Can We Beat Minecraft Hardcore in 1.17? (New Cave Update)


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    Can we beat hardcore minecraft 1.17? Duo hardcore minecraft!
    Can we beat hardcore minecraft in the new cave update?
    Me and my friend @GamerZ attempt to beat minecraft hardcore in the latest version of minecraft, minecraft 1.17 which is the new caves and cliffs update. Hardcore minecraft is the hardest difficulty of minecraft, it will be made even harder by having to explore giant caves, and fight through hoards of enemy mobs! This is a Duo version of beating hardcore minecraft in 1.17. This is duo minecraft 1.17 survival played on the latest minecraft 1.17 snapshot.
    Will we be able to beat hardcore minecraft in 1.17? Watch till the end to find out!
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    @WadZee Credit to wadzee for the beating 1.17 idea.
    @GamerZ my friend.
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    1. LockDownLife

      What do you guys think of 1.17 so far? Also this video took over 10 hours to make so please leave a Like :) Also if you watch till the end then you =

      1. Elliott winkler

        @Szymon Szatanik yes that was my idea too

      2. Alan Perez

        Tuff was part of the Amethyst geode

      3. LB production

        its sick but i hate the new ore textures

      4. Luis Gabriel Pilapil

        More diamonds!

      5. Nikshitha Garvandula


    2. Faviola Fuentez

      Bruh the thumbnail is fake cause u can’t find deepsalte diamonds

    3. Elvira Slonka

      They didnt do it in hardcore

    4. anime sad girls

      This update made gamerz speak

    5. ꧁Catfire꧂

      *you got lucky you didn’t find the deep dark cave*

    6. thea dieza

      its not hardcore

    7. Meherunnesa Begum

      I can saw your hearts

    8. Meherunnesa Begum

      You are not playing hardcore

    9. Jennifer Cook

      caves are cool with deepslate

    10. Beloved.

      Am I the only one who got the Mobile Legends ad🤨

    11. Aisha R

      You guys are not in hardcore, look at the hearts it's survival

    12. Nayab Butt


    13. Sir Foxrite

      A tip train mlg's so u can never die to fall damage again

    14. Szaumix


    15. RR A

      Of amatesst you can maik armor

    16. Arnold Ruzzel Vista

      Can someone send me a link on 1.17 but Minecraft PE?

    17. Hiba Cherouan

      To be honest I'm really just amazed of how the caves look in 1.17 then anything else and this was amazing!😊

    18. Wolf Gaming

      do you have a texture pack on?

    19. Espresso

      wtf you are on 254k a couple of weeks ago you had 20k

    20. Jomer Denosta

      he forgot to kill the whether

    21. Casperr

      His teammate Said he was dead and the either was in front of lockdown and instead of hitting it he followed then blocked it

    22. Pirate Gaming

      Well I guess some people can be dream

    23. Jogaaa

      100 days hardcore in 1.17 please

    24. Isaiah Hughes

      Is it funny how when he beat the dragon gamer came for the kill then he said I did it even tho he was hiding most time

    25. Mohammed Alosta

      Fun fact: you mine normal stone faster than cobblestone

    26. Ilse Jansen

      minecraft: lets do caves and cliffs sombody: and make diamonds 1234567890 % less rare

    27. Luis Gabriel Pilapil

      Be careful with the deep and narrow canyons or ravines they are called cracks on the earth

    28. Jude Sawyer

      Nice vid

    29. Ferreira Kids

      You not hardcore

    30. no one

      4:48 that could go on a Minecraft clutch comp lol 14:10 so could that lol

    31. infinitysenseigod

      GamerZ voice is cute

    32. Kristaps Audijāns

      Its not hardcore cuz the hearts

    33. Mwala R Sikopo

      Do 200 days to 300

    34. BRIJEN

      You are not playing on hardcore Look at his hearts

    35. Darsh Kadam

      3:59 he didnt even notice the diamong

    36. bart's origami

      noobs like me: sniffling because they have full diamond armor before we have a chestplate

    37. Aaron

      How do you not have a million subscribers

    38. Arfan Bin Aminurashid

      Hello, what app do you use for editing?

    39. Pokekam 10

      LockDownLife:Lets go deeper Nether:You Cant

    40. Drewxler_

      Tbh I feel like this update will ruin Minecraft I’m some ways

    41. killer 104 mech arena

      noob gamez lol

    42. Mamadou Senti

      Is minecraft actually gonna be like that in 1.17?

