There is a new kind of pack for The Sims 4...


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    Let's talk about Kits, the new $4.99 pack type for The Sims 4
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    1. lilsimsie

      I had the WORST time getting this video uploaded omg I am so sorry... I had to rerecord like half of it because I messed up the audio

      1. Stephen Key

        oki kayla

      2. In The Shed

        That is ok

      3. emili

        looking at the country kitchen stuff cupboards... why do i see it as almost the same design as parenthood

      4. Olixia

        it’s okay

      5. PixxLou

        Thats fine

    2. Ghost

      While this definitely feels like a cash grab there's some nice stuff in there

    3. Paulo Medina

      the sims 3 store is a SHAME!

    4. Agustina Kazuyo

      I'm so glad I pirate everything lmao third world realness baby!

    5. Myra Claeys

      Idea a electronic pack phones tablet more laptops TV printer stuf like that or a stuffed animal kit may be funny too for kids

    6. Silly Strawberry Tea

      idk which one to spend my pocket money on cause i like all the aspects of the game gimme ideas 👇

    7. Baxter Cool

      All the packs together with kits is $775 😦

    8. Rando Dinosaur Xoxo

      If you have a few or no packs in your game here’s a away to make it less boring, so if your bored take a month or so break and When you log back on download some mods and cc and have some fun when you get bored of that have a break from the sims then when you want to play again delete or your old mods and cc and try news ones to try mess around with , you can’t do stuff like switching from maxis match cc to realistic cc and over stuff so you don’t get bored of the game you brought and don’t feel bad for wasting that money

    9. Fun With Ola

      Something I dont understand complaining about not being able to afford a pack when you can get somethings free that are better it's called custom content it's free and looks better I'm just saying and it'll help you save lots of money

    10. Wiktoria Jurkiewicz

      I have a tip: you don’t have to buy any of Sims 4 content when you can torrent it

      1. Ghost

        teach me 😩

    11. Sandra Hidaka

      the dust bunnies can become little pets and you can feed them DUST as well as befriend and pet them 🥺 they can also find valuables or lost things around the house for you :)

    12. Cidila Chan

      start pirating the game, its easy af Also can someone tell me if I can turn down the dust stuff? It's annoying and it's stupid but I downloaded a full game so I have it anyways

    13. Crocs Queen

      One good thing about it costing money: I don't have to have it 😂 Not planning on getting the bust-the-dust one any time soon

    14. Iss 2uugo

      We clearly have a pricing issue if at the beginning of an update video, 5mins of it is dedicated to the price.

    15. Jessica Gibbins

      Can't wait for Paralives!

    16. Wondering Accident

      It's only $300 if you wait for it to go in sale. 🙂

    17. smarts

      I got all three kits because I'm a completionist, but the vacuum pack is actually the one I use most. It's nice having something to work for and having some realism in the game. If the house gets dirty enough, then dust bunnies appear like the ones in My Neighbour Totoro and you can befriend them

    18. Everything Chris Prime

      This should a part of the packs!

    19. Jim R

      Think I will stick with CC for any 'stuff' I don't have any desire to upload nor download builds - I reckon the vast majority are the same way.

    20. Jim R

      That is NOT their aim Kayla, their aim is to make money, period. The Dust one is so broken it's unusable - if they were 'concerned' about niches as you say, they might have put at least a little effort into making sure they actually WORK. This is another EA cash grab and testing to see how much the market will bear. Like splitting up the Pets into TWO purchases. OMG. Haven't you all had enough of this yet?

    21. Jim R

      This is EA's solution to Loot Crates - they WANT in game purchases in a VERY bad way. If the market pushes back, this is what they are now trying. Now if you go and BUY it, you give them permission to KEEP nickel and diming you to death - see where I am going?

    22. F Mhz

      Lawn mower kit please!

    23. aiva orina

      My first petstuff should have been a kit tbh

    24. Kiersten Kinder

      So now that we’re on the topic of them taking stuff that should be in base game or other packs I think seasons should be included in the base game like common on seriously or dogs and cats or even get to work just because these really should be available to everyone

    25. GeminieCricket


    26. Grace Marie

      I wonder if the vaccuum one will work good with parenthood like maybe kids doing chores helps with the responsibility trait?

