Trying Rare Snacks You Have Never Seen Before


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    Trying Rare Snacks You Have Never Seen Before! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment what your favorite food was! Watch the best Among Us tiktoks Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      Grab a snack and a sit back and watch until the end ☺️❤️

      1. Nayeema Haque

        Love ya!

      2. Spirit User

        whenever the camera backs off digital always seems like he needs the snack

      3. wolf pack

        I have a cupcake

      4. Rouge the bat girl


      5. Edit


    2. Maryjane Child

      i love dil picols

    3. Maryjane Child

      i dont like anething fese

    4. For Van

      They sell dill pickel layes in the southeast, i love them.

    5. Paige H

      her: eats ketchup chips in this video me:grabs ketchup chips from beside me they are normal here, is that wierd?

    6. obert ndhlala

      I have done the mystery factor

    7. Bonny Mlores-Setati

      i was waiting for the giant skittles

    8. MochiBear

      I’m from Poland!

    9. Sojood A

      a good food combination is yellow rice and yogurt

    10. Mikaelin Hann

      huh. this was posted on my birthday.

    11. The Things

      i had dr.pepper cotton candy, they sold it in the US... it was Delicious

    12. The Things

      do you still do the videos that you unbox your mail?

    13. Jadess Alberto

      She said slightly bigger than ur average skittle umm that’s the size of a peanut M&M

    14. Aga Sus

      I am from Poland and the peanut puffs are very good

    15. The Life in New York with Isai Casanova

      🙃 I wanna try those

    16. Xandri Wagner

      I Love your videos

    17. 1125linz

      Happy Birthday Sniper!

    18. Roberto Taveras

      oh wait never mind

    19. Roberto Taveras

      in wish i had that much snacks so i can just eat and enjoy

    20. Lorelai

      Lia: *eats cucumber lays* Also Lia: No..... Me: *gets offended bc it's my favorite flavor* Btw those cucumber chips aren't rear in china, you can buy them in like ANYwhere

    21. yahaira sanchez

      Who else eats ruffles with ketchup

    22. Sajeda Elmansuri

      I just be waiting for the scittles bro bring it up bring it up!!!🍬

    23. Honey Dew

      I’m Canadian and ketchup chips are normal??? 😭 like you find them all the time in convenience stores ✨

    24. Anne Gwyneth Vibar

      Height? Oh lia

    25. Sliver Moon

      me: hey mom i want a snack mom: what do you want? me: *lets go get some boys*

    26. Purnima Cccc

      I love u sssniperwolf

    27. sophia coca

      omg hi i can finally coment on my new lap top i got it for my bday yesterday

    28. xx_Moony_xx

      Lia’s nails are everything 🤩

    29. OlyTheTuber

      Mystery Pringles are here in Australia

    30. Claire Drew


    31. Maya Borth

      *Isn't it sad that Japan makes better American food than Americans*

    32. the kids videos

      i just realized all the chips are cheetoooooooos

    33. Jasmina Fernandez


    34. AnimeAshura

      Watching while eat deluxe pretzels.

    35. Anastasiya Skakun

      Now I’m hungry T-T

    36. name name

      i see them ketchup chips and started to drool

    37. Ren

      "when evrything u saw was at the supermarket and you always buy it" OvO

    38. Wajahat Saeed

      The Dr.Pepper cotton candy goes hard after like 30mins after being opened. Biggest disappointment in my life 😟😔

    39. PoisonDartYT

      The first skittles i had were the giant ones

    40. PoisonDartYT

      me: cold in a sweater lia:wears noodle sleeve crop top lamo why tat be so tru though

    41. Halina Werner

      Hello I love you so much I love you my 1st favorite youtuber

    42. Payton Rutherford

      Iv had the dr pepper one it ok i got it at the movie store


      happy birthday sorry i just found out that it was your birthday but i promise that i'm a big fan i have been watching your videos for 4 years now

    44. Yunyan Zhu


    45. Sahara Payne

      Lol are you rich

    46. Mariah Crocker

      The skittles part shocked me because lia is a germaphobe

    47. Panda Loveheart

      Happy birthday

    48. Nia Livsey

      what store ?

    49. Kelly Wood

      Have u actually really not seen giant skittles lol 😂 x

    50. Agata K.

      my country has faild me

    51. Rachel Barns

      I'm litterally crying now that I can't have that peach fanta. First of all I am dying for that container, second of all I love peaches more that anything 😔

    52. Maria Lopes

      my best freinds are from tialand

    53. Bill Horner

      i had a mystery mountin dew and it was skittles flaver

    54. swoodton1

      I love your videos lol that food lookin good

    55. {ß Ë Ā Ń Č Õ F F Ė Ę}

      Bruh are ketchup chips really that rare- man I have them all the time (I live n Canada btw)

    56. Dil Rawshanara

      I would like the Dr Pepper Conjuring candy

    57. Rhett Rhett

      Want to case of pizza flavored Apple Pay you seetexting

    58. Kim Seok-Jin’s Wife

      “iT sMeLlS lIkE fLoOr ClEaNeR” Ssniperwolf 2020

    59. Mentallyinsanechild101 I'm insane

      I'm Italian and Meatball pasta is not Italian but I still watch.

