Life of Bradley Martyn

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    Bryce Hall & Tayler holder give me their best punches...whos going to punch harder?? the KGupRS OR THE TIK TOKERS... AUSTIN MCBROOM IS UP NEXT...
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    1. Zack Desroches

      Love brads videos! Hopefully I get to train at his gym one day. Deadass would be a dream for me to train with him!

      1. Eric Brito Fitness

        Same bro

      2. Zack Desroches

        @J.A.R. Family that would be interesting

      3. J.A.R. Family

        I'd like to see him do a video of series of him taking someone from never worked out and full Training

      4. Bribro3

        His gym is AMAZING!! Definitely worth a visit!!

      5. Dark Star King

        You just want his drugs.

    2. Dyxsn

      Bryce hall hooks like a female: and proven

    3. Bob Jamaica

      Zero technique on those body shots 😂😂 weak ass rabbit punches this dude don’t even have his fundamentals down 🤦🏻‍♂️


      Soft ass punches

    5. Jeo M

      Seen their other vibs My sister hits harder no cap 🤣

    6. Immortal ZEN

      Kid: Mom, Can we have Drake Bell? Mom: No, son, we have Drake Bell at home. Drake Bell at home:

    7. Kingin 24-7

      Idk about those body shots... Ik they are tik tokers or whatever but they don’t have the body mechanics down for throwing efficient shots. Good thing it’s tiktok vs YT n not real boxers with the understanding of throwing the right shots and with good or perfect form

    8. Olivia Bc19

      I don’t take sides in situations like these. But I think Bryce is going to get dropped. Bryce needs to put his money where his mouth is.

    9. n0tking

      from watching this, bryce thinks hes all tough and shi😂

    10. Fabijan† Kajic†


    11. Anas Nadif

      bryce is off the juice

    12. Xo Summers

      Bryce felt so embarrassed when he said Taylor hit harder lmao and he’s on the undercard

    13. Luke Book

      He doesn’t hit street is hitting weird- Bryce get off the fucking Rod

    14. David

      You eve lift bro? Looking small

    15. Niccolo Lobaton

      Bryce has been doing lots of cardio and drinking

    16. Christian Luczejko

      This is so corny. Not a ounce of self awareness between all these kids.

    17. abdul akhtar

      well now we know that these tiktokers are going to get knocked out

    18. Happy Mohamed

      Keeep killin emmm Bradley! youre destroying the youtube game!

    19. Lower Zero

      This man picked a booger in front of millions, legend

    20. Thf Hitta

      4:06 thats not hook lmao

    21. Cody Williams

      Woaj woaj, how was Taylor's first better then any of Bryce

    22. Eleven

      KSI's and Logan's one punch made this guy almost cry in pain and Bryce hit him multiple times but didn't make him feel nothing

    23. Craig M

      Didnt mention stevewilldoit in the title because you are scared the DEA are watchin. Steve wont get you age restricted the drugs charges you caused will bro.

      1. Craig M

        Brad doesn't sell drugs he is a legend who steve loves and so do i

    24. Joe Rodriguez

      Bradley tryna be a tik tok fuck boy with those earrings

    25. Aarush

      4:09 all I heard was some poop making unidentified noises

    26. Megan Dible

      I hope Austin gets his ass handed to him .

    27. Fuzexy-212

      Lmao tayler got tired of punching he got no power at all

    28. Lia Lkr Murrie

      Bryce u need to hit harder if you wana take down Austin, orelse I don't know about this🙂

    29. Joel Bradley

      4:03 pffffft what was that.

    30. Jeremy H

      Bryce got pillow punches

    31. lil cuh

      I just want all the tiktoker's to get knocked out

    32. Dylan Nemione

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yo these dudes gotta stick to dance videos.

    33. LH Prod.

      these boys are weak

    34. Leonides Sanchez

      Jake, Logan, and Kai would destroy each and every single one of them in a boxing match

    35. Jellevip

      Bradley martyn the type of dude to get hyped when he gets punched

    36. Scrumpyjim16

      I Bet both of them get knocked out

    37. Dead Inside

      Bryce needs learn bout range wit the pressure an control of your fuckin punch b

    38. JV 16

      They both hit weak asf🤣and they deadass dk how to punch

    39. Gabriel RosalesPrieto

      Bruh if he had trained as much as he said he would be way better ,i train everyday and ima 15 and i throw way better

    40. Joyce M

      My question is. Nvm ima stfu

    41. african kaleab

      Jesus is Lord. Jesus is King. True Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.

