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    New free game mode available soon! Discover new raiding opportunities, unlock unexplored regions of England with your crew aboard your new longship, and acquire exclusive loot and rare rewards. Bigger rewards come with bigger stakes, so raid wisely!
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    In Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla, you are Eivor, a fierce Viking warrior raised on tales of battle and glory. Explore a dynamic and beautiful open world set against the brutal backdrop of England’s Dark Ages. Raid your enemies, grow your settlement, and build your political power in your quest to earn your place among the gods in Valhalla.
    Key Features
    WRITE YOUR VIKING SAGA-Advanced RPG mechanics allow you to shape the growth of your character and influence the world around you. With every choice you make, from political alliances and combat strategy to dialogue and gear progression, you will carve your own path to glory.
    VISCERAL COMBAT SYSTEM -Dual-wield powerful weapons such as axes, swords, and even shields to relive the ruthless fighting style of the Viking warriors. Brutally decapitate your foes, vanquish them from afar, or stealthily assassinate targets with your hidden blade. Challenge yourself with the most varied collection of deadly enemies ever found in an Assassin’s Creed game.
    A DARK AGE OPEN WORLD-Sail from the harsh and mysterious shores of Norway to the beautiful but forbidding kingdoms of England and beyond. Immerse yourself in the Viking way of life through fishing, hunting, drinking games, and more.
    LEAD EPIC RAIDS -Launch massive assaults against Saxon troops and fortresses throughout England. Lead your clan in surprise attacks from your longship and pillage enemy territories to bring riches and resources back to your people.
    GROW YOUR SETTLEMENT-Construct and upgrade buildings that allow for deep customization, including a barracks, blacksmith, tattoo parlor, and more. Recruit new members to your clan and personalize your Viking experience.
    MERCENARY VIKINGS-Create and customize a unique Viking raider within your clan and share it online with friends to use during their own raids
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    Assassin's Creed Valhalla: River Raids Free Update | Ubisoft [NA]

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    1. Klesh13 xD

      I will no longer buy games from ubisoft

    2. J. Benjamin

      But what's the point in raiding when your settlement can't be upgraded any further??? Raw materials and supplies are useless unless you're going to add expansions to the settlement. Add a wall and defenses, make it up to level 10.

    3. Movie Knights 2016

      Only one issue You made the game unplayable again, because the Update has created more bugs in the main story because i cant get past Walls and shadows mission because the player is stuck and wont move like there was met to be a cut scene of something. You need to sort this out

    4. Андрей Т

      Афровикинг👍. С старта будет перк BLM, так что даже боссы не поднимут на него руку. А если выбрать что он гей, будет большой набор косметики. И все из магазина убистов на халяву, вообще все.

    5. North Western

      Were monkeys a Vikings?

    6. Rin Kotegawa

      I bet Sweden and Norwegian people might be offended and its totally understandable this time, Ubisoft

    7. Rin Kotegawa

      Now this is a cultural appropriation of vikings. Well done Ubisoft

    8. Viktor Baskoff

      Black viking ahahaahaha

    9. Andre Rico

      искажение исторических фактов неприемлемо! Дизлайк!!! 👎

    10. Jason Silver

      Is this still going? I can’t seem to find thus guy

    11. ___ SpIKeR ___

      Really idiot's, caved in them

    12. BJole

      Хорошо ubuyshit, где реп? Играя за чернокожего хочу ничего не делая получать ресурсы, а еще чтобы он мог читать реп, а еще не будет ли это оскорблением, если белый играет за чёрного?

    13. Gruggs

      There were no black Norseman.


      негры опять о ужас на до было добавить еше не таких как все

    15. Midoriya 777

      We want a camera closer to the character...

    16. Louie Feltham

      Allow us to go raiding with friends, please!

    17. Михаил Войтик

      I'm waiting for a black Napoleon woman from them. This will be true after what they did to the Russian prince!

    18. Sava Samuilovs

      lmao, a black viking , ahaha hahahaha. Ps. Im not racist

    19. Farhad Huseyn-Lee

      Wtf is this ? It is ridiculous

    20. Тимур Тагиев

      Ubisoft thought: viking? why not black? Queen of England? Why not asian? Russians monarch? Maybe add a little tolerance and make him latino?

    21. LesioJunior1

      Why can't you kill monks while you raid?

    22. Dima Deberskov

      Ya dumal eto dno, no snizu pistu4alis

    23. MrBooBleBoom

      Black viking??!?!?!?! AXAXAXAXAXXAXAAXAX sooooooo stupid XD Why do such foolishness? What are you trying to prove? The historical shame is happening in the 20s and 21s Hello from Russia, we don't have that kind of nonsense. We love African-Americans, but the way tolerance promote is alarming.