    60. Annajelika Rivera

      I agree with Lee I struggle on a day-to-day basic on my height to😁😁😁

    61. Maral Khaliun

      You guys are telling me that you guys never tried a soda without sugar in my country there is cola, fanta , sprite zero aka it does not have sugar

    62. Talia Andrews

      Bro I eat Ketchup chips so often here in Canada 😹 That's where they are from

    63. Yay dumbo

      Is it just me who eats ketchup lays every day

    64. no u no u no u NO U

      Ketchup chips are Canadian ok, it's not uncommon here

    65. poly roy

      happy birthday

    66. Bella Guzman

      Who else loves Lia?!

    67. Ela Ouček

      Did anyone else se someone at 10:37 someone Just walking in the back

    68. - Ḵ ặ ỹ - ÙwÚ

      I've had Dr. Pepper cotton candy before it's good!

    69. Alexa Sandoval Santos

      I just realized something 1 I’m late 2it was her bday so happy very late bday

    70. Theodore Mister

      Hey i like dr pepper😢😢😢

    71. Marielle Friddell

      I had Dr. Pepper cotton candy it was good and not varey rare

    72. Eirwen Johnston

      In the uk giant skittles r only £1 and in America their $10?! Their only a little bigger than normal skittles!

    73. Magic Snowflake

      Lia: sKiNnY My Ears: Goodbye life sKiNnYyYyYYyYyYyYy

    74. Fatima Ali

      I feel bad for Digital he seems genuinely annoyed at being interrupted and ignored. Poor guy

    75. Jessy Le

      Random person: What do you want to be when u grow up? Me: Also Me: SSSniperWolf

    76. Marlon Kastillo

      10:50 REAPER IS THAT U ?

    77. Jade Kaparr

      What store is that even?!

    78. Wong Jiaen

      It's tomato

    79. Jamee Oshiro

      It's a pizza because in hawaii we bought one and it's was pizza same container

    80. xylafy

      I'm sorry.... What is fonta?

    81. 。Rå† ßêår。

      I think the mystery pringles was sold in Malaysia because I saw em at the gas station not to long ago

    82. Eduardo Luna

      I love watching lia! She always makes my day but when this guy joins it makes me feel disgusted! I cant stand watching his fatness everywhere

      1. Samira Mohamed

        Ummmmm he wasn’t even take in a lot of space like barley THE TABLE TAKES MORE SPACE THAN HIM 😠

      2. Todobroski

        Dude wtf, was that necessary?

    83. trace 167 vlog channel


    84. oncoming storm

      lia out here getting scammed in the uk where i live giant skittles are £1-£2 max

    85. xX_Mr. Dino_Xx

      Gorden Ramsey disapproves of these foods U-U

    86. Haazig Syed

      who is watching this again cuz they are hungry

    87. Alpha.

      FAT LAYS

    88. Giselle Lira

      cheetos : cheese + cheatah cheeto nuts : neetos

    89. Blue diamond stan

      Wait, America doesn't have Mystery pringles? I love them lol

    90. Rean Gacha

      In the Philippines we have pizza flavoured pringles and the can is white so im pretty sure thats pizza flavoured

    91. Rainy Kasumi

      *PeAcH fAnTa* Me: yes peach fanta. Gimme

    92. Geanna Pelletier-Wesaquate

      WAIT! they DONT have ketchup chips in Arizona!?! they do in Canada like EVERYWHERE!

      1. Geanna Pelletier-Wesaquate

        @Todobroski ya. the red lays ones

      2. Todobroski

        Ketchup chips?-

    93. rami reddy

      He is 10 times fater Then you

    94. Wolf Pack

      Am I the only one who kinda ships them🤔

    95. cassie liu

      bruh if u lived in canada u would see that everywhere-

    96. ꧁Elena Clark꧂

      Wait wasn’t this your birthday?? If it wasn’t but sorry but I just watched your ask wolf video I’m sorry I didn’t know I would have wished you a happy birthday Happy late birthday!!

    97. RainbowKittyYT

      SniperWolf: "they're for Poland!!!" Me: I'm Polish.............

    98. Rocky and Roxy

      There is a pizza Pringle with a white can

    99. Kiemora Price

      I had Dr pepper cotton candy before it's good 👍👍👍

    100. unikitty 46

      SSSniperwolf: ugh these tase expired! Store: most of these are expired.