Building a Sauna Cabin with Logs in the Wilderness Alone with My Dog | Start to Finish

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    The complete off grid sauna, bathhouse build from start to finish on my land in the Canadian wilderness. 12 months of Cali, my golden retriever dog, supervising and helping me build the cabin alone, mostly with traditional hand tools, dealing with harsh weather, biting insects and distracted by the incredible scenery and wildlife of Ontario, Canada.
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    7. sarwestside

      Great work, mister! Is 60C enough for you? In Russia, we usually heat a "sauna" at least 80, and put hats on our heads.

      1. My Self Reliance

        I prefer it hotter too, so in my new bathhouse I need to insulate it better

    8. amber tappa

      Well I'd have to say u are definitely self reliant on everything here... n ur dog loves chasing the wood chips that fling off the wood as you work. This takes alot of patience and hard work. You can see by this video u love what your doing. Amazing to watch.

    9. Mark Miller

      Trying to understand the scribing process and how you are setting the scribe to a different width each time. Are you measuring the thickness of the log at the beginning then cutting the scribe width down by half of the delta. So starting with the fat end lets say 10 inches then skinny end is 8 your scribe width would have to lessen by 1 inch? How do you determine the starting scribe width? maybe the measurement of the resting loge over the other log on the elbow? Great video, thanks!

    10. Mila Vita

      Золотые руки

    11. Buddyboi

      wow his dog all grown up now he used to be small! :D

    12. rosrebel

      Clever man ..earning money from this movie ...I am sure it’s what u can’t see ......and in the real world who gets the time to do this kind of work ....I live rurally still have to work and still chop wood ......u gotta understand people ..go out there and do it yourselfs t watch ...go do it ...👍

    13. Fayz3r

      Wow! It took less than 2hrs to build?

    14. Glitch_ Orb

      Doggo just does all the work

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    17. Haiden Geary

      Cali is so beautiful, you really are an amazing team.

    18. xenocates

      This man is like a living Frost River add

    19. Jeremy C

      Beautiful dog

    20. Peter Rebic

      Hey,,Im Pete the Boilerman..NYC oil/gas burner mechanic 40 years plus, so im more a metal guy opposed to wood working etc. Im tottally impressed with your skills having a few myself especially i usally rel on myself in completing all sorts work n tasks. But to b honest got me was i think ur only using GLUE to or abut the door planks together?.. hmmmm i never thought glue would stand up to such forces etc even whislt u were sawing,fabricating said Well any way kudos to u ..great work,,nice to see other self reliant trade like genuises at work n play.. Pardon spelling i never correct,, u get the drift etc.. Thanks again very interesting..PR

    21. Dorin Circa

      Absolutely fantastic"

    22. Миру Мир

      Золотые руки и светлая голова...привет вам из Украины г.Одесса))

    23. Chriss B.

      Me while watching this video: "Oh my god, i gonna build this thing myself." Me 10 Minutes after the video: "Well... naaaah"

    24. BlueEyez

      These long videos really help ease my anxiety, thank you for continuing to post them!

    25. Alessandro Contin

      Thus is a research of perfect.

    26. Alessandro Contin

      One man band..... With respect. Alessandro

    27. Alessandro Contin

      Compliment for your gorgeous construction, is perfect, how many years you think It during in the time in your condition of weather. Thank you. Alessandro Contin from Padua Italy

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    31. Pets House

      very nice

    32. Oscar Lista

      I love this video.

    33. Toweliewahn

      do he know, that we have corona ?

    34. timothy green

      amazing. me and my missus have this dream but looks like we wouldnt be allowed. if you know someone whom wants to take on an apprentice im ya man. keep choppin'.

    35. Blondie56

      I want to live there!

    36. Anna Sano'

      Bravo x la tua grande esperienza e forza Anna

    37. Maiken Buus

      What material is he using for roof? the material under the grass?

    38. Juanito Perez Kas Kou

      es un genio lo unico que no se es porque decide no isar moto sierra...

    39. katiuska frock

      Can you build me a sauna ? Do you have a company? Looking to build in NC

    40. Geo. Miller

      For awhile there, I thought he was building something on his new property. But as time went on it began to look like his sauna at the primary location and I looked then to see when he published...a year ago. It’s the first compound, not the new one. I wonder if that guy who has been harassing him and his family is still at it. Can he not get some kind of legal protection from that kind of harassment ?

    41. Jeremy Sewell

      OMG!!! 39:22 I jumped towards my screen thinking he dropped log on the dogs head.

