I Sent Preston to Among Us School... *low IQ*


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    I Sent Preston to Among Us School... *low IQ* with Brianna 👊
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    1. Brianna

      subscribe if you know who the imposter is! 🧐

      1. Jadey Pinkgirl

        It’s white And bri u inspired me to do KGup and Preston:) My KGup channel: Jade Pinkgirl

      2. Foxy Playz


      3. Trudie ponce de leon

        It’s John because he killed nick

      4. Jayden Ha

        I’m not working today because you want me you don’t want me

      5. Sofia Asher

        Hi I sub to you, And I want to be like you

    2. Tfm Dripy

      Preston: no I listen to anime song Me:uhhhhhhhhhhhHhhhhhHHHhhhhhhh

    3. Mariah_gacha-cookies Cookie

      I think orange he failed all the tasks

    4. Bobby Mac


    5. Ady Ady

      No but I still listen to anime music:Preston 2020

    6. Bhavya Thakkar

      Footage not found was a dope one😂

    7. Anabelle Moronta-paredes

      brooo bri y are you so mean to white y you sabatoge thats just wrong

    8. Bella Arreguin

      There is going to be 4 Among Us Maps so Nick is basically wrong

    9. Adrena Watson

      Preston was an imposter

    10. Taejmilien Gaming

      brianna it's u

    11. Aneka Sakti

      I play among us

    12. Wade Y. Tan


    13. miara solei francheska r. bamba

      John is the imposter it just said it

    14. Keilis Acosta

      IT Preston

    15. red eyes mad eyes

      There's no wires in reactor

    16. Mckaylee Howard

      Why is Bree always the teacher

    17. Midnight Afton

      This was posted on my birthday

    18. Jennifer Blaney

      She’s blind John put purple into red and he put red into purple

      1. Jennifer Blaney


      2. Jennifer Blaney

        So he gets a

    19. oraonelanla

      there is not 93 among us hats

    20. Ayfer Sahin

      I think preston

    21. Sash P

      You sus

    22. Sarah Bataienh

      You are the most beautiful

    23. Gracie Hollan

      it is!!!

    24. Paris Paisley

      It is nick

    25. Aaron Wheeler

      On the beginning I thought the imposter was Preston

    26. Lauren Bowden

      Pause it at 14:19 seconds

    27. Denise Woodhouse

      I love your video

    28. ironshamrox00

      Nick was the imposter

    29. Ayden Tucker


    30. Felix Aina

      He is so sus

    31. Felix Aina

      It is Preston for sure

    32. Shani Smith

      I think its white mocha or preston

    33. Dynasty Corez_


    34. Luna Lundberg

      I Think its preston

    35. Aiden Chow

      White Big sus

    36. House Franks

      I am a beta tester so if you have any ideas future updates I am sopposed to tell inner sloth

    37. kareem qana

      red sus

    38. megandcait vlogs

      emergency meeting: orange he killled in front of me in caf i was doing trash in the right upper side

    39. Zian Jay Pabilona

      2019:yes 2020:yis

    40. Dos Markus Valbuena

      Brianna all the maps is three

    41. markers

      I hate your class

    42. CasperChichun ROBLOX GAMING

      Google was wrong among us came out in 2017 December.

    43. PA Roberts

      I actually have those same throwing knives that they were using

    44. Pee es

      White is the importer because she is she always win

    45. Roblox Kid

      Preston had 2 he won

    46. Sofa G


    47. Leo mire

      Among us is fun

    48. Tina Heckman

      green is sus

    49. Karma Queen


    50. Solahuddin

      I'm just kidding I'm a crew member

    51. Solahuddin

      I am muhahahahahahaha

    52. Kelly M.

      Brianna I think it was imposter one

    53. Kelly M.

      I do not think it was Preston

    54. Bailey Flannery

      i want to go to this school

      1. Bailey Flannery

        like if agre

    55. Soph E

      My friend: your sus Me:I know HAHAHAHA my friend: you are so bad at among us Me : I know My friend : she clearly doesn't know how to play among us Every one else : I know who is the imposter it's your friend My friend: NOOOOOKIOO

    56. Soph E

      Its John I know it leave a like if you agree or comment if you dont .

      1. Andrew Phillips


      2. sara kauffmann

        No knife emoji

      3. sara kauffmann

        Actually not really

      4. sara kauffmann


    57. ContributorNashville

      Hey I love u bree!!

    58. Shamal. K Roy

      ,wait I just noticed this was posted on my birthday :D

      1. Energized Ava

        Happy birthday guys

      2. Midnight Afton


    59. Amber Little


    60. Sydney Zaleski


    61. Isabella Michael


    62. Lulu Liu

      I think it is peink

    63. April Duchesneau

      im having Among Us cake for my birthday

    64. Levi Hughes

      i subed but i do not know lol

    65. Terry Haynes

      Sans: whattup red dude *cyan walks in* * red kills cyan * Sans: ITS A BEUTIFUL DAY OUTSIDE THE BIRDS ARE SINGING ON DAYS LIKE THESE IMPOSTERS LIKE YOU.......... S H O U L D B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L Me: like this if ur an undertale fan

    66. Alaina Robinette


    67. The boss Don’t mess with me

      You huzbind

    68. Dyler's Wacky World

      what the what are you doing😠

    69. Cathrine Trotter

      Brianna it is madisyn

    70. Tajus Lukosius


    71. Kat Lam


    72. Ali rashid

      I had 100,000 die yes why are you not why am writing again to K subscribers that much and you’re not giving me anything

    73. Michael Gardner

      You are amazing

    74. Khaled Marden

      Why is the screen black

    75. tere sanchez

      Idk White is sus

    76. Enfant Richard

      100% jhon is the imposter

    77. Tiffany Friedlos

      I don't like you nick

    78. Tiffany Friedlos

      I love you

    79. Bananana Fan

      I hate you brianna

    80. Bob Fgyh

      I HAVE YOU

    81. Jeffrey Jandoc

      Brianna you're my sisters now

    82. jessica bonilla

      I think it’s John bc in the 2 rounds he’s acting like mr.perfect that’s why I think it’s John idk why

    83. 2 Puppies and Ginger

      No one: Not a single soul: Not even Bri and her pink suit: Preston: That would bE a GrEaT pLaCe To HiDe a BoDy

    84. f R a z e s t o y


    85. Abul Khalakazaman

      Green sis ngl

    86. Autumn Smith

      Is chuckles in this

    87. XxBrandonplayzxX

      There is 4 one is coming out in dec 10

    88. Emerald King

      How do you get the suits and what are they called

    89. Marina Aviles

      Um clearly you telled Stephen to sabatoge preston SO ITS STEPHEN

    90. Christina Miller

      He’s not a twelve out of 10 it’s 11.99 🙋‍♀️

    91. Amber Belinda

      Can I be your friend

    92. Lily Chorny

      prestion is imp

    93. Gregory Arnold


    94. Autumn Miles

      I thought the imposter was Preston or John but then I realised Preston vented in the start XD

    95. Hanaplays Roblox and songs

      Funny 😆

    96. Tilly morris


    97. Jean Kuzirian

      Its 12 not 1 I know

    98. ii_qinydays

      This is a SoUnD level meter lol

    99. Jennifer Morin

      Fffvcc ccfcdf

    100. TheWeirdChannel TWC

      Nick is the most ugliest person