Reacting to my Viewers UI's

Limit Maximum

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    Recently asked my stream to show me to send screenshots of their UI and I would in turn rate it on stream. This lead to me seeing some of the weirdest UI's I've ever seen.
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    1. Limit Maximum

      It has come to my attention that ultra wide doesn’t work how it did back in the day. You can see more screen while using it. However it was worth it for all of the mad ultra wide users in comments, lets go.

      1. Simen Stroek

        Yeah, FOV is fixed vertically, not horizontally like in original Vanilla and TBC. If you want to minmax this, you can use the Leatrix Plus addon to add some black bars to the bottom and top of your screen (just put UI elements like chat, action bars or whatever in that space) and it actually lowers the vertical resolution even more, giving you even more of an advantage in peripheral vision. You basically get the same center of the screen as that 24" monitor you're talking about, but with even more extra information than an ultrawide screen. I mean... If you're into that kinda thing. :D


      I use a 34 inch diagonal ultrawide curved display from Alienware and the curved part is pretty essential to reduce eye fatigue/strain and the feeling of taking your focus too far away from where your character is. Seeing a large animation that might need to be soaked like on generals, it's not hard to tell that it's there without looking directly at it, and if you're paying attention to timers you know that it's coming before it happens so looking over there when it happens means that you're surprised it has happened. DBM timers should mean that nobody is surprised something is happening.

    3. The French Guy

      I'm playing on a 14 inch screen and my UI looks so bad in screenshots lol

    4. S0lidF0x

      5:54 Tip: you can look in that angle without turning your whole head... just use your eye-ball's muscles. There's also a thing called peripheral vision than can help you notice events in the outer areas of the monitor, and then you can use the camera to focus there. It's just WoW, for God's sake...

    5. pustensalanca95

      7:22 its Quazzi WA

    6. OkieAutoFlower

      Also your comment about using a tv as a monitor is VERY BAD IMO,,, a tv is limited to 60/120Hz so that being said your FPS is limited to what you tv/monitors refresh(Hz) is,, so if your graphics card is putting out 144FPS your only really getting what ever you tv/ monitor is limited to

    7. burbon ­

      He's judging why the font on bars in details is coloured while here I am, thinking that having a DPS counter during the fight is completely nonsensical and I just have it disabled... What a discrepancy.

    8. Luke Tannahill

      3440x1440 the best, ultra wide is amazing, 2400 all brackets, ez claps.

    9. carlos lfr

      U dont need to turn your head in an ultrawide...

    10. Whoops

      Super noob question, for the second guy with the ultrawide monitor, WHERE TF IS HIS ABILITIES? Am i just dumb?

    11. Randi Poling

      Hope he never sees MY UI.

    12. Marius Ask

      WoW on 21:9 looks great. A lot of space for many things to put and everything is perfectly visible. Maybe need some time to get used, but it's great. On the other hand, 32:9, way, just WAY too much. I had to move many UI elements closer to center, so main UI still looks more like 21:9, and behind that I hidden rarely needed stuff. And even other games, 32:9 too much IMHO. If I could, I would swap my 5120x1440 to 3840x1600 :) Still huge resolution, but much easier to handle for gpu, and not super wide.

    13. Tony Smyth

      26:20 I literally vomited

    14. Ek Seng Ng

      i play on my 34" UWQHD curved screen lol.dotn have to move my head...eyes are fine

      1. Ek Seng Ng

        @Nightykk yea my face is about 1m+ away when i no problems

      2. Nightykk

        Ditto. Helps if the monitor isn't bang up your face, like you see them 24" CS players doing. :p

    15. gus gus

      Why does it matter? Its their own personal way of setting it in their style.

    16. Kekniak

      algortihm helper

    17. Birkhead Colby

      Am I the only one getting upset that you draw circles clockwise?

    18. Nate V

      Laptop RL could easily scale that down to be more.... Useable.

    19. Tomatoabc

      What i got from this video is max loves pms on discord

    20. HiddenMaster

      The game is not hard. You can get away with pressing abilities mapped to 1 through 4, maybe 5~7 if your keyboard hand can stretch, and do the rest with your mouse hand.

