Jaden Hossler & Nessa Barrett Kiss & Cuddle While Wearing Each Other's Clothes On A Lunch Date

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    #JadenHossler & #NessaBarrett Kiss & Cuddle While Wearing Each Other's Clothes On A Lunch Date At Shutters On The Beach In Santa Monica 4.13.21 - TheHollywoodFix
    [Video & Imagery Supplied By Jvshvisions/BACKGRID]
    (Used Under License/With Permission)
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    1. Doll Fx

      Josh loved nessa with all his heart and nessa just stabbed him like nothing

    2. 1247-G- Graciya Qureshi

      The whole point is just Nessa messing around josh, chase, jaden i don't know where their relationship is going to go wishing jaden and nessa the best but girl you need to look into it stop with getting our tiktok boys 🙄

    3. b

      How do yall know that Josh 'really' loved Nessa lmao do you guys know him personally or sm?

    4. Antonia Pinilla

      hola, vengo a hablar sobre esta "relación" no quiero dejar mal a nadie y no quiero que le tiren hate a nadie, por que ellos son personas igual que nosotros tienen sentimientos, inseguridades, y todo lo demás ellos se pueden sentir mal por esos comentarios malos que les hacen a ellos y no me refiero solo a ellos me refiero a todos lo que sufren por el hate que le tiran ustedes , ósea pónganse en el lugar de ellos, ustedes como se sentirían si les tiran hate? que les desean la muerte? por favor RAZONEN, a parte una persona nunca elige de quien se va a enamorar , ósea si se que esta mal que el mejor amigo este con la ex de su mejor amigo, pero ustedes dijeron algo cuando Griffin le fue infiel a a una persona y ahora noah esta con la ex de un amigo, por que hablan de los códigos de amigos si ahí no respetaron el código o si? no digo que le tiren hate a noah solo por que anda con la ex de un amigo NO de que te sirve tirar hate?. ahora vamos por el lado de mads si se que lo puede estar pasando mal, pero cualquier persona estaría mal por eso, pero no se puede hacer nada y ojala entiendan a estas personas ojala lo vean y lo lean denle like por favor NO HATE PARA NADIE thanks

    5. Анастасия Мякотина

      Честно , все з@€б@ли их снимать когда они вместе , это их жизнь не вам решать

    6. Riley Hollister

      Not hate but anyone notice how Nessa saw the camera but looked away and a few seconds later Jaden kissed her and then straight away looked at the camera.

    7. Anis Azlan

      i mean they look sincere together

    8. qwertyuiop asdfghjkl


    9. Hamzo Abdullahi

      It’s funny bc that’s addi and Bryce hall 😂😂😂

    10. Ayanda not_her

      And jxdn hates chase 🙄


      Ness sees the paparazzi, tells jaden, jaden kisses her on forehead, SUCH A PUBLICITY STUNT

    12. Marley Davenport

      why can't ya'll just be happy for them? Nessa did love josh but she fell out of love that is completely normal. Josh even said that he is happy for them and that we should just move past it. Its not any of our business the only people that know the full story is the people involved in this situation.

    13. Abby Young


    14. fuckkk off

      Those bejjes "nessa and Jaden 🤦‍♀️

    15. bilishu aliss

      this is so sad for josh and mads... they moved on so quickly like it was nothing

    16. alida flus

      bf’s ex right after the breakup (or even before)

    17. bruna gabriela

      Gom chiti pro jxdn

    18. Luhbaybe Cindy

      the fact ppl r saying this is right lmfaooo-

    19. alaueia

      honestly,i think nessa is doing it because she broke up chase and charli AND NOW SHES DOING JADEN AND MADS?

    20. Catherine yanthan

      I thought it was Josh!

