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9 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

    Take part in Ace’s Challenge and unlock a new item in the Hyper Scape! Once competitors reach 5 million combined kills, all participating players will earn an exclusive melee weapon. Time to start hunting.
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    Hyper Scape is an urban futuristic free-to-play Battle Royale where 100 Contenders engage in FPS close-quarters and fast-paced matches to become the next global superstar.
    Fight your way through the 7 unique districts of Neo Arcadia, a virtual city featuring imposing landmarks that bring verticality to the next level. From sky-scraping towers to open plazas, from streets to rooftops, Neo Arcadia will push you to constantly adapt to your surroundings.
    Hyper Scape is a brand new and intense First-Person multiplayer game that lets you define your playstyle to dominate the battleground. Dive into tense and vertical matches, where you (double) jump from streets to rooftops using unique weapons and unleashing powerful Hacks that bend the rules to your advantage.
    Learn to avoid the Blight that progressively dissolves Neo Arcadia’s districts in varied patterns throughout each match. Maximize the Effects Cards played by the AI Game Master during the match, changing the game on the fly for all contenders. If you are skilled enough to make it to the final remaining players, you will enter the Showdown where you can choose your path to victory: will you eliminate all opposition or choose a more tactical approach and go for the Crown? Intense, surprising and spectacular, Hyper Scape brings Battle Royale to new heights.
    Map changes, new customization options, thrilling gameplay opportunities… Be ready for an ever-evolving experience following your favorite 2054 Contenders in their quest to unveil the mysteries and secrets of the Hyper Scape.
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    Hyper Scape: Ace’s Challenge Event Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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    1. Blackout 4ever

      I want the glowing ACE skin from the beginning of the video!!

    2. Jonathan

      For those saying its dead youre just embarrassing yourself lmao the game itself has hella potential, but those saying it sucks are the ones who suck terribly at the game lmao the bots that spawn and die within a min. Just get good and youll enjoy it for what it is once you get the mechanics

      1. Dreel 37

        Just cause the game has potention doesn't mean it's a popular game just accept it it's dead doesn't matter if you're good or bad the game still has one of the worst playerbase atm why are you so blinded by fanboyism? Jeez

    3. NagantHunt

      hyper scape is so underrated its unbelievable. i'd go as far to say it does battle royale the best. yet how is it just ignored like this

      1. Ariël Herman

        I think the problem was the time of it's release. It got lost in the sea of hype of other popular games at that time. It's a shame, because I like what the Ubisoft team has done with Hyper Scape, but it's not getting the recognition it deserves.

    4. HorseMin McSandvich

      Boy I wish the map actually had more neon signs like in this trailer

    5. Koazzy R6

      dead game

    6. Jon Carpenter-smith

      Why does everyone comment that the game is dead on everything Ubi posts about this game have y'all even tried TDM?

      1. Dreel 37

        Tdm is alright

      2. entahlah, adam kut.

        TDM so good tho

    7. Roberto Gracia

      Can you please add a sniper rifle to watch dogs legion

    8. Brehm

      I think the biggest problem about HC is the map... people like the feeling of being near nature. That's why there're parks and trees, plants decorations in every cities that filled with concrete, glass, metal,... unfriendly materials. And every other battle royal games take place on very natural environments, islands, trees, green grass, rocks... HC looks too unfriendly, shiny and all, no woods, no sand, no trees, water...

    9. Poop Ninja

      I hope for rayman to come back

    10. BLOKK GANG

      Ok i love hyperscape. But this is stories from the outlands. Dont get me wrong i love that they are doing this but you guys cant tell me the first thought that you had on this was apex legends

      1. Runoff -

        @Dreel 37 no he said this is literally the same as the stories of the outlands but it isn’t it’s just a trailer for an event which every single game with multiplayer that has events makes some sort of advertisement most of the time..

      2. Dreel 37

        @Jon Carpenter-smith Learn to interpret things first. He's saying that they most likely based this off of apex legends not that it a rip-off of apex. Also it doesn't really matter this game is pretty dead ngl

      3. Jon Carpenter-smith

        Apex Legends aren't the only game that's allowed to expand the lore using character based events, trailers, short videos and comics lmfao

    11. SpabRog

      Godlike stuff

    12. Jessie Quinn

      How about instead of events we get season 3?

      1. Jessie Quinn

        @Ubisoft North America can't wait!!!

      2. Ubisoft North America

        Season 3 is coming in March, Jessie.😉

    13. Spitfire

      They should give Zofia's Acug back for getting rid of her withstand. Please take into consideration

      1. Dreel 37

        Just her withstand she doesn't really need Acog

    14. Just Plain MƎEN

      Honestly makes me interested for a linear, not open world, single player version of this game/story. Like a 3rd person Mirror's Edge.