    42. Ana Nyu

      mas que ver los videos los escucho haha

    43. Jonathan Martinez

      Here I am thinking he’s making some type of mortise joint and he made his own hammer lmao

    44. ennis314

      sponsored by DeWalt, i think not,,

    45. 칼크

      당신은 목공사입니까!? 아니면 취미로 목공을 하시는건가요.?? 실력이 매우 휼륭합니다. ♥..♥

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      Love from Sweden you make my day better love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    50. monica licciardo

      espero que plantes todos los arboles q destruis del bosque majestuoso y proveedor del oxigeno q respiramos...solo para darte tu egoista gusto...y solo por darte tu gusto egoista y ni que decir de las pieles de animales q mataste

    51. Sreedhara Naidu

      The pet that is supervising the man needs to wear safety glass and boots and hearing protection where necessary. Very unprofessional otherwise.

    52. りようかん

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      I couldn't help but subscribe as soon as I saw that door. Wow.

    55. Ana Paiva Martins

      Ó homem é um gênio, transformou tudo em coisas úteis, 💯

    56. Serafin Tito Asher

      The dogs always bring her toy😆😊

    57. Theresia Operenyi

      you and my husband are very SUPER

    58. Theresia Operenyi

      but now he is died

    59. Theresia Operenyi

      wow. You are very handworking. My husband was as you

    60. valma martin

      I think that sauna is awesome,,

    61. Scott Whitty

      Sweet baby jesus, this guy!!!

    62. Jing Lu

      Came to watch a man building a cabin, fell in love with the golden retriever! Such a good boy, patiently waiting for the owner to throw his toy, tail wagging but no barking. Awwwww ❤️

    63. Inkheart

      강아지 씬 스틸러

    64. Ayush Kumar

      What about the gaps in between the walls

    65. Corey Smith

      I miss my dog

    66. Zerouali Jehad

      Vraiment un grand Artiste

    67. Daniel Badyan

      such a good dog

    68. ROBBIE SUN

      Thats some serious WORK! and in the winter! no wonder you wanted a sauna!

    69. Milton

      Is it legal to come to woods cut down trees and build it? It's awesome though.

    70. Ryder Creed

      Can anyone tell me how can he cut trees like this on purpose. In our contry cut down a tree we need a permit. If I have a opportunity like this i will be living in a heavan like this guy. Also keep up good work mister its a masterpiece.

    71. Citizen Carry Channel

      I must say: I am wholly impressed as well as envious of your abilities and situation. What a beautiful life. It’s defined by practicality and the appreciation of beauty. God bless you.

    72. John Toe

      Cute dog!

    73. Alam Miaji

      Super Osadaron

    74. Airwaves

      Wow! You are my hero! Your work iz amazing. Thank you very much for shearing your skills :D

    75. Vrio vrio

      how fortified is your base?

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      You have an amazing attention to detail here. You really seem to thought of this house in a mathematical sense.

    78. Bruno Magagnin

      Como ele carrega a câmera?🙄

    79. Janet Brown

      I really get a kick out of watching your dog when throwing snow or wood chips flying, she is so cute & just wants to play. She is always ready when you throw her red bottle. Do you ever get too sore to work?

    80. Alex Bay

      You r not alone, may the dog be with u 🐶

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    82. Morgan

      He actually builed a whole house in like 2 hours

      1. Beidou Mihoyo

        @Youknow Me 🤣🤣

      2. Youknow Me

        Right? and Constructions site workers take like Months to build 1 House smh my Head..

    83. Jeremy H.

      Log cabin sauna. What? lol.

    84. D V

      hahah that dog is great. not to mention your skills, sir

    85. Abu Zaid Khan

      That's a real man if I have ever seen one.

    86. R. C

      Espectacularmente admirable, lo k hace más encima lo hace todo con herramientas manuales gran esfuerzo, y lo hace todo solo, si yo fuera su esposa estaría todo el rato ayudándolo saludos y k Dios lo bendiga desde Chile

    87. Tony P

      That was awesome!

    88. Gods Squad

      Who else gets to smile every time he throws the dog his toy

    89. Gods Squad

      Indiana Jones goes off the grid

    90. Nicole Stevenson

      Pope Francis

    91. Курди Курдистан

      this guy someone must had payed him otherwise he wont do this for free and pleasure

    92. midnight toker

      cheers for sharin,,,,,,,,

    93. Cory Stuard

      CrossFit...wilderness style.

    94. Zemine Qarayeva

      Supper supper

    95. musica come lingua

      good job...without machines ...lucky dog

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    97. Anonymous Farawayland

      This is what I called a "Labor of Love". Well done, Sir!

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      Great home .

    100. Ivàn Guevara

      Que dolor ver como matan tantos árboles ¡¡¡¡