Ty Dolla $ign - Spicy (feat. Post Malone) [Official Music Video]

Ty Dolla $ign

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    Ty Dolla $ign - Spicy (feat. Post Malone) [Official Music Video]
    New album 'Featuring Ty Dolla $ign' out now! dollasign.lnk.to/FeaturingID
    A Film by James Larese | A London Alley Production
    Narration by Snoop Dogg
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    1. Ty Dolla $ign

      Drop a 🌶️ in the comments with your favorite part of the video!

      1. Lonnell Pantos

        Thanks guys! Most excellent!....

      2. Alexander Finau

        You should do another intro like that!

      3. 한오드리

        Every parts r spicy😖😖😖

      4. Mr Ajib

        _🌶🌶🌶🌶 All Parts Are The Best 🌶🌶🌶🌶_

      5. Berry Peterhansen

        Hard to say but for me the second half of ty s Part was that shit you know im sayin . Post Malone got a hole Part in that way . At All bombastic combo

    2. El Love

      Post on fire 🔥 🔥 Everything posty 💕💕💕

    3. Laura Tattersall

      Marry me first Man Every moment hot Chillies but from my addled memory of the last 5 mins the moment ur guitar enabled u 2 move on with justified revenge but totally displayed ur complete dreams of reducing urself 2 violence but in reality lost love is better served through musical expression not descent overcoming includes forgiveness no matter what . VERY KOOL

    4. Tiffiany Mayes

      Notice how snoop was talking and he didn't include him at all in the title

    5. Theifzz

      2:37 🌶

    6. nathan borquaye

      You all been copying from the African Dancehall King. Shatta Wale did this concept in his gringo video!

    7. Rain Slimes


    8. Holly Sundstrom Perez

      I love it

    9. Isaac Eugene

      Am i the only one getting some cyberpunk 2077 vibes ??

    10. gerardog 928


    11. jjshawzx YT

      I hear snoop dog telling the story

    12. Tony Richards


    13. Tron aka Thugga


    14. drones r us

      Lol snoop hahah LOVE U POST 💙💙💙

    15. T.K.O GAMING

      Yo this song be hittin tho

    16. Benji Ordonez

      Pin this if you love your fan and post malone

    17. Alexander Finau

      Way out west in a galexey far away!

      1. Alexander Finau

        And the whistling

    18. SPEeCHLeSS

      Snoopy also in this

    19. Josue Burbano

      Drop a like if you came here because you have seen montages of fortnite ;)

    20. 한오드리


    21. Himal Rulz

      Snoop voice sounds both gangsta and grany at the same time


      Hello I’m from Philippine but live in USA 🇺🇸

    23. C.J Hing

      Snoop Dogs Narrative - 🌶️ - Bar fight scene - 🎵She tryna pull my pants down🎶

    24. Ladiie too dope


    25. DEATH 165412

      Why are you famous

    26. santiago in the franxx


    27. Pure swxg Yt

      Oohhh this is my fav song like my favvv


      Vaya caca

    29. Raul Garcia

      Who gotta who gotta go ?

    30. Raditya Surya Putra

      sooo, this is if Red Dead Redemption in Cyberpunk 2077 world eh?

    31. Camery Grant

      The music video doesn't match the music

    32. Edwin De la cruz

      OMG I like 😳😌😱😱😨😨😨😨😎😎😎Cool Músic

    33. Panda gamz


    34. MrLobowa

      Damn Queen gatta get on dis

    35. MrLobowa


    36. Alicia Fernández

      that “and we both can agree” sounds like justin bieber

      1. Alicia Fernández

        @LenoxPLi think we’re soulmates

      2. LenoxPL

        Your profile picture is the same as mine so I though I commented this and was like CREEPY

    37. Ketan

      Feel sorry for those who are still typing "hoop trana" to find the song 😂😂😂

    38. KyuubiLee

      1:49 🌶

    39. Joshua Sanchez

      2:21 Wavy af! 🔥🔥

    40. Abhishek Bagaria

      I scorpio killed. Put him to jail

    41. Henna Kaur

      By far my favourite song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    42. Seshcrabz Gaming

      nek minute ty taking his hosre to the old town road

    43. VSM gamer

      🌶️ When u whistled

    44. Frederic Reid


    45. Lierte Jose Laurentino Junior

      Snoop Dogg the next Morgan Freeman

    46. Juice Ryona

      when the music video doesnt match the song

    47. jim_kor


    48. Gear Lord

      This shit look like iMovie

    49. 제리

      Woo chan ah woo chan ah go

    50. JUPITER

      snoop dogg?

