Ice and Fire | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 121

Critical Role

840 миӊ. көрүүлөр77

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    Forced to navigate a strange new relationship with the Tombtakers, the Mighty Nein continue their trek to Aeor, where both fiery and magical dangers await any wrong moves...
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    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Flando Maltrizian

      HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:20 Sam rings in the new year 3:40 MANCUBUS 3:55 Laura’s merch corner 4:55 Appeasing Quebec 5:25 Intro cinematic 7:00 Episode Starts (making my way) 9:00 Recap Ends (Sam’s shirt begins) 11:05 Unwrapping Ves 12:10 How Liam started: How Liam’s going 16:05 Liam roleplays 17:20 Dagen’s been there the whole time 22:35 Dagen is having a bad time 25:25 Piggyback sleep 27:25 Halfling problems 28:55 Day 12 31:50 Pointed dick 38:30 Bag of Smoldering 40:35 Sam needs to scale back flask decorations 41:25 Fjord gets hit with a toothpick 44:20 Molly’s breakfast burrito 45:50 Lucien’s journey 56:20 Caduceus on perspective 1:00:25 Cad pays attention 1:01:25 The healing power of cosplay 1:02:45 Yasha and Beau 1:04:45 Veth and Yasha 1:06:05 Wow, Veth should… write ads or something 1:12:25 Caleb and Veth 1:17:45 Jester and Yasha’s watch 1:22:10 Fjord uses just the tip 1:24:30 Fjord and Beau 1:34:00 Fjord is prepared 1:39:25 The crossing 1:47:10 The fog is always a good idea 1:47:50 Break Starts 1:50:55 Art Montage (‘Welcome To Exandria’ remastered by Colm McGuinness!) 2:07:40 Break Ends 2:08:45 Fjord put a ring on it 2:15:55 Action figures are out 2:18:55 Beau is the only one who can run 2:21:00 Value statement 2:23:40 Stay Alive 2:29:10 Sam is an agent of chaos 2:30:15 The owl is an eagle, the eagle is an owl 2:40:25 Horn blare 2:44:10 Beau’s last minute extraction 2:45:55 Fjord is struggling 2:49:00 Day 13 2:51:10 Lucien is lost 2:53:40 Travis breaks another stress ball 2:55:55 UP 2:59:40 Veth and Beau’s Irish accents 3:03:25 Lucienosaurus 3:06:40 Hot meal 3:10:05 Caleb and Lucien 3:12:40 Beau persuasive 3:15:05 Lucien’s reading 3:20:50 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 24th of Brussendar 836. Sam’s flask has a full Christmas tree attached to it wrapped in cobwebs. The back says “What year is it?” Stay safe out there, take care of each other, and look to what comes next. Love y’all Critters Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

      1. MissKerrot

        Molly's breakfast burrito I died

      2. Ornayda

        "Sam's flask has a full Christmas tree attached to it" is a sentence I never thought I'd read. Laughed so hard

      3. Jayk Kinell

        What is the music at 2:40:25

      4. Dairy Cream5

        I swear, Flando deserves a shoutout from the cast for being so fantastic with timestamps every episode.

      5. caden

        i like your spheal profile pic

    2. mexicocity38

      I'm at 40:00 after Fjord checks Cree and I swear since a couple episodes ago I keep feeling like maybe Cree is controlling Molly (or all four of them are? didn't they at some point mention that it was four people that betrayed the city? idk I have hope that Molly is somewhere in there)

    3. trinity

      Travis just reminded me of my dog when he broke the stress ball. He does have puppy energy / excitement!

    4. RATED

      Okay, I've binged campaign 2 over the last three weeks... And I know what I want as a prize! At some point, I want someone big in the Assembly to be "I wave my hands in the air just so... Swiping my hands through a tangle of twine... Casting... Widowgast's big ol ball of bullshit!"

    5. Chance

      Sam playing as a troll trying to self sabotage and like dealing with this railroad ark. Kinda low key annoying.

