Hardin is the worst character ever created *AFTER 2 COMMENTARY*

Dylan Is In Trouble

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    the sequel to After, based on the fanfic about, One Direction, is finally here. It is the greatest movie ever and it's not even close.
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      14:24 😂😂😂😂

    2. Treasure Whitfield

      I'm with you Dylan 1000%, I hated this dumb movie. It wasn't even thought out they just put something together.

    3. Jocelyn R

      You should react to the movie ‘ Keith ‘

    4. Sophie Schroer

      Okay it's clear a 15 year old wrote this because any adult woman would find Dylan Sprouse's character WAY sexier. I know there are toxic relationships. But come on. He's smart, good with finances, and mature. He's going places. AND he doesn't fucking break shit when things don't go his way.

    5. Mike Law

      I bet your happy they made. Two sequels are in development

    6. Rory Mae

      Hero was legit Tom Riddle when he was a kid. And now he’s this.

    7. berlineheart8

      At 11:49, When he mentions how he regrets buying it, I started dying of laughter because I was thinking back to when he first purchased it and the first thing I said to myself was “he should’ve rented it.” 😂

    8. Geraldine C

      the only reason I'd watch this, is because of Dylan Sprouse

    9. Amélie

      3:07 you shook me wow

    10. Jessika Danielle

      DYLAN!!!! DYLAN PLEASE READ THIS LMAO 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 I know you do not take recommendations but this one is a must! Please watch the tv show Wayne. It’s on Amazon Prime, it was a KGup red show but then KGup stopped creating original content. It’s soooo good, I promise. It has 100% on rotten tomatoes. It’s that fucking good lmao. LISTEN, I WILL EVEN PAY FOR IT. I will not stop mentioning it until you watch it :”””) ❤️. Also I love you, good day.

    11. Monika Smektalska

      I'VE READ ALL AFTER BOOKS ON WATTPAD AND THEN I FOUND OUT THERE IS GOING TO BE A MOVIE AND I WAS SO HAPPY...and then when it came out and i've watched it ... i-i .... their soooooooooo bad it's sad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Monika Smektalska

        Books where good too but they edited them and it's shit now too :)

    12. Joemy Guity

      26:45 That pose 😂

    13. Evelyn Wright

      a lot of the one direction fans that stopped crying when someone insulted them turned and starting making fun o them themselves. they know its a shitty band. a redemption story really.

    14. Kit S

      I LITERALLY thought he was saying "This is what assholes are made of" honestly makes more sense though XD

    15. Cassi N.

      I love these books; however this movie was honestly horrible!! I hated how it followed none of the storyline of the book at all. However...Hero Tiffin..Now he is an angel sent from Heaven above. I freaking love him so much...pure and perfect eye candy!

    16. rorgardiasz

      Omg you’re funny! How come you didn’t react to 365 days. Pretty please do it for the clout 😂😂that would be ace!

    17. Sofi Favale

      i watch this horrible movie just to see your review, ily hi from argentina

    18. jodie dowle

      Msybe because we enjoyed it for all the reasons you take the micky out of it. To be fair though i didn't finish the first one so i didn't even watch the second one. I did however read all the books 😳

    19. Z

      I’m so disgusted that these movies encourage and romanticise abusive relationships SPECIFICALLY targeted towards teen girls, who will then go out with guys, fall into these patterns, and suffer so much trauma they can’t escape because these movies taught them that it’s okay and normal and romantic. They let him guilt-trip her every second of this movie. This is so unbelievably toxic. Rant over it just makes me so angry that movies like this will have real life consequences.

    20. nnxd

      6:44 Equal rights mean equal fights

    21. Californian Freaks

      pls dylan getting mad over the kindle gift 😭😭

    22. Californian Freaks

      im so glad i never read these books 😭 this looks a mess

    23. Rebecca Stark

      He was never attractive 😭

    24. Helena Berto

      But the books are a little less worse

    25. Helena Berto

      So the thing is I kinda liked the first movie, so I went on and bought the 5 book series!!!! I'm literally only reading them 'cause I'm incredibly stubborn. They are the couple I most disapprove ever. Their Relationship is annoyingly TOXIC! And I just broke up with a controlling and possessive boyfriend. So I basically hate it. But I promise that if till the end of the fifth book things change, I'll share here with you Dylan !!

