Spider-Man: Miles Morales | 30 Easter Eggs and Secrets (PS4/PS5)


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    Marvel's Spider Man - Miles Morales takes us back into the webslinger world but this time peter takes the back seat. Now most of us have finished the story and the game has been around a little while I thought we should jump back in and look at 30 secrets, Easter eggs and nods to marvel characters and lore. It's actually closer to 60 Easter eggs but most of those were here in the original game back in 2018 so I'll link that video should you wanna find daredevil's locations and jessica jones' top quality office or old Pizza time music from the PS2! Today it's just new stuff in the 2020 and Miles' adventure! Let's do this.
    Awesome Spider-verse swing tutorial by OniZombies - kgup.info/get/orF3oXq7c22poYM/video

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    1. PlayStationGrenade

      Whoops, released early. Oh well! Enjoy! Who's got the Platinum trophy?



      2. Badger_ Playz

        U don’t need a ps5 for it cuz I don’t have one and I have the thing

      3. Badger_ Playz


      4. Jules Cmoi

        @Giovanni Yasis can you shut up please

      5. Jules Cmoi

        Well, i don't have the game, so...

    2. Zixty


    3. CCReddino

      I was confused when I found the Stan lee thing at first

    4. Lonell Rodriguez

      On the paper infront of the Waldo nameplate that is pealed off says carmen Santiago

    5. Preston Recordz

      If you look at the collections in one of the time capsules, is a concert ticket which has names on it one of which is Lila Cheney, a music mutant in the comics

    6. James Ike

      For some reason the spider verse suit pisses me off because I’m stuck in 2 bit moving

    7. Arsalan’s corner

      Oh thanks

    8. Declan Hicks

      TeahteadwafezresresrrrddszUtan my god I want to now

    9. jackson g

      jefferson davis is also on the monument at city hall

    10. heather Brock

      I watched a guy with a heavy voice and I could not understand what he was saying

    11. Anton Iñigo Sevilla


    12. Elijah Reynolds

      I just tried the pose they don't work

    13. Elijah Reynolds

      Pose don't work

    14. Elijah Reynolds

      The pose things don't work I just do the flips

    15. michael williams

      I accidentally found Ben and May's grave while looking for Miles dad grave

    16. James Coplen

      There is an episode of doctor who where mannequins move too it might not just be a weeping angel reference

    17. Mr Timmy123

      I couldnt get the advanced suit to work

    18. Ryan Mikhail Mohd Hazrien

      When I play ps 4 spider man I found Doctor strange home I am seven years old

    19. Mr Timmy123

      Imagine if insomniac added a spider man suit with a belt with grenades with the shapes of the PlayStation and it was called the PlayStation grenade suit and the visor mod changed grenades in to a little venom explosion



    21. Kids Tech TV

      As of November 30, the peter parker advance suit glitch doesn't work:(

    22. JAC 073

      The Lizard has already been referenced in these games, meaning Oscorp may be the only place willing to employ Curt Conners

    23. JAC 073

      Anyone freaked out by the boat guys is missing that this is a reference to the NPC's from Spider-Man2 for the PS2. Most of those NPC's had been cleaned up but the guys on the boat looked a lot like this

    24. Ruben Covaciu

      The mannequin thing...makes more sense as the first episode of new who, Because it literally had mannequins as the villan

    25. XCilvil wolf

      Heres something else you didn't know in the spiderman marvel the spider that MJ had on her shoulder if you look closely the spider has a number 42 which is the exact number in spiderman into the spider verse

    26. Foxbit25 Lol

      I feel like for the spider man glitch the the “that guy this is him now” meme should be there

    27. Carlos Herrera

      Why does he sound like SlogoMan

    28. Jadiel A.

      That dog’s name is lockjaw from marvel rising

    29. Canihaveasip

      Ok I think everyone just dies in 2020 jeez like chill out 2020

    30. Genji

      12:13 but in Spiderman PS4 Martin Lee gets him to kill Himself

    31. Raphiel

      There shouldn't be no black Spider-Man they're only made by caucasian Fuck Miles Morales fake Spider-Man Blm

    32. PhaseM75

      4:26 im not crying, you are

    33. Boi 5219

      I caught the insomniac logo with my friend

    34. Harry Mulligan

      When you said the thinker I thought of the murder weapon in ace attorney

    35. Drip squad Vlogs

      No you're good you just upload it on November 20th even though the game came out on November 12 but you uploaded the video early after the game came out so that means you're fine

    36. Anonymus Anims

      did u do an explosion and it took one bar?

