PlayStation 5 Unboxing! PS5 IS HERE!


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    Thanks so much to Sony and PlayStation for sending me a review PS5 to unbox and show you guys! WOW I'M SO EXCITED!
    🎶 MUSIC I USE -
    Snapchat: iJustine

    📷 GEAR:
    Sony a7 III:
    Sony a7S II:
    FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
    Rx100 V:
    GoPro Hero 7:
    Insta 360 One X:
    Memory Card:
    #PS5 #PlayStation5

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    1. 2020 TiMe!

      The media remote?

    2. สรวิศ ฐากูรชัย

      สวย! ชอบ!

    3. Lewis_COMPTON 14

      I want one 😭😭

    4. Lewis_COMPTON 14

      I love your little video set up

    5. Faye Turner

      Thanks for recommendation @hex_hacker09 via IG expert in account recovery, games unbanned and credit increase

    6. Shadow Stalker

      May I have your ps5 please....

    7. Jimmy Jiang

      I tried to get one but it sold out everywhere!

    8. Cuphead and Mugman!

      Oh, so your rich

    9. FortNiteSpending

      I’m hyped for the PS5 leeeetts Lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    10. Super Man

      I have no interest in this Ps5 whatever it is, video game machine? Not a game person...everyone out there on Black Friday fighting for one I see. If I see one I’ll let you guys know, you can have it. I’ll throw it up in the air and you guys can catch it.

    11. Zeeshan Nujjoo


    12. Iron first

      You earned a fan girl

    13. جسومي قيمر /NAME

      في عرب

    14. phyo sone

      Very Good


      Any armies here??? Well My ps story is..that I have play station 4 but I am just everytime watching BTS and studing bcoz no studying no South Korea , No S.K so no Bangtan.........but I love and miss those holidays where I wakeup playing ps and sleep playing ps bcoz..of no online class...

    16. Fathima Rizana



      All u tech and gaming youtubers are just making us feel jealous😡😂😂

    18. The Stuff We Do

      I like how she gets excited about everything Even the cable

    19. Charlize Robyn Masotti

      I'm so ready

    20. Charlize Robyn Masotti

      Any give awayssssss😩

    21. Berat can Özkulluk


    22. Andy Pandy

      Am I the only bloke who watched this just to see the girl?? Couldn't careless about the ps5 lol!

    23. Natalie Sanchez

      How much was it for the ps5 and the additional stuff you got

    24. RENE Pesito

      I like to watch things i cant afford

    25. crazy person6101

      No I'm stuck I want a pc but I also want a ps5 can someone tell me if I should save up for a ps5 or should I save up for pc parts to build a pc?

    26. Alone wolf

      Its big modem😏😏😏

    27. Junior Alemayehu

      Howwww muuuch arrre all offff ttthhhhoooosssee

    28. Stephanie Whater

      Thanks to TRAVOHACKER on Instagram who got mine Unbanned account in a few minutes after some many attempt trying to fix it,

    29. Selam Leykun Melaku

      whatver Ijustin get yourselft together and stop being so over the top and BUYING EVERYTHING TRYING TO BE SO FLEX U LITTLE MEANIE.

    30. Aaron Murillo

      Hi ijustine. I’d love to meet you

    31. YASH POWER

      very nice

    32. S4 H4

      Worst console launch. Worst idea to sell it online only for SCALPERS to get them all. Even tho it was launch day people already almost of got all them from the old pre orders because they care about them first. And then us afterwards when there is barely any left to buy and even tho you try and add it to your cart it still will crash after checkout... this is WHY online purchases only SUCKS! In Norway both the consoles, and Headset was SOLD after a couple of minutes they say even tho nobody was able to get in on any of the webs because it all crashed even for me...💔 So i bought a PS4 Slim 19 nov after looking everywhere for only just the Headset its super quiet compared to the first PS4 i have im gonna buy PS5 once its properly out and selling witch is hopefully in Dec. Or January, February 2021 unless im not dead till then.

    33. cartoonsmotion

      xbox be like what do we send her nect to stop talking about ps5

    34. Gavin Wilkinson

      This is big that's what she said 😂🤣

    35. Josiah X

      Yes it’s futuristic. 👌🏿😎🌴🎮

    36. Wyatt Smith


    37. Asima Ahsan

      Can you make set up and game play

    38. Avaun Bostic

      That what she said

    39. ツTeax

      hi! i just have one question because i might be buying the ps5. does it come with the headset and the camera or did u buy it sepperately. please let me know, im a big fan

    40. Orosander

      Me: *pulls my pants down* My gf: 01:22

    41. King Sleeze

      great actress.

    42. Cin cin!

      pump up 😂😂

    43. Akash Max

      When you buy ps5 does the extra controller and headset and the rest comes at the same price or different price

    44. IGreensAlot

      Even the girls got the ps5 I thought it was only boys🤦🏽

      1. Julianna Claiborne


    45. Jamie Lee Ashton

      So so cool 😎


      first part is very funny

    47. saurabh thakur

      I am a first time user. Which one to buy PS5 or Xbox series x .??

