Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Surprise NYC Subway Performance 06/13/17


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    Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Surprise NYC Subway Performance 06/13/17

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    1. The Truth

      I thought it was Jimmy sitting there the whole time LoL

    2. Just Me

      Amazing ❤

    3. allensnaps

      I woulda been so turnt

    4. Adeline Thomsen

      whoever disliked this...come on we all know ur just jealous u weren't there

    5. Joshua Carter

      Only in New York!

    6. edith tvilling

      Miley can start a party anywhere.

    7. Jake Lindsey

      Yeah I think people caught on pretty early lol

    8. Alexander Such

      Hes basically bez....

    9. jaja Capo

      Scarlett imperknell googled juicy boms during siesta now all seeing aye

    10. 857noel


    11. caotsstoac

      This got to much praise before the disguises came off for people to not of been aware of the celebrity status cos most subway shows no matter the amount of talent usually don't get crowds like this so quickly if at all, so im skeptical that this was a total surprise for everyone

    12. Ric

      Dunder mifflin is a part of Sabre

    13. Joe Marzo

      NYC is amazing.

    14. Tommy Hughes

      RIP jimmy’s high five 7:47

    15. Xander X

      I’d of known tho that was

    16. Enaj A.

      So much has change. Too many to mention that this Covid has been taking away from us. Went to SF and it just seems dead. You drive towards the pier and you will see homeless people, not attractions. So sad. It almost made me cry.

    17. russ peaknuckel

      OMG. !!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😘😘

    18. BaByLaStrAnGe

      Yeah they didn't know... smh!

    19. george john

      Fallon out of element

    20. Joined 10 years ago.

    21. Sarah Aiken

      If there was no pandemic she likely would have been mobbed. Imagine being her age and only seeing the subway for the first time, she’s has so much life experience in some ways and others she’s been sheltered.

      1. Joined 10 years ago.

        no one cares 🖕

    22. Jon Carlson

      Miley just carries Jimmy lol, props to both. We need more of this kind of thing once the pandemic calms down.

    23. Carmen*

      This is real “power of music”

    24. Julia J.

      Can anyone notice that the crowd was so normal and they didn’t care they are celebrities. They r just having the greatest fun 🤩

    25. Jamie McMullen

      I seen the bodyguard stop some1 gettin a signiture off miley at the end there

    26. Lauren Steele

      I never knew her voice was this amazing. She is seriously blowing me away!

    27. P.R. Gaipadik

      Jimmy the mumble singer

    28. Christine Palmer

      When Miley is on disguise, all I could think of is her as Hannah Montana all over again 😂

    29. Ian Whiteway

      Luv this version of Miley Cyrus!

    30. Simplynickee

      How come this never happens when I ride the stupid train? Lol

    31. Vang Star

      Miley can sing 👍👍

    32. Vic MR

      When NY was awesome!!!! Now ☹️

    33. Cast Iron Cooking

      *Every time a singer plays in the subway in disguise I get teary-eyed by the end of the video!*

    34. Linda

      jimmy has the best job

    35. Parker派克

      So nice 🤩😊

    36. jose rafael guzman ramos

      Estos si son Artistas de verdad, humildes y comparten su talento con la gente de a pie, felicidades.

    37. Charlotte Lukowski

      She sounds like Dolly Parton

    38. Becca s

      Jimmy banged the hell out of that tambourine!!

    39. Becca s

      She legit pulled a Hannah Montana

    40. Cherno Bog

      They both belong on a subway, scumbags

    41. gab

      Mom: were gonna miss the train Kid: nah it dont matter

    42. Laura David

      Rosanne Boyland

    43. Tracie

      Say what you want but that gal can sing her ass off

    44. LIKE SEXY AND Music

      Oh yeah good like

    45. Shirley Jackson

      Those guys keep playing same tune

    46. Autumn Michele

      This has such good energy I started rocking back and forth to the music and noticed that I was smiling 😂

    47. XstreamMoves

      Everyone missed the train that day

    48. Dennis Montalvo

      Business must be slow. Coming down to see the commoners. Real street performers be like get off my platform.

    49. Dennis Welsh

      She has an unbelievable voice.

    50. Debbie

      Jimmy makes me die

    51. m

      Funny they have to take their wigs off to get their credit from the crowd.