    42. Jimmie Luna

      Quan from Riss an quan he’s a KGupr who boxes

    43. kingslayer44

      bryce said he has to come to the gym in a thong with a shirt that says brycs little bitch seams kinda gay to me

    44. Yahya5705

      Hope Bryce get ko’d

    45. saintfredoo

      Bryce Hall can’t fight on god

    46. Max Sult

      These kids are a bunch of pansies. Bryce ain’t knocking anyone out. Sheeesh

    47. Young Dreek


    48. Kerim Sor

      4:09 dying villager

    49. Vortex Fishy

      Brad needed a pad and still got a reaction from Logan and ksi bryces didn’t even hurt him

    50. Cut the Camera’s

      their trainer can't punch harder than ksi and logan tf

    51. RAiINzFN

      Tayler was a boxer did yall forget

    52. James.s

      bryce's for is trash

    53. Only fights good boxers

      One hits harder but none hit hard...

    54. Jackie Rael

      Instead of pulling the booger out of your nose you should've just waited for him to hit you again maybe he would've knocked it right out! 🤣

    55. arc

      this just shows that JJ and Logan are a whole different level lol

      1. PlatinumStrikes

        Big facts

      2. Fuzexy-212

        @Mex Bell fr and he said he went 40 percent lmao this whole event is gonna be embarrassing

      3. Mex Bell

        And Logan only jabed him

      4. Alphagaming

        @mehrad sadat it Taxxx

      5. mehrad sadat

        @Rag 97 ITS STACKS!!!

    56. Yumi

      I hope Austin knocks out bryce, he thinks he’s all that

    57. Raesean Thomas

      Ddg is going to knock taylor out

    58. Cavs 4life93

      Jake Paul has all these spoiled eboys and their child fan bases thinking they are trained killers

    59. Gintekka

      They already think they're good...

    60. Yanni


    61. the cube

      Imagine Jake Paul Vs Tayler Holder

      1. the cube

        @Tw11stedMenace i know but let see what happens if this actually happened

      2. Tw11stedMenace

        Jake will knock him out (just because he has way more experience than Taylor)

    62. sxk Hoodfame

      Nvm the question is how many can you take without the gloves

    63. sxk Hoodfame

      The question is how many punches can you take 😈😭

    64. Spoink.GODSENT

      You should do this with Danny Duncan

    65. jayfron

      Taylor’s got a real nice jab. Looks like it stung

    66. J deKock

      that "uncss" from bryce tho 3:51

    67. dekudrips

      You can tell Logan and ksi were way better than these tiktokers

    68. dekudrips

      KGup for the win!

    69. LovettMan01

      Remember Brad could only take a few body shots from jj and could take so many from that yanky 🤣🤣

    70. SylvesterStallonely

      Do you even kinetic linking? None of these guys are pushing off the ground with there feet. It’s all shoulders with them. Someone need to show them how to use proper technique and leverage.

    71. Joe M

      this youtube boxing is TRASH AND A JOKE TO. REAL BOXERS

    72. Steven The Smeg

      Bryce “SARMS” Hall

    73. Bridget Stapleton

      Taylor does seem scared bout fighting gib he dosent seem to have that much confidents then he usually has

    74. M.A.R

      Bryce hall is more annoying than Jake Paul

    75. ColeD

      Dude Bryce’s hooks to the body were so trash🤮

    76. Khan F

      Great job

    77. Daniel Dore

      The technique is awful 😭😭😭😭

    78. Paulin Mulumba

      I wonder if bryce knows that alot of boxers dont even lift, and size n strength aint everything in boxing, clearly doesnt know how boxing works

    79. Living Like Larry

      Imagine if he becomes the meme😂

    80. StannardRg4

      Look at those stomach punches 😂😂😂. Nothing but slaps

    81. Edmundo José Zuazua Chapa

      When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a “The Office” bit

    82. Dave09sc Fan


    83. Maria Kim

      I had so much hope for Bryce but after this video, ah hell naw he getting his ass knocked out

    84. cpt. blanc0

      When Bryce was punching him he sounded like ryu lmaoo

    85. JJ

      I'm rockin with tiktokers

    86. bobotrain

      CTE incoming

    87. GA650 !

      Sum weak ass punches😹

    88. Wildlife Casas

      He is a badass

    89. Wildlife Casas

      He in Florida

    90. Wildlife Casas

      Danny duncan

    91. Wildlife Casas

      Danny duncan

    92. Wildlife Casas


    93. Wildlife Casas

      Get Danny Duncan

    94. GodlyScythe

      I can even punch harder than them

    95. Kyle Cortellini

      Can't get knocked out with a booger in my nose that would look stupid😆😅🤣

    96. MadeInTejas

      Awful form on hooks

    97. Huncho K

      at 6:21 when bryce said “i wonder why” i wonder what he meant by that? 🤨

    98. 9728 Soumyadeep Banerjee

      This Holder guy still talks sense. I hope it's a good fighting between him and Gib

    99. vissipio

      That Taylor guys punch is a joke it looked like he was scared😂😂😂😂😂😂

    100. tyranisaurus rex

      These tiktokers so gay