    6. Irina Bertoluzza

      When Veth said "thank you for using the proper grammar" it clicked in my head that all this time Caleb has been talking in his second language

    7. Dustin Dothard

      Sam is the true example of controlled chaos. lol

    8. billy

      What a BEAUTIFUL music! does anyone know the name? 2:18:19

    9. Alex Marin

      I think that hand twitch was molly laughing at the predicament 😂

    10. triangleDAYS


    11. Matthew McCann-Willis

      Those Tarot Card readings in the end, wow.

    12. 505errorcrash

      He didnt mentions the who playin who Like who playing archer , magician, elf, worrior . Just asking for details.

    13. The Heartless Alchemist

      O, I'm almost there.

    14. BigRedGuy

      BRUH the tarot cards tho. The Tyrant, and Death perfect fits

    15. It’s Matisyahu

      Seeing two straight, “taken” females blush over being in a role played lesbian relationship is genuinely adorable.

    16. Darksnake12345 mrniceguy

      3:08:35 "looks back at you again =_="... lol sams counter expression xD

    17. Darksnake12345 mrniceguy

      3:03:45 "grrr im dinosaur, im lucien!".... oh no... beau is still tripping :P

    18. Darksnake12345 mrniceguy

      36:00 "sacred flame normally wouldnt do anything to lava"... "hm, this is strange =_="... no.... it really isnt...

    19. GaleGames

      Anyone know if theres fanart of their crossing? Cause that would look badass as hell!

    20. Blue Skies Above

      i still don't get why veth isn't using her halfling luck

    21. Jacob Christian

      god lucien fucking sucks

    22. David Dodd

      Lucien is eerily reminiscent of Stephen Bonnet from Outlander.

    23. Jacob Christian

      The sheer top energy of marisha sitting on the backrest of the chair is powerful enough to power LA for weeks

    24. two LATE

      I really want that card tables, want to implement it in my game

    25. Somberlain

      The tarot reading part was incredible! Bravo!

    26. BearOnTheMoon

      So, is Ronin going to be joining the Nine before Campaign 2 ends?

    27. Jacob Christian

      The Claire remind me a whole lot of the amyr from the kingkiller chronicles....

    28. ndisfoshiz

      When Travis broke the stress ball I felt so bad!

    29. Nancy Hedge

      Fjord used that Create Water spell the exact same way I did with my new cleric character in our game the weekend before, and Matt's praise landed on my ego like sun from heaven. I love this show!

    30. Anthony Damico

      Can we get a mancubus ring tone

    31. spoopmeupscotty

      caleb saying i love you to veth really got me man. he doesn't say that often, even though he feels it. i started tearing up

    32. Tahleasin Parker

      Lucian just looks at them and drops their polymorph? So they have no free will at all then I guess. Why don’t they for the sake of brevity just go to where Lucian wants to go. It’s clear nothing else is going to be alllowed to happen anyway

      1. Tahleasin Parker

        @Django I’ve got plenty of imagination thanks

      2. Django

        @Tahleasin Parker Ye of little imagination...

      3. Tahleasin Parker

        @Django when people can cancel all your magic in a glance and track your blood and dispel your protective domes snd towers and don’t need to rest, I’d argue you can really do much at all

      4. Django

        They absolutely have free will. There are lots of things they could try in a bid to outfox Lucien. But he's not gonna roll over and let them walk over him, it'd be silly if he didn't use his own abilities to present a challenge for the players to overcome.

    33. Hunter Skelton

      (3 hours in) Why not write a note like "this is a test teleporting objects from Eiselcross. Contact Caleb From Mighty Nein if received" and try teleporting it to Yussa's tower. That way, they don't risk the crest without knowing it can get out

      1. Django

        The problem is that teleportation magic in this region is inconsistent. You can't guarantee the same result twice in a row.

