Honest Trailers | Cobra Kai

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    Honest Trailers | Cobra Kai
    Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
    Title Design: Robert Holtby
    Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, and Lon Harris
    Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
    Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
    Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
    Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
    Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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    1. Screen Junkies

      You can only keep one show: ►►LOST ►kgup.info/get/fa-lZ3_IfYODjX8/video ►►COWBOY BEBOP►kgup.info/get/lnqGlIumrItopWo/video WHO YOU GOT

      1. Dylan Dunn

        WandaVision Honest Trailer Please 🌅

      2. Dylan Dunn

        Soul Honest Trailer Please

      3. timm2003us

        Cowboy Bebop for sure!

      4. Dylan Dunn

        WandaVision Honest Trailer Please

      5. Yolo Swag


    2. urborg74

      Living in van...god I cracked up

    3. Tim Reeves

      I am sorry, but ripping on bad stuff is just funnier. Trying to rip on shows that they think are good just loses something.

    4. RockabillyFame

      Let me see willys wonderland

    5. Evelyn VanDerbeck

      Please please do Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    6. werner finck

      make Stargate SG1!!!!

    7. Benjamin Baer

      I need a way to touch a lot of people at the same time. Maxwell lord approves this message.

    8. Robert Womack

      Lmao @ the comment about nobody in the valley knowing mma

    9. The_D0C70R

      "This guy definitely has a waifu pillow" BRUH 💀

    10. guineawuv

      I know this is Karate and not Kung Fu, but everytime there's a huge fight scene the song Kung Fu fighting runs through my head.

    11. drjones8711

      Speaking of awesome 80s stuff, do Red Dawn already!

    12. Jakob Clausen

      Ah yes, the dojo where you learn to be a black belt in a week...

    13. Jakob Clausen

      7:37 Well spotted Screen Junkies, don't know if it's wrong to laugh...

    14. The Charismatic Gamer 99

      Hey, is that the famous poet William Zabka?

    15. jayive34

      Daniel was NOT the Karate Kid.

    16. Vandal Savage

      *Snake metaphor*

    17. #Gears 73 Adult Racing Team 73

      Funny trailer

    18. Abomb Alexander 1

      I need a Baxter

    19. William Jensen

      Unfrozen Caveman Sensei!!! I'd watch that.

    20. Lauren Will

      You wrong for that put him in a body bag part

    21. hejiao fdasjio

      Can you do a honest trailer for van helising and or vampire daries

    22. Benjamin von Sück

      "PLEASE stop talking about the old man you were best friends with in high school." YEAH MARTY/MORTY

    23. Ichijo Festival

      I feel like How I Met Your Mother deserves some credit for this. I'm fairly certain it never would've happened without Barney Stinson.

    24. Silhuette 222

      Say : Omaewa Mou Shindeiru

    25. Christopher Ekstrom

      Review: The Punisher (1989) Staring Dolph Lundgren

    26. Cynthia Poggetto

      very white serie

      1. Oi no professionals

        So what?

    27. PeculiarMademoiselle

      Honest trailer for soul!!!

    28. fearfulgb123 s


    29. Dan Gummer

      Student : "Sensei I have covid" Lawrence "I don't know what that is but get rid of it!!...."

    30. D Legionnaire

      THE MERCENARY 2020 NOW ON AMAZON PRIME ......................

    31. Anuj Underground

      Everyone QUIET!

    32. deathpool13 uzumaki

      So can we all agree that Daniel's wife is like the second least helpful person in the series? Firs one being his son

    33. David 4rancibia


    34. RadiusZero

      I know I shouldn't have laughed so hard at the body-bag reference, but goddamn I lost it. XDDDD

    35. TheKaiden59

      Good show

    36. Eric Poyntz

      I laughed so hard at the body bag part until I learned that the actor actually died

    37. Maxence B

      the "get him in a body bag" easter egg give me chills

    38. R RR

      That sucked thumbs down

    39. Al Smith

      Washed up actors who need money

    40. Yan Nitro

      6:31 " LIVIN IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER !!! " ..... Chris Farley Aka Matt Foley .... R.I.P Chris Farley

    41. devilmikey00

      The fact that they are apparently bringing back Terry Silver from Karate Kid 3 for season 4 is going to be nuts. I hope they get the same actor because that dude was great. He was basically playing the Joker in that movie and it was glorious. This shows pretty silly at times but if Terry Silver is anything like he was in KK3 this shows going full looney tunes.

    42. Crimson Sea

      Please do The Day After Tomorrow, for TX and humanity

    43. Noob Master

      Do monster hunter movie

    44. Noob Master

      Please make monster hunter movie

    45. Kamohl Aubrey

      Thank you. The shoe thing was getting to me all of season 1

    46. EmperorGreymon99

      Feel like nostalgia really is the only thing that gave it life. Otherwise its just the same things over and over again where they attempt to learn lessons they they immediately ignore right after.

