Making liquid air

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    Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.
    Nile talks about lab safety:​

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    1. The Great Fladoodle

      If I drink that would I be breathing?


      Sniff it

    3. Caz

      What happens if you crank up the electricity?

    4. black night

      what happened if you but at 100💀💀

    5. Logan Witte

      That's all hydrogen and oxygen I want to see it set on fire. Would it be the coldest fire ever?

    6. Ted Davis

      How can I replicate this experiment at home

    7. Mark C

      Awesome😎 Can you drink it?

    8. TaurusDen GaminG

      So what happens if you were to do that

    9. Bat Brat Mandy

      I love science. 👍

    10. Unmannedair

      Ok, looks cool... Now, where can I buy one?

    11. Papi Chulo

      So if you drink it does it take your breath away or thirst?

    12. SHellDie

      Liquid air so that's what liquid nitrogen oxygen and co2?

    13. Floralkami, God of the Vain 🥀

      I really wanna know how that smells. Is it like a cold spicy (since pure air would probably make exposed blood vessels feel weird)?

    14. Stefan Salvatore

      Can you drink it

    15. Landon Maltba

      Drink it

    16. Tristan Ferguson

      I want one lol

    17. Sahida

      So you can't drink it??😗

    18. Matthew McLean

      People are surprised by this

    19. Felicity Mooring

      Liquid air is legit water clouds=air clouds get made by evaporated water water is liquid liquid air

    20. Michi Playz

      Is that sht drinkable???

    21. Raiyanking :D

      Question is "CAN YOU DRINK IT"

    22. SgtMantis

      I would like a diy tutorial please.

    23. [Agent 47]

      What happens if you turn the power dial to maximum? Does it create a white hole?

    24. Gritonsius

      Try breathing it

    25. Alan Toner

      Must drink the forbidden Gatorade

    26. casey albrecht

      Question, Can you drink it?

    27. Risky

      I need that on my CPU 🤣🤣

    28. The weeb

      Okay so it's basically the liquid version of dry ice

    29. tazzer the wolf

      what would happen if you inhaled this would you drown or not bcuz it has oxygen in it😶

    30. arslan ahmed

      Drink it

    31. Austyntheman

      So what dosent bubble over is just water? Right

    32. Robert Aagard

      Cool liquid nitrogen nice

    33. Inte_ RR

      Ah yes. Still not enough cooling for i9 10th gen overclock.

    34. WILSHIRE25

      Isn't Liquid O2 what they use in space for fuel?

    35. epic ninja99

      Thats so cool

    36. reviewedclamp27 ml

      Me be like liquid AIR HOLT UP IS THAT EVEN POSIBLE

    37. Kultainen lapio

      If you drink it is that same as breathing?

    38. Marquis Bishop

      Can you drown from liquid air or would you die from the cold?

    39. Tessa Smith

      CryoCooler does sound cool as well as redundant

    40. george katsikeros

      If air is liquid then in avatar water benders was op all along damn!

    41. Sofia Oliveira

      I really want to drink this but i also dont want to die

    42. Random Projects

      Wait it looks like the one from veritasium. Even the same fan

    43. Artistic Priya

      Liquid air

    44. Some guy

      The real experiment is when he drinks it.

    45. Hilma Thomas

      So.... Water.... Liquid air is water....

    46. Its Pie_playz!

      Remember kids! Dont stick your tongue to random stuff!

    47. Deen Somally

      What happens if you drink it?

    48. Dream Walker

      I'd turn it up all the way

    49. Mellow Waters

      It's boiling cold air

    50. Megaking 2012

      Wait what happens if you turn it all the way up

    51. SkoollZ

      That is just awesome.👍👍👍

    52. 35hz bass

      Let's build a car that runs on liquid air

    53. Marbel Le Fluffy Furret

      "How to give a man hypothermia and pneumonia? Give him a thermos full of liquid air."

    54. Marbel Le Fluffy Furret

      Freeze me daddy

    55. Dazzling Burritoes

      so that's how Thneedvile citizens breaths

    56. Rohan Budhathoki

      Who who thought it was water

    57. Gunthertube

      Drink it if ur so confident

    58. Indus Indus

      What this machine is called ???

    59. ememe


    60. Vanboy

      I feel my brain getting bigger

    61. teterjan


    62. Ritik Rana

      *Can I drink it*

    63. Jose Rivas - Pabon

      Nitrogen, oxygen, methane? Be more specific x.x

    64. Heaven's Gaming Vlogg

      Smell it

    65. Roger Alvarado

      Worlds Worst Nightmare: An *Angry Nile Red* w/ *Jeff Bezos Net Worth*

    66. Nathan Ozimec

      What’s the temperature of that liquid air?

    67. Michael Morrison

      So... what can you do with it?

    68. Lazys The Dank Engineer

      My brain: drink it Me: just this once, I agree

    69. cranberry the goose

      Air be like L I Q U I D

    70. Dirk Diggler

      Wow, that is pretty fascinating ngl. Keep up the quality content man bravo

    71. DigManB

      Yo now we can actually drink air instead of pretending

    72. Aaron The Gameplayer

      But is it actually drinkable??

    73. TheWither129

      Is it safe to drink Please i have to know if it’s safe to drink

    74. EcHoZ Hunter

      This man is 2 seconds from making the Fallout 4 Cryolator

    75. Jeff The ninja

      Science is awesome

    76. RFS

      Nile makes YT shorts actually interesting

    77. King Crecent

      Can you still breath it is the real question.

    78. Priyanshu Sen

      None of the videos has 1M likes and i'm not surprised

    79. Joshua Wise

      What happens if you turn it all the way up? Would you suffocate if you stayed in that room? Does the room turn into a freezer? Is the machine still the only thing that gets cold?

    80. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca


    81. Shirou白狼

      Him: cryo cooler Me: cryo,pyro,hydro,anemo,dendro,electro,geo

    82. Gabriel Ferraz



      Finally something that isn’t garbage stolen from Tiktok

    84. Dj Megalax

      Always wanted to taste air

    85. Courtney Justice

      It's a air it's a water its air water

    86. Rekta Dragoon

      Can u inhale liquid air?

    87. SovanDai

      *What if some kid accidentally truns the power dial to maximum* 😱😱😱

    88. Gwydion Russo

      our atmosphere like 70 something percent nitrogen so you essentially just created liquid nitrogen

    89. Kaylee Sankar

      I want to drink it

    90. Jamie Steffen

      What will taste like?

    91. SanJohnGod YT

      Liquid air...? You mean water?

    92. Justin Mitchell

      What if he drunk it

    93. Eli Dalie

      Ok but what would it taste like

    94. Undead Gamer

      Cryocooler... Fireoven

    95. Bollibompa

      Liquid nitrogen*

    96. Cornholio777

      What air particle

    97. Sharpened Diamond YT

      Nah me being an ark pro i calls it a cryo fridge

    98. Michał Szwec

      Oh cool, at first I thought there will be a few drops of liquid nitrogen, but then I realised liquid air is more logical, some good quality content in a compact package here

    99. Ed Sheeran

      What would happen if I were to drink it? What would it even feel like

    100. Benjamin Pardede

      That is so cool