    27. Aviendha AlThor

      To be honest I don`t even play Sims anymore, but your voice is sooo lovely, i just enjoy listening to it. You are fluid and coherent in your speech, without the annoying "err"s and "hmm"s that soo many people use nowadays. Truly a pleasure to hear you. Keep it up

    28. Peter Wolf

      On the first kit, when she was looking at swatches and there was the slider underneath it that she said was a mod, what mod is that?

    29. Bryanna Figueroa

      When you mentioned lifesimmer 🥺

    30. Enubatan

      EA trying to keep their crown from Bobby Kotick and Activision-Blizzard or trying to reclaim it from them

    31. Gathoblaster

      *Insentive to pirate complete editions every 3 months climbing*

    32. schizowallflower

      I'm hoping that, eventually, these Kits will become like CC for consoles... I love a LOT of the CC that PC players get but I only play the Sims on console, so I'd love to be able to get some of those themed contents (like the kitchen and bathroom CC packs you've shown off) on console. Maybe that's just wishful thinking, though.

    33. Its Shünmi

      I’m honestly new to sims (i used to think that the mobile was the only sims version) so i honestly dont know how to operate this pc sims

    34. Hatsune Mika

      What's also funny about this is you can download mods that have clothing or cas items or a kitchen set if you wanted so I really don't get the appeal for a 5 dollar tiny pack?

    35. Hatsune Mika

      It literally just feels like shit they forgot to put in past packs but they still have the coding for it so they're just "well we can still sell it y'know?" It's annoying and it just feels like a scam

    36. Juan Juri

      "5 dollars for dust y'all!" oh it's gonna be gathering dust alright

    37. Shawna Christine

      maybe these packs can introduce farm animals so people will shut up about it

    38. Slicky Ricky

      you dont have it tho

    39. Bianca H

      Okay this officially makes paying for patreon early access to custom content creators.... $5 is way to much for this. $3 maybe but no 5 is stupid.

    40. Katie Carnation

      Ugh I think CC already fills this need. If it wasn't about the money and they really cared about people having more affordable options for their specific desires, they'd create CAS only/build only purchase options for packs that already exist. That way there wouldn't be a deepening of the great divide of what game changers have and what the average simmer engaging with game changer content has. It would only have a positive effect on the community. Or at the very least they could have just started making stuff packs that are CAS only/build only instead of creating an even more exploitative option with even less stuff for too much money. People who want CAS only or build only items would pay stuff pack pricing for stuff pack amounts of that content. This is just an excuse to focus less of their resources and energy on free updates of the base game because "oh there are these very small, affordable specific to what you want upgrades now" aka you get to pay for updates. They'll turn community requests into new kits instead of free updates.

    41. 0aeaquerda

      And that's a pirate life for me, savyy?

    42. sajinokami

      Maybe they can add tweens this way and graveyards.

    43. Anime Sniper1617

      Honestly, just got paid decided against getting something I already loaded my card for. So, I'm gonna buy em

    44. xArzneimittel

      I mean, I rather pay patreon for the hackers to get this "kits" rather tan paying EA any single penny 🙄

    45. Jamesss

      to buy literally every pack and along with the deluxe base game (with nothing on sale and the few bundles instead of separate) is like $800+. It's literally insane how expensive everything is for the sims 4. Either save up the money or wait for things to go on sale, basically. (as of rn, base game is $4-$6 and expansion packs are 50% off (mar 18))

    46. Thalia Rivera

      I got the sims 4 for 5$ and everything else i’ve gotten for 50% off 😳 yay me.

      1. Thalia Rivera

        @Mushy 88 that’s even better. too bad playstation won’t do nothing like that 😂

      2. Mushy 88

        I got the sims 4 for free on origin

    47. freya Caroline nielsen

      it sucks that they made a cas kits and didnt add things to toddlers or some hair ... :( thats what we need!!!!