      1. Connor Staite


    24. herr Brann

      Black viking is a nonsense. AC franchise is a peace of trash.

    25. Lord Dragon

      Rip Assassin's Creed 16.02.2021

    26. Mr. Hamster

      Oh, i see: this is typical viking xD

    27. Perfo Rmans

      Stop it!! You tolerant idiots!

    28. Razvan Lawrence

      Black Viking. It s all political agenda and all developers joined ..👎👎👎

    29. Андрей Т

      Чернокожий гей викинг убийца😂😂😂😂

      1. Vlad Paliakov

        Трансгендер, мать одиночка 7рых детей и феминист

    30. hussein almashhadany

      😂😂😂😂😂 black vikings!!! PC culture strikes again☠️☠️

    31. Areh !!!

      Вы не нормальные товарищи разработчики? Какие чернокожие в играх? Вы там совсем обезумели?

    32. Leante

      Here is crazy idea - what if instead of woke bullshit you finally fix DoF causing flashes in cutscenes?

    33. Leante

      Go home, Ubisoft, you're drunk.

    34. DNW FC

      ubisoft my balls...

    35. Void Vision

      I suggest Ubisoft make two types of skins for their characters, one for the American left audience and market, and normal for Europe, there is nothing worse than a sickening conjuncture

    36. FRENDS LET ́S PLAY -Олег

      0:37 Вы что откуда тогда ещё и не знали что существует негр раса. Среди скандинавов не было не придумывайте.

      1. Stasnuc Iconoclast

        Вообще, знали и видели, так как были контакты "белой" Европы с мусульманской Испанией, которая как известно, очень сильно взаимодействовала с северной Африкой. Теоретически, можно даже предложить, что некий беглец из Алжира достиг берегов Норвегии, и там осев, принял их религию и образ жизни, но это лишь теоретически, скорее всего его бы там просто хлопнули и все.

    37. Tyler Berryhill

      This update caused more problems than it solved and for some issues that have been known for months didnt even get fixed

    38. Shadow Knight

      dam it i'm not even eurpoean but when i saw this black viking 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️oh but wait! maybe they were actually from Sudan, not scandinavia so it makes sense right? I hoped at least this time Ubisoft will respect histrorical accuracy but what do i know? Ubi is here to correct things don't they?

    39. Kanstantsin Tsviatkou

      We as representers of Slavic ethnic minority are extremely embarrassed with completely inaccurate representation of our past, history, culture and ancient heroes.

    40. Cedric Smart Max

      +ULFBERH+T never was a two-handed sword Have some respect for scandinavian culture !

    41. ronnikk


    42. Elias Bairamis


    43. A Templar I Guess

      If only this came out back in November, so there could be an actual endgame at launch

    44. 5xslo

      River N-word Update

    45. SA SA

      can you please do update for ac valhalla i want new game + i want replay the story with all skill and Weapons to Ubisoft Middle East this is from me your fan ABDULLATEF too ubisoft

    46. radstar

      Also I expanded the cattle farm etc. And it doesn't recognise the 2nd expansions at all and no way to expand any further again WTF.

    47. radstar

      Tried to access the river raid AFTER already building and using it previously but I can't initiate anything. WTF. This game just pisses me off

    48. Leo Castrillo

      In Assassin's Creed rogue you could get the Viking sword by collecting Viking trinkets around the map. they should have that same kind of sword here in this game

    49. Amos Soak

      This is broken trash. Can you tell me why Eivor cuts raids short while I still need my crew to open chests and doors? At least you are consistent. I have never played a game by you where I haven't wanted to put my fist through the monitor. Well done.

    50. Dima 82561

      Какой ещё чернокожий среди викингов в Скандинавии?

      1. Crazy Duck

        @C H It's racism where are the vikings chinese?

      2. Dima 82561

        @C H когда я изучал любой промежуток истории можно взять в пример Киевскую Русь, Скандинавию да и вообще всю Европу средних веков, то упоминания того что негры когда-то вообще там были (говоря что негры были викингами) - не было. Вот азиаты да, (можно вспомнить время нападений Золотой Орды), но тоже врятли что азиат был викингом. Негры вообще по сути были там в своей (до сегодняшнего дня, нищей) Африке и не высовывались, а потом их земли Европейцы начали колонизировать и брать негров в рабство и вести в Северную Америку.

      3. C H

        А почему его не может быть? Арабы путешествовали по всей Европе и по территории Руси, среди них были и чернокожие рабы и свободные черные люди. Кто-то из них мог осесть там, а кто-то мог быть захвачен во время разбоя дипломатической миссии.

    51. Александр Дьяченко

      WTF is black dude doing there?

