VENOM ORIGIN STORY! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Not too long ago, Eddie Brock was just your average photojournalist working for the Daily Bugle. That is, until Spider-Man unintentionally ruins his life. Now, the bitter man who lost everything swears revenge. Meanwhile, Peter Parker unknowingly bonds with a symbiote, donning a new Black Suit and becoming, in the words of J. Jonah Jameson, “a menace!” He goes so far as to make Mary Jane cry! Peter knows that with the suit, and the symbiote, he has gone too far! After being rejected by Spider-Man, the symbiote latches onto a new, more amenable host: Eddie Brock. Together, they… are Venom!
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    1. Jeroným Roh

      That Is in the atcual movie. Dont do it no fortnite

    2. Bread crumbs bruh Kim

      4:55 and also spectacular? Sounds like a great show about a spider person and his conflicts while fighting bad people and totally not a reference to the spectacular spiderman wow the would we weird oh buddy chum pal-

    3. Bread crumbs bruh Kim

      Venom is one of my favorite characters. And also wow that was nice, it’s like spiderman 3 and I like it that way.

    4. Eli Tavera

      Who is venom

    5. sashi Diau

      Nice venom skin fortnite but in pubg we have spiderman skin

    6. yusra patel

      I love😍 your videos

    7. hi im bob hi

      Venom the Netflix addodation

    8. NRJ Fortnite

      The girl that texts Eddie sounds like juels

    9. seth robertson

      venom: we are venom everyone who dose not know what to say: we are people

    10. Shadow henchmen

      I didn’t know my voice sounded like kit

    11. Auxova

      go to my youtube channel

    12. Naruto Uzumaki

      "We are VENOM"

    13. Mila Tam

      I LOVE LOVE Your films!!!!!!

    14. Peter Parker

      ''Gonna cry''

    15. Zyanya Faiilagi

      You said @$$

    16. Jeff 1312WKH

      Eyes, lungs, many snacks, so little time

    17. Curtis Catado

      Amazing video, love what your doing! Keep up the great work!

    18. VZVZ9292

      Can you make like a Spiderman andJules video

    19. Yousif Mohamed

      You are a bot

    20. Violet Mifsud Cummings

      The dances he does are weird.

    21. GamingToyReviews 89


    22. Stazia Kibera

      Sinister cause presents the force awakens on KGup

    23. Mabbel 999


    24. Suzette Sobrino

      Ghost henchman is not a human his a robot look at his hands that doesn't really explain that ghost Henchman is a human because of his legs and because of undercover being a henchman using the phone things that are from london

    25. Memo Garcia

      I will not subs in to you

    26. TheMelloBros :P

      I just noticed this whole thing is from Spider-Man 3.

    27. _CactusJuice

      2:27 Wait is that The Gentlemen from Among us logics?!?!

    28. Darkdagger Shadowdemon

      Part two plz

    29. Darkdagger Shadowdemon

      Me sub now

    30. MDZDV

      No offense or don’t mean to make anyone angry but, is it NewScapePro that’s getting worse or is it fortnite updates and NewScapePro tryna adapt to it?? Don’t target plz

    31. Zypper

      This guys KGup name is bigger than Dwayne 's PeePee upgraded with hydraulics and taken control by the symbiot. (sorry I don't know how to spell 'symbiot'. It would be nice if someone told me)

    32. Commander Maverick

      That’s a reference to Spiderman

    33. Ali_nightmare2020

      If venom is hungry then he should eat the subscribe button

    34. elijahrosh

      In 10:05 it's a Spiderman 3 reference.

    35. Babsi Manthe


    36. Will vander Watt

      since when dose new scape pro swer

    37. Julian Gaming

      I heard the music that’s played at the beginning of rainbow quest after he was done talking to Eddie

    38. Gamer Pup

      Omg is this supposed to be 2007 venom? From Spider-Man 3?