    47. paco ramon

      Better sequel than the 3 Karate kid sequels.

    48. najhoant

      I haven’t even seen any of the movies yet, and I love this show

    49. Manek Iridius

      The scream that came with that reverse wedgie was uncomfortably real...

    50. tmolson461

      Stingray was a legend. That is all

    51. Lysa Ali

      Do Nacho Libre 2008!

    52. Justin LaBoy

      whoa, i totally didn't catch the "body bag" easter egg, lol

    53. systembikes

      Freddy wants his Honest trailer of Flash Gordon

    54. Cadelo Rivelo

      In a world...where UFC 1 never happened... (and BJJ doesnt exist)

    55. Samir JAFARI

      love the way he said let them fight

    56. artemis karamolegos

      Me liking this video,but i saw the opportunity of hitting the 600 dislike,WHAT A DILIMA

    57. TobiAnimados

      I love this show! Cobra Kai is the best example of how to handle a franchise in the right way. They expanded the story a lot, they gave importance in the right amounts to every character, old and new. The show is not focused in only one character, there are many important characters. This show is not only great, but it also gave more replay value to (and even enhanced) the classic films. It's the complete opposite of what Disney did to SW with the sequel trilogy.

    58. Mark Blur

      Do Karate Kid (1984)

    59. Pumpkinman4ever

      I was hoping for a 'QUIET!!' compilation

    60. Official Random_Roommates


    61. Aayush SN

      Why no lucifer yet?

    62. T.

      Missed the opportunity to call Tory (Peyton List) 'Camp Kick-iwaka'.

    63. Marie Loiseau

      vocal fry ratio is through the roof

    64. Samir JAFARI

      cobra kai was epic

    65. Graeme Douglas

      Just took a big handful of member berries 😂🤣😂

    66. Kelly Ann

      Ever thought of doing Far From the Madding Crowd with Carey Mulligan?

    67. Young Boss

      Gang war

    68. BEAT- STIX11

      Stupid movie

    69. bigemugamer

      maybe when ma gf and I are done Prison Break we'll check this out... prolly watch the 80's movies first.

    70. Camille Lorz

      Like most honest trailers, I’m a bit amused but ultimately glad I missed the full show the trailer advertises.

    71. Bridget Brennan

      I like how they let everyone get a black belt in a matter of months when in reality it takes years

      1. Jeffrey Gifford

        shhh! montage,dont spoil the lack of realism lol

    72. Tisha Anants

      Would you do an Honest Trailer for Westworld?

    73. Despina

      Do the 1d movie

    74. Despina

      Do the 1d movie

    75. Muhammad HR

      Now do a honest trailer on 'How I met your mother' because without himym 'Cobra Kai' wouldn't exist

    76. Bryce Schneider

      Honest trailer for Project X until it happens

    77. Bryce Schneider

      Honest trailer for Project X until it happens

    78. Bryce Schneider

      Honest trailer for Project X until it happens

    79. Bryce Schneider

      Honest trailer for Project X until it happens

    80. Bryce Schneider

      Honest trailer for Project X until it happens

    81. Bryce Schneider

      Honest trailer for Project X until it happens

    82. Bryce Schneider

      Honest trailer for Project X until it happens

    83. Bryce Schneider

      Honest trailer for Project X until it happens

    84. Trisolaris

      7:37 😂

    85. Vinh Hoàng

      UP UP UP UP

    86. jon doglegs

      . . . ... Hourargh !! ... . . .

    87. Pokerface

      Okay, good. Giving this series a pass turned out to be a good idea.

    88. Bryan McNulty

      Can you please do The Last Starfighter??

    89. Blue 7lvn

      The most impressive thing about the show is how young Daniel lurruso looks

    90. George drrxryikdoy

      @screen junkie HAVE YU EVER TRIED TO DO A SOLID SNAKE VOICE IMPRESSION? pretty sure u can pull it off with ease m8

    91. Yuuki Yamamoto

      i hope for honest trailer Underworld !

    92. Diagnal

      3:31 LOOOL

    93. Jon Lamboy

      Holy crap that was hilarious!!

    94. Cody Moran

      I seriously didn’t know there was a animated series. Also I that body bag Easter egg....my god

    95. Rodrigo Moura

      HEY!!! DO SENSE8!!!!

    96. Ryan Angelastro

      3:10 Mr. Miyagi wasn’t Daniel’s best friend, they had a father-son like relationship.

    97. Daniel Tamayo

      Screen Junkies plus??

    98. abbyanarchy313

      I appreciate how much the creators love this universe. I always think is this too ridiculous or not enough either way I fucking love it

    99. Jakob Andrew Cervantes

      Hawk's face at 5:32 lol

    100. Paige Wright

      Do bridgerton!!