1 Cast = $100,000! (2020 MLF Heavy Hitters Finale - Kissimmee, FL)

Wheeler Fishing

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    Made it to the Knockout Round of the first ever Major League Fishing Heavy Hitters Bass Pro Tour Event. BIG Bass for the Knockout Round is worth $50,000!!!! Big Bass goes up to $100,000 in the Championship Round so we gotta go back out there and catch them! The Angler of the Year points race is SUPER CLOSE so getting a top 10 here would mean a LOT going into the last event of the year.
    #BigBass #Florida #HeavyHitters
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    1. Nick Dawson Fishing

      What mic do you use when filming on the go pro ? Do u use an external mic or the one in the go pro ?

    2. Justin Howe

      Googan baits kill it!!

    3. kurtis hartley

      Look at the rock on momma Wheeler’s finger at 21:01!!!

    4. Jjonathan Hamby

      What kinda of charging system do you use and how does it work

    5. J Bird

      Me and my dad love watching you fish started watching you on MLF and now your KGup channel we were curious what brand of reel you are using

      1. J Bird

        I'm getting ready to buy my first mid to high end real and I was thinking about the metanium dc or curado dc how do you feel about those reels and do you have suggestions of other reels that you think are better or have confidence in

      2. J Bird

        Hey thanks for responding so quickly what about your baitcasters are they shimano as well.

      3. Wheeler Fishing

        J Bird Duckett fishing on casting reels and Shimano for spinning

    6. Backwoods Gourmet Channel

      OK Jacob, fist welcome to my home Chain of Lakes. Where you started is NOT Lake Kissimmee, but Lake Toho. So that being said, I seen you lock thru to Lake Kissimmee?? I have fished hundreds of minor leuge fishing tournaments on this chain. 25 pound 5 fish limits don't make the cut in most tours.

    7. C.J. Outdoors

      Hey guys just started my own channel, it’s called the outdoorsman channel, come check it out, I could use some help getting it going!!

    8. Patrick Galbraith

      I see yall went to celebration to go eat. There are some rich people who live in there, but not a place I would want to live.

    9. Connor Klevesahl

      When u say ding it sounds so stupid

    10. AnglingNVirginia

      Wheels=today’s KVD! You are one of the top anglers EVER! Love every minute of these GREAT ADVENTURES! Love it all brother! Keep doing your thing and get some BIG DUPE DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPEEEE

    11. Cole Knight

      What king of bed cap do you use

    12. God, family, country

      I feel your frustration around 30:00

    13. Tom Winkler Fishing

      Man....You definitely inspire me to be a better bass fisherman. Growing up on the saltwater side of fishing, I came into bass fishing blind. You and the others guys like BLat, MDJ, DC and the rest make it looks easy and are fun to watch. It is hard to root for just one of you guys.

    14. 285proxl

      Best on the tour. Question on electronics if you could only have one between the Garmin live scope and humminbird 360 mega for Bass fishing which would you prefer?

    15. BassGeek

      You just win some. That's it man. You are a machine.

    16. Coach Lance

      Omg 2:00 - 2:07 " we got gas in the truck we got grass in the boat" omg you're probably so exhausted and tired didnt notice. All good keep up the great work man !!

    17. Eric Henderson

      Hey Jacob, can you do me solid and check IG DM from hendufish16?

    18. M

      What model of Magellan shorts do you wear fishing? You did good Jacob on your pick for a wife. Proud for you.

    19. The DadBod Angler

      Awesome to see the Googan Baits slaying 'em!

    20. Ethan Woodlee

      Hey JWheels, which Wiley x's are those and what lenses do you prefer?

    21. Diverse fisherman

      Hahahaha unreal you been kicking with the bassmaster huh hehehehe badass dude you should have Ed bassmaster to fish with you man that would be funny get a couple of malt liquis

    22. Luke Garcia

      💪💪💪💪💪 enough said....

    23. Hunter Blades

      Still wrecked brotha, absolutely love watching you and guys

    24. Leon Budd

      Hanging for the chicka vlog 😫👊🏻

    25. Brody Loiko

      Your wife summed up the update like a pro

    26. Matt Hauck

      When is the Champlain event?

    27. Michael Jackson

      Definitely made up for it in the next tournament with some bigs!

    28. Fintastic Fishing


    29. Lee Yarbrough

      DC May have a tap worm haha why eats like he does however he is thin at same time , another great video.

    30. Bob Schlotter Fishing

      Love the vids and your honesty. your an awesome angler, and best of all i love watching you pick out a backlash, makes me feel good when i get them all the time.

    31. StrokerAceHank19

      Ding Ding

    32. John Reese Fishing

      Appreciate you rolling through Nashville the other day, made my day go by a lot easier.

