Landing On Mars Like You've Never Seen It Before

Scott Manley

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    Perseverance had 6 engineering cameras on it which were active during descent and landing to document the process in more detail than we'd ever seen before. The engineers had never seen their skycrane at work before since it was impossible to test on Earth.
    In the end only 5 of the cameras worked, and the microphone failed to record anything during the descent. But the results are still spectacular!

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    1. Matthew Stull

      So those aren't combustion thrusters???

    2. Matthew Stull

      I hope the parachute is biodegradable !!! hahhaah

    3. Matthew Stull

      Why is a heat shield necessary?

    4. Matthew Stull

      Do they even do chemtrails in Nevada ??? hahahahah

    5. James Behling

      Hydrazine decomposes. It is not a combustion or oxidation process, so there is no flame. Hydrogen Peroxide is the same way.

    6. James Behling

      Skycrane is not a piece of hardware, it is a maneuver. Descent Stage is the proper name for the device.

    7. Michael

      The SNP will create a Scottish Interplanetary Landing Program

    8. Andy Deighton

      Scott - are we expecting Perseverance to send any more video from the surface, or is it all stills from here on?

    9. blaze

      This video is so precise. Why are you not using the metric system when you explain things?

    10. Iguana Pete

      Just can't wait to trash another planet.

    11. joe smith

      It's all amazing and all... I'm just heartbroken to see accomplished scientists happily go along with the mask/distancing BS. They know, like most thinking people, that virologists wear sealed space-suits with their own oxygen supply for the same reasons mask manufacturers put right on the box that they are USELESS as protection from any virus, including Covid (if they are made in the USA, anyway. Chinese manufacturers tend to leave out that part). A "naturally occurring pathogen" cannot be patented like Covid was. Look it up. When will this BS end? When will people wise-up? I wanted to put this comment on a NASA video but they disabled comments.

    12. Turalcar

      12:29 ...I want to smell dark matter

    13. David Gretlein

      Wouldn’t the sound spectrum shift if the medium the sound waves are traveling in isn’t “air” ( mostly carbon dioxide compared to mostly nitrogen and oxygen )?

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    15. Reese Troup

      🙄🙄 .. Boggles The Mind

    16. Greg Sheffer

      I thought I heard a warbler.

    17. David Koran

      The Martians must think SkyNet is attacking...

    18. Ray Maharaj

      Can you call imagine the horror if the second rover landed right on top of the first and both were destroyed? Lol.

    19. Dylan Dreisbach

      I think the CGI was to make it look more exciting and what most people would expect to see. And when we see the real thing they can explain why you don't see fire.

    20. オカオトコIan

      Never mind 'Landing on Mars Like You've Never Seen It Before'... How about, Beagle, and 'Landing on Mars Like You've NEVER Seen It'. Do you think that Perseverance could trundle over to look into it ...that landing? ...specifically the hole it created. lol

    21. Dave Linihan

      Very informative! Thank you

    22. Richard

      How far away from Perseverance is China's rover landing?

    23. 2DEEP2MUCH 420

      LIES! FAKE!

      1. E. Rose

        Buzz off kid.

    24. Tahoma

      THOSE VIRTICAL TAKEOFFS (In the video) DID NOT USE JETS, THEY USED COUNTER ROTATING FANS... The X35 aircraft uses fans, not jets -- You have many viewers, you must remain responsible and accurate.

      1. belly tripper

        @Релёкс84 TAHOMA'S ACTUAL NAME IS **KAREN!!** ***SHE IS ON A RAMPAGE!!!! LOCK YOUR DOORS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

      2. Релёкс84

        I have several things to tell you: 1) Chill. Seriously, what the hell. Don't be so insane about it: your life goes on unchanged and so does everyone else's, so get over it already. Or alternatively, go all the way and file a lawsuit already! You already have the screenshot, what else do you need? Do you want the guy's address, or maybe the name of the school his daughters go to? You're making a fool of yourself on the internet. It's okay to be upset about something - that happens to all of us, but don't let a chilish tantrum take over you. 2) Nobody cares. This is just an illustration of a side note that isn't the topic of the video. This is a video about a mars landing which has little to do with what kind of planes are on Earth. 3) It's not important. The clip is merely an illustration and there is no explicited link between what is said and what is shown: he could have put up any clip of any plane taking off vertically to illustrate the point, and even if it weren't a jet plane that wouldn't change the fact jet VTOLs do exist. That's gonna be an issue for your lawsuit. 4) Last but not least: you're wrong. The engine used on X35s is of the turbofan type. It has fans for sure, but it's still a jet: the exhaust comes out the end, and that makes it a perfectly relevant for the point made in the video. I get the feeling you might be passionate, even emotional, about the subject of X35s - I'm not, but with 5 minutes of googling I found your tantrum was unjustified, as you were mistaken. Getting things wrong happen to all of us all the time, and that's ok - as long as you notice and aknowledge it. The maker of this video also makes mistakes in them every now on them, but it just so happens now is not one of those occasions.

