"Line them up! Bring it on!" Conor McGregor ready to takeover the lightweight division | UFC 257

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    Conor McGregor sits down with Adam Catterall ahead of his eagerly-awaited return to the Octagon at UFC 257 vs. Dustin Poirer. Conor reflects on the past 12 months, his role supporting his community throughout the pandemic, a possible return to boxing, Khabib, the lightweight division and his prediction for his Fight Island main event.
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    1. Firas El-Bacha

      McGregor is such an inspiration.

    2. Jason Archer


    3. Foxyboy 1872

      This aged well.

    4. Izzy and Sadie

      Good bye

    5. Chris T

      ain’t happy this didn’t age well lol :/

    6. Damn Son

      Line em up, first guy beats him.

    7. Charming nowhere to hide

      Now Conor can shut his mouth after getting cought sleeping on the job in round two against his superior Dustin "The Diamond" Poirrie...😂🤣😂

    8. Bjury Shehu

      Conor knows how to talk but not to fight my grand father is faster than him


      What a loser. "I'm gonna put on a flawless performance". lol

    10. J PohutukawaTree

      Connor: Line 'em up! Dustin: Back of the line! Tony: Sup brother, welcome to the back of the line.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        He got he's as kicked after a great comeback

    11. No Hau

      Que Dios nos perdone.

    12. Ergüninho De Souza

      This aged like milk


      line em up im ready to take over knocked out lol

      1. hen ko

        When he says line them up, is he talking bout his rape cases??

    14. Ask to seduce Miss

      This aged well... Aged like milk.

      1. hen ko


    15. Ben Nichols

      Lol chump

    16. mikin lirou

      19:55 is when he responds to Jake Paul

    17. Eric Scahill


      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Now Conor can shut his mouth after getting cought sleeping on the job in round two against his superior Dustin "The Diamond" Poirrie...😂🤣😂

    18. R.Johnson

      All about the money I think this time. I think he us ageing faster than his whiskey...

    19. Banana Phone

      Ahahahahahah fookin clown 🤡🤡🤡🤡

      1. mikin lirou


    20. Joanna

      Is it just me or does McGregor sound sick?!?!

    21. Jose Aguirre

      “Floyd looks a bit fat to me man” LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂 dude I can’t man 20:29

    22. Frank Healy

      Taking over the lightweight division...one loss at a time.

    23. Chairil Anwar

      and then he sleep 😅

      1. Joanna

        Well Well Well.......

    24. Paulie Suprano

      Oh Man I'm Irish and a Dubliner and i can't Fookin stand that McGregor fool

    25. Khaled the beast

      He got he's as kicked after a great comeback

    26. Zeeshan Ashraf

      First minute show, Conor is no more fighter. Just a media chump

    27. Zeeshan Ashraf


    28. Madpat

      When he says line them up, is he talking bout his rape cases??

      1. hen ko

        Hey!! Great vid!!

    29. Mike Letterst

      Well this didn't age well

    30. Dynamite Black

      Myhahahhaha. Chicken.

    31. ClayDog MadMan

      Now Conor can shut his mouth after getting cought sleeping on the job in round two against his superior Dustin "The Diamond" Poirrie...😂🤣😂

    32. SiLo Mixing and Mastering

      McGregor will get knocked out by Poirier, the Conor era is almost over

    33. Jose Rios


    34. Ptao Tom

      “I see stiffness in that 25 pound division”. Conor Jr.

    35. Harris Sharif

      cue curb your enthusiasm sound theme

    36. SHA NU

      so what happened?

    37. Saroj Rawat

      Well Well Well.......

    38. Stuart

      this aged well

    39. VAP

      can i get a 'lol'

      1. VAP

        @Lon A thankyou

      2. Lon A


    40. Redds

      he thought he would get the spotlight back to him after khabib retired. nope. khabib took your soul with him. wake up and apologize to khabib .

      1. Ptao Tom

        “I see stiffness in that 25 pound division”. Conor Jr.

    41. Redds

      none gonna be line up to fight a loser. none gonna call out a loser

    42. Cole Steele


    43. T G

      He came , he saw, he got smashed.

      1. Lon A

        'mauled' ;)

      2. Regdu Geht


    44. Sai X

      POV: Here After Round 2 KO

      1. Sai X

        @Regdu Geht I actually like McGreggor. But he definitely couldn’t hold the same arrogant attitude after such an absolute loss by Khabib who was silent in all the press conferences. Khabib definitely smacked McGreggor back to reality.

      2. Regdu Geht

        He used to be so cocky and arrogant. Its like Khabib put a new soul in him.

    45. Candy

      I watched this fight with my boyfriend and his brother and there was so much screaming when he got knocked out.

    46. Cindy June

      What about today?😝😄😀

    47. loud squeal


    48. alfamale05

      Trivia Question: Lateral Epicondylitis is a condition commonly known by what name?