    21. Rakshanda Patil

      Did y'all saw how he kissed her on the forehead 🥺♥️🤌🙇‍♀️

    22. Emma Abbott

      He’s made at them the hole time

    23. Emma Abbott

      Lol he did then like. What do u mean I did not do anything I was talking to her lol

    24. yuoop noke

      I mean they kind of match each other's vibe

    25. Carolyn Piepenbrink

      Poor mads

    26. Angelina Medina

      *c murió*

    27. Hi I'm Ophelia

      Y'all idc if they're cute together. Just imagine your ex being with your best friend like....

    28. Rosita Storm

      I just hope they’re happy. After all the tough things they’ve put themselves and other through- I hope it was all worth it.

    29. Shauka Hodan

      the fact that Nesaa, who is at fault, has removed all her pics with Josh in her Ig while Josh still have them, one stating:- "you are the best decision I have made" I am sad

    30. Karisa Anderson

      i hate him now 😃😃

    31. Usgdux Sjsbdgxh

      I’m sorry that nasty to be touching and kissing ur bestie ex

    32. Usgdux Sjsbdgxh

      I’m sorry these TikTok people just being going around messing with their best friend girls and ex girls like wtf what happens to the bro code 😂 😭

    33. Zahra Hassan asc

      Guys don't forget deix and noah started 😉

    34. Agisha Sornan

      THis aside did anyone see nai?

    35. charlotte sarge

      I actually hate how once they saw the paparazzi they continued to kiss and cuddle-

    36. Aesthetic with Madison

      That isn’t respectful!!!!

    37. Popkornuschka _2_0_2_0_

      Не дают людям нормально пожить задолбали

    38. dolita windo

      tbh they look like a good couple and they look good together but at the same time i feel bad for Josh and Mads. its complicated

    39. Hiruni ds

      I ship them but Jaden is a hypocrite

    40. Yas Queen

      Bro I feel bad for josh because before Nessa did the same thing with chase and josh gave her a chance and now jaden, josh better not forgive her

    41. SkylowXD

      Not them after being caught cuddling trying to keep their distance 😂🙄

    42. brooklyn shouse

      This makes be mad picking a girl for his "best freind" even though they probley won't even be togeather long and friend ship is for life.

    43. wannie

      i like nessa, but what they did is completely wronggg!! they hurted someone and that's josh especially mads:(( i hope someday they will heal, fix this, and become friends again♥

    44. SierraU83

      honestly josh deserves so much better...and the fact that his jayden has the audacity to get with josh's ex aka nessa knowing that josh was still in love with her is just fxcked up on so many levels

    45. MedStudy YT

      Fuck bro code

    46. Lexi Kate

      Idk about y’all but look I wouldn’t date nessa like she has had two times she screwed up ppls life. lilhuddy and Charlie and now mads josh and Jaden she’s gonna ruin everything with everyone now since josh and Jaden may not be friends them cooper, SAB, quinton, and all the sway boys can’t all hang out together Jaden and nessa are doing it for clout more than likely and are not gonna end up together....

    47. Jentzo fan Jentzo fanpage


    48. Gaming with Marah

      This video disgusted me🙄🤮

    49. KayLeigh


    50. Amira Cornelius

      I hate them for this☺️👌🏽

    51. Quincy Grier

      Is that nai? 😅what she doin

    52. Umaima Haider

      I am lowkey pissed the way she was cuddling Jayden like she didn’t love josh like 2 weeks ago and the way they say they are handling the situation offline but yet they are doing this

    53. mary m

      i ship

    54. gioyu comi

      it's funny how she did this with chase first aand now jaden i straight up feel bad for josh

    55. aurora

      I’m so angry rn

    56. Maia Chaves

      Y'all keep saying "I feel bad for Josh, I feel bad for Josh" HOW ABOUT MADS. She lost two people nessa and jaden I feel so bad for her because so much people are blaming things on her when she legit got cheated on. Jaden and Nessa make me so mad because they hurt Mads so much and honestly I want to give her a hug she deserves love!