    25. Vikki McDonough

      Wait, so did the microphone fail or did it not fail?

      1. belly tripper


      2. Vikki McDonough

        @Scott Manley Ah, makes sense. Thanx. :-)

      3. Scott Manley

        It failed to record anything during descent, but was made to work again.

    26. Vikki McDonough

      ~8:00 - And, even then, there's _still_ a bit of glowing visible on the lower engine if you look carefully.

    27. kh40yr

      Again,, crashing the Sky Crane. It could be commanded to at least try to set down easy,,even if right on the nozzles themselves. Then have another simple science package on the landed sky crane.. Hell, you could have a revolving neon sign that pops up that says "Eat at Joes" for the orbiters and Rovers to look at.

    28. Jarred Young

      Microphone, so why not put the microphone into a protected enclosure that also protects cameras and then releases the protection after the final touchdown? Why leave it exposed to the elements during landing

    29. brostenen

      My name is on mars. YAY

    30. Hans GuckindieLuft

      The Numbers on the outer Ring arent just Numbers , everyone open google maps or Google Earth and type the numbers in as followed : N118*10*31 W 34*11*58* It will point to a specific Laboratory in the US

    31. 1 Armstrong

      How can there be wind sound when there are no objects on Mars or trees for sound to bounce off of. On a windy day, a multitude of sounds can be heard outside. ... When the air speed increases, the friction over objects increases also. The process of friction can release sound especially as wind speed becomes very high. The friction between air and objects can produce whistling sounds and swooshing sounds. The sound bouncing of perseverance, 1 object will hardly sound like anything.

    32. Andy Rodgers

      Or maby those engines are so dark cuz there not actually engines and they r definitely not "on" So fake, so ridiculous

      1. E. Rose

        So you can't type a simple sentence without making numerous typos but you're an expert on how engines work? Yeah, you're real credible!

    33. Wilko Stomberg

      @9:37 This just reminds me that i'll never built a good version of that in KSP. Mine always sucks :D And never fits in the Fairing properly..

    34. Lester Magnuson

      If it played music over a speaker I'm curious to what it would sound like

      1. Cmdr. Johnpooky84

        Probably like this...

    35. niall brennan

      Nasa should hire you to do PR. This is a better collection and summary than anything they've put out :-D exciting times though. thanks Scott! Have you played Dyson Sphere Programme yet?

    36. Gorg Iyk

      Hollywood has made progress

      1. E. Rose


    37. Jet Mech

      This is fake.

    38. Nic Hunter

      Great now the flat Earth conspiracy theorists can use the lack of fire on thrusters to try and prove their stupid theory.

      1. Scott Manley

        They also use crepuscular rays to prove their theory because they don’t understand basic geometry.

    39. jimareas

      It would be better to put the message normally with the Nasa logo as well instead of that stupid secret message. That way if this thing survive and someone found it after thousands of years at least they will know who build it and send it there.

    40. Rene' Meyer

      Best thing to happen this year so far , keep it coming JPL and NASA!

    41. Jim B

      Looks like Iceland to me

    42. Carrisa & Steve Innes

      The meaning of the encoded message on the parachute is obvious: Trump 2024.

    43. BuildingCenter

      Came for the camaraderie, stayed for the invisible hydrazine monopropellant exhaust clarification.

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    45. behzad raiszadeh

      Scott Manley, the extra moving object you commented about during the parachute deployment event is called the mortar cover, and is meant to be ejected with the parachute. JPL analyzes the trajectory of all ejected objects and makes sure nothing comes back and strikes the parachute system or the rover. An option would be to physically tie it down to the apex of the parachute, and some systems do that. In this case, the Mortar Cover is going to have lower ballistic coefficient than the parachute/rover system by design, so it continually moves away. In some earth based tests, the mortar cover has actually come back and poked a hole in the parachute. JPL takes no chances with such things with precious cargo.