    49. surfrookie1

      Well.... That didn't go so well did it! Cheers

    50. Brendan O'Neal

      Top 10 speeches before disaster

      1. Rayhane Bournas

        #1 UFC 229, #2 Floyd vs McGregor, #3 UFC 257 😂😂😂

    51. Ted Angelo

      Well this didn’t age well

    52. Alucard .Tepes


    53. jojo twice

      Lol dude needs to go back to the drawing board. Like he'd never seen a low kick before. Games moved on, he needs to improve before rushing back. Else hes gonna get knocked out again

      1. Rayhane Bournas

        Funny thing is he's been training for a full year 😂😂😂

    54. 4 REAL

      Such a brutal, senseless sport. Like watching two of Michael Vicks' pitbulls fighting in a ring.

    55. Johnny Ryda

      😂😂😂😂 He got knocked on his arse... Go home..

    56. Poe The Fallen

      Where are my "this is the best version of connor" dudes at? No internet? Bwahahaha

    57. Tay lor

      Complete fookin bell end..dudes a pratt..

    58. Eugene Selyuzhitskiy

      He used to be so cocky and arrogant. Its like Khabib put a new soul in him.

    59. Jeff Evans

      Well Mr. Hotshot got his head knocked out so his retirement is in jeopardy. These guy's just can't set the ego's aside and think they can go on an on,not!!!!!!!!!! We all get old period.

    60. Mike Janson

      Hahaha. Loser. Too much focusing on ur watch than fighting.

    61. dhalsim1

      Conor's leg is an American football in his suit trouser

    62. Mathew McDonald


      1. Regdu Geht

        Who is hear after Porier's knock out victory.

    63. Ameer Kashab

      Khabib ended his career bro

      1. Linda hoe

        No flyod

      2. Regdu Geht

        This didn't age well😅

    64. Curt Sometimes Games

      This didn't age well...

    65. Monster Monster

      Guy looks like a stooge. What has happened to humanity? OMG

      1. Tay lor

        Social media

    66. greeny

      “The King is back”

    67. Aymen أيمن

      Well... that didn't work out did it ??

    68. No Way

      No more line for the Leprechaun 🍀

    69. Johnny Taxpayer

      Steve Urkel and Howie Mandell combined?

    70. Naz Zan

      Someone just got knocked the fook out

    71. CONTENDER791

      The only thing Conors " lining up " is shots of whiskey. He will want a Diaz fight for the money and retire, WATCH. Conor's going the way of Rhonda Rousey, hes stuck in the mud


        Maybe in WWE

    72. Magpie Media

      Silk sheets.

    73. Paulie Suprano

      Perhaps now he will show a little humility

    74. Paul M

      Conor is finished.

    75. parashar bezbaruah

      And the chicken got tko'd in the second round🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    76. Nik Ritz

      This didn't age well😅

    77. Lucas Hantman

      Who’s here when he lost 😳

    78. xEnvyx_- -_

      "I'm going to outclass him and put up an absolute clinic" well, this didn't exactly age too well did it

      1. bobby alvarez

        @C C khabib is laughing at all these guys because he smeshed them all😂

      2. Dave Cook

        Money is bigger than everyone

      3. MrTsango

        @C C khabib had a year layoff before he fought poirier...

      4. C C

        Not many guys can say they went nearly 2 rounds with Porier, especially after a year long layoff from the game. Like to see Khabib do that

    79. Doctor Sam

      Aged Like Milk, Conor's legacy in ruins

    80. Snakebite

      Annnnnnd he got knocked out......

    81. Afakh Patel

      Who's here after conor lost ?

    82. Ryan Bradburn

      This aged well

    83. attck29

      Dang what a loss lol

    84. Rohin ChaOs

      Really, well your boi got knocked out R2😁😁🔥 DP the 💎🔥🦅 Edit: it's a reply to the thumbnail of this video.. 😁😁🔥

    85. Amigo Denчик

      Крутой боец а я снимаю видосики подписывайтесь

    86. Aaron Villareal


    87. T G

      Oh dear

    88. Nanashi -

      About that...

    89. billy joel

      dude dis fake mcgregor..i know gregor..mcgregor dont act like dis dude..where the f***ing real gregor..

    90. Animepro100

      Khabib would MAUL him even worse. I'm glad Tony and Conor didn't get to see the post father Khabib. He's a different animal.

    91. Life Of Carlos

      Who’s here after he got knocked down ?

    92. Brandon

      Well this did not age well

    93. John Austria

      Best version eh? I guess Porier was in his best too 🤣🤣

    94. Jose Mendoza

      Who’s here after he got knocked out

    95. SAJ RAHMAN

      Well then

    96. donjon bro

      After the KO loss 😂

    97. sifatul islam

      Show is over.

    98. Jim Brown

      This aged well like a 95 year old grandmother.

      1. Lit Costello

        Nobody: Conor McGregor: me leg was compromised

      2. Tay lor

        Nah she even aged better

      3. Cole Steele


      4. Poe The Fallen


    99. Mark

      This aged well... Aged like milk.