    39. Jacob Webster

      He killed bill and Ted noooo

    40. Lauro Villalobos

      Ubran legends short flim lol

    41. NotAruecel

      The begining doesnt make sense at all

    42. Link Boi

      oof for the henchmen

    43. Zeno pranksters

      New scape pro guess what season five came out

    44. Charlie Leverett

      This is crap

    45. Younsi Islam

      I love this video Good job this is so good

    46. Yassin Sino

      You have skin venom give my comment like

    47. Yassin Sino

      I have skin venom

    48. Anthony Tang

      You did not find this video the video found you get it


      I feel sorry for eddy

    50. Michael Workman

      0:42 "GET OVER HERE" I love mortal kombat

    51. the legendary sideswipe


    52. Raditya Wibisono

      Did you just did that

    53. The Mobile Gaming 2020


      1. The Mobile Gaming 2020

        @i once was a Potato did u use your ears he said that because venom was all slimy

      2. i once was a Potato

        Goofy not gooby

    54. Divaio


    55. Divaio


    56. Paul Eras

      Hmm, so I wasn't the only one who thought Guild looked like eddie brock. 😊

    57. Glitch_GameZ

      0:41 GET OVER HERE!!!

    58. PRO GAMER 801


    59. PRO GAMER 801

      or read acctual comics and films

    60. S Dowling

      so funny and you cant die two times

    61. GhostAce

      Love the vids

    62. GhostAce

      They died twice lol it must be painful

    63. Aaron Gaming33

      When fortnite done u are the same done!

      1. Aaron Gaming33

        Jk Ok so don't get mad

    64. Daniel Chapman

      I subbed

    65. The Orca Boss

      Ehhhh... I would have preferred the origin from the Venom movie more, that’s a better Venom

    66. Gamertyty 100

      9:42 oof

    67. Alim Mamedov

      Aw come on they were just chilling

    68. XX_gacha_mike_xx

      I like how.I made this like spider man 3

    69. terrence merveille

      They really used the spider man 3 reference. Wow

    70. terrence merveille

      Idk I’m starting to not like this channel as much

    71. Pastel Gacha

      Oh no not the dance scenes, ANYTHING BUT THE DANCE SCENES

    72. j0rgie b0i and Em1 gir1

      This is spiderman 3 not venoms origin story. Lol

    73. Inkee Lim

      Where’s the d in daily bugle

    74. Khulud Aziz

      Who left

    75. Top Trends


    76. Emil Heggem


    77. Pizza hut guy

      7:17 oh no its *him*

    78. Isaac Martinez

      "You want guidance, get religion" I fricken died 😆😆😆

    79. TheUnderMater

      Bruh there made the spiderman 3 Peter parker

    80. Pinki Bot

      . . . . . . . . .

    81. Joshua Hinojosa

      Yeah, didn't like that Venom as much as the new one. Still, it's pretty nostalgic, I admit, and I did ask for more nostalgia, so... carry on

    82. Skillex Gamer

      10:36 This is the same as Amazing Spiderman in 2008 or 2003 with Tobey Maguire and he is also Tok Holland working for Toby Stark? They are combining both movies!

    83. Skillex Gamer

      4:52 not even close looking like MJ. No offense "/

    84. xKurumi

      Not the henchmen brother

    85. rachna rastogi

      Ok I have one question* Where is Midas * y'know we didn't bring him back *again* so that he does nothing and I didn't have enough time to watch this episode soooooo ye Also Happy Belated Birthday to Katie!!!!!!

    86. Rosa De alba


    87. Mølten Bøss 666

      Poor henchmen

    88. יעל בן זאב

      Do movie about bif boos and tomato hed

    89. Lillian

      Just like the movie

    90. Greenz FN

      can u have a spider man into the spider verse role olay

    91. xX OG Xx

      They just recreated spiderman 3 the worst spiderman

    92. Paradyse Anderson


    93. Anderson Recinos

      You’re the best

    94. Zainab Saeed

      Love your videos

    95. A a r o n S p e n c e r

      I love the henchmen voices

    96. Bonnie Gamer 2009

      That Intro.......Oh God My Heart Hurts

    97. Bk Da Bear

      Bro im so glad they had done toby miquires spiderman Role I grew up watching that spiderman

    98. Billy Blanco

      Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ....

    99. MRgamer

      Sub to my chanele pls

    100. gfigueiredo81

      2:15 is that the Ali-A skin?