TikTok's terrifying vegan teacher lives a double life

D'Angelo Wallace

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    that vegan teacher's alt tik tok account actually scared me
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    1. D'Angelo Wallace

      that vegan teacher be like "if you're not vegan you're going to hell" as if i wasn't already going LMAO anyway speaking of the bad place, follow me on Twitch and catch my stream tomorrow to cleanse yourself of your sins twitch.tv/dangelno

      1. Bawpwar, The Green

        I guess I may pass, if it is anything like some of the animations I have seen. Seems like a fun place.

      2. luckozume

        @buttercup xo me neither. I just don’t believe it’s an actual place but others can believe if they want.

      3. Nickies life of gaming

        The fact that your profile picture is you as an angel makes it funny.

      4. Joey Cat Vlogs

        The way that she tries to manipulate people into being vegan by fearmongering and forcing her religious beliefs on others is just cruel. I'm glad her TikTok account was banned.

      5. Lyirc

        Hi I love ur videos

    2. Bullet Storm

      I love how he is wearing a neko cat ear headset while reviewing that vegan teacher/nurse

    3. CryoVfx

      ‘I’m not saying she’s on drugs’ Well you should be-

    4. mattr4ss guy

      im vegetarian and this makes me want to eat all the meat out there

    5. luckozume

      Man I would be vegan but I love tamales and mojarra fritta :’)

    6. luckozume

      “Heaven is for good people/vegans” well ms vegan teacher I don’t believe in heaven and I also eat meat so jokes on you HAHA

    7. luckozume

      ‘I am lesbian myself” my dude, didn’t you say you have a husband

    8. Edward Ciampini

      She lives in the same neighbourhood as me😳😭

    9. Kenisa P

      Wow. I am honestly considering paying for her to market shit. She plucks things from thin air and mashes irrelevant things together, but I honestly think her method might work pahaha. I need to get a tiktok I'm missing out

    10. E L

      She lives in my neighborhood.... ya imagine... I’m terrified

    11. I Like Cookies / DN

      The Vegan Teacher doesnt know what Omnivore

    12. Jameson McLeod

      I think she just wants to be oppressed

    13. Soulsplosion

      D'Angelo is the only person I've seen who can absolutely roast a vegan extremist without dissing on the entire vegan community. god bless

    14. Axel_Is_Tired

      I have a strong feeling that vegan teacher is one of them r/woooosh people, like come on tommy said a JOKE she and her whack ass thinking he’s being serious? Also she acts like a groomer or something. Im not sure.

    15. Ampersand

      watched this while eating steak

    16. Morgana l’Abeille

      Animal rights

    17. Morgana l’Abeille

      Militant vegans suck. There's a dairy farmer on tumblr who has pet cows and criticizes the dairy industry and they have received so many fucking death threats and rape threats. One person went so far as to track down and send a letter to their place of employment.

    18. Lyirc


    19. gettreed

      its so funny too because she talks about veganism being the baseline for good people but she's like a terribly homophobic and racist person like, get your shit in order

    20. Tori Sweatt

      She clearly knows nothing about homesteading 🤣🤣 MOST homesteaders don’t abuse their animals. Which is my goal. To raise my own cattle so I know they will be cared for in the best possible way.

    21. Priscilla Sunflower

      I adore D'Angelo, but gawd no, this lady gave me a headache and I could watch more than 5 mins of her talking so much shit

    22. Cherii_Bløssom

      DAN’JELLO -ThatVeganKaren

    23. Rachel Rose

      Listen...vegans don't want her. Ice only ever known 1 vegan that was like this. People really think vegans are like this. My coworkers automatically assume I judge then for eating meat and dairy because of people like her. I do belive it's a moral choice, but a lot of people think other things I am are immoral so I'm not here to judge. She is doing so much harm to the vegan community.

    24. Emma Animations

      if she wants people to go vegan she shouldnt make people hate her, she should spread her opinion nicely without bewing racist or homophobic


      gays who keep having gay sex will never go to heaven


      milk,cheese and yogurt keep the cows alive if anything is better than not eating it

    27. Edwina Darrell

      She's a demon

    28. Meg C.

      If you become vegan that's fine But please Please Please Please Do not become vegan because of her...

    29. Meraxes Rex

      these vegans are religious? but Christ said that you have to eat his flesh and drink his blood to get to heaven.

    30. Marta ohne H

      Your Voice 😍😍😍😍😍

    31. Thy Name Is P!

      Okay but why does her general affect remind me of in Twin Peaks when Nadine woke up from her coma and thought she was a highschool cheerleader? Like I'm not saying older folk should be stuffy and boring, but the energy she is trying to put off with a bubbly teenage personality in addition to a fixation on a 16 year old boy is just uncanny, weird, and very off-putting.

