BASS OPEN Tournament // Lay Lake Bass Fishing (What happened??)


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    Lay Lake bass fishing can be tricky at times. The tournament was the last Eastern Open Bass Tournament. Honestly, it went really bad. It was my worst tournament finish in about 4 years on the Bassmaster Opens, but I still want to share with you all the tournament footage.
    IG: ty_berger
    I hope you enjoy that bass tournament video and if you do, hit the thumbs up!
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    1. Masaya Music NYC

      Where is your co-angler? Got sick? Good Luck, next year!

      1. Masaya Music NYC

        @BassFishingHQ Wow! You'll be in the Elite series in 2022 and it will look like that (no co-angler)! Are you going to enroll in Northern Opens division, next year? I'll probably take part in 2021 Oneida. Let's practice together if you chose that division - just like 2019 Florida Day2. Happy New Year!

      2. BassFishingHQ

        Hahaha in that tourney they were about 40 co-anglers short so some boaters were out there alone

    2. jonesca62

      Just found your channel. Keep up the great work and better luck next year.

      1. BassFishingHQ

        Thanks for watching!

    3. Ike Taylor

      Thxs. For the video. You fish without a co-angler on day one ☝️. Also nice boat 🐟🎣

      1. BassFishingHQ

        Yea Ike they were 30 COs short in the tourney so some people didn’t have Co Anglers and thanks ;)

    4. Andrew Zellar

      Great stuff man! Love the videos!

      1. BassFishingHQ

        Thanks for watching Andrew!

    5. Tyler Merwin

      Man that looks cold.

      1. BassFishingHQ

        @Tyler Merwin that would be really cool man!

      2. Tyler Merwin

        @BassFishingHQ Joining the Scott Martin KGup crew next season!? lol would be cool to see you there.

      3. BassFishingHQ

        It was dude!!

    6. K Adams

      A city boy like me love watching content like this 🔥🔥🔥🤙🏽

      1. K Adams

        @BassFishingHQ keep it up 👍🏽 brother

      2. BassFishingHQ

        Thanks for watch K Adams! I really appreciate it!