    48. Joe Mejia

      I wish I could have the ps5

    49. Jason Anthony Biggs

      I guess covid19 lockdowns are having a huge impact if a lady like her is spending her day making a video about a game console.

    50. Ennelis Barahona

      this is the only thing I want for my bday/Christmas😁

    51. Lo Well

      Boaa I wish I could win a giveaway for once 🤦🏽‍♂️


      are you ready im ready you ready im ready

    53. Andrea Rigoni

      New spider man ps5 game with Spider-Man cat,

    54. Andrea Rigoni

      Lol, did I hear that right “smooth like a “penis” ? when describing the ps5 controller

    55. Chris Got Games

      I didn't know that you went back to 18 years old

    56. Chris Got Games

      I didn't know that real women share the same dream as me to fly a spaceship

    57. Chris Got Games

      Should I get the PS5 eh maybe okay okay okay it feels like piloting a spaceship okay you convince me

    58. Chris Got Games

      Me buying the PS5 camera without a PS5 because it's cute

    59. Chris Got Games

      It's big and cool that's what every girl wants lol just kidding

    60. فهد Marvel

      i will buy the ps5 yayyy

    61. Misty

      Who else is trying not to see how it looks and how it is but failed by watching this Video. I was trying to be surprised when I have it

    62. Celio Perez

      didnt she meet plainrock124

    63. Yoda

      Damn, no longer gay station

    64. Jareds Journey

      PS5 Slim coming soon...

    65. DBL0SURESHOT gaming

      But we’re is the storage?? Other than that it looks amazing

    66. Tamir Tamir

      ps5 horobov gamer 😎😎😎😎🤣😱😱😱

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    68. Waterbending squirrel

      Xbox: gives iJustine an xbox fridge which only three people in the world have iJustine: unboxes ps5 and buying all the accessories Xbox: am i a joke to you?

    69. Nori Nori

      ممكن اربح ابلستيشن 5 بنفسي 😥لامتلاك المال اه

    70. Ragnarok 538

      why she looks so old?

    71. Miss Gamealot

      Loved undergoing my first impressions 2 on my vid!

    72. Farah Jalal

      My dad promised to get me one now seeing this I'm more hypet

      1. Ennelis Barahona

        Same with my dad haha

    73. Ayaan Shaikh

      How much did u get it for???

    74. Pragyasree DebBarma

      All are unboxing this PS5... but not all are showing the gameplay... and that thing I don’t like! 🙃

    75. kolay video dersleri

      saçın üstüne kulaklık takmak ne tür bir mallık bu kadınları anlamak gerçekten zor

    76. Sandy Lizalde

      Its calling my name!!!!

    77. Loving Hubert


    78. Peter Montissol

      Not fair she gets it for free :(

    79. MOE WES - محمد وس

      I need it😭😭😭

    80. xXGacha_slushieXx

      I’m worried I’m in the uk and it comes out tomorrow I’m hoping to get one for Christmas but I’ve heard about bots and I’m worried I won’t get one🥺😓😓🥺

    81. Sebastian Lechuga

      Wata eo 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

    82. D'Niel Hugo

      Does that headset work on ps4

    83. Hasanin H

      Hey I'm commenting from my grandpa's phone anyways No one: Not a single soul: Justine:Its minimal but also not minimal Me: hmmmmmm makes sense Hope this made you smile

    84. Just a Bum

      Play Cold War

    85. Zainab Kashif

      I really want the ps5 but its out of stalk I really hope i can get it from carrfour in dubai

    86. Pick Me

      If u love cats, LIKE DIS.

    87. Pick Me


    88. Pick Me



      I I want one please ps5

    90. Randy Schaar

      Id like to see a video on the interface please

    91. Randy Schaar

      Love your videos always informative, would you mind if i asked you your username if ever i come across you playing a game?

    92. Endri Qeriqi

      Apple be like: Were taking out the controller to be eco friendly

    93. Aracely Villagran


    94. Aracely Villagran

      I wish I had the ps6

    95. JeffyBoi 13.5.Offical

      Unbox the digatal

    96. Dantres

      No HDMI 2.1 cable included?

      1. Qadi

        Have you not seen the whole of social media you get a hmdi 2.1

    97. 『ER』 101

      شباب شسالفه😂

    98. Jeff Assassin

      Oh Justine do you think I could buy that off of you assuming there is no faulty hardware that is I didn't get this notification the PS 5 looks like a reverse ice cream sandwich oh Justine Play Mortal kombat 11

    99. Usta Sürücü


    100. Hasna Shanavas

      could you please do a (call of duty or any game that you like) gaming video soon? 🥺🙏🏻