    32. Sharone Rosie

      Vegan nurse acting as a little girl 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

    33. Micheal Matta

      انتي بتتكلمي كده ليه يا مره! 6:54

    34. Flavia Gomes

      Hey where did you get your headsets from🦧

    35. Abby Beck

      she blocked me lol

    36. Miku Hatsune

      God literally encourages us to eat meat. In the bible it is even encouraged that we eat fish, but only those with scales. Jesus also helped Peter catch fish.

    37. Olivia Owens

      I really really hope she did not mean what she said about organ donation. I went through hell for 6 years without a kidney. I got a kidney within the last 6 months but many are not so lucky. There is a huge shortage of available organ donors. It’s an issue that doesn’t seem to be talked about nearly enough.

    38. Emma Lundberg

      She’s insane. I would cross the street to avoid her

    39. Ally D

      Eh I'm Canadian 😂😝

    40. Not Abbi

      Yeah um tommy isn’t that wholesome hdjdhdhdhdhfvdvfb “just killed a woman feeling good.”-tommyinnit shhdhdhdhfbff

    41. Nicholas Rodinos

      7:04 The hell, she looks like an octogenarian poorly pretending to be a 7 year-old playing dress-up. This woman needs to act her age, go whine about kids nowadays and their smartphones.

    42. Brooklyn .d

      She's making us vegans look bad, I promise we aren't like that lol

    43. Wudup

      this lady is a prime example of when Vegans eat mcdonalds french friends , crackers, and tofu instead of Fresh Fruit, Chlorella , Spirulina, Hemp Hearts, Liquid Multivitamins , and Amino Acid supplements. Malnourishment makes people mentally ill. Theres lots of dope vegans on KGup, from Ralph Smart, to LifeRegenerator, to Young Pharaoh (Recently deplatformed) Fully Raw Christina and many more. Its a noble thing to be, when Youre not a proud dick about it

    44. Wudup

      Jesus Christ true teachings does preach vegetarianism with the only animal product consumed being raw milk. The milk is for the people, the flesh is not. Read the Essene Gospel of Peace if You wanna learn more. King James wrote the Bible , not Jesus

    45. Wudup

      damn She aint even ok with vegetarians. This btch really on her high horse

    46. Minh Nguyen

      i dont think shes a bigot, but i do think she tries to plug veganism and all sorts of places and puts it on an extreme pedestal, no matter what. Many people come out and people are vegan for both selfish and selfless reasons. but there definitely not the same, ( you can stop being vegan, but you cant really ask ms.frizzle to take the magic school buss and turn off your gay switch) and her trying to push it as the same, or put being veganism as a step above leaves a bad taste in my mouth hole

    47. Meriem Mira

      4:44 this is so creepy wtf I heard about her making tiktoks about him but I had no idea they were this down bad the way she keeps repeating his name-

    48. Diana Jones

      She’s as ill informed about scripture and Jesus as she is obnoxious and racist! She actually used the N word in one of her videos. I think she got into the bovine feed and now she has mad cow disease .

    49. Mia Garza

      My boss, who was part-time a music teacher, sexually assaulted me multiple times at a summer camp, and he wouldn’t stop reminding people he was vegan. It has nothing to do with being a good person.

      1. Mia Garza

        I was also 16

    50. Sailor Mars

      I went to college with a girl like this and I remember once she made a post comparing killing pigs the same to the holocaust and that people who eat meat are child predators. She’s the only person i hate that I’ve met.

    51. IAMST1UPID

      yall see the video where she calls a doll of an africian americain a n-word hard r yeah and thats her front page video

    52. 헤로이즈

      Nobody : Not even Erin : Me : that's not vegan

    53. CandysCloset

      Just ate a steak and a chicken salad, feeling pretty good

    54. ReniTube

      I have a vegan friend but their nothing like this 😃

    55. Arroz con Leche

      Now this doesn't have anything to do with the vegan teacher but I just want to know, how am I supposed to live peacefully now. I can't stand most salads and I love meat and pizza, I feel like a horrible person :(

    56. Aina Izzah

      It’s kinda weird...she reminds me of Laura Dern.

    57. Ana Ada Cosa Cositas

      She talks like she's a teen

    58. saccharine_snake

      The way she smiles at her videos when the person that she is responding to plays clips of them is SO UNSETTLING. She acts like she can do no wrong

    59. Chris Hyun

      Every vegan goes through this phase but then u realize that each person is on their own life journey and you can't abuse people?

    60. Robyn Peterson

      Someone come get their grandma💀🤚🏼

    61. Ice Bear

      I love how she talks like it’s a very inspirational phrase In each Tiktok lol

    62. cam cam

      Guess I’m going to hell ?