    52. Teresa Rengifo

      She's Great! Love her music 🎶

    53. Carlos Gonzalez

      To stage I wish was more real so feel like real lifw

    54. bigstackD Casting

      Why does Jimmy act like he’s a celebrity 🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. Riki TV

        Who's jimmy? Jimmy santos???

      2. Emilee Q.

        he is also an actor....

      3. Mom Of 3

        he's a cool dude

      4. ndemanu23

        He well known

      5. Papa Kamis

        fake it till you make it

    55. honorata malankiewicz

      both miserable clowns

    56. Some_one not_important

      I'm sure everyone on the subway watched Hannah Montana

    57. Katta Lady

      She gives me chills. She's electric!!

    58. Weylen Mingan

      well it wasn't that big of a surprise that young boy was wearing a happy hippie tshirt...

    59. Kelvy Ovalles

      Wow she sings really good.

    60. Daniel Raphael

      This is so much fun. Both are hilarious. The audience must have been utterly shocked and excited. The drummer did so well on that dope plastic bucket.

    61. Adam Bredenkamp

      masks 😭

    62. Joris Music

      Awesome!!!👍🏼😃 Miley and Jimmy!!!!👍🏼👍🏼😃😃

    63. Matt C

      "impromptu" with all the security in the background. 😂😂

    64. Stephen O Neill

      "It's Hannah Montana"

    65. Jordan Lee

      That Guy play Bucket Like a Boss

    66. Yasmina El Gebali

      Lol I would totally just recognise Miley’s guitarist though

    67. Aaron Tapp

      Gotta love that girl and dude does play large core bucket for sure, Merry Christmas all

    68. GS B

      Neoliberal Saturday Night Live type dogsh*t.

    69. Carla Howells

      what a beautiful voice 🥰

    70. Wandering Knapps aboard MV Illuminate

      My name is Jolene. This is the best version I've heard.

    71. Denis Salvo

      Vejam mais dicas de como viver em Nova York nesse bate papo descontraído e informativo do Várzea Talk!

    72. Phil McGuire

      That was freaking awesome

    73. AHP

      Wow look at the attention whores go!

    74. Boo Boo Orlowski

      I have not laughed so hard in so long!!!! Dammit Miley and Jimmy together are way too great!

    75. MastrA Media LAB

      ai inceput prost..dar ai terminat...repede

    76. Ariel Tulian

      Fallon step aside please, A REAL ARTIST IS SINGING!.

    77. Marek Gumowski

      where the fuck is Dolly?

    78. Brian Johnston

      God performance, but no way was it a surprise, this was pre-set up, body guards in the back ground, and the musicians doing back up music.

    79. Kevin


    80. Геннадий Мороз


    81. griek1

      I like how you can see Jimmy loving Party in the USA like 1,000 times more than Jolene

    82. The RighterBoyz Presents


    83. Dany Goek


    84. Elena -

      I dont care what u say, i will always love miley cyrus

    85. Rashid Zayniev

      no more. nyc destroyed. thanks to china and democrats

    86. Lovely Loveless

      Miley, thank you for showing the musical community and the world what it means to have respect and how to honor the veterans who have paved the way for younger generations t I be able to do what tbey do hiw ever its expressed. The back yard sessions are absolutly brilliant ! I love the tiney mistankes and the "no auto tune" r all ess of thr whole performance. You have come a long way from Disney and you have broken the mold with your own wrecking ball and i take back all thr thibgs I said about you at the VMA's . i deserved that crack in the face even if you do hit like a girl . stay golden and true babby girl 💋

    87. Jim Beam

      This is, what the people want......

    88. Photo Girl

      God I miss New York.

    89. Bravo 3

      Most deserted subway station in NY. Fake shit

    90. Allison G

      Love this so much, so much better than an actual concert ❤️

    91. Liesa Bunny

      Oh how I miss life before the pandemic💔😢

    92. Aistukas D

      without corona,sweet memories :)

    93. Storm Beats

      wow only 11.349 haters i like miley

    94. Dariel Gray 777

      No one’s boss would believe this

    95. PC Socket 7 Intel 430vx tx

      3¼mips...eggnchips®€cu™ zxcvbn

    96. Sara Rosado Márquez

      Fucking covid

    97. anik ahmed

      The bucket guy is so amaizing ...

    98. Michael Romine

      She's still a tramp

    99. xaxa835

      Music is oxygen to Miley , very gifted 👍

    100. Skipper Gilligan

      Jimmy boy sounds the best when his mouth is closed.