Mozzy - New Era New King (Official Video)


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    Music video by Mozzy performing New Era New King
    Get the album, "1 Up Top Ahk".
    Music video by Mozzy performing New Era New King. 2017 Mozzy Records
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    1. O.A. Agile

      Mozzy don't exist without C-Bo. And Bo resume speak for itself... I fux with Mozzy but Bo got this dub. Shit nice tho

    2. James Johnson

      Who still here 2021????

    3. Jackson Matthew

      Music really starting to piss me off now this all i wanna listen to

    4. AndreaMarie916

      Ayyyee summer ‘21 40 POP POP GOT EM POP LOCKIN 🔥💥🔥💥

    5. Duane Dietz

      Where’s Waldo at Now?

    6. Rahsaan Woodson

      How are u a living legend but living like a peasant🤫🤫

    7. Azel Tinsley

      Yes im is a call me and I will be

    8. Doug eee Fresh

      Is that RED ? What's it's BIG NO NO... ESSJ.

    9. Cachinnilla209 247

      Just a matter of time

    10. Josh Busby


    11. Josh Busby

      Facts 💯 don't diss lynch he paid all y'all way still have love for mozzy

    12. rolllor man

      Fuck ck-Bo. Dookie 9 st garbage block killa and dookie 4 killa too on mind blood. Oak park love homie. Homie mozzy make these old head look bad asf. 1 love blood.

    13. Ri-Ann Droesbeke


    14. Ri-Ann Droesbeke


    15. Alex Rivera

      2021 $lappin 🔥

    16. Angel Duarte

      i knew some foo named bo too when he would come around us I would play that part over and over again "if niggas know me niggas know fuck bo" 🤣 that foo would look salty all the time picking up a lil sack of weed from my homie Lmao

    17. Dylan Townsend

      He hurt some feelings with this one 😂😂

    18. Chino Ching -Topic

      Dumass slapin

    19. I&J GANG YURR

      U was hiding from lavish d but u wanna talk abt bo u gotta a lot of nerve

    20. Angelo Smith

      I grew up on C-Bo. But no question Mozzy definitely has that Gas Bo had when he was younger. But Mozzy is " SUPER NOVA ON FIRE. Squash that Shit Bo & Mozzy The Bay need Both of Y'all

    21. Eddie Boatright

      Somebody get this bihh shondra lol

    22. LukeWestWest

      2021... and this shit still hard.

    23. Lance Howard

      🤣clouter got do what you got to I guess

    24. Rise of the Gammons

      Beatz is fire mozzy. Bo and lynch is og doe.

    25. sVo snxgs

      The MEMORIES

    26. Red Montana

      Who still playing this song in 2k21!!! 👀🔥🔥🔥

    27. Idontlike Haters

      I wonder if this clown knows that it wouldn't be no rap scene in Sac if not for Bo and Lynch?

    28. Andrew Ramirez

      Lol seeing blacks off pills is hilarious. Sober up

      1. JP Manning

        Seeing Mexicans off NOS is pretty entertaining too.

    29. Sean Matthews

      Damn mozzy done dissed everyone I grew up on except x raided 😭

    30. smoke rilla

      This need to go on Apple Music

    31. Semisi Sauqaqa

      This was a one day event ......cuzk we slid thru da ave...only yall.mommas n aunties out there Lookin get str8......GANGSTA JEFF BEEN A BITCH

    32. Dameon Maxey

      Fuck mozzy k he not fucking with c-bo or brother lynch hung or x-raided they put Sacramento on the map garden block to 29 to 24 21 garden block running the Sacramento mozzy was broke and bumping nigga best friend kill diding do shit he move of sictown king lavish d went in on his rip him 30 gang team garden block team brother lynch hung team c-bo team x-raided he can't fade the garden

    33. algassnobreak Kanpol

      Mozzy on top this sac shit but bo go

    34. 60th St N DEANE AV!

      2021 im here BALD HEADED BUM🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥

    35. Jeremy F1

      Best diss of the decade frfr

    36. Corey James

      🤭 you gotta be kidding me. This is a resl thing? MUHAHAHAHAHA!