    46. aman thind

      This is fake video cgi by nasa to public

      1. Brian Hudson

        Just like all the orhers right? Just wanted to say thanks and Scott deserves more subscribers.

    47. aman thind

      They release picture to public after editing fake picture

    48. NeonVisual

      Dango Telta.

    49. Ash

      Great video but you missed a piece of the binary code. If you look at the parachute top down it clearly states "Giggity".

    50. فرضیات نامعمول

      My friends, the truth is that this world is a theater, and before any intelligent creature enters this world, the angels prepare a new decoration for the mezzanine of this world. For example, Mars, Earth, Mercury, and Venus were all satellites for a larger planet, and with a few large collisions, the entire scene of the solar system changes and Earth hosts life, while previously other planets hosted life. You can see the effects of a planetary collision on Mars. Or because Mars itself was a moon, all the water on Mars was constantly flowing east and west due to its orbit around the big planet. That is why all the rocks on the planet have been mechanically eroded by the shallow water flow. Apparently, the solar system was not like this at all, and the orbits of Mars, Earth, and Venus have changed places. Or the three Russian probes that landed on Venus, not because of the planet's extreme heat, but because of biological destruction by aliens living on the planet.

    51. Reiflexx

      want to hear rover do stuff? We can hear mechanical stuff here on earth. What NO human has ever heard & I want to hear --- sounds of another planet!!!! Wind "noise"?, nope that's the Martian atmosphere.

    52. Glen Chapman

      Best comment I have seen about the landing. "When are they going to stop landing in the desert and start landing in the cities" lol

    53. Samuel Skala

      I think that object was just a parachute cap.

    54. Piet Brookman

      Why does it all look so primitive as if somebody built it in a backyard garage?

    55. mickavellian

      Can we Nickname this baby "Percy"? I am sure it will feel great when we all get familiar. AND NASA in the future you baptize them WE will nick name them

    56. a w

      Thanks for the tour. Was in depth and brief. Awesome channel.

    57. James

      cant believe there was only one microphone!!!

    58. tjai ricciardi

      Another amazing video, thanks Scott !!

    59. Chance Thompson

      Good job repeating almost to the letter, all the information contained in the press briefing.. The only thing I didnt get from the briefing was the message on the chute... The orange flames on the engines in CGI were done to visualize the rockets thrust tails..

    60. Amal Sabu


    61. Smart Engineer

      At 1:06 these places will be holly places for mars💥💥

    62. JustBecause Gaming

      60's: we're walking on the moon 2021: i can hear some wind!

    63. Ryan Guilfoile

      Not buying it.

      1. Squidge Lad

        Not buying it?

    64. Niles Graham

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    65. aaa aaaowski

      "better than touchdown in superbowl" yes. superbowl can go f* itself in the closet. being woke it could like it. 91 m vs 225 000 000 km. theres no contest.

    66. Anvilshock


    67. 0ptic

      idk if this is true or not, but i think that said they didnt include a mic during landing, but idk maybe im dumb

    68. Windhoek

      If attention to details had a Scotish leader - Prince Manley.

    69. papa bits

      It was a commercial for McDonald’s

    70. Julian Locke

      Where did the assertion that "they only show us one camera" come from? The parachute images are clearly taken by two separate cameras.

    71. Mark Jackson

      -- We're in the pipe, 555.

    72. Zoomer 30

      They are wishing you they hadn't done the Morse code thing with Curiosity, that just made it's wheel issues worse.

    73. Phynx

      That microphone will have a legacy as the to-current-date most expensive ASMR sound clip ever produced if the noise of it operating isn't overwhelmingly loud. Something about you talking about the rover's sound of crunching over the rocks and sand got my goosebumps a firin'.

    74. Ned

      Really great!. Thanks.

    75. Diego Alvarez

      The wild cirrus largely name because belt empirically comb before a inconclusive gliding. cloudy, witty vault

    76. ThompPL1

      5:27 . . . stunning color contrasts of reds/oranges looking down & blues/whites looking up !

    77. ThompPL1

      3:36 . . . Yea for CRISM/HiRISE composite mineralogic + hi-res mapper images ! . . . I helped build CRISM.

    78. ThompPL1

      3:07 . . . No one pointed out the anti-Sun Enhanced Backscatter which is a slightly brighter 'fuzz ball' seen locked to the ground as the camera video scans around.

    79. Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

      Giving flat earthers migraines.

    80. jezus22

      9:26 there is no such thing like different physics ...even slightly.

