Subscriber TEAM TOURNAMENT vs. SCOTT MARTIN on Lake Okeechobee!

Scott Martin

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    Big Bass Subscriber Challenge on Lake Okeechobee. We all go head to head in this Fishing Challenge. We also show them how to catch bass on this lake.
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    High School Anglers:
    -Dawson Ettinger
    -Parker Staley
    -Logan Pate
    Pro Anglers:
    -Scott Martin
    -Brandon Medlock
    -Tom Mann Jr.
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    1. Aidan Choike

      Hey Scott I really want to fish with you someday I’ll do anything to fish with you I’ll even give you 20$

    2. cheng chue

      Watching Scott Martin set the hook on a fish is like watching someone score a about putting the steel to one

    3. True Blue

      Awesome videos like always, I learn something every time in your videos. Got a question tho, what reels do you use and do you use braid or mono?

    4. BassGeek

      Awesome day with some kids. Keep'em fishing.

    5. 517 shenanigans Frazier

      If your ever in Michigan I’m game to do a little 1v1 lol

    6. Evansmithvlogs

      Can’t believe the six dislikes

    7. Denning12591

      I'd love to do this!! Fish with and learn from the pros!

    8. Chris H

      Scott, what do you call the move you make with the bass just before you throw the bass back?👊👊👊

    9. Layton atwood

      Did you grow up fishing lake Okechobee??

    10. Brandon Wade

      With everything going on in the world today it's nice to be able to give back like you do Scott, that's memories those young men will remember all their lives

    11. JJ's favorite cousin Heinrichs

      I know I'm late but are you going to keys for mini season

    12. Aztec Anglers

      Very cool outing. Great stuff.

    13. Dad_Sandals

      what ranger boat model is that

    14. Chris 1

      This is good stuff👍👍👍

    15. addicted_to_ bass

      Finally a bass fishing video.

    16. Michael Hernandez#fishingking

      The cool part is I used to fish with Dawson in jr bass master and now he is fishing with u I just hope one day I can fish with u

    17. Henry Rosener

      Why are the bass spawning again

    18. TheRL CC

      Your my fav tournament fisher

    19. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      That’s what Fishing is all about. More people on KGup should watch this and take an example, take someone out fishing please, it’s fun to watch all you catch fish but it’s more fun to see someone else on your boats for the first time and having a good time catching fish. 💪💪💪😁😎🙏👍👍👍👍👌👌👌🎣🎣🎣

    20. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      Awesome format to take them out with 3 different Pro fisherman in 3 different boast and swap every 2 or 3 hours. Really exciting to watch just like MLF but for young man or big boys. Absolutely awesome 👏😎👍👍👍👌👌👌💪💪💪🎣🎣🎣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🍺🍺🍺

    21. John White

      Love seeing your involvement promoting the outdoors with the youth in these trying times!!!

    22. New England bass assiassin

      1v1 on lake Champlain

    23. Johnny Ayers

      I'm handicap and in a wheelchair, but have a Pride scooter that ride ride to a boat dock and fish. Thats not to often. But I can always watch you fishing and feel like i'm there. Thank you

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome..keep it up. 🙏🏼👊🏼

    24. SomeGuy OnAPhone

      Awesome job getting those boys out on the water!!

    25. Will Cox

      Love the vids and that was really nice of u

    26. JustFishing🎣

      Love your videos Scott, I’ve been shopping for a small boat and I really like the one you used for this challenge also seen a video with your daughter Hillary using it , was wondering if you can tell me a little bit about it? thanks.

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s a Ranger Phantom 16ft Good for shallow “calm” water. It’s a fun little boat

    27. Henry Theiling

      Liking the ranger skiff fishing. Let’s see some push poling

    28. Chris Craven

      Great Job Brother Man! Those guys can fish and to have you guys coach and encourage them plus them donating to charities, what a great video and deal!

      1. Scott Martin


    29. Jordan Anderson

      Why’s he in a salt water bay boat?

    30. Donald Touchton


    31. Ronald Martin

      It would be cool to see trash-talking James in the video like this going against other boys his age be interesting. , I just love trash-talking James an is Southern Bayou Twain which he has when he speaks love me some trash talkin James Yoo-hoo

    32. Danny Shelton

      Love how you share your blessings with other people, this video and the one on your 42 footer with all those other guys in the Keys! The Lord blesses those who bless others ! Thanks man, we appreciate you Scott.

    33. Lawrence Ordone

      Whoever dislikes a video like this needs to be banned from your channel. This is what is about passing on the torch

      1. Scott Martin

        They should have to state the reason..very sad

    34. Jake Porter

      I like the UFC fighters mechanics and boat swinging skills

    35. silly guy

      I have a bfl coming up. What colors are they bitting on

    36. Phil Williams

      Awesome video will be fishing their next month hope to duplicate what you guys are doing

    37. Parker Stalvey

      Very grateful for this opportunity! It was definitely a day I will never forget. Thanks again for taking the time to take all of us out.

      1. Scott Martin

        You did awesome!!

      2. Parker Stalvey

        Bradley Hines ... thank you! It was an awesome day.

      3. Bradley Hines

        Yall all did great buddy.. congrats by the way

    38. Larry Corley

      Really cool

    39. Stanley Shelby

      Really enjoyed it Scott...thanks tons.

    40. Brian Nauss

      Wish I could catch em like you do... Here in VA I'll fish for 10 hours & catch 4 dinks & MAYBE a 3 pounder if I'm lucky...

    41. Laura Scott

      Love that it was so close!

    42. Nick Stoffel

      You and the second kid clicked so well it was really cool to watch

    43. Anggiat Parulian

      Give me your lucky rod champion..

