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    1. Marcus and Sash

      Just hearing the baby in the background and you tryna keep her okay brings tears to my eyes🥲

    2. Marcus and Sash

      If you are still watching this video that means your a Day 1 A 1 since day 1🤗😚

    3. kerry gerald

      you’re a goofy

    4. Mami Emely

      i just loved your videos it really funny. i love all your family they are really funny

    5. Jessica Rojas

      This is what you call a REAL MAN

    6. Melania Jones

      I love that you still want to be in her life that is a big step. I went thought that with my own children dad not in they life and my brother step up in their life and be that father that they need. Keep it up... God got you remember that....

    7. Lexx LaShay ENT.

      I’m so happy for you tho just to make that clear ❣️ you are a GREAT dad whether she’s yours or not you being a father figure in her life is one of the best things that little girl could be blessed with 💪🏾💯💋

    8. Maria Sulca

      I so happy to see Bebe London Dior again ❤️😍🥺👶🏻

    9. Maria Sulca

      I love jcook

    10. Mo Love

      Little girls need father figures who love them genuinely nothing is wrong with that! Be her BONUS Family that’s so dope😍

    11. John Laine

      What’s good j cook big fan

    12. Stephanie Swilling

      The Chocolate and the tan are both nice . Love your videos ✌

    13. Amanda Cuevas

      Not to be Intrusive but show some love to your big girls make some big girl merch pleasssseeee love you long time time lol jk

    14. Margarita Ayala

      Hopefully everything went well

    15. Margarita Ayala

      That’s sweet .

    16. Melodie Nicholson

      At 10:43 my exact words was, noones opinions matters, exp the hate ones... 💯🥰 You love that little girl and if that's what your heart wants, is to keep seeing her then that's what you do. Do you!! ♥️

    17. Team 4

      My fav color is blue love you j cook

    18. Teena DJ.

      Dude that background music🥰🤧🤧🥺

    19. Onna Crittendon


    20. kia tipton

      does anyone know the song that starts at 4:23

    21. Temara Cush

      Where is the intro??

    22. Nallely Munoz

      Drop that Miami film

    23. SimplyD

      Raised with a single parent , grown ass , and this made knot in my throat 🥺🥺🥺😭. Your mom raised you right 💕 would have wished someone wanting to be in my life .. who cares what people think do what you got to do ♥️jcook It’s so mature and big of you guys to forgive .. definitely teaching a lot to us ...

    24. Lorianna Castro


    25. Sandy Lopez

      I'm m so glad you decided to be back in your babygirl's life. It's not her fault. Your the only dad she know. God bless yall.

    26. allaboutambiee

      She need say excuse me when she keep yawning lmao so it don’t make it seem like he boring her

    27. Esmeralda Rodriguez

      Leave that chapter of your life out and let that little girl be ...

    28. Jacqueline Wallace

      We have a God who sees I think your'e doing the right thing for this baby girl God will bless you and we have to learn to forgive each other, it's hard but God will sees you through god forgives us of our sin dont pleases mankind pleases yourself it's you who gives accounts for your life .

    29. V Malone


    30. Samantha Serna

      London is so blessed to have you! ❤️

    31. Niece & Jaz

      I love you JCOoK i am in Florida rn boii...i love it.. Can't wait to see you

    32. Vanessa Rivera

      I really wish nothing but the best, this family deserves everything man.🥺❤️

    33. Lydia Negrete

      Damn that mama merch is 🔥 I’m loving the 💚💚💚💚 one though 🙌🏽🙌🏽

    34. Yaritzia Alfaro

      I need sweaters 😩

    35. Susiee Salazar

      Love this ! Also please make baby merch! My daughter is just a few weeks older than londyn and I would so buy some ! I missed out on the first merch drop ,I’m hoping I can buy some on Friday ! You’re such a good man 🙏🏼

    36. Arley Balderas

      Did I win????

    37. Kevalena Charley

      I want a green crew neck 😍😍😍😍

    38. Ragan Foster

      I am happy for you JCook! This is so good but sad at the same time, but I’m happy you get to see her. I really hope God just helps and guides you in whatever you do and want to do💕

    39. Destiny Martinez


    40. Danielle Keller

      You’re gonna be an amazing daddy one day!❤️

    41. Celest Arrayales

      Such a GREAT SOUL jcook 💚 & my favorite color of the mama crew necks is Green 💚💚💚💚

    42. Kathryn Johnson


    43. Kathryn Johnson


    44. amalia lopez

      Bro the sweaters be poopin

    45. mariana cuevas

      I love your videos ur so inspiring💕💕💕💕🥺🥺🥺

    46. SVRendon

      Ima Day1 A1 since day 1 lol

    47. Nea Lee

      You're definitely bonded to Miss Dior forever ❤️ She's such a bundle of joy!!

    48. Valerie Cantu

      You could see jerzs face light up when you mentioned seeing Londyn, I was tearing up for her !!! 🤍

    49. Iam Christina

      God bless you always! Your heart is pure.

    50. Paulina Garcia

      My heart 🥺🥺❤️, I just love you so much . Keep doing whatever makes you happy , I’m happy for you JCOOK🥰.and that merch is the best I was not able to get it last time but Ima be ready ready this time !!! , I’m also working on a London sketch just like I did for you jerz, and Reece 🥰🥰🥰!!!