    57. Nicaven Squad

      Poor Josh 🥺💔

    58. Samantha Haraway

      Dude I literally would be able to live with myself if I hurt people the way Nessa has.

    59. Tina B

      I won’t forgive nessa for all her non acceptable apologies for her past actions

    60. Kaka what

      I'm happy for josh

    61. Mo Raeed

      You dont understand how wrong this feels to watch and for those saying that url ship, it clearly shows you didn't have a best friend that got with your ex that you loved dearly

    62. Lilly Hancock

      I dont care what anyone thinks, im happy if they are happy

    63. Paris Taylour

      the way he looked back at the camera 😭

    64. Sophia's World

      This vid makes me sad I was really rooting for jessa

    65. Sahara Gorme

      Why did she break up with Josh 😕

    66. Anthony Bevilacqua

      nessa tries to act so innocent lmaoo stupid treesh


      if I'm being honest who does that to their best friend


      who thinks Nessa and Jaden are f****** assholes for treating Josh and mads that way

    69. Bella Playz


    70. Lola Grogalska

      Watch them breaking up and ruining whole friends group

    71. Alisabeth Townshend

      Yall betta not go crazy when you realize they meant for each other-

    72. bernadette rogers

      I honestly could give a fuck about the drama but these two just look suited for each other

    73. Idpz moormeier


    74. Ay


    75. Makayla Plays YT

      When I saw one of the words as kiss, I clicked faster than Abby Lee Miller could shout at the girls 😂

    76. Kadi Ahmed

      * anna oop watching this * 1hr later “ hey luvs so i think its official , JADEN AND NESSA ARE DATING “

    77. Monkeyz

      Feels like I'm watching some middle schoolers in a relationship

    78. Kayla bb Forever

      Nobody.. ⬇️ Nessa: i put a spell on you uu oo and now your mineee

    79. Phinishe Meadows

      Thee audacity :0

    80. eshaal 🥥

      josh said he loved Nessa but he took a break from her FOR A REASON stop attacking josh or Nessa or Jaden let them live

    81. eshaal 🥥

      0:18-0:20 JADEN KISSES NESSA 🥰♥️

    82. eshaal 🥥

      i ship them they are a much more cute together 💛

    83. Maddie Palmer

      That’s just not good personally I don’t ship them

      1. Sumayyah

        Ik especially the way they got together like jaden was out here playing with both nessa and mads on top of that he gets with his girlfriends bestfriend and also betrays josh who was his bestfriend this ship just doesn't sit right with me

    84. Mads yo

      0:45 why does the girl kinda look like nailea prob not her but yeah LMFOSDKMF

    85. Mads yo



      i dont care what people say, they are sooo cute together

    87. Avalenne Delke

      I feel so bad for josh

    88. hani amir

      little does he know that hes about get his heart broken😈

    89. Jourdan Pass

      I think they are adorable, props to them.

    90. Stephanie Garibay

      It’s official

    91. Naomi Hernandez

      Am I the only one that ships but doesn't like the way they got together and feel they could've handled it better 🤔

    92. Paula Pagan

      ok they caused a mess but life happens and ships them

    93. Kaylana O'Bannon

      i hope josh finds someone who will actually always be there for him

    94. Brianna Logan

      After they saw the camera they acted like nothing happened

    95. Joselyn Gonzales

      I ship them

    96. Jackie morales

      When you know u fucked up haha

    97. Levi Luv


    98. Luz Quezada-Castro

      that fact that you cant even like who you like sucks and when you millions of peoples opinions even worst

    99. Mariam H

      Honestly I never had any shade or Jaden at all!! Still, Its his life so I dont hate him or anything but if he were to chose another girl and just leave his gf like that then he should not just be moving on that fast and even worse getting with Mads best friend. thats just messed up. That may not even seem that bad but Jaden and Josh were really close. they were buddies but Jaden getting with his bestfriends girlfriend is wrong.

    100. Jillian Bustamante