      1. Anggiat Parulian

        Send me your rod to my home indonesia i really meant it champion.. 😊

    44. Matt Bradley

      When did you shoot this? You got your old gear, Okuma. Favorite is the deal, glad you’re with them now.

    45. Wild world with Krinja

      Love ur vids and i learn a lot from these. Really enjoy them. Plz reply

    46. Landry Sawyer

      What reel are you using would it work on a 6’9 medium rod

      1. Zach Winn

        shimano metanium MGL and how it would do on that power and length rod depends on what you would want to do with it, but it would probably do pretty well.

    47. DG Mills

      This was cool to see 3 teens fish along side a pro per boat! Congrats Boys, that had to be an experience that will never be forgotten!

    48. xader4

      Love how you interact with your followers and the youth in general. Keep it up.

    49. Cole V

      This is so awesome of you Scott. Could tell how excited they were to just be in your presence. THIS is why you're my favorite Fisherman. All about the kids and the sport. 🙏🏻

    50. Nathan Bertalan

      Is it just me or does anyone else release the bass by Scott’s special way?

      1. Scott Martin

        Hey now that’s trademarked 😂

    51. Patrick McCarl

      Scott you and your family are amazing. I absolutely love your videos. I laugh everytime I watch them. Thank you!!!

    52. Lumpiest of Coles

      This was an awesome video Scott!!!!!! You guys should do this a lot more it was super cool to watch the kids go head to head

    53. Dropment

      Anyone know what worm he was throwing?

    54. Bill Taylor

      Go Parker! Booger Buzz Baits!!

    55. Timothy Welch

      Great person. I appreciate what you do for everyone.

    56. Juicyfish

      Love u so much shout me out pls 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍

    57. Rowdy Broomstick

      Alot of different Rod's being used in this video, okuma's ,duckett's, veritas, and even some I didn't recognize

    58. Andrew Hines

      Love the vids Scott keep it up. Me and my family loves you

    59. Gene G

      Scott, love you man, give those dudes something they did a awesome job. 🦽

    60. Jake Cook

      Would love to see you find a local high school or college team vs you and pops! If they win, you two donate to their programs. Weather it’s knowledge, cash, baits, ect.

    61. D Mac

      Hey Scott, have you decided what engine you'll be running next year?

    62. jessica nixon

      Scott is my favorite pro 😂😁

    63. Brent Boxall

      Tom Mann Jr. !!!! THE BEST!

    64. Jeremiah LBFG

      I wish I was there man 🤧😭

    65. Anthony Polisseni

      You should’ve went to bass master in clayton new york

    66. Bassin Assassin

      I wish i could’ve done that

    67. Alex McKinnon Fishing


    68. Mick Anderson

      G'day Scott am a fan from Australia, I get some good tips from you to try on our Native Bass down here .Keep the vids coming Knackers and stay safe Mate Mick

      1. Mick Anderson

        Come down for a beer and a bass

      2. Mick Anderson

        @Scott Martin Cheers Bloke we got some beautiful rivers and lakes to catch our bass

      3. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome! Maybe one day I’ll get “down under” to catch some Ausie bass.

    69. Jake Martin

      Loving the videos! Can't wait to see the catches on fish brain too! You and Hilary keep up the hard work!

    70. Scott Jewett

      that sucks the kids dont get any cash . im sure they could use some for school cloths .

      1. Parker Stalvey

        We got to choose a charity of our choice for our money to be donated to. We were very grateful for the opportunity and a chance to give back. ...Made it all that much better!

    71. Lawson Smith

      Got my little getter today, lol that’s would be my dream boat

    72. Frederic Gaertner

      Love the vids

    73. Austin Cobb

      Why are you using okuma??

    74. Brian Gonzalez

      Scott, we should go fishing. Love the video

    75. Charles Tusin

      Scott when is your next B. A. S. S. tournament?

      1. Scott Martin

        Hopefully September 10th in Texas.

    76. Richie _k_68

      That’s great to take the kid’s out and get them away from the TV and all the electronics get them out there and do some fishing !! 🎣🎣✌🏼

    77. Darrell Freeman

      Keep up the good work with the youth Scott

    78. SmallWater Charters

      Another good video 👍👍👍

    79. Rui Valentim

      Always awesome to watch these vids....makes me eager to get back out on the water after this long hard lock down, which we actually are on Aug 15 for the continuation of our trail....BAM!!!

    80. Nico posluszny

      Love you’re videos I wish I could go fishing with you one day

    81. Officialboatinghypehouse

      Dude I love your vids you inspire me I would love it if you replied🤙🏼

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks very much!!👊🏼👊🏼

    82. Noah Moreno

      Love the videos

    83. Noah Moreno

      Hey scott

    84. Sawyer Fishes

      love it and just started watching

      1. Scott Martin


    85. Logan Conrad

      hey scott!!!!!

    86. Payton’s Cookies

      Hey scott love your vids i love bass fishing my birthday is the 5th

      1. Scott Martin

        Awesome! Happy early birthday 👊🏼👊🏼

    87. Guitar Girl

      I love all your Videos tell Hilary I said Hi! oH and if you could can you try to fish lake Sinclair in Ga

    88. David Sapp

      44 like lol I was close enough

    89. Garrett Ludlow

      Keep it going Scott love the vids

    90. Michael Neal

      What’s the water level on Okeechobee

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s about 12.5 right now

    91. Crystal Brown

      hey scott

    92. Talan Mercer

      You vids are awesome scot

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      Hey Scott

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      Also love your vids

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      Second love the vids Scott

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      Hi Scott love your videos can you possibly fish lake chicamauga

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