    26. Twinkle Toes

      This was absolutely hysterical!!

    27. Nate Davis

      Not dylan figuring out it was tessas dad in the first 5 seconds

    28. Emo Gremlin

      i just cannot get over the fact that TEEN JESUS from glee is in the movie!!

    29. Avery Copeland

      "Stop having sex" this is a wattpad fanfiction. It's porn with a story.

      1. Just call me Potato- UwU

        Someone else said that

    30. Stephanie Lynn

      The amount of hate in Dylan’s heart for Hardin is making my week 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻

    31. Shaelin Rollman

      Tessa lookin like the golden ticket in that dress

    32. • Alexandra •

      Why are there wire trash cans on your floor lamps my guy

    33. Monica Cortez

      Dylan: “you can’t marry him, his a child!”😂😂😂

    34. Ellie Taylor


    35. Ellie Taylor

      Dylan: 'I am obsessed with this model turn - HOW did he do that?!' Hero Fiennes Tiffin: *is an actual paid model*

    36. Mina Girardelli

      24:00 i died😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    37. oops i’m falling again

      1:54 ouch

    38. ella Tvinnereim

      i love that your saying that were all thinking

    39. PrincessYSL

      The way me and dylan were weak on that door kick🤣he kept replaying and so did i🤣🤣

    40. Antonela Almasi

      To answer your question: no, no female finds that kind of man attractive.

    41. blue biru

      I'm glad i found your channel and this video so I don't have to waste more time to watch this whole movie

    42. AJ Incandesce

      "I feel like he's no longer attractive as a male lead..." Hun, he was never attractive. Some people just realised late...

    43. Jackie Amara

      Omgg review shawn mendes documentary on Netflix!!

    44. Reeth Mishra r:32

      After fans love roasts, that's obvious. We love toxic shit. It is all shit and still just watch it because we were so invested in the plot

    45. Jessieshadow 123

      I got SO UNCOMFORTABLE when he “stuck it in” I screamed and threw my iPad across the room that was fricking horrible

    46. prongsverse

      dylan carrying the movie without being in most of it 🤭🤭

    47. Jessie

      After is a horrible story and nothing that man said or did should win him the girl back. I like stories with broken men but this was a toxic relationship with no redeemable qualities

    48. Kimberley Gray


    49. Anabela Magalhães

      it’s true, hero is a good actor and he has done some good movies, the problem is the script in this movies is so bad that it hasn’t done him justice! fun fact that probably a lot of u know: hero plays the child tom riddle in harry potter and his uncle it’s actually the actor that plays voldemort

    50. Jess Toth

      I actually really liked after but this is hilarious lmao

    51. Kyla Peake

      I sorry sir that underwear is red not orange

    52. Grace Merlin

      This guy has a solid vibe...I like him

    53. Julia Pozo Villar

      I need you to react to the lovely bones it’s a very lovely movie

    54. Madison Hammers

      this movie really solidified my hatred for hardin

    55. Athina Matz

      my question is can he write off the underwear as a bussiness expense bc he showed it in a vid?

    56. BB 7

      I dunno why she stayed with him like that relationship iss TOXICCCC AFFFF

    57. Alexandra Varro

      duude, please exfoliate and moisturise your lips!!! they're so distracting

    58. Prince Diana

      What I really don't get is that Tessa, the Literature major, the girl who just LOVES books and always talks about books ( and the movie has to tell us that every five minutes), doesn't know what the saying "Kiss and Tell" means and takes it literally🧐

    59. Finau Tongatu'a

      Wild Child...

    60. Pao R

      It hurts to watch that movie

    61. Timea Lewis

      and yeah idk why we like it so much and why we think it’s so funny when he makes fun of things that we like. like what?!😂

    62. Timea Lewis

      this is hands down the best movie commentary i’ve ever seen on dylan’s channel and his movie commentarys are pretty funny. like i was laughing so hard throughout this whole video like omg😂

    63. Keyz LovesYou

      the “he’s needy” killed me 💀

    64. Ava Ortiz

      Fun fact: "Hardin" was also in Harry potter as young voldemort.

    65. Ava Ortiz

      Did you notice caroline from tvd was in this movie?