    52. Force of Nature

      Broke: Historical accuracy Woke: Turning a notorious english womanizing criminal into a transgendered dude named NED Whoke: Female mercs and soldiers in ancient Greece, the single most sexist time period in history Whoakuh: Black vikings, living in a super-diverse eco-commune W Æ K E: Angry moustache man was actually a transgender, single mother, handicapped, black woman

    53. Mark Tonielli

      Can't get River Rads, I'm @ 400 power, City @ 6 and have 91 of 100 jomsvikings. Can anyone help

    54. Родион Новиков

      Почему он чёрный?

    55. Egy nagyon csóró grafikus

      0:30 VEGAN GIRL?

    56. Dmitriy119

      Зачем пихать негров туда где их исторически не было?

    57. Евгений Скулков

      Black Viking??? Ubisoft is bulshit

    58. Riad Valitov

      HOW about transgendered viking?? I'm so offended they not included it in a game.

      1. Vlad Paliakov

        Lol just give them time...

      2. Farhad Huseyn-Lee


    59. walkforgiven

      Free Garbage Update!

    60. Connor Bolen

      lol better poor a 40 out for all my black vikingr

    61. krzys ja

      pc osrany

    62. krzys ja

      microsoft osrany

    63. krzys ja

      sony osrane

    64. krzys ja

      ale gufno ikópa

    65. Moondise

      I'm not a racist, but what the hell is a black viking doing here?

    66. Ross Arno

      dark valhalla)))))))))))

    67. Арам Айрапетян

      i want to see Armenian vikings next time ))

    68. Adept

      Yubisoft ! You're serious ! A black Viking?! I'm not a racist. My favorite artist is black. But what the hell are you doing ?

      1. Crazy Duck

        Your favorite painter 50 cent?

    69. Alex galvez morante

      Is there any hope for a cooperative mode?

    70. Agasferoff Forefsag

      Afrovikings 😂👌

      1. Crazy Duck

        It's racism where are the vikings chinese?

    71. Пользователь Интернета

      Ubisoft succ

    72. Sergey Zavarsky

      Дизлайк за черного викинга, бред:)

    73. magalliance

      Why that black Viking are not transgender? Fix it please, lol

    74. Q-uinn

      why are you running

    75. Владимир Егоров

      Black viking ahahhaa omg facepalm. Valhala goes to garbage. Waiting for movie or game about discovering of Africa, with white people in african tribes. Ahhah it will never happen

    76. R R

      Oh my God. Can you just stop it? This is offensive and weird.

    77. Олександра Грабчак

      Do you even consider that slavs are playing the game, and not only americans (who will believe in any slag and eat it)? You blacken history. Is it fashionable? Consider the fact that such tricks do not work with Europeans and Slavs !!!!!!

    78. Максим Ильин

      Black Viking?)))) Rly?

      1. Vlad Paliakov

        its all okay he used a teleport from wakanda 🤣👍

    79. Barry Allen

      there are so many racist comments...

      1. Jose Rodriguez Rivera

        Welcome to the internet

    80. Nick Defiler

      Wow black russian

    81. Denis Rave

      BLM Viking 😂😂😂

    82. Кирил Кирилоид

      read many resist comments :(

    83. Альберт Инк

      Black viking in England? Are you serios?))) Crazy Ubi.

      1. Альберт Инк

        @Captain Relyk Hmm ... Legend has it that the Vikings visited America...

      2. Captain Relyk

        Actually there were a few black Vikings, although rare, there were a couple black Vikings. Vikings actually went to Africa and raided and traded, and as a result some Vikings hooked up with some Africans and boom, a black viking is born. Again, black Vikings were rare, but did exist.

    84. JustAnotherOne

      Next update - chinese viking i guess.

      1. Thomas O'Bannon

        Yan Li: Allow me to introduce myself

      2. AliveSalad

        @Vlad Paliakov if only kids were trans and non-binary, your candidate would win the opression game

      3. Vlad Paliakov

        black chinese trans radical femminist mother of 4 kids from iraq, iran, libia and marocco

      4. A V


      5. AliveSalad

        Asians are more privelleged, thus, no mongolian viking(((((( BTW where are trans-vikings????????????

    85. Alex Arhimtyros


    86. רוסלאַן קושניר

      why there is not one Chinese viking ?

    87. Vlaka

      more garbage woke content from ubishit. A black viking...check! pointless repetitious grind...check store incentive to bypass said grind...check!

      1. Alex Hicks

        Damn you know it's not impossible considering he couldve been adopted by Vikings from Constantinople

      2. Mr.Baster


    88. William Clarke

      Are you fucken kidding me? black viking 🤦🏼

    89. Tej

      And then one day, for no reason at all...

    90. Yudan Nugraha

      Please add more viking outfits with more fur,thats what i want

    91. Dmitry Z

      Black viking. Ubisoft have once again triumphed over history and common sense.

