Gonzaga's Drew Timme: 25 points in Final Four win over UCLA

March Madness

12 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Drew Timme only missed four field goals on 15 attempts, including a game-saving play that resulted in a charge with under five seconds to play in overtime. Watch Timme's full game highlights here from Gonzaga's Final Four win over UCLA.
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    1. lia lialaia

      A truck driver during the week and an NCAA all star during the weekend. Respect

    2. Jesse M

      Timme has plenty of time to play with his mustache after CHOKING against BAYLOR. 12 pts and 5 rebounds. Looks like he can take that mustache and play in Europe. BAYLOR 86 Zags 70

    3. קובי קובי

      Reminds me Danny Manning

    4. Stevanus Frisky

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    5. Matthew Alright

      I don’t see a difference between him and guys like jahilil okafor and Jakob poetl, good in college, bust in the nba

    6. Hi, Neighbor!

      Got exposed vs Baylor. Dude will be a bust

    7. ChetTheJet

      David Lee clone

    8. Andrew Marshall

      Meanwhile I’m hoping he goes to Boston so I have someone to replace Hondo

    9. UnMask A.D.

      Kendrick Perkins 2.0

    10. elliott b

      Bro, hes easy my favourite player this year, i loveeeee TIMME!

    11. Uncle Brew

      They can’t handle TIMME

    12. jake summer

      Almost should have feed him the ball even more that over time stretch

    13. Sugu

      Timme has great post moves he really reminds me of early years Timberwolves Kevin Love before he moved out to the 3 point line; his defence needs major work for the NBA though he got scored on a lot this game lol

    14. SC

      new Joker

    15. northernlight1000

      Sadly the nba doesn’t value actual big men anymore who can play down low and in the post, they will probably keep him at the 3 point all day in the nba despite his incredible paint/post skills :(

      1. Jers B

        @Head Honcho nahhh big guys now can shoot from outside....it’s a different ballgame now and that’s why guys like dwight howard stays at the bench. if not for kobe he won’t have a ring.

      2. Head Honcho

        @Jers B shaq would still be effective cause he was so dominant and considering u cant even sneeze on guys now he would be fouling out alot of big men

      3. Jers B

        it evolved....considering it better is a personal choice...big guys like shaq wouldn’t be as effective as how the players play today.

      4. northernlight1000

        @Jers B yeah it is really different from even 10 years ago, I wouldn’t say it “evolved” though, “change/different” doesn’t always equate to “better”

      5. Jers B

        game evolves times are different now compared to 10 yrs ago.

    16. JordanForeverGoat 🐐

      Man that’s a baddddd white boy 🔥

    17. angkur rongpi

      Timme Duncan

      1. Jesse M

        Tim Duncan didn't choke in big games and score 12 and 5 reb. 2nd round pick.

    18. Koofy Donnis

      Drop stepper badge on HOF

      1. Benjamim Polettini

        Add Backdown Punisher on gold

      2. Zach Leonard

        Literally best low post footwork ive ever seen its like he never steps the wrong way or rushes his move

    19. Martin Sanante

      Reminds me a lot to the 2008-2011 Pau Gasol

    20. DOY story

      tim duncan?

      1. Benjamim Polettini

        Timme Duncan

      2. SC


    21. Jaype

      Personally I’d take him lottery this year or the next. He plays with a lot of heart and is by Far the most consistent player on the team throughout the WhoLE season. Super aggressive on Offense but defense needs work

      1. Kenneth Fox

        Yeah I think this game highlighted how much he needed to improve defensively. Riley gave him a hard time and his positioning on some occasions was poor in the post.

    22. Emmanuel Strasser


    23. Mike


    24. brian ramaswami


    25. Joshua's Guitar


    26. hsmiyashiro1