Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Trailer - Johnny Silverhand

Cyberpunk 2077

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    It's Johnny. Johnny Silverhand.
    Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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    About the game:
    Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
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    Title: Upgrade
    Performed by: Blue Stahli and Danny Cocke
    Written by: Bret Autrey and Danny Cocke

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    1. Machine gun Cat

      Please say Johnny kills someone with a pencil or makes a reference to John wick

    2. RealJap

      0:49 Taking the blue and red pill.

    3. Emrullah Yalçın

      Oyun ödül üstüne ödül alıcak şimdiden belli ayrıca bu oyundan sonra kimse gta 5'i hatırlamıycak bile 😄

    4. Sokl 3;

      1:04 lol

    5. tommy girl

      Love you ❤️

    6. Abe

      Daily routine: wake up, realize that cyberpunk is not there yet. Thinking sadly about cyberpunk all day long. Going to sleep happily in the evening knowing that there is one day less to wait.

    7. Porrissey

      1:33 esos pantalones se los saco a jim morrison

    8. Ken Hew

      Why no game software company approached Keanu Reeves before CD Projekt Red is beyond me. You know any of your games would be selling in millions and billions of copies when you have Keanu on it. Even if the game sucks, people won't really care. Heck you can have a Sudoku game with Keanu Reeves on the cover and it would've sold billions

    9. veena gusain

      Plot twist : silverhand wants to kill his dog killer !

    10. Sp4c3 B0y

      Ain't nobody talk about the best joke at 1:31

    11. Gangrel Aussie

      I have a PC with an i9-9900K CPU, an EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, and 32 GB of RAM, with a 1440p monitor. If I can't run this on High with Ray Tracing at over 100 FPS, I will find some way to make CD Projekt Red pay.

      1. Drug bunovic


    12. Kevin Jimmy

      JOHN WICK????

    13. Severus Von Emreis

      Did Markiplier take the role as Johnny Silverhand? 0:39

    14. buddy H

      Aka keanu reaves trailer

    15. Manoroid N

      Dec 9th 4pm PST....Fuck yes on all levels!

    16. 심영이

      CDPR님ㅠㅠ사펑 제발 갓겜됩니다ㅠ믿을건 당신뿐이에요ㅠㅠ

    17. Raven Blood

      0:48 that's silverhand controlling V's body. She also appears in the other trailers as the stripper you give drinks too.

    18. NeoHD23

      "You're a dick, you know." "And you're a cunt, maybe we'll fit together after all." Holy iceberg, that was cold

    19. Juan Esteban Castro Soto

      Keanu Reeves: *exists* Me and every single person in the world: *Today is a good day*

    20. Henry Carmichael

      Wake up Johny, the Matrix has you!

    21. Dantas pereira anthony

      Par les créateurs de THE WITCHER!!!

    22. sleep-deprived alien

      heard that netflix is going to make a cyberpunk anime spin off to release in 2022... can't wait for all the netflix adaptation memes.

    23. Snatesss

      So, this is basically Deux ex but 48 years later 🤣 I like very much

    24. Nightmare Hellfire

      - You're a dick, you know? - And you're a cunt. Maybe we'll fit together after all. i lost it at this point

    25. Roxana Stoicu


    26. Krisnendu Biswas

      if Keanu wants to get in my brain, I am ready to destroy a city

    27. Yasin Burak

      How much you wanna bet there’s a John wick Easter egg

    28. Егор Безбожный

      все єто безумие Rockstar подвинься

    29. mami

      hava cıva yapmayın lan çıkarıyosanız çıkarın

    30. Nate Green

      The song in this trailer is a freaking BANGER! cant wait to hear the rest of this soundtrack

    31. DABEANS 69

      What make someone a criminal in 2077 getting cock

    32. Murat Çakmak

      Matrix 4, John Wick 4 and Cyberpunk 2077. Age of Keanu Reeves.

    33. mack spencer


    34. nilda lima

      Ah queria dublado em português

    35. WojtekSsiePałe

      Graficznie coraz słabiej to wygląda

    36. Kevin Ochoa

      Chris Delia looks good in this

    37. Lost Cause

      Song on 1:16 ?

      1. Joshua Bull

        Fairly certain it we haven't been told it's name yet, and that it's an original track

    38. M Kayes

      Did They release the song in this trailer?

    39. Staff Sargent

      Don't get rid of it. Go and flow with it. Use it!! Just like you did in the Matrix my man. Just like the Matrix!!!

    40. Corey Mcguire

      Is anyone else disappointed with the games they released this year and hoping this game is the bomb.

      1. Joshua Bull

        You can't speak in present tense and future tense about something unreleased

      2. FRAZIX

        They will released the game this year

    41. cynthia rouse

      SimWorld Majik...

    42. Zig

      When u think about it... they made a move worth millions of dollars and that is an understatement. Keanu Reeves is pretty much loved by the whole world. Great actor, person, we all enjoy his movies... and boom: Now he is in a game, AAA game, potential game of the year from a company that already made a legendary game that majority loved and enjoyed. What a marketing for both sides.