    34. Hunter Skelton

      Lucien: "We're running!" M9: polymorph to run/fly Lucien: surprised pikachu

    35. Tamakins

      The conversations during the night's watch made me so happy lol! Also, Veth writing a poem Yasha makes me think back to Scanlan and Pike and how old habits die hard lol!

    36. eegs 14

      Is Dagon a Finnish sniper?

    37. Devon McDaniel

      Ooo, they updated the Art Montage music! I'm lovin' this

    38. ya9752

      Sam makes my heart happy lol

    39. Blue Chimp

      1:03:56 "I think we should put a pin in it" damn Yasha, that's kinda kinky for a first date....

    40. GioFireheart

      The tarot card reading was insane!

    41. GioFireheart


    42. Stephen Milligan

      The most fucking clutch Tarot reading of all time. Incredible!

    43. Emily Contino

      Caleb: laying the truth down on Lucien Me and Marisha: *SNAPS SNAPS SNAPS*

    44. The Cinemagician

      Sam and halfling luck made me angry this episode. Edit: phantasmal force. DAMN IT SAM

    45. Harry Russell

      sorry but this Lucien can counter spell everything is a Horrible example of Rail Road because DM says so, Given his standing in DnD Matt should be better than that

      1. Harry Russell

        @Django is not that there is not another solution its whether your group choses that solution,

      2. Django

        No, actually, it's not. There are other solutions in D&D beyond simply chucking spells at a problem.

    46. DutchAssassin

      What is the peice of music that is playing during Beau and Fjords conversation?

    47. Ren Okamiya

      Sam and his poem, the guy who metagames for the sake of the bit. As a Dm, I don't know if I'm proud or upset xd

    48. Jonathan Waters

      Haha, US shipping fees are way better than Canadian fees...

    49. Frank Rabbit

      Zoran hahaha that's a common Serbian name :D

    50. poisondart

      "Same dick"- i need that on a tshirt

    51. Richard Jones

      I know I might be alone in this but are the mighty nein the aggressors in this entire situation? Just playin victim? Like the tomb takers are just doin their shit and then here come the M9 under the guise of “getting their friend back” constantly antagonizing the TT but playing victim. I mean the TT are probably trying to end the world but I feel like if you’re trying to fuck someone’s plans up don’t play coy like an innocent child when you clearly harbor ill intent. On that note, the M9 are dicks we all know that, but isn’t it toxic to acknowledge you’re an ass and not do anything about it, like just walk-in around like “yep imma dick and you either get used to it or you’re the bad guy.” Because I feel that vibe very strongly off this group. I mean I’m trying to root for them but sheesh they’re starting to become unbearable, especially jester and beau.

      1. Andrew Garland

        Yup Lucien made it extremely clear when he dropped the dome that if they just gave him the crest they were free to leave. Dude's evil but he's got a simple code: don't get in his way. Now I get that the M9 are supposed to stop the Somnovum from entering the material plane, they're bad news for everyone. But I agree 100% with you that they didn't handle the traveling with much finesse. They constantly talked about killing or fleeing from TT, or teleporting the crest away, when they knew Lucien was watching them. They were the ones who persuaded him to let them tag along in the first place! Then when he makes sure they're not taking the crest away or teleporting it, they whine that he's holding them hostage. He TOLD them they could just drop the crest and leave! Either teleport the crest away and fight when you're at full health, or play nice and get more info. They started to do that later on but I honestly think if Beau hadn't antagonized Lucien so much and they didn't answer his questions with questions, he would've told them more info. It's like the M9 want to have their cake and eat it too. They love interrogating NPCs and keeping their info close to the chest. They expect everyone to roll over for them and panic when people don't bend to their will - with Lucien I get it a little because he took over Molly's body and is evil, but what still irks me is the M9 threatening to kill Iver the gnome, who was completely innocent yet the M9 tout themselves as good guys while openly talking about slitting his throat. But they cower and play victim when things get a little dicey. And the problem is Matt has to make his NPCs all patient with them long past the point where it would make sense. He had to pull so many punches on them later and it's like the M9 don't ever have to reflect, they just keep brute forcing stuff and winging it and things work out okay for them. At this point I feel like Dagen is much more of a hero than them.