    21. SirGarados

      just clicked on the video for fun and holy moly, WoW UI is in general so damn ugly XD

    22. ncblock87

      16 years of wow, still crushing it with the default UI. I can never get rid of it.

    23. Proxitive

      pve players always have the most disgusting ui’s

    24. RYZE

      This is corny know all these lames are just doing this to get on a video...So lame.

    25. alpan

      I want to show my ui

    26. Dfence 22

      i play wow on an 35" ultrawide. never had to turn my head to see shit, they are actually better for you eyes and the peripheral viewing angle.. just dont sit 3 inches from the screen and ur good

    27. Leonard Blanton

      "Fckn snitch" I DIED!!!!!!!

    28. Incognis Reviews

      Sorry, but I'm going to have to dissagree with the ultrawide opinion. I find a 34 inch one is a nice sweet spot. Stuff is still in my vision FOV, but less cluttered and less of an ugly clusterfuck. Plus higher resolution, perks of split window workspace, and expanded range of vision on the screen. With the countless addons wow has and many guilds recommend you, it's rather nice to have some screen real estate to spread things out and group UI in a cleaner format instead of making the screen 30% actual screen and 70% UI BS.

      1. Incognis Reviews

        @Dathguy Correct!

      2. Dathguy

        I don't think he knows how ultrawide works.if you have to move your head then the screen is to close

    29. Tami Tää

      In BFA I had to kick a healer off the raid cos he kept dieing on every simple mechanic. Why was that? Cos his raid frames were dead middle of the screen covering his character and like 60% of his whole view.

    30. Jason Baker

      Haha, I game on 4 monitors, my main screen is a 52" TV. 🤷‍♂️ works great!

    31. Teddy Schlong

      that spreasheet damage log pisses me off.

    32. Tuscani J

      A LALAFEL! ♥ that first ui reminded me of a 4 year old when they pick their own clothes and dress themselves for the first time "my UI is custom..." The laptop firemage reminded me of that old pic that said something along the lines of “why play wow when you can play addon?”

    33. ItZAllAI

      What is it with people thinking that more info and digits on screen will somehow lead to them topping DPS. For me, the less I see my UI the better. I get to actually look at the game.

    34. Cam M

      Dude, I'm a warlock and I bres more than our druids and dks. That's the life of a clutch warlock

    35. Fahad Al-Ibraheem

      4:3 aspect

    36. xtrm333

      This guy doesn't understand ultra wide..

    37. Kamex

      15:10 I have Taunt on 8 on all my chars. MMO mouse op. Obviously im not yeeting my hand across half the keyboard to taunt^^

    38. Dominik Rosenblatt

      Omfg do you have a great Dane ? :D

    39. B3RN1MAC

      First off nice vid, I take big pride in my UI and will likely try to get your opinion at some point. Second I can tell you why ultra wide is a good thing. Feeling like a nub what are you using for "notes" seem like its standard on all the UI you looked at but i have not seen this or used anything like this

    40. Chris O'Dea

      The best part of this is Max catching out a random guildie trying to duck out mid pull 🤣

    41. Dilek SERTKAYA❤️❤️

    42. Taylor Lukes

      Lol you can't hit 7 bro? You have how many days played and you can hit 1-6 fine but don't know where the 7 key is 😁 oh boy

    43. lesionsL2

      luckily this came into my recommended, subbed!

    44. TheOmegaAlfa

      Is ultrawide poor for WoW? I lived for several years with dream to get one for nicer immersion. :(

    45. Kalosis

      How to get square mini map

    46. Shiftry

      I love how he trashed most of the viewer ui´s and then ended up with what could only be described as the worst ui ever shown in public and it´s from a world first raider.

    47. A Google User

      You don't get out much if that UI is the single weirdest thing you've ever seen

    48. J. A.

      Bro i keep my ui very minimalist

    49. D.C. Gold

      1:40 Wait what?? Threat is the main mechanic in Classic!