      Whhhhhhhy are these mf's journalizing fokes mannnnnnn.

    38. Zeelow95

      I remember when this first dropped. I soon as he opened his mouth I felt like shit was going to pop

    39. Authintik Linen

      This shit had da streets on 🔥


      I'm really not going to be talking anymore like everyones journalizing me period they all are journalizing me and it isnt anything brazy about them journalizing me period

    41. Ronaldo Francisco



      You see dat amazing wat we kan do with slang balking= ballKing MOZZY YOU HEAR ME GONE ON AND BALLKING= BALKING= TALKING LOLOUDDDDDD😂😂😂😜


      How the hell i get stuck on your video's i dont no but everytime i leave you keep pulling me bak .

    44. Ivy Ramos

      Mozzy 👌❤️🥰💯


      I don't be with actually so Mozzy who.are you balking to like this your not balking to me like that period SO TAKE ALL DIS BACK YOUR NOT YOUR NOT SO STOP IT.

    46. born born

      dont let lynch catch u lackin on ebk


      Mozzy stop listening to them speak dead words prayer is the key praying God protect everyone and keep u safe stop feuding with your own color nothing from nothing = NOTHING

      1. Sacramento

        Love&Positivity “143” 🤍🕊



    49. Dimitri Cormier

      To me this One of the hardest diss records ever ! 🤣🤣💯

    50. Isaac Flores • 80 years ago


    51. D eLoCo

      Mozzy ill lyrics 👌 support D eLoCo WestCoast Pomona Artist

    52. World Star

    53. Ben Garcia

      "We don't do no boxing" Cuz none of these nias in this video can see Bo with them hands. C would str8 mash eachone indi

    54. WNHPWXXP P

      Idfw blood like that, but he murdered X-Bo on this

    55. Gilligan Williams

      I think he has talent but I think sun need to chill on dissing the ogs like that

    56. Kamryn Luckett

      Don't mention nook ..

    57. Freddy BronzeVille

      Mozzy related to Q-Tip. They look the same!

    58. Joseph Luis

      This song got 2 of you niggas killed must of been sick when you realeased this must of not known c-bo a real deal

      1. David Campbell

        Who bro I'm playing catch up to all this beef w Lavish since Vlad lol

    59. BayWidIt650

      r.i.p Homicide

    60. Zedrik Taylor

      🐐 🔥

    61. Traci Smith

      Rip Rogue

    62. Charles Michael Segovia iv

      I thank you for the recommendation and to Hell gang Mozzy Asian boys and to the Hood family my daughter her mother and grandmother and family for the blessings in my life the angels have stuck by my side and my mother the queen

    63. Lyfestyle Muzik

      4 cold wit it

    64. Tee Bandz

      It was said that Michael Jordan is the one that was taking my son and my baby's toys away his his clothes and yeah also

    65. ThreeBoi

    66. bhupinder Rai

      music in 1970s was longer than this weak 2 mins...what, he ran out of brain cells or paper?

    67. flacko

      Did he diss almighty suspect lmao?😂

    68. Freddie Banga


    69. Randy 81

      Satan see you though! Remember that.

    70. Whoare You

      Sheesh mozzy made c-bo look like a puppy damn Sac niggaz crazy

    71. Gregg Rice

      Bo and lynch are west coast legends, with that out the way....this song is an instant classic, got me ready to strike out a month after paroling. Much respect from Santa Barbara Southern California

    72. Michael Segovia

      Baldheaded bum im loyal though and got that back if that is needed and yup got this from Prescott estates. As a young one and never snitch yet just make sure that if i have a full plate then all should to 🤙

    73. Wesley Gallardo

      I'm a fan of Mozzy don't get me wrong that track go hard but you see how he left x-raided out the conversation who going to argue that x-raided is still The King of sac town

    74. Money man Twin

      Lol I remember mozzy had hella hate for this back in the day pretty sure bodies dropped cuz of this

      1. Chucky T

        Bo got ran out of Sac

    75. Shawn Reynoso

      Great song💯💯


      Nah! Wait! Gun fire. Ur own homie dun shot ya..this stupid....