    66. Skholiwe Zondi

      "After we collided eheheheh"🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dylan what was the reason behind you buying the movie?

    67. Frosty RisK

      Dylan sprouse is a fucking gem and we should make him just as popular as his brother. They are both fantastic actors but Dylan seems to pick roles based on how far from reality there are compared to his life, so we may never see another tv role ever again it’s a shame.

    68. Alex A13x

      Hardin: *suffering* Dylan: *laughs* YES THIS IS GOOD

    69. Alex A13x

      Dylan did the spin better.

    70. Diana Grey

      I laughed so hard I started choking on nothing. Thank you, Dylan.

    71. Lulu Mentes


      1. Lulu Mentes


    72. jo-of-arc

      why is everyone ignoring the fact that dylan guessed *correctly* that the homeless guy from the beginning would be tessa's dad sajdkfhkjh

    73. Pegah Hashemifard

      my first time watching Dylan, i liked how he ended the video and didn’t say ANYTHING like “subscribe to my channel / like this if whatsoever “ makes it 10x more fun and enjoyable

    74. Roni Schreuer

      That part where what’s his face said sorry dad looked like a pharmaceutical commercial for heartburn

      1. Kristian Alexis


    75. Annastasia Irwin

      The movie is literally a trash, but love the fanfic

    76. Nazifa Promi

      “Hate me” giggles nervously

    77. Ziyanda Zwane

      DYLAN STAYING TO FINISH THE MOVIE WITH US is more than anything Hardin ever did for Tessa...

    78. Nl Sty

      Hardin's talking is so fake because he's trying too hard to sound like Harry styles😂😂

    79. Ziyanda Zwane

      She threw that food with more gusto than he kicked down that door... and, I mean, which is more important here..?

    80. Iona Fokkens

      0:37 "I just made fun of your thing" Am I the only one with a dirty mind?

    81. No Name

      I literally heard “Whatever arseholes are made of hers and mine are the same” Instead of “Whatever our souls are made of her and mine are the same”

    82. Hristine Koleva

      When until he realizes Hardin and the kid are brothers. This movie is a comedy at this point

    83. mridul prathap

      Dylan sprouse??!! Is in this movie (or Cole I’m not sure)...

    84. mridul prathap

      Waaaiiiittt that blonde chick at 4:11, I forgot the character name from the book she’s from vampire diaries....Caroline

    85. Roma A

      Can I suggest just like heaven ♥️

    86. Andjali

      Watch julie and the fantoms please

    87. Bryanna Sanabria

      i love that you called the ending within five seconds of the movie starting (when the man walks up to hardin by the overpass)

    88. Allanah Saladino

      Yes some of us are attracted to toxic men guess what Dylan we cant handle it Nd we hate it

    89. butexa

      you predicting the homeless guy to be tessa's dad sent me off the rails

    90. Meka Jeannil

      okay but can we talk about how you literally predicted that homeless guy at the start to be tessa’s dad when you were in FACT correct!? 🤯😂

    91. helin dina

      i wanna know what Harry thinks of this

      1. Kristian Alexis

        Idk but I would never like this if I were him

    92. Hillary Nomes

      no one: absolutely not a soul: dylan: "oh that's take-off, lift-off " me: *spits out coffee in confused laughter*

    93. Kiki Johnson

      When the fanfic was better than the movie

    94. Emily Mae

      i love hardin , i hope you are getting attacked for hating on him 🤬

    95. shortgirlhere01

      I need a video compilation of someone putting the amount of times he rolled his eyes

    96. Lily

      are we just gonna ignore how dylan predicted tessa's dad being the homeless man??? that was spooky

    97. Betty A.

      "I'm glad you're sad, you punk bitch!" well said Dylan, well said...

    98. leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgicMemeories

      12:24 they made him an actual person. Vey funny and entertaining to watch. I want to see a movie where he goes batshit crazy and is also not intimidating.

    99. icaty375

      I just watched the movie and it's like you put all kinds of ideas in a jar, shake them up and then turn the jar over and see where everything falls. Then you leave it there and tell the story in jump-cut style.

      1. Kristian Alexis


    100. Kelsey Price

      I got a ad about one direction and i'm dying.