    50. Isabel T

      I use the base UI cos I'm a shitter

    51. Matthew Liberda

      BRO I'm taunt on 7 on all my tanks, molten razor naga for 8 years. Interrupt on 9 all my chars

    52. Anthony G

      lmao that last one

    53. Fleato

      honestly. i was super stubborn with adjusting my ui for years. then i started taking raiding more seriously...... and after a while i honestly felt that i was being held back by my ui so i completely reworked it and stuff and legit..... its night and day. even my old guild noticed the moment i changed up everything on orgazoa ( im a healer main) and from that point forward i was pretty much carrying the healing by a mile XD

    54. Fleato

      18:20 anyone know a bigwigs profile for ability timers to be like that? for boss mechanics

    55. Fleato

      IVE SAID THIS EVERY TIME SOMEONE BRAGS ABOUT PLAYING ON A GIANT SCREEN..... its actually a struggle. i remember playing on my uncles giant tv for a little bit and it fealt aweful. like people think its an advantages but having to turn your head to see mechanics is awful

    56. wib wobJenkins

      That thing you said about ultrawide triggers me, okay so the reason people play cs and valaront on 16:9 is because it doesn't let you use 21:9 because it would give too much of an advantage in competitive play, you literally can fit more on the left and right of your screen it doesn't just stretch it out look it up, so in wow it's just preference sure but it does objectively give you more screen space although most will still stick their UI in the middle of the screen anyway, a 16:9 player would have to turn their camera to see things a 21:9 wouldn't, I still have to move my eye balls around if something catches my eye tho like some kind of encounter flare pops up I need to stay away from I dunno I dont play pve lol but the video is sick I like seeing UIs

    57. Brian Forman

      The use of widescreen in WoW is debatable, given that it actually shows more viewing area, area that would normally be offscreen (this was nerfed in Overwatch for that very reason). That being said, having to look all the way over to see mechanics might negate some of the benefit (it's still amazing in pvp though).

    58. Sunbro413

      NGL some of these made me so upset I almost resubbed just to make a UI from scratch.

    59. Tenshi Kanashisa

      Tbh, I learned WoW on very few to no addons, back when I actively played during tbc to wotlk. Recently got back into WoW and am slowly building up my UI and... man, it's kind of a struggle. Default blizz UI is horrible is just so.. lacking and bad. Its so decentralized and has little information. There is no clear place where your eyes should be. And doing everything myself is a little taxing. There is a lot of information you can and probably should have in WoW and it quickly gets way too cluttered for my taste. Currently, I work with a sort of an overhead display, displaying important rotational skills/cds and resources along with bigwigs and a very simple set of button blocks at the bottom to organize all my binds as well as non-bound stuff. It's not very pretty, but at least functional. Heck, even keybinding everything feels hard and unintuitive. If I had the money, I'd pay someone to help me with my setup T_T

    60. Lichley

      Bro im on a fucking laptop and my performance is shit but in future i will get money and i will build my own PC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    61. TheRikuideFurame

      "How did we win world first?" Because my man Sang learned to keybind!

    62. Raymond D. Horst

      Looks like a left eye dominant UI for someone with limited vision in their right eye.

    63. KASKAS

      Hi Jew)

    64. Unholy

      240 gold, I wish I was that rich lol.

    65. bapestar21

      @18:35 bet he dont stand in ravage tho

    66. Reeezeful

      that end had me in tears laughing.. so fucking good that guy is a legend :D

    67. Skafiskafnjak

      Default UI for life. It’s all you need.

    68. hubertwebb

      I keep party / raid frames on the right side because that’s where I position my mouse usually and it helps me as a healer.

    69. kramler

      5:55 no, you sit farther away with a wider screen

    70. Dude Deluxe

      18:00 following,.. this guy is trolling. noone plays with a scuffed UI like that.

    71. kinger2005

      Csgo players use 4:3 stretched to 16:9 because the fov is only adjustable via resolution and makes the player models appear larger thus making it easier to aim at. I don't think the ultrawide guys are at a disadvantage since you can change your fov on the fly in wow with the camera zoom

    72. Bengi Yardimli

      Are you happy with the airpods max?

    73. Cameron Murgatroyd

      That dh with the empty bar on the right, its empty cos dh doesnt have enough buttons to fill it.