    51. Ana_ Jyzelle


    52. Britney Takai

      Does anyone know the name of the song that played 4:23

    53. Farrah N

      I'm sorry, but I don't agree with this. You can't just pick & choose to be in that babies life, based off of YOUR emotions. If you want to play the "father" card, you need to be consistent. Bc that's what a parent does & that baby has no fault in this situation. Also, I hope you've communicated with her actual biological father. He has every right to be a father to that baby & in my opinion, if he doesn't want you around trying to somewhat play that roll, you need to respect that & fall back.

    54. Deyci Mendez

      Yess definitely vlog Miami!!!

    55. Mustafah mohammed

      Don’t know if I’m tripin but wasn’t that girl was from the blind date ??!🤔

    56. Swavy Ray

      Mercy is super fire , that olive green one sheeeeshhh 🔥 UH MAMA

    57. David Bonilla

      Bro are Benny and his girl going on this trip with you??

    58. Elizabeth Corrigan

      taking care of a child that’s not your own takes a lot!! respecttt! 💯♥️

    59. Mariah Chambers

      Chocolate color or green for sure 🔥🔥🔥😍

    60. kayla galan


    61. Tyler

      My main concern is this merch I swear if you sell out before I could get what I want I’m gonna be real pressed

    62. Anai Vargas

      So in love with over size crew necks 😍😍😍

    63. Anai Vargas

      Brown!! & khaki!!🤩🤩🤩

    64. Rachel Gallardo

      You're an Amazing MAN!!

    65. Shawna martinez

      Uhhh mama

    66. Shawna martinez

      They are truly blessed! God put you in her life for a reason.. she has a second family.. your family as a whole is so amazing your mom did a beautiful job and it shows.. never leave her side.. remember everything happens for a reason

    67. Shawna martinez

      Dannng it. Just seen this video my baby dropped my phone in her baby pool.. I would LOVE a sweater . Congrats to the ones who got one..

    68. Rachel Gallardo

      Pick me JCook!! Your videos rock

    69. Pimpcess 123

      The chocolate crew neck ❤️the one you wearing I want 😏 ig @ pimpcess.xxo pleaseeeeeee I want that crew neck

    70. Julia Vazquez


    71. Jesus Camacho

      The tan is nice asf

    72. Ana Nieblas

      The green is nice 😍 your heart is so big and so loving you deserve good things and im sure they are coming your way ❤️

    73. Sabrina P.

    74. Madison Nicolosi

      creme one is my favorite!!

    75. Jocelyn D

      Does anyone know how much he sells these sweatshirts for? I looked on the site but with everything sold out it doesn't say..

    76. Ashley Montes

      i genuinely love justice n his family. but my favorite colorway for the sweatshirt's is the green!!

    77. Jocelyn D

      You don't call us cookie gang no more because you let your lil girl friend pop your bubble! Remember when she said that you need a new saying because that one was lame or whatever... 😒 stay true to yourself, fuck what haters say

    78. Oscar Leal

      J Cook ur such a positive blessed person, full of happiness and fun Also I like the green one Yall did a great job on ur merch video

    79. Lesly Franco

      Ugh you’re such an amazing person and deserve the world literally ! Fuck what anybody thinks or says! 🥺❤️

    80. Melody

      You’re such a good person, you have so much love in your heart. Keep doing what makes you happy, we love to see it 💛

    81. Erin Barrow

      She's to cute and you missed seeing her😍❤

    82. layda marquez

      DO THE BABY “UHH MAMA “ sweatshirts for babys or toddlers

    83. layda marquez

      I don’t think it should matter it’s nobody’s business if you want Londyn your life you guys grow bond together and a bond with the babies hard to break and just be forgotten

    84. Gaby Mejia

      Hi can I have a mama university crew neck btw I love you ❤️

    85. layda marquez

      You gonna tell me you got a girlfriend or sum 🤣

    86. layda marquez

      i got 2 mama university crewnecks ❤️

    87. Nerissa Garcia

      My favorite color got to be the mocha one fosho 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

    88. Raquel Nolasco Fuentes

      the mocha color is my personal favorite and also i love how lil jerz reacted to the news and btw it doesn't matter that you aren't her biological father, you are still her father because you were there for her since the beginning

    89. Leah Rose

      One last thing, I think it's beautiful you want to see London. Family isn't only blood ❤

    90. Leah Rose

      Also love the tan and black... and mocha!! Lmao. Would love some free merch! 😘💕💕

    91. Leah Rose

      Is that black and white MAMA University dropping the 30th too?!

      1. Leah Rose

        And what size are the girls wearing??

    92. Pamela Pereyra

      MOCHA BABYYY 🙌🏽‼

    93. Sam Steier

      I love the tan one as well! 💗

    94. Lisha Marie

      I love this & im a huge fan! BUT if you’re not planning on being there forever ! Even when you move on in life , get married .. she’s still going to be there . Just remember she’s gonna get older and if her “biological “ dad stays around she’s gonna want a relationship with him.. ya know ? I love you ! Nothing but support just don’t want you to be hurt 😞

    95. abricamaria89


    96. Isa Soto

      Your just Amazing 👏

    97. Leslie Patino

      you're the sweetest and most genuine person🥺💓

    98. Michelle Garcia

      Mocha Mama University is fireeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥

    99. Lindsay Bishop

      you and your family are my inspiration 🥺❤️

    100. Desserts by Jasmine

      I love the mocha and the forest green crewneck straight fire