    63. emily draws

      Look.... i think that she’s just going about this whole “vegan=save world” thing wrong because then everyones just gonna see her as the poster child of veganism and NOT WANT TO BE VEGAN like who wants to be associated with THAT ya know?? Who wants someone like her to be the stereotype ya know?? But like thats just an opinion... a game opinion thanks for watching

    64. pug_master 1234

      Wait she said people that eat cheese, eggs, and drink milk are supporting murder but none of those require killing an animal

    65. Germaine Leung

      She looks like that character from OITNB

    66. Chloe Bast

      8:31 Me who hates the sterotype that we say "eh": Bruh- I never say "eH". Imma just delete that from my verbal dictionary

    67. zola s

      as a vegetarian (not even a vegan) i do get comments about the vegan teacher and i get compared to her- like i'm not gonna force my opinion on people for no reason

    68. Nubia Nunes

      Person: Talks about veganphobia Also person: says everyone who's not vegan is going to hell

    69. jadestmoone

      the only phobic i am is thatveganteacherphobic

    70. Sezin D.

      This video showed me I need to eat meat for the development of my brain cells

    71. RedOphelia 13

      This woman is the vegan version of westboro baptist church armed with a musical instrument.

    72. Aspen

      As a Canadian we don’t claim her. A lot of people who are a-holes are Canadian but we don’t look at those. Look at our funny igloos and maple syrup instead! Piques doesn’t exist he is an alien So is Justin beiber, he isn’t as bad but he’s not great

    73. EjirioKirishimas_wife

      She understands that you need meat and milk in your life right??Thats like the best source of protein you can get. And vegan products dont provide it she is dumb😌

    74. Yasuke the Black Samurai

      She just looking for attention. Hating her is still giving it.

    75. Andy 8702

      But plants were alive??

    76. Mara Mitar

      That fist one saying jesus i vegan jesus ate fish are and don't vene scare kids with that going to hell bull crap

    77. BillBo Baggins Minecraft

      Can we we all take a minute to appreciate that D'Angelo makes video's exactly 10 minutes long.

    78. chris


    79. ً

      gordon ramsey is godly

    80. Salem Ash

      Just to let you know Rudolf Hess, hitlers deputy fuhrer was vegan.

      1. Salem Ash

        @Yasuke the Black Samurai vegetarian, but close enough tbh

      2. Yasuke the Black Samurai

        Hitler was too I think.

      3. Gear Dog

        Ah yes, he certainly had a great heart and is going to heaven for sure

    81. vansh kulshrestha

      The vegan teacher= Jesus is vegan Me = are you his personal chef

    82. Ava Hanners

      That is not what i imagined your voice being like

    83. Oregano

      She really compared not liking vegans as extreme as her to RACISM AND HOMOPHOBIA

    84. Brittany Kreider

      Seeing this thumbnail a few months later, if haha we're real I feel like that's be her. I don't mean hag as in an insult, I mean hag as an actual powerful witch that does evil things like eat children. Like there's gotta be some skeletons in her closet with that hateful smile

    85. noor

      god created animals for us to eat there not humans yet not all animals you are allowed to eat just follow gods rules and your good like who tf made up vegan

    86. Madeline Wright

      Being a vegan (I’m not vegan I know people who are though) you are taking away some nutrients from your system, if you don’t drink any milk, or eat any meat or any other thing like fish you will loose protein in your body and you will be sick if you are new to it, my friend tried it before and got sick so I don’t want to try it because we both have the same diet and has not tried to do anything else with our diets and it works for us and some other of our friends.

    87. Vasudha Kalia

      vegans do not claim her.. I'm sorry but she's sooooooo wrong!!

    88. Rm.Underscore Jay

      Everyone just wants her to say that Her Alt accounts are her

    89. DuckyDucck

      Guys guys she's streaming reacting on this vid right now.

    90. hi

      She made a come back

    91. Grovfu

      This reminds me of that shitty Bacon Salt company making a support cause ribbon from bacon during Pride Month and capping it as "We support Bacon Awareness". Fucking gross.

    92. Christi Marie

      i have second-hand embarrassment over how cutesy she acts in the clips you played from her nurse channel

    93. Wonpoodle

      3:55 ah yes tommyinnit is so wholesome /s

    94. Ignore This

      She gives me the 'Q-Tips cause cancer' vibe

    95. HyEna !

      Man y’all are LACKING on that beef joke

    96. Maggie Sargent

      I think you are taking her too seriously. And you love the sound of your own voice. And, go vegan!

    97. Ang Vlogs Tarot

      She did not start internet beef. She started internet tofu. 😏

    98. WeAreAllRidiculous

      Everyone knows the loaves and fishes were actually seitan

    99. Tarro milk Tarro milk

      She makes people who are vegan loook bad

    100. Arnoldlayne98

      Veganism is a cult

      1. El Cisco Kid

        There is a difference between vegans and vegan cults. Vegan Teacher pretty much wants to star a vegan cult.

      2. Shiloh ?