    37. Owen Crabb

      2:56 The insomniac logo I've known that was there when they showed the gameplay

    38. Yeenhla

      these are just exaggerated easter eggs of this game

    39. Valley Ridge

      The stereotyped albatross ultrastructually bruise because straw sadly beam pro a smelly elizabeth. repulsive, determined roadway

    40. Carlos Herrera

      I found AN INSANELY BIG EASTER EGG on the PS4 Spider-Man game that you can see a ROXXON building that is rusted and you can find it somewhere in Harlem

    41. Captain D

      I'm aussie and we call it wheres wally

    42. Jason Jones

      They should have a live action miles morales movie with the radioactive song from imagine dragons

    43. JazLegend 24 7

      Why we use subtitles

    44. JazLegend 24 7

      I learned superhero landing in my first run through because I wanted to see him face plant then saw that and was like “oh, how interesting”

    45. BrodyTEM

      Press F to pay respects Times to press F 4:23 5:21

    46. max

      I don't know if you know this but a civilian will ask have you ever been hit by a drone like miles did in spider verse it just happened to me

    47. Justin Otabe

      Does the spooder man glitch only work with one suit

    48. Mr. fat Boshi

      4:52 Jefferson davis is former president of confederate states

    49. Mr.toucan

      in a JJJ radio call were he saying all the spiderman's from spiderman into the spider vers

    50. Yamin Ali

      Spooder man spooler man does what ever a meme does there goes the spooder man

    51. InfernoNinja

      In the PS4 spider man DLC black cat says she has a son. Peter thinks it's HIS son but that means he boinked black cat. Meaning Peter did the cat,

    52. HaadIsBest

      make this a meme : okj

    53. HaadIsBest


    54. Swag Gang Andras

      You ganke lee the helper of miles well from the first game Martin lee with the demons well maybe ganke is martins son

    55. ARC_ Board Games N Trading Cards

      Hopefully Spider-Man 2 comes out for PS4 as well as PS5 like Miles Morales did

    56. BlueFeral

      I learned the poses by accident

    57. Liz _

      i think the spooderman glitch was supposed to be an easter egg for petes original suit but his head is glitched into spoderman

    58. Sonic the Hedgehog

      12:19 you missed almost named Spider-Man with a mask and underwear own with a watch on his hand taking a picture

    59. Demos Neokleous

      There is also a collectible on the train which is the flag of Wakanda

    60. Nyan Squid

      Another Easter egg, in the prowlers lair in the mission where you unlock the purple reign suit you can find a lot more Easter eggs if you stick around for a bit

    61. Grant Lebens

      And at the end cutscene the doctor only had one arm

    62. G0ATED

      Spooder man is glitch insomniac fix Insomniac: No. No I don’t think I will (Endgame reference btw)

    63. Zachary Pierre

      Zachary Zachary Zachary Zachary Zachary Zachary zzzzzzzzzz

    64. The Dooni Playz

      The poses did not work

    65. Toby Lindell


    66. Spider-Man

      The Spooder-man glitch has been fixed

    67. NicoMaster52

      8:27 *sad Garfield noises*

    68. Zachary Pierre


    69. Zachary Pierre


    70. JHoagiez 37

      If you put captions on it says curt connors

    71. Toby lavender Games

      I would get it on ps4 BUT im hopefully getting a ps5 later this year if they are in stock

    72. king eevee

      i like it how u can do the spider-verse poses with any suit

    73. Pranjal Bhadana

      I finished the game the first day I got it(I was too excited)

    74. Tristian Blanton

      The next game better be peters cuz if mikes fights venom and lizard I wil literally buy the game just to brake it or make it swap able between

    75. Daiyan Rahman


    76. Olivier Krawczyk

      There is also the wakandian Flag

    77. Jakub Nogga

      The spooder man is not working on my PS4

    78. The great Sam

      And the other ones

    79. The great Sam

      How do you fall off the building and do the tinker

    80. Kyle Harrison

      Dang, lot of these I knew already...


      2:33 T P O S E

    82. Ethan Park


    83. Nouga Abdelhamef

      The dog is lockjaw for the inhumans

    84. Roblox Drake

      in the post credit scene the subtitles also call the scientist curt connor


      Spooder man

    86. TTV Vtroper7

      Bro the first one scared me lmao

    87. sambesiili

      It's not Tombstone's hideout, it's Fisk's construction site, now being used by Underground and those are trophies from Tombstone's gang.

    88. Cristian Oancea

      Miles dad has the same name as a confederate presidint, Coincident? I think so

    89. NYCWallCrawler

      I don't remember having that chin!

    90. Zachary Pierre

      0722 E, Zachary

    91. Lucy Daly

      is that peter in the background 8:08

    92. Daniel Lail

      One that I noticed is in the opening scene when chasing a helicopter, it shows Peter and Miles swinging in a sequence almost identical to the one where Peter teaches miles to swing while escaping Doc ock in Into the Spiderverse

    93. Janelle Hotomanie

      Almost at the beginning of the game at Taos boadega you can see a girl with purple hair witch looks like Danica

    94. Beth Duke

      The next spider man is obviously based off spider man 3,with harry back and the rumors of venom.

    95. Tobey Maguire


    96. kai bowes

      1:18 *autons*

    97. BakuGOAT

      Bruh where is his fucking chin. He looks like Leafy.

    98. Frederik Munk

      There’s a mission where prowler helps you fight some bad guys and there’s a finishen where you launch the enemy into the air and the prowler finishes him.

    99. Leonardo Vieira

      A game about spider gwen or venom would be epic

    100. Awsomegamer55

      in one of the back packs in the og game has a thing with the lizards blood in it