    15. Aamer _ProGamer

      Ubisoft, Can u guys make a movie on this game?

      1. Jon Carpenter-smith

        Its basically Ready Player One bit limited to a battle royale

    16. Rich Beeman


    17. Comic Sams

      For a game with such a small player base this is a really high quality trailer just for a event

      1. Mint


    18. *Z

      When is season 3 releasing? It’s been more than a quarter of a year since the last one

      1. MGFF

        March. They announced it on twitter!

      2. the jaguar

        March 2021

      3. Noodles DaGoat

        Very very soon!!.

    19. Sl1pTurtle 2345

      Hyperscape is dog

    20. TARS AERO

      This trailer, man, favorite so far, love this game! Congrats Ubisoft! ❤️

    21. vapelordthenord

      this game dookie brown drown

    22. Ahnaf Alman

      The game still exists???

      1. Dreel 37

        It's dead but yes

    23. NLP.Díaz

      You see guys ? I’m glad they’ve been seeing my comments on Instagram and Twitter thanks to that we got our quality for this trailer

    24. Nick Rose

      its sad that this game died week 2

    25. pab900

      I forgot this game existed

    26. Scorpion Bruv

      dead game dead game wasted money wasted money dead game dead game wasted money wasted money

    27. Ragnar

      beautiful you guys should make a night map :)

    28. Bernardo Nogueira

      this game want a story mode

    29. Hegedűs András

      Imagine spending effort to comment every time that this game is dead instead of giving it a shot.

      1. Dreel 37

        @bilon Exactly these fanboys are braindead

      2. Templar Toaster

        Part 1 of 3: Accepting Your Death

      3. bilon

        No lol, it’s dead. Everybody already tried it once months ago. Just accept it. It’s dead.

    30. Pistachio Trooper

      Imagine playing this

    31. Daki

      Overused, but this game is dead.

    32. Miracle

      This game is hella dead sadly

    33. Aaron Steele

      Hey why dont you guys start getting back on track for watch dogs legion

    34. Maxi From IT

      Voice Acting in this short kinda sucks though

    35. Orange

      hyperscape gets a cgi trailer but siege doesn't? goobisoft come on

    36. Snappy -san

      Sick trailer, gives me hope for S3

    37. Retro Lex

      Is that a Rewind Hack? That wouldn't be too bad at all

    38. Paradoxed

      Please put less effort on this game, nobody plays it, and it's not making money. Put it into another one of your games, like Siege for example, which is currently alowly dying because of the lack of content.

      1. Dreel 37

        @Magswap Ight

      2. Magswap

        @Dreel 37 still more than what Hyper Scape has gotten...I wasn't saying Siege isn't in need for content. I was saying Hyper Scape hasn't gotten more content than Siege.

      3. Dreel 37

        @Magswap Well siege hasn't gotten a new season since October and the last event we've had just ended but it was just a old one put back up and the LTM wasn't there for half of it for some reason Siege is just putting old stuff back and that's not rlly content if you ask me

      4. Magswap

        @Dreel 37 please share I'd love to compare the massive amount of content Siege has to offer vs Hyper Scape.

      5. Dreel 37

        @Magswap It's definitely not bs mate

    39. fat man

      Thought it was a top gear collab :(

    40. Noah Patafio


    41. Gamer pepe


      1. Rodrigo Sebastiano


    42. Boba james

      When will s3 come out?

      1. the jaguar


      2. Noodles DaGoat

        Very soon

    43. Likesonic123 YT


    44. Bless

      ubi.. no one cares

    45. mrkhouryflash mrkhouryflash


    46. Green DoRito

      Dead game

      1. Green DoRito

        Don’t care it’s dead

    47. Doom Slayer

      This game is so dead my mate and I 1v1 on an public servers

      1. Green DoRito

        @Doom Slayer me

      2. Doom Slayer

        @Green DoRito r6 quarantine anyone ?

      3. Green DoRito

        @Paradoxed Why don’t they focus on other games like rainbow or recon or even make a new game not focus on the dead games.

      4. Paradoxed

        They should move on to another game, this one is dead

      5. Mona Chan


    48. MR IST DA 157


      1. Green DoRito

        Dead game




        @Dreel 37 your just not good at reading, just imagine i put in a few commas here and there. Stay mad 😳

      2. Dreel 37

        @STILL GAMING Jeez do you have soap on your fingers or why do you type like a first grader playing Minecraft?

      3. Green DoRito

        @Rverse_ Zoom you can’t talk


        @Rverse_ Zoom fax


        @Green DoRito You clearly are the point is is that you dont need to go around telling people what you know for the sake of it you clearly have no logic. People that go around saying "dead game" or anything along those lines have no wit. Your just an absolute waste of space