    33. Brock Johnson

      Dude your the man J dubs! Godbless you man, your attitude is what sets you apart bro! Keep up the humbleness and thanks for taking us along for the ride

    34. Juan Lobo

      I got a kick out of the rods riding shotgun with poor Alicia in the back!!!

    35. Kyle Mattix

      Good stuff man, keep it up

    36. Elijah Southern


    37. Elijah Southern

      Literally you and Scott Martin are the reason that I want to pro bass fish. I love watching your videos. Keep it up!!!!

    38. Troy Harper

      Great video Jacob 💯 #HometownGuy

    39. Lance Fallin

      They blast the music at gas stations to deter homeless/ loitering

    40. Jake Morgan

      The change of hat messed you up on championship day 🤔 lol jk we all have tough days

    41. Trupa76

      My home town

    42. Piya Chetty

      Great video man all the best for the up coming events 🎣🇿🇦

    43. Coach H

      Keep it up J Wills! Love your videos, ur knowledge that you share and ur crew and family. Always pulling for you man. Looking forward to your Chick tourny videos.

    44. Gary Jones

      Great video, as usual. Do you leave your electronics on the boat while traveling to a new lake, or overnight during competitions, or do you remove them for security sake?

    45. Thatboyrick25


    46. Sawyer N.

      Nice vid! Hoping to see u at the sturgeon bay tourney

    47. Chris King

      What reels he using

      1. Chris King

        Thank you

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        Duckett paradigm

    48. Chase Harden

      Favorite fishin KGupr 🙌🏻🙌🏻

    49. SpankyCSTX

      Maaaan this is the life right here bro. Id do anything to do this

    50. Jeremy Newhouse

      One of the best in the world and still humble as can be. Your one of my favorite people to follow, I would say one of my favorite anglers but it’s more than that. You and your team seem to be good people on and off the water.

    51. Stocky

      Great video man! I’m hopefully gonna see you at Champlain

    52. NT Bassin

      Can we fish together sometime I would love to spend a day with the wheel deal btw my name is Jacob to

    53. Musky Hunter

      Keep it rollin. Ding to the ding. Need to get some of your rods. Need a frog rod. Which one?

    54. Nicholas Bingham

      Awesome videos. You sound just like one of my buddies the way you talk to so fast advanced suffix fluorocarbon all one word it makes me feel like I know you haha

    55. Fishing with Jake A

      Do you retie after ever fish ?

    56. Isley Lv

      Love these long videos man! I’m from Dayton local from where you live close to! Good luck on this tournament

    57. gpharned

      Man do I appreciate your tips and advise. Thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge.

    58. Rod Ketelers

      The wife gave quite the witty update!

    59. dsettleascii

      While J. Wheels is on a roll I’m getting mopped in local derbies at home. No hate though, you’re an inspiration to us all man.

    60. Drew Applequist

      Love the videos man always trying to learn from you and get into tournaments. Good luck coming up bro

    61. Russell

      Not to be a hater. Anyone else notice how when the MLF guys where fishing the FLW Super tournament they where pitching there fish back [small none kullz]. not the gentile way they do when there is a penalty involved in MLF. Still Congratz on the Win

    62. Franco Tiffany

      Not the Momma! 🤣🤣

    63. David Miller

      Congratulations on your tournament win Soldier

    64. Zachary Withers

      Ripping lips 🤘🏻

    65. James Mims

      Jacob. What knot do you tie for the flourocarbon. Just curios. I use palimore and San Diego jam

    66. Michael B

      Super cool to watch this run you're on, Wheels! Your love & enthusiasm for the game is contagious, man. I know you put in a lot of hard work & it's awesome to see it paying off. Congrats, buddy!

    67. Bradley Scott

      When are you coming to Cali Jacob love the videos

    68. CRACKED tEEth-fishing

      Wheeler, and Lee Are two dangerous Anglers this year for sure, but watch out for MDJ.

    69. David Cooper

      I remember when I was the 11 subscriber but great job wheeler keep it up

      1. Jake Tucker


    70. Daniel Perez

      Nice video bro, im from Mexico and i really enjoy watching your videos, hopefully one day we can fish together, that would be a dream come true

    71. The real JT

      No lie . I was just watching day three of Chick tourney.

      1. The real JT

        @Wheeler Fishing sir you are definitely at the top of your game, and the content / production is trending upward as well. Social media platforms along with live content is the future. There is a vacuum right now that mlf/flw could fill. They are making a starving base wait on footage that we already know the results on. With that being said, hey, we got fishing. Could be alot worse. Great job and best of luck.

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        We will get it up in a couple days! Waiting on some of the footage from flw

    72. Cason Cherry


    73. Wilson A2k

      Congrats on lake chickamauga I was so excited when u won

    74. Curtis Wall

      Love your vids keep it up 👍

    75. Ss Shier09


    76. Kevhw


    77. Hampton Shull

      Congratulations on winning at Chickamauga

    78. Bradley Scott