2020 Basspro.com Bassmaster OPENS LIVE (LAY LAKE FINAL DAY)


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    Check out the Final Day Coverage on Bassmaster LIVE of the 2020 Basspro.com Bassmaster Eastern Open at Lay Lake. #bassfishing #bassmaster #layake
    For more information on this tournament click here: www.bassmaster.com/tournaments/2020-bassprocom-bassmaster-eastern-open-lay-lake
    To check out the LIVE show from the Arkansas River event, click here (PART 1): kgup.info/get/mKilqY6Xn46kpGo/video
    (PART 2): kgup.info/get/YY6je5q5mqCcnYM/video
    To check out the LIVE show from Sam Rayburn, click here: kgup.info/get/Za6Mp5SRpIplfq0/video
    To watch the LIVE show from Lake Hartwell, click here: kgup.info/get/faJhmKSufqNliqE/video
    To watch the LIVE show from Neely Henry, click here: kgup.info/get/qHytpJiWf6mOZm4/video
    To watch the LIVE show from Cherokee Lake, click here: kgup.info/get/Xn6HXqvPkW17h2Y/video
    To watch the LIVE show from Lewisville Lake, click here: kgup.info/get/q5iTo2qzhaR6dnc/video

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    1. Smokn Aces

      I just got to ask..what happened to the quality of all of BASS camera footage. It just totally went to shit in the last 2 years.

    2. Nathan C

      Berkley hooks were SO GOOD that catching the Bass in the lip with only one side of the treble hook Keith had to use pliers to get the hook out of the Bass's Lip! Berkley has a GREAT TREBLE HOOK on their Crankbaits! Here's the Proof!

    3. Ethan L

      Its crazy how fast Keith Carson flips, he makes a flip, lets it sink and then reels it back in

    4. rich warren

      That's funny. Announcer said contestant said anglers were just in the way. Who do these anglers think they are. If it wasn't for all those Anglers out there supporting these pros they wouldn't have anything. As much water there is to fish on any given body you make do and be glad you have a chance to be there. How dare anyone, I mean any angler say that. Some of us normal anglers who just love to fish and would kill to be in that spot know this. Sounds like a god awful excuse for a man to me. All anglers deal with this and you make due as best you can. Spoiled and they don't belong competing. People just sitting there in the way! Wow. You anglers know who you are too. I would take an angler like myself anyday over these pampered baby's. You know who you are!

    5. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Linton local jackpot these b a s s open tournaments is not right they go out fish one tournament fish their local honey holes and self-placed brush piles and then guys that have spent thousands and thousands of dollars fishing the whole series gets screwed don't agree with it at all

      1. Geoffrey Walker

        How does that stack up against a "pro" going out and hiring guides in advance of these tournaments? Just curious. And how else should a guy put himself in a position to pursue a career in fishing? If you thought you were good enough to compete on that level, wouldn't you do it on familiar waters?? I would also like to point out that the highest finishing local fished up river where you cannot sink brush piles. Not to mention, a local amateur has to take off a week of work just to fish the tournament which is a pretty good amount of skin in the game for someone who doesn't fish for a living. These "pros" are big boys... they know what they're up against. Personally, I find it much more offensive that a "pro" (no matter who your dad was) would come to an Open and hire a "guide" to compete against 22 year old guys who happen to live in the area (and Lay isn't even their home water). Just my opinion... there is more than one side to it.

      2. fishfighter73156

        Happens at all the open events. It’s still tough even if your a local. Dustin Connell didn’t make the cut. He’s a pro and this is his home lake. Roll Tide!

    6. Albert v. Wyk

      I pitty the fools that spend their time here, disliking these video's!

    7. Chris Groves

      I love it when a tin boat beats them 90k glass boats.

      1. Chris Groves

        Him and John are good friends

      2. fishfighter73156

        He’s in John Cox boat.

      3. Geoffrey Walker

        In fairness, it was a loaner and he has one of the fancy rigs, too.

    8. Norma Kennedy

      Very proud of Clint Miller, thanks Bass Masters for giving him his dream . Yes I am his mother.

      1. Mack Tidwell


      2. Norma Kennedy

        @Scott Frost Thank you. I tried to raise my boy to always have respect. I am proud of him . Thank you again.

      3. Scott Frost

        @Norma Kennedy very well mannered son. With a boat load of talent (no pun intended)

      4. Norma Kennedy

        @Geoffrey Walker I know you are proud of him. I am so happy for you and him . Congratulations.

      5. fishfighter73156

        I fish in a BASS club in Alabama. One of the younger members in our club fished a tournament with his mom as co-angler. She kicked our butt! Biggest sack and big fish! Congrats to your son!

    9. Matthew Held

      Why are there no open events in the west?

      1. Scott Frost

        Agree Mathew

      2. Matthew Held

        @silly guy seems like it would be easy enough. Enough young and hungry fishermen and outdoorsman to make that happen at a relatively respectable expense. Many of the top Pro’s have came off the west coast and now aren’t in the bass series; seems like wide open territory for BASS.

      3. silly guy

        They would have to open an office out west to have tournaments out west

    10. Road Runna Bink

      Let me out there I'll show em how to fish for da big boys

      1. Mark Trinidad


      2. Derek Williams

        You can sighn up and qualify give it a shot brotha i would root for ya

      3. Scott Frost

        Oh lord here’s another one ☝️

    11. Road Runna Bink

      They kinda small

    12. david Seibers

      Hey hey

    13. Ra Lo

      👀 🍺🍺