    48. Mr. Extra

      Well the content isn’t “cool” but I see what you mean. I hate feeling like that

    49. 987liss

      I honestly think it would be more rewarding for them to add these things into existing packs. Some people seem to think that's not possible, but they patch the packs all the time so why not? But anyway, think about it: If the packs had more stuff, more people would want to buy them because they're worth the money, and also, people would trust the developers more and believe that they care about their game and will give us our money's worth - which as a result would draw in more players. There are so many players right now that have stopped buying packs because this keeps happening over and over again and the trust towards the devs has become non-existant. I'm one of them. However, if they were to occationally update the packs and add/improve the content, I definitely would buy their stuff more often. Now it's just "this is what you get and if you're disappointed you have to pay extra for another pack later on".

    50. Kim

      Or just use mods and custom content 😂😂😂 theres TONS of it and a lot of it is maxis match so its not in a different style. I only ever buy expansion packs and game packs cuz the other stuff can just be added through cc and mods 🤷🏽‍♀️

    51. Salty Potato

      My question is, if you have parenthood do kids earn responsibility for vacuuming?

    52. MZose One

      Well, im done with sims 4

    53. Phung Ngoc Quynh

      The invincible committee simplistically preach because priest importantly wail at a labored ashtray. violent, womanly play

    54. Franchette RJ Zamudio

      Praying for a whole country pack with farming, horses, chickens, barn animals and barn items

    55. Shahbaz ahmed

      Hi good morning beautiful nice day

    56. Nicole Nova

      Why do they keeping going down?

    57. Alicia Sims

      I can’t believe they conned people into paying for vacuum gameplay😭 you can’t tell me any other gamers would.

    58. Kitty Kat


    59. Stacey Lane

      I would love it if they did a game of some sort where there was lots of new kitchen stuff for different styles of kitchens and also bathroom pack walk in modern showers really cool stuff. I would pay for that. I don’t use CC so I would love this. I don’t think I’ll be buying theses kits. Seems silly hoovers could of been in laundry day stuff. And even though the country kitchen is sort of nice I prefer more modern style. Don’t understand why they’ve done it like this. The original cool kitchen stuff pack was rubbish I was expecting more different styles of counters and cookers ect such a let down.

    60. Teodora Gabriela

      does anyone know the link to the slider mod she's using?

    61. C4THY

      I can't get any packs at all until they're either on sale or I have more moneys. :(.

    62. Xynemer

      They should just start selling each item from the pack separately with prices adequate to how much the item is worth in a whole pack (eg. 20$ pack with 20 items- each item costs 1$) that way they would still earn money, since many of the ea-made clothes/items are just as good as CC, and people wouldn't need to spend 20$ on a pack they only want to use like 2-3 items from. About the game-mechanics changing items, they could keep those in packs either just by their own (like the bust the dust vaccums with bunnies and dust/dirty floor gameplay) OR combine them with alike gameplay packs like the laundry stuff ( i mean... vaccums do fit into the theme of cleaning,house chores and realistic gameplay etc.) ...but all that, of course would guarantee them less money at once and not every item/mechanics would be liked by everyone, thought judging by all the various gameplay/CAS styles and ways sims players have, i doubt even the less popular items would be completly left out by them one day and mean wasted designing/modeling time for EA

    63. Amélie J

      as someone who has spent way, way too much money on this game: it is not worth it. it’s fun and i will forever love the sims franchise, but god! 600 dollars for this?? it’s honestly shameful

    64. Xynemer

      I wish they didn't convert the price into pln making it pretty much 4 times more expensive :/ (if you google "what can i buy for. >amount< pln pretty much has 1:1 ratio with $) imagine having to pay 25$ for each pack xDDDDD and let me tell's not worth 25pln..max 5 like it costs in $

    65. James Williams

      honestly didn’t think I was gonna care about the kits when I checked them out on origin but watching this I DEFINITELY NEED those counters and kitchen clutter.... and maybe a vacuum 😳

    66. Kassidy Joubert

      I am so sad because I have bought SOOOO many pacms amd stuff packs and I can't get Sims 4 to re-install onto my laptop😭

    67. Anne Walker

      My kitchen is empty I used the Country kitchen kit

    68. Anne Walker

      I have a question regarding the 2 kits that are no longer showing that I paid for... I didn't know until I went into my game to see 2 of my Sims in underwear only lol... I had them dressed in outfits from one of the kits... How would I get in contact with origins or EA to address this issue because I'm not going to buy them again.