      1. Connor Staite

        @Shortfuzd or they want to be immersed in the game they are playing. not everything is black and white. but continue calling people racist without knowing them!!

      2. Shortfuzd

        @Jules they dont care about any of that. They just dont wanna admit they’re racists

      3. Jules

        @Dmitry Z Tell us - how does a black viking in a FANTASY VIDEO game affect your life in any way shape or form? A video game btw that has dual-wieldable heavy weapons, you could jump off a 50 foot building to assassinate someone and live without getting hurt at all. Need I go on? The animus? All the mythology?

      4. Dmitry Z

        @I Am Me! U might consider the idea of read some books and learn to think.

      5. I Am Me!

        @Jules Exactly. Its something created only for amusement. A game is only a game after all.

    92. Влад Гончаров

      hahahaha bl*ck viking

    93. Евгений Fabian

      Как же достали эти фанатики добавлять темнокожих везде, а именно туда, где их не могло быть исторически! Издевательство над историей!

      1. Михаил Ильчук

        @Павел Кулебякин хуету не неси

      2. C H

        сасин крид - само по себе издевательство над историей. Придераться к цвету кожи персонажа на фоне всего остального - просто смешно.

      3. Vlad Paliakov

        @Павел Кулебякин Если бы этих негров как то по логичнее внедряли то вопросов небыло бы, а так их пихают для галочки...

      4. Farhad Huseyn-Lee

        @Павел Кулебякин та дело не в том что были в Aнглии негры или нет , проблема в акценте на это. Ты же сам прекрасно понимаешь как левые прогнули игровую индустрию

      5. Павел Кулебякин

        В Англии были римляне? Были. У римлян были чернокожие рабы? Были. И они могли осесть в Англии. Существует теория, согласно которой часть солдат, охранявших Адринов вал в Британии от нападений пиктов были чернокожими.

    94. viKing1428

      Will this be a temporary addition like the Yuletide Festival or is it permanent?

      1. viKing1428

        Just read on the ubisoft website that it's permanent 😁

    95. Red Hood

      Black Viking))))) What next? Trans Viking?)) Feminist Viking? Hippie Viking or Techno Viking???))))

      1. R R

        Non-binary they/them

    96. Вадим фил

      What? 0:28 what the hell?

    97. Дмитрий Олегович

      black Viking ahahahaha

      1. Alex Sir


    98. Vincent Vegan

      Black viking?! Are u serious?!... 🤦

      1. Razvan Lawrence

        It s all political agenda👎👎

      2. Scrappyaish

        @ᚨᚱᚦᚢᚱ ᛞᚢᛗ no one said anything about BLM, it’s literally the same thing that happened with battlefield V regarding women being included in the game, historically accurate or not just accept the fact that it’s a video game and that we’re living in the 2021 so arguing about silly things like this is actually pointless, unless you have a really deep fixation about historically accurate games

      3. ᚨᚱᚦᚢᚱ ᛞᚢᛗ

        @Scrappyaish no. This affirmative action bullshit must stop. There are literally no reason to make black guy a viking aside from catering to BLM.

      4. Scrappyaish

        Relax lmao

    99. Corwin

      Black viking...what next?

      1. Farhad Huseyn-Lee

        @I Am Me! Wrong, developers are forced to do such nonsense because of the propaganda of left people. Example last of us 2, assassin's creed. Those who do not bend kingdom come deliverance , whicher.

      2. I Am Me!

        @Alex 117 Yeah. And because of people like you games developers can't make games like they want to. Always someone getting butthurt. That's the problem of today. And if there were no black people ingame? What would you complain about then? It's always something. Seriously... just enjoy the game.. when it is in fact a G A M E!.

      3. Alex 117

        @I Am Me! I don’t care. You make a viking game, then put real vikings! Not black people!! Not offence to them, but vikings are white!!!

      4. Андрей Т

        Черная кожа, писюн, сиськи, и беременность. Научный факт, викинги выглядели именно так.☝️

      5. Imperio

        @I Am Me! I've never heard less stupid statement then yours, i think your place is in asylum

    100. Sergey Dedenyov

      What's wrong with you Ubisoft??? Black viking, omg.

      1. Stasnuc Iconoclast

        ​@Captain Relyk In general, blacks were known and seen, as there were contacts of "white" Europe with Muslim Spain, which, as is known, very strongly interacted with North Africa. Theoretically, you can even suggest that a certain fugitive from Algeria reached the coast of Norway, and there settled down to accept their religion and way of life, but this is only theoretically, most likely he would have just been slammed there and that's it.

      2. Captain Relyk

        Actually there were a few black Vikings, although rare, there were a couple black Vikings. Vikings actually went to Africa and raided and traded, and as a result some Vikings hooked up with some Africans and boom, a black viking is born. Again, black Vikings were rare, but did exist.