      1. Mamadou Senti

        @Infinite-3D thanks god

      2. Infinite-3D


    43. Ruby

      Yes I think

    44. Kritical MC

      Wait is this even hardcore mode? I checked the hearts

    45. MrDum

      The copper just looks so modded please don’t tell me ores will be like that It just looks like those old mods :(

    46. ElfieBunny

      Now we know it’s possible to beat

    47. OliOOPS - Gaming

      Anyone notice the hearts?

    48. geraldPH


    49. Jefferson Nacional

      How download 1.17

    50. Sam Wainner


    51. Antonio Mdsc

      “Diamonds are so common”that sentence almost made me cry

    52. Elken Frantz


    53. Elken Frantz

      ❤️ you good 🙏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘😘

    54. marzbar

      yd u not get amythest armour

    55. Savage_574

      Y’all should do 100 days in Minecraft hard are 1.17 cave update

    56. Dev kumar

      I can see your minecraft heart they are not playing in hardcore

    57. Breydan G

      100 days in 1.17? Btw awesome video

    58. ռ Rikimaru


    59. Ryan Tyrrell

      I have no food he says just before eating some bread

    60. Promi Akter


    61. Teehan Kir Kaye

      Nobody: Gamerz: *i have now gained the ability to speak*

    62. DARK CLASH

      What's new in 1.18 in 2022 year and 2023 1.19 kinda cool my brain so many things about 1.18 and 1.19 i like more 1.20 minecraft version kinda hard too and cool and you ores not all the ores are to strong kinda new ores or something and they make new features at 1.21 update 2024

    63. Ancellino Louis Connery 1510083

      when they found two ravnes i saw diamonds

    64. bilishu aliss

      When are you gonna do day 300 to 400? Everyone loves that series

      1. bilishu aliss

        Where’s the hardcore hearts

    65. four gamer 1

      its not hardcore

    66. Robert Pepin

      Me: waiting for wardin

      1. Robert Pepin


    67. Logan Shaw

      "Can we beat Minecraft in an official update that will come out fully in less than a year?"

    68. hoiy vinosa

      When are you going to be making hardcore days? Also nice vids!

      1. hoiy vinosa

        That isn’t hardcor

    69. Alastor

      Yaal sould do 100 days of 1.17

    70. TheRedditArtie

      ngl that creeper scared me lol

    71. FA gaming 2425

      Look at hearts they are not hardcore ones

    72. Jacob Perdikomatis

      The caves look like a texture pack I don’t really like the look of it

    73. Anamika Saha


    74. Ainox Gaming

      Plz seed and ise dynamic lighting

    75. Owais Lokhandwala

      This is not even hardcore lol

    76. Julius rommel Rodriguez

      Lockdown life in nether your hearts looks different replay that clip in

    77. Dearie Patriarca


    78. Have A nice day

      How long is the update for bedrock players

    79. TsP Yazoo

      Where’s the hardcore hearts

    80. Dimitri Boutsikaris

      You got a major pc upgrade right


      I have 5 diamonds what should i use dem for?

    82. jason adams

      fight the warden

    83. Gaming With Tom

      It isn’t on hardcore he has normal hearts

    84. Amanda Fontanarrosa

      That isn’t hardcor

    85. Thomas O'Leary

      There are no hardcore hearts!!!!!

    86. Kathryn Edison

      I don’t have 1.17 yet and i have java Or is this a snapshot

    87. Jelly 2.0 arbry

      You can make armar for ppl

    88. Mirsadiq Seyid

      the game is literally not hardcore ;-; i am looking at the hearts

    89. Dreama Rogers

      In survival cheating you said you're going to be in hardcore Ok

    90. Creeper

      i hate 1..17

    91. a r t e m i i s

      Was this a texture pack or do the blocks actually look like that now

    92. FacelessPillow

      why do I remember u having 1k

    93. Peyton Rowe

      Is this a snapshot

    94. jadon


    95. Primo Quinonez

      WTF??? 7:15 skeleton pro

    96. Luna_Dynamic

      It’s good

    97. DAWN REYES

      U can Craft new armor

    98. Pogge 24

      Now u can go one stack block block down

    99. gaming 2.6

      The amethyst you can make armor from it but you have to make a special crafting table it needs 6 wood and 3 amethyst armor and put a button and there you have it amethyst armor

      1. gaming 2.6

        Amethest block at the top

      2. gaming 2.6

        Sorry everyone it needs blocks

    100. Patricia Dyson

      there is amathist near tuff