    51. ReduX

      the dislikes are people who cant tolerate spice and like sweet

    52. Dillon Smith


    53. Mubashir Khan

      These two can make the best duo of the century fr

    54. Rogério Souza


    55. Antonia Williams

      I liked for snoop dogg voice itself 😂✌🏽

    56. Its Robert1998

      She tryna pull my pants down, I was lightin' up a stoge on my break time 🚬

    57. Nootswarm

      why ty look like he a tmnt

    58. Shadow Clip

      1:57 that slow part sounds like something I’ve heard in an old Pop song, gives me nostalgic vibes

    59. Adiutore Marruso

      Hello Dolla, I Know you since you sing in Italian and your name was Ghali, but this versione of Happy Days/Good Times Is very good.

    60. Frederic Reid


    61. Frederic Reid


    62. kolle rene

      Only snoop dog can do a voice over and intro like dat.. 🔥

    63. Abdulahi Mohamud


    64. Asakjulmhan Seyievinuo

      Love when post says rose-gold... N we both can agree part.. Damn

    65. Jesus Cruz

      Red Dead 2077

    66. *shitty head*

      2020 was the vibe year tbh 💫

    67. Chanel Davis

      Futuristic 🤠 okay, 🔥


      ty dolla sign and post malone that is fired put that song in the water it soooooooooo fired

    69. Cobra_king's


    70. Raid3r63

      uncle snoop too

    71. Israel Borrego


    72. LARA الكيكه

      يل الكل يرجع على شيل البيض

      1. ̶C̶a̶p̶t̶a̶i̶n ̶p̶r̶i̶c̶e̶


      2. S


    73. ما اكره وليد

      تعالو لشيل البيض ✌

      1. S


    74. بسبوس فايف


      1. بسبوس فايف

        @الايهم الحاسي بنورك

      2. Copy Right

        @الايهم الحاسي يب

      3. Copy Right

        @Rdad alrdrod rdrod drdagon نرجع لفيديونا الاصلي حتى تزيد التعليق*ات هناك مو هون 😅

      4. الايهم الحاسي

        الي يكمل يرجع لي اغنيه شيل البيض

      5. Simon Riley ghost


    75. L i

      هلا في أحد؟

      1. ̶C̶a̶p̶t̶a̶i̶n ̶p̶r̶i̶c̶e̶

        @شربت ماي مت ناس تسولف من القافلة ههههههههههه😅 نحن مرات نطفش نسافر رحلة الى بعض الأغاني😂

      2. ̶C̶a̶p̶t̶a̶i̶n ̶p̶r̶i̶c̶e̶

        @بسبوس فايف ههههههه

      3. ̶C̶a̶p̶t̶a̶i̶n ̶p̶r̶i̶c̶e̶

        @L i مدري نرجع على شيل البيض و نشوف

      4. شربت ماي مت

        @بسبوس فايف هههههه😂😂

      5. L i

        بالله في أحد ثاني عنده أغنية أو نعود لأغنية شيل البيض

    76. Trendy •

      another legend ❤️

    77. plxznt

      i had this playing in the background while playing cod and i thought Posty was Juice

      1. Nootswarm

        I still love posty and all, amazing artist, but i was sad that i saw "ft Post Malone" and not juice

    78. JST Playz

      Ty dolla sign is gonna die soon btw

      1. JST Playz

        @Juice Wrld idk but he will soon just remember I said that trust me

      2. Juice Wrld


    79. zer0 Hesitation

      Posty's posted video ❤️🔥

    80. Jacks


    81. pretty flacko


    82. A D A M YT

      Who else came today?

    83. WYS GLOBAL

      Snoop's Intro 🔥

    84. wali safaa

      Hi mark lee if you are watching this.

    85. FatShady

      1:19 우찬아 우찬아 고~

    86. Selene Xhichi


      1. Selene Xhichi

        Que asen

    87. dhanam krishnan

      This song is the next apex legends

    88. Nix On Stix

      Is it just me or does post Malone sound like juice WRLD in this song

      1. Retro Vo1d

        You ain’t tripping dawg

    89. Ryan Gordon

      Hey Ty Dolla $ign big fan of your

    90. Nilofer Shaikh

      Snoop Dogg's narration made it more lit 🔥

    91. Langamba ningombam


    92. sarthak mohite

      Nice movie❤

    93. 48MP l BEAST

      🌶️ 3:08

    94. Arush Singhal

      CYBERPUNK 2078

    95. Rowdy Roberts

      Anyone notice where the guitar case bazooka comes from?

    96. Jessica Unzueta


    97. Trevor C

      Bro Post sound so much like juice wrld in this song

    98. Generation Unknown

      The whole thing from 0:01 to 3:55 🌶️. Facts.

    99. sehaj


    100. AbitOfErthang

      Never really liked main stream till Post Ma hoes lol