    74. J

      monitor size matters

    75. Tanya H

      best video :D super funny

    76. Pan!c Raw

      a bad Ui for you can be a good ui for others, don't judge cuz u dont like it Kappa

    77. Cole Renfrow

      i feel like the warlock one at 18 minutes is all in the top left like that because your targets tend to be like 20-30yd away and so if you turn ur camera your enemies and targets will all be in the top / top left of your screen, so you can always have your target / abilities / health bars in the same general area

    78. Cole Ragsdale

      My UI would sadden everyone. I just use the regular wow UI and just have details and DBM

    79. Sarravi

      the Ui is actually really functional at 18:30. Think about it. The mobs he is fighting is in the top left of his screen, and so is everything to do with his UI.

    80. P w

      I enjoy the content. One of the first top mythic raiders that doesn’t come off as a total douche canoe.

    81. Shannon Fletcher

      I have keybinds set to 890-=[]\;',./ and all the numpad buttons. But I also use a Razer Nage and Tartus, so I have enough buttons. Binding something odd is one thing, but if you use a keypad or multi button mouse, it can work.

    82. exterzi SWF

      Name on the Cooldown timers on the 2nd picture? for boss cooldowns

    83. Zaxomio

      this is my disappointment every time I see one of my raiders stream perspective. It's like they're playing with blindfolds on.

    84. S Dude

      Stop rubbing your nose it's disgusting

    85. Sylvia Pytlik

      "oh.. it´s my boy".. love it

    86. Twink Floyd

      Oh well, just stumbled over this video while watching some random wow stuff. Concerning that german Mage from Eu-Eredar, I can top that. Why? (Video link with proof at end of comment) 1. My ui is ... classical... 2. I play on a laptop, but with a second screen connected to it due to keyboard issues. Sitting too far away from a laptop would be bullshit. So, 2nd screen, 2nd keyboard. 3. I accidentally also recorded the discord of our pvp premade discord in the background. 4. I use a custom font, english client with cyrillic letters (replaced the latin letters with cyrillic ones in times new roman with a font editor). Strange story, I am german and learned to read cyrillic at school due to an ukranian classmate. So we could write secret letters the teachers couldn't read (german in cyrillic letters). So, this is a video of me showing a ridiculously easy torghast week

    87. Iso Late

      To minimized the buttons on Mini map just add the addon 'MinimapButtonBagReborn'. It compact all the other addon in one single button.

    88. Blazer4117

      T is for Taunt.

    89. Andjei Askelovitch

      hello where i can post my UI for your comments?

    90. Tuna Xo

      bro i am 2800 playing on a 55" 4k tv lmao screen size LITERALLY doesnt matter in wow

    91. Pink Star

      OMG sangs old UI was sooo funny

    92. 10leej

      I use an ultrawide....

    93. Sekurm

      BAsic ui is the best.. dont need eveverything in the middle so u cant see shit.

    94. Arthur Alexeev

      "ultrawide" does not always mean "huge". It is just a form factor. I have 21:9 display as main screen but it is not very large and i dont really have to turn my head. Peripheral view very sides of the screen for sure, but besides that - it is great. Also please consider people buying these displays not for wow alone. It is awesome for watching movies and for work. I dont buy monitor to play wow, i buy monitor to do everything on my pc) In conclusion i just want to say ultrawide is not bad. Maybe it is not optimal for competitive games but in wow it does just fine.

    95. Johnson McBig

      I want more

    96. Allan Luiz

      Whats the boss timers addon at 08:40? Pleeeeeeease, that skin is so clean

    97. MoustachesLoL

      About the ultra wide monitor thing, my main tank plays on a tv.

    98. topguN

      second one=lmfao

    99. TheMMObro

      Did u end up sending that dude gold? Lmao pls tell me u did for the luls

    100. ErikaHunter

      It's like canceling someone's else, because you don't like the way they think, or express yourself. You really don't need it. You don't have the sensibility to cover his names. It's so toxic.

      1. Immortan -

        you know that they willingly send Max they UI to roast it right?