    52. Maeve Baruk

      2:22:00 And that right there is why I just don't care for Sam. Getting your jollies at the expense of others doesn't make you funny, is just means you're an asshole.

    53. Miles Gibson

      The remastered Welcome to Exandria got me mad hyped

    54. An Fiach

      1:09:23 Toss a coin to your Witcher, Oh Valley of plenty Oh Valley of plenty Oh Oh Oooh

    55. MaddCat

      Matt's face at 1:22:10 when Yasha asked about tongue X'D

    56. Stephen Baldwin

      "who has his coat? what if we put Mollys coat on Lucian and that does it?" Marish "i have his belt, Yasha has his coat" Liam "ive got eggs!" well done liam, that was a very good call back, and nearly killed me by choking on sweets

    57. Stephen Baldwin

      "what episode is this?" "the one where Ad Sam went Feral" "ah, yeah."

    58. Jordan Sedgwick

      Wow when Sam liked Otis. Crazy

    59. Joshua John

      Veth and Caleb: Man, it sure seems like this is our final journey. Whether we make it out alive or not. It feels like when we’re connected, we feel whole, but we have to live our lives and be with our families at some point. For now, we have nothing to do but live with our guilt . Yasha, Jester, Fjord and Beau: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Caduceus: Sleep

    60. SawnyRath

      I have been putting this episode off for some time.. I definitely feel that these are some super level headed calm players. Were I in their shoes I would have conspired to fight the tomb takers in the ambush on the lava river or when they dispelled either the birds or the tower whatever the outcome.

    61. CalaCrisp88

      Holy *wow* that was an extremely interesting tarot reading :O I cannot believe that just happened.

    62. CalaCrisp88

      "Perspective." -Yasha

    63. Tashi Dhondup

      The tarot reading was awesome

    64. Jake Munozé

      As annoying as sam is, I LOVE that he keeps everything honest it makes the game SOOO much more interesting!!!

    65. SrReidi

      Lucien doesn't deserve molly's body

    66. SrReidi

      Is there a sky above me? Make a perception check Are there any holes in this strainer? Make an investigation check Can I walk? Make an acrobatics check Here's some incredible arguments and great roleplay. Make a persuasion check

    67. deburrito

      Matthew Mercer, you unrelenting master DM, I don't understand how you go from loveable, bubbly npc to one of the creepiest most manipulative beholder-looking ass tieflings ever.

    68. Johanna Zaragoza

      1:21:55 Marisha looks at Matt when yasha was saying real love is better to jester and they both smile at each other omg so sweet😭😭

    69. DerpGnome

      I'm usually all for changing things up, but I don't really enjoy the new art montage... The old one honestly gave me goosebumps every time I heard it and I'm missing that with Mcguiness' remake. It's not the end of the world, just a shame.

    70. Prince Mills

      Also, I'm always here for #JesterLogic #JesterxYashaWatch lmbo I love those two so much!

    71. Big Dream

      Why would Sam choose not to use his Halfling luck???

      1. Django

        @Maeve Baruk You've got a really weird take on that... I'd suggest checking out the Talks Machina videos, they've actually talked about this, rather then decide for yourself what the players are thinking.

      2. Maeve Baruk

        Sam does things to screw the party because he likes the 'lulz' (the Luck thing he's brushed off comments about it with something like 'crit fails make things interesting'). The pattern of behaviour gets most obvious when binge-watching (you also notice the point everyone else started getting tired of his antics, & make remarks about it crop up on camera) He mellowed a smidge after the 'HA-HA this'll be funny' moment in the Happy-Fun-Ball that got Nott insta-killed. But the refusing to use the Hafling Luck re-rolls is a continuation of getting his jollies via screwing with the group for the sake of some perceived humour (notable of recent was the attempt to force drama by trying to cut into the Beau-Yasha date)

    72. Big Dream

      Urf. 2:04:00 is creepy but very accurate.

