do I feel like iam getting a massage

    4. TicoTaco

      He never found out what made us happy did he? It was him =)

    5. David Z.

      Honestly I bet only 15% of people actually listen (not me either): he said that it is to paint 🎨 and also he said do your own painting 🖼 but his paintings are all in museums

    6. Aaron Kutner

      If you haven't watched this from start to finish we can't be friends

    7. David Z.

      It’s nice how he just has an imagination like how he said: I’ll put a Happy Little Thing here and LIVE here

    8. Max Claps


    9. Tan Mai

      Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

    10. Lks Blm

      Krasser shit, wenn du nicht schon vor Jahren abgenippelt wärst könntest du so einen Typ für mich wieder her richten damit seine Familie ihm nochmal ins Gesicht kuken kann.

    11. Mr Avocado For real

      Bro he have RTX on😂

    12. cap

      alrighty goodnight guys

    13. XxCoco_ MocoxX

      Is it weird how when he says “painting is meant to make you happy!” Literally me: I lose motivation easily and get mad when I mess something up on it T^T

    14. craig docker

      dont need no ASMR bobs voice makes me sleep

    15. Mkhl90 Xmas

      Bob ross: My mind try to stay awake: am I joking to you?

    16. Sophia Howard

      Wow he’s dead now 😔 What a legend 👊🏼🙌🏼👏🏼😇

    17. Gisela Leal

      me: :( bob ross: now, let's paint a happy little cloud me: :)

    18. Arber X

      This guy is legend! Greetings from Germany

    19. DingoStarr

      The painting here is a mountain in Magic. Honestly I love that he still gives so much joy over the years. Happy painting... or relaxing session!

    20. Honey? Where's my super suit?

      I should watch him more often, it'll make drawing, writing and playing Minecraft more fun.

    21. Mike Maby

      Right, this time round I'm gunna make it to the end of t - zzzzzzzzz.

    22. Zymra

      He looks so fly in that pink shirt haha bob was the coolest ever

    23. Snxpes washed Vx

      Bro is this bob ross Asmr I was drifting of

    24. Anxaa Anxaa


    25. Ivan Mullen

      I got me a large glass of ice water.

    26. morita nanas

      The annoyed population quickly buzz because juice interspecifically telephone following a poor chest. heartbreaking, lovely litter

    27. lahg

      I’m high as fuck eating Doritos and this is making me cry lmaoooo

      1. Honey? Where's my super suit?

        I hope you're enjoying your food.

    28. RageNinja 603


    29. Kai Escobar

      His voice is satisfying it helps me sleep

    30. ACEDshooter

      What was it about bob ross that made him a legend. I see a lot of meme/comments about this dude but never understand the context

    31. morita nanas

      The shy muscle interestedly attend because ethiopia hopefully tie to a chunky oxygen. gamy, vengeful whistle

    32. iblalipositiv

      My sister showed me a Bob Ross video about 6 months ago... never watched anything of him since then. And now it get's recommendet... it's 7am and that already made my day

    33. Axl H.

      6 thousand people really disliked a bob ross video? What a world we live in huh

    34. Ashley Orellana

      he made the tape to help new artists now that’s how you know he was nice

    35. Jim L

      Im 39 and used to love watching him after school. #soothing

    36. charles cosqueric

      I open my laptop after days and come across this show, I wonder how because I am French and do not practice painting. Then I remember the last time I used it I fell asleep with asmr and youtube with autoplay probably ended up landing me here XD. Bob Ross is awesome. he is so gifted and such a teacher. Finally his voice and the scratching noise of the brush on the canvas are like asmr :) Thx teacher

    37. Daniel Luna

      Today I’m feeling kinda down...So I came here, and yup, Bob Ross really helps me feel better

    38. Splurge

      Who else uses this for asmr?

    39. Caleb Peeples

      Cant wait to watch him paint in person

    40. E̷M̷o̷n̷e̷y̷

      This is weed for free 🥴

    41. kaizen mccann

      My mom met Bob ross

    42. greennin

      Bob Ross used to be a drill sergeant

    43. Sid Mani

      Bob Ross Paintings are therapeutic.