      1. Trebor

        No it isn't, what he pointed out was that the effects were caused by two different mechanisms. As in they were not the same thing.

      2. jezus22

        @Trebor it is exactly like that, There is no different phisics like there is no bigger half.

      3. Trebor

        No,,, its nothing like that.

      4. jezus22

        @Trebor it doesn't matter what i preffer but how it is. to compare, it is like if somebody say "bigger half"

      5. Trebor

        Different mechanisms then if you prefer.

    81. Nicholas Colding

      Link to all the images?

    82. Gavin Ward

      If arrival had been during a dust storm and the surface obscured, what would have been the fall-back position for the Terrain Navigation camera ~3:48 ?

    83. BruceR

      In other videos, I see holes punched into the wheels of the rover. Any idea Scott what material they are made from and why did they make them so fragile? Weight is the first thing that comes to mind. Thanks. Great interpretation of the photos by the way. You point out some things from the mind of an earth bound genius that others, like me, totally miss.

    84. Ronald Ernst

      exactly what air are they burning?

      1. Squidge Lad

        It uses a monopropellant, meaning it has it's own oxidisers and doesn't need an oxygen atmosphere to run

      2. Trebor

        what are you on about?

    85. Ronald Ernst

      That's a bunch of ground up paper lad.

    86. Dank's Delightful Gaming

      I kind of wish with the way cameras or nowadays that we were able to get pictures and video of some kind of storm on one of these other planets... I'd love to see what the storms look like on Mars but then again it would probably completely destroy whatever technology they have there with how crazy the storms are

    87. WacKEDmaN

      mic on decent is quite lame.... what did ya expect to hear on the way down?.... woulda just all been wind noise... whats the point?

    88. Drake Christensen

      When we see the closeup of the rover at the beginning of the sky crane maneuver, is there a missing bolt? I'm sure each bolt was put there for a reason. How important is it that one came loose?

    89. Stefano Pinchetti

      10:10 The first Universal Systematic Binding on Mars! Doktor Richter must be very happy now!

    90. Chris Ward

      It's just amazing to watch this. It placed the rover down so gently. Amazing.

    91. andy parry

      Another mission to Mars? They should have spent the funding money for this on landing on Europa, a planet where REAL life might exist and be thriving. ..but NASA have spent so much money installing communications satellites around Mars they have to keep going there to justify there installation costs. If NASA really wanted to find signs of life then Europa would have been target No.1. What happened to the "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills" ...... so let's just keep going to Mars because it's easy, because we've done it multiple times before. What's a matter, Europa too difficult for you NASA?

      1. andy parry

        @Squidge Lad You are pretty much confirming what I said, that they keep landing on Mars because it's easy in comparison. If they were serious about finding life, then Europa should be the target, not Mars.

      2. andy parry

        @Squidge Lad I know. But that's not the point.

      3. Squidge Lad

        It is significantly further away, freezing cold and has a pretty much blank surface

    92. Clinton Halunajan

      Where does the Ff. GO? Parachute Heat Shield The SkyCrane

    93. H. H.

      5:18 I feel like the ground should get closer a lot faster in video on the right (looking down from the bottom of the rover I think) whenever the rover is realeased and starts dropping. What's going on here?

      1. Squidge Lad

        They make sure to let it down gently so the wheels and things don't break

    94. crossrunnerxx

      this is Fake video. Same as China.......This is a picture originally made by CG. .........................XD

      1. Squidge Lad

        If you say so bud

    95. ItsMe NoName

      foooking animations. and they comnnect via internet? hahahaha must be a pretty big signal.

      1. Bop

        Its pretty irresponsible of your parents to give a disabled kid a phone

    96. Apexxx

      Percy got a lot of cams on board. But as far as I know it, only 2 microphones. Thats weird and I think even stupid to be honest. And while we are at it. Why no two way microphone, just in case something needs voice command?

      1. Apexxx

        @Trebor You never know :) It would have been a great test to see if Alexa was able on Mars too. The NASA version of course.

      2. Trebor

        voice command? lol

    97. The Milfennial

      Old dusty Arizona. Where is Ennio Morricone's music?

    98. Philip Berthiaume

      AAAAAAHHHHHHH>>>> Metric please, miles per hour etc etc have no room in space exploration. For goodness sake.

    99. WMF FMW

      Cool! I designed the pyro-fire PCB's for Curiosity. This is great to watch.

    100. Jeff Nelson

      I want to hear the microphone pick up a Martian yelling “get that dang thing out of my yard!”👽