    73. Prince Mills

      wow, that Grim Hollow ad though...

    74. Dist0rt3d Hum0r

      Anybody else imagine the Benny Hill theme when Beau was being chased by the fire elementals?

    75. omicrontheta1

      2:16:00 they run and there is a really good song as ambiance. Does anyone know that song?

    76. Tarmachan

      Lucian, trying to monologue: Oh you don't underst- Mighty Nein, interrupting for the ninth time: I know you are but what am I

    77. Guacamole Penis

      Amazing, dnd spleefing

    78. Kaname

      matt mercer is very handsome.

    79. Math Wizz 2000

      This arc feels like Vecna all over again but with enough warning that the party is frantic to prevent it instead of fighting another god

    80. MysticSybil

      Lucian is the fanbase just creepily watching these nerds talk about their feelings

    81. MysticSybil

      "Same dick." Beau I am LOSING IT XD

    82. Charles Phillips

      Bo: Are we there yet? Lucien: Not yet. Bo: How many more days? Lucien: a few. Bo: Are we there yet? Lucien: I hate you.....

    83. John Willis

      2:22:19 OH NO!!!! The stupid argument about Sam not using his racial traits started didn't it?!

    84. MrDoesmoe

      I keep hoping that dragon they pissed off comes after them soon lol

    85. Andreas Graham

      i feel like cad has gotten super jaded recently

    86. Sir Derpington

      Matt playing Tali playing Luci who has Molly in him. good lord that's a complex weave of character

    87. Placebo

      I will never get tired of them all laughing at fart jokes. every.single.time.

    88. Solrac Royal

      Plot twist: lucien arc is just a bad mushrooms trip thanks to caduceus once trying to prank the rest of the mighty nein awhile back. Source: me and my mushrooms trip having alot of eyes

      1. Maeve Baruk

        Honestly, I would rather it be a be 'trip. Most of this North Arc has felt very 'not on the level'

    89. scott byrd

      OKAY id ont ussually comment but....!!! YOURE TELLING ME NO PLAYER CHARACTER CAN SEE A BEHOLDER EYE BEAM WHEN IT HAPPENS. Cmon Matt with thatsneaky nonagon dispell magic!!

    90. Ken Glasson

      Sam was driving me nuts in this epsidoe his metagaming with yasha and trying it on with phantasmal force, was he playing his own game?

      1. Maeve Baruk

        THANK YOU! Someone else has noticed that Sam keeps pulling shit. His shit-stirring for the 'lulz' started getting real bad post Kiri/ Hupperdook, & it's been insufferable with him trying to but into the Baeu-Yasha date.

    91. downwardzig zagarrow

      Watching the lava river scene is giving me anxiety

    92. Cultureghost

      Sam casting an Int save spell on practically the only one there with proficiency in Int saves

    93. bing rijper

      Matt rolled 9-1-1 for 3:15:05 Lucien’s reading

    94. Tim Ibershoff

      SPOILERS . . . . I can't help but wish that, even knowing the possible consequences for doing so, someone had walked up to Lucien immediately following the lava flow sequence and clocked him. "What the HELL were you thinking, you IDIOT!? You could have killed us, and if we had died, you wouldn't have your precious threshold crest, now, would you?"

    95. Dairy Cream5

      Lucien as the lucky charms guy: their always after me threshold crests

    96. Praeothmin T

      Quebec says: "Thank you!" :)

    97. Tim Ibershoff

      I so wish that, during the conversation where Sam was trolling the budding romance between Beau and Yasha, Ashley had jabbed back at Sam by saying to Veth something along the lines of, "You're like the mother I never had!"

    98. Tapio Toveri

      "I could've, instead, just made you riding a giant Yasha!" Beau: salivating.

    99. natalie salazar

      "Hindsight 2020 and all that" YOU HAVE 2+9 EYES

    100. Adam B