    69. Ramon Caluag

      The Country Kitchen Kit has more items than Luxury Party

    70. Jacob Carrasco-iusethisplatform

      ...why don’t they update the already made packs

    71. Javon Walker

      How do I disable the dust rabbit 😠

    72. Megan Livingston

      If your game is FORTY DOLLARS, then there should not be so much paid DLC. Especially when it costs $10 or $5.

    73. Max Robertson

      I honestly wish there was a way you could pay a few cents for one thing you like instead of having to buy a whole pack... but not $17 for some dresses

    74. nas mims

      Oh they going to hell hell

    75. Nicole

      vacuum should have went with laundry OR the pet pack. you know how fluffy pets shed? well you can vaacum it now!

    76. cynthia reagan

      I think this is also more attainable than the bigger more expensive packs especially for people who dont play the sims as extensively

    77. Isabella

      why am i going to pay 5 dollars for 5 outfits in the sims when i can wait 10 seconds per item (or set) on the sims resource?

    78. dolita windo

      17:17 "I guess it's the same as this one but recolored to be better" Kayla are you hearing yourself? 🤦‍♂️

    79. Aleesha J


      1. dolita windo

        15:06 is this proof that the swatches in the future will actually be good ARE WE SAVED

    80. Aleesha J

      Its honestly ridiculous how expensive it gets.

    81. awhhxlee


    82. spencer

      i really wish they had more customizable options ! i know many of these game creators are overworked and underpaid :( but i think it would make more sense to take more time on the original product or packs and finally add more to the base game (hair placement, colour options, colour circle (?) like in the sims 3) but also that fitness packs looks cool as hell :0

    83. Kaileann Halls

      These should be like .... $2.99

    84. Exxidae

      Very very scared for The Sims 5. If we even get it at this point..

    85. Abreonna Groves

      I feel like it should've been like $2.

    86. remi

      i literally only buy packs when they're 50% off, especially since i'm australian and it's crazy expensive

    87. xChase

      This is why I pirate.

    88. jkderp

      If I were watching someone play TS4 for the first time and they had all the packs, I would assume it's all in the original game and cost like $40, maybe $50 total. It's mind-blowing that in order to have truly good gameplay you have to pay $600.

    89. 011 Hall

      God these kits are such cheap cash grabs. (Pun intended) Thank for the not surprising but disappointing update, EA.

    90. Jocelyn Chun

      It might be smarter for them to break down the existing packs into "build/CAS/live" items and let us pick and choose what parts of these we might want, instead of having to spend a lot of money on a couple of solid items and a whole bunch of less usable stuff

    91. Brooklyn’s Edits

      I see the good and bad in it. I like things like the vacuum and the house getting dirty thing. I just wish it wasn’t something new, just part of a different pack. For example just a washer, dryer, and hamper or just the world of Sulani.

    92. Jewel Marcia

      "oh cool pants!" 😂

    93. Jewel Marcia

      I swear over the years ive spent bout 300-400 dollars on the sims....

    94. Just Me Content

      15:06 is this proof that the swatches in the future will actually be good *ARE WE SAVED*

    95. Just Me Content

      10:27 Dutch me, on my way to buy this Kit now: *i am speed*

    96. bilinas mini

      So where's the expansion pack "The Kitchen Sink" where they just bundle random things together

    97. Paulo Gabriel

      5:33 The Sims 2 had a Stuff Pack just with Bathroom and Kitchen itens

      1. bilinas mini

        This video got me really excited for the kits, and I wasn't really before. I love the kitchen set and I'm going to watch the video about getting rich on dirt next to explore the bust th

    98. sim.saurus

      EA was like: how about we just make CC but like... charge for it... but like not allow CC creator to charge for theirs

    99. Katherine Vallo

      I love the Country Kitchen Kit too. It is super cute.

    100. Collin Toews

      I want one for hair that grows