    44. NegroSpritual

      I watch Bob Ross paint on a bad day

    45. Antonia Lubranou

      Bob Rod is dead

      1. Killua's Wife

        The comments happy This comment:

      2. Killua's Wife

        😀✋🏻um- I dont think I needed to know that😀

    46. Shenzi the Bunny

      This man is a LEGEND! Happy painting and God Bless to you Bob Ross. Rest in eternal peace ❤️

    47. Gloria Dorothea A

      the best

    48. Kim Mira2007

      Who likes his voice ?🤤

    49. GodzWarriah

      "Tiny little circles....Tiny little circles... Round and round and round." *Bob Ross* 🖌️🎨🌅🏔️🗻🏞️🙏🏿💯

    50. Tom Scorer

      No matter how i try i still cannot get the perspectives right on the monutains, thats if i get it right in the first place.

    51. :0

      Bob Ross... *haven’t heard that name in a while..*

    52. Jetta

      Is this ASMR?

    53. AAAASMAR

      ASMR Master class

    54. Moonlight Melody

      So the best asmrtist is bob ross?

    55. Dg Beast

      25:49 why were all here

    56. Emma Leyva

      Wish he would do asmr videos.

    57. Leon Frank

      Bob Ross flexing on us painting with a white shirt on.

    58. Spargel Tv

      deadpool was here xD

    59. Ed venuto

      Bob Ross one of the best painters ever

    60. banana

      Selling illegal emojis 👁️⃤ 🤡̵̛͔ 💀̩̲̜ ❤̷̸̧ 😧̵̛͔ 📟⚖️[evil]🎏📯

    61. _ OVERDOSE

      Don’t worry about the dislikes there just non happy little accidents ( condom breaks )

    62. BoardMash

      This is the tutorial that god watched to create the earth😂😂😂😂

    63. Adam Gamer

      I used to watch Bob Ross on my ps4 with headsets

    64. Terry Hunter

      This is my first comment on youtube and I'm glad it was on a Bob Ross video. I watched him for many hours years back and I tried to paint in his style. It's not easy. RIP Mr Ross.

    65. Stonka

      "when you get old, the mind is the second thing to go" That made me chuckle 🤣

    66. Takhiro 1234

      Man amazing

    67. Johnson Rice

      Not sure if you guys know or not....but I grew up with this guy on the streets of Tuba City....

    68. Anderhage Moment

      Hope you're still painting up there pal.

    69. Random

      Same thing for Chinese cuisine. We just need a cleaver and a normal knife.

    70. Ashwin S


    71. Little Vikk

      Bob Ross is the guy where there isn’t any negativity in him

    72. Lina Kelly

      Omg i fell asleep to Bob ross you guys😭😭 I had an anxiety attack at 3am and i couldn’t sleep i tried to sleep and i just put this video on and closed my eyes cause his voice is calming me so much and i fell asleep finally

    73. Kelly Martin

      "Every highlight needs a shadow" is comforting in a way

    74. Pullenboy Music Official


    75. R3d Sunl1ght

      I watched this whole thing with someone just to get them out of my room

    76. Just a Guy

      I've decided that Bob is going to be my Father Figure from now on

    77. Kyle Williams


    78. Kyle Williams

      its un real what u can do with those son of a guns

    79. Nga Nam


    80. V.

      I need to say it... Bob was the only white guy to pull off an Afro

      1. V.

        And look swag to while having an Afro

    81. Adam Lockea


    82. -Tia Tamera-


    83. Jazzy

      People who can't sleep, where u at

    84. Mark Demell

      Excellent painting , blue is my colour.

    85. Dop_ey

      (Here’s me first watching one of his art videos)it’s like just sitting down in the room just watching him quietly, maybe sitting in the corner or just 7 feet away from him.yet knowing he isn’t truly there but still enjoying every second of it.

    86. Ytyc


    87. Tigers Eye

      I love this man so much 😭

    88. [MB]Ultra

      "I knew you could do it" Bob Ross

    89. luna slash

      LEGEND !

    90. [MB]Ultra

      A comment

    91. jeungshii

      i literally fell asleep while watching this and when i woke up the video is still not finished

    92. Aysia Norr


    93. bxtter

      I was listening to asmr the my head pressed this and I gave me a freight

    94. Doyledeth

      Thegodfathe rof ASMR. imagine if he were alive today. I think he'd be on youtube doing ASMR videos.

    95. PrimordialMeow

      Bob talks directly to me. Chillaxin wit Bob Ross.

    96. Matt Snell


    97. Skye Manuel

      Tutorial to simple I remade the mona lisa

    98. Miggy Asmr Audios

      Bob Ross: *Uses Bob Ross items* *stonks* Bob: this was just a happy little accident

    99. LlamaMaster 55


    100. LlamaMaster 55