    77. Jabrelle Parker

      Who still slapping the in 2020🔥🔥🔥

      1. Uncle Earl

        @Devonthedude Garner facts

      2. Devonthedude Garner

        2021 it’s still 🔥🔥🔥

    78. Jesse Glidden

      Hardest dis song omm bru a foo wit it💯🔥


      You are not balking to me like this that i told you MOZZY KOME OFF THE BULLISH

    80. blur trip

      Not gonna lie I have to be 💯, rap today for me is personally shit. I'm from the UK. I don't listen to 99.9% of today's so called rap but I am impressed with this tune. Maybe it's the instrumental I don't know, but I am feeling the flow. I need the 90s flow & swag back for real! Big up Bo tho, classic brudda.. violence needs to stop. Peace

    81. jesus is coming soon repent

      jesus is coming soon you cant just believe in him to enter into heaven even satan belives in him you need the holy spirit to be saved and be baptized in jesus name

      1. Carlos Soto

        We hate Christin

    82. Mike B

      Mozzy aka here’s 3 pistols, do this drive by then tell on the gang.

      1. Tyrannosaurus Flex

        @Mike B 🤣 foreal foreal

      2. Mike B

        @Tyrannosaurus Flex he must of talked to T. I.’s handlers

      3. Tyrannosaurus Flex

        🤣🤣🤣 real talk. How Mozzy didn’t do time for that? He a informant 🤔

    83. Paul Patton Jr.

      I fux wit Bo and Mozzy! And yeah this slaps I can't lie. Hope niggaz ended the beef now

    84. Joshua David Xplicit-Beatz

      I just realized he threw Gospel Rapper Sevin in here. Yankee Doodle is Sevin Hood Name

      1. Joshua David Xplicit-Beatz

        @ADC Beats oh ok

      2. ADC Beats

        Na he’s not talkin about him

    85. Greg somebody

      Cbo fan but Mozzy got the W. Destroyed him.

    86. cmadrigal79

      All I can say is Body for Body !!! You clown as rapper.... lol stay in Fresno sucka...

    87. Weezyano 337

      Dey mad at da fella cuz I’m getting mozzarella💯💯

    88. Nicole Goebel

      south sac iraq

    89. bryant49

      These youngins aint playin ...we dont do no boxin we gone one top him ...niggah savge life

    90. Unsound 777

      That's an intimidating beat.

    91. Zillionaire Da Vinciii

      💯 Deezam👁👁.....Whoopi Goldberg went from the Color Purple to Jumping Jack Flash to The View now she gang bangin beefin with C-bo 🤦🏼‍♂️ the beat hard AF though ..... anybody with a wrestler's last name...... DONT FU** WITH'EM. 😳

    92. Manliki Dormer

      Big boss game

    93. Alex Aguilar

      Got me pop locking 💯💯👌🏽👌🏽

    94. Young 51-50

      4/12th Duce 😈😈😈😈😈👌🏾🩸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    95. ssvg pfl

      Mozzy starts wars then leaves town real quick

    96. ssvg pfl

      C-bo way harder

    97. Tom

      I dont claim no set, I from south sac, but this thang slap fasholy

    98. Lil Rd daloc

      Baldhead bum💯😂😂 funniest start ever period

      1. Mark Hayes

        @Bob Builder ok BOB

      2. Jaime Uirindi Omar


      3. Lil Rd daloc

        @Bob Builder man i been through paper work lile ima p.o. like the nigga solid or certain niggaz wouldnt fucc wit him

      4. Bob Builder

        Mozzy fake tho do your homework 😐😐😐🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

      5. Lil Rd daloc

        @Robert Scott lmao pac is my number one off top but balheaded nutt againt bum i think i think mozzy got it still but pac boy boy what beast

    99. DANNY D

      Mozzy 🔥

    100. KingThugga Tv

      This wack compared to cbo diss. None of y'all going carry his casket why y'all pumped him up brooo smh this nigga barely be in sac. He a. LA nigga now smh