    43. Brisk Brain

      Как же это охеренно

    44. Sanmaster

      Well my PC is not powerfull enough and i dont have a PS5. What the fuck do i do.

    45. SpiLTeam2 Gaming

      A fan made cyberpunk video with music specifically created around the games atmosphere. This took loads of time and I wanted to share.

    46. TJ Benn

      Why is there so many damn trailers they've been making these for years

    47. Doxx Box Returns

      Whenever I’m hyped for a game I usually don’t watch trailers for it to go in blind and have a better experience, but this is an exception

    48. Yah T

      Sick I just spoiled the character for myself by watching this trailer

    49. salty sponge

      Looks wank

    50. Fardeen Ali

      W E H A V E A C I T Y T O B U R N

    51. Uma Renadive

    52. Tukai choudhury

      Me-you're late you know CD Projekt red CD Projekt red-You're poor you know peasant gamer, maybe we'll fit together after all

    53. Dorim3


      1. Joshua Bull

        It factually wasn't, but feel free to continue with your delusions

    54. Rewrite

      Diick and Kunt.. wow.

    55. RedBerry Juice

      This game is gonna be a mega hit .

    56. Young Master

      Wait, is he gonna be a playable character ?

      1. Young Master

        @Joshua Bull Then rip my wallet :D

      2. Joshua Bull

        Only kind of through flashbacks

    57. КАДР

      V : No. Johnny : Say it. V : Because we're the same samurai. Johnny : That's right.

      1. КАДР

        @Maitham Kh Just like cyber fight club

      2. Maitham Kh

        Just like fight club

    58. Nillizard Weberian

      Shits crazy. I watched this trailer 10 times now. and i cant seem to stop.😂

      1. Maitham Kh

        That’s getting normal thing for me

    59. Aerin

      So, does this mean I can't fuck digital Keanu Reeves?

    60. 廖明春


    61. Eringo Ngueno

      What is 1970s Porsche 911 doing here?!

    62. Cunning Foxx

      Johnny silver hand is so badass he makes a psychopath get chills with his awesomeness

    63. Hanan Dar

      Potential game of the year candidate

    64. Никита Крештофов

      Они кстати не уточнили 10 декабря какого года

    65. Hein Htet Aung

      I like they put Keanu Reaves this imagination way. If they create like a a character, this will be like me playing GTA:SanAndreas with my friend. It is too burden for me but I hope in the middle of the story to see a real Keanu Reaves

    66. João Bertoncini

      "Você é um babaca!" "E você é um cabaço. Nós parecemos feitos um pro outro."

    67. Pumpkin Eater69

      Arasaka would have doomed, if they killed Johnny's dog!

    68. Pumpkin Eater69

      1:32 - 1:38 BEST!

    69. The_bankr

      They been workin on this game 4 over 7 years. Like omg if they push it back again im forgetting it

      1. Joshua Bull

        Only in development since the Witcher 3 dlc was finishing up, that makes a little over 4 years

    70. Romu lombrick

      it is in the best interests of the game to be perfect! we are expecting you around the corner, especially on pc, to keep us waiting because of the shitty consoles!

    71. Yengyu Na


    72. Chronos, Keeper of Time

      1:12. When you want to talk to your dad but you walk in on him dressed as Ronald McDonald giving your mom a McSausage.

    73. Nobody Nothing

      Graphics look like shit.

      1. Nobody Nothing

        @Joshua Bull Must be a console version to look that terrible.

      2. Joshua Bull

        I refer to the second half of my previous statement

      3. Nobody Nothing

        @Joshua Bull That looks nothing like keanu. Lol

      4. Joshua Bull

        They don't, but feel free to keep sounding stupid

    74. Amanda 365

      ▶ Dit is wonderlik, iets moois en almal sal daarvan hou. Moenie lank wag om jou liefde te kry nie

    75. Cosmosis

      Wholesome 100 breathtaking

    76. joaco azcurra

      No está mal el nuevo Carlos Guti

    77. K0smonova

      This is breathtaking

    78. Rin Okumura

      So u telling me Kyanu Reeves is inside of me? Oooohh!

    79. sokhoiTube

      When Johnny comes your home

    80. JD Rome

      The graphics look ass for a game which was in development for 7 years and comes on the next gen

    81. Kayn & Rhaast

      I want that bsckground soundtrack omfg

    82. i dont

      Cyber punk dev team playing tales from the borderlands with AI jack: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

    83. Your Bro

      Me : *starring at my old 800$ laptop* My laptop : "Last time you tried Far Cry 5 on me and it didn't end well. Don't you even think about it."

    84. Mellow_Flamingo

      You ever think about how different this game would be if it was Nicholas Cage instead Keanu Reeves playing Johnny Silverhand

    85. Gamer Bunnie

      Keeanu reeves is damn 🔥🔥❤️

    86. Steve

      Already thought to buy it since second announcement which the only one I’ve got exposed with but then in 3rd announcement they have with Keanu onboard that such a huge surprise making me loved it even more! ...just don’t have a bugs or IAP I’m fine

      1. Joshua Bull

        will run fine, just don't go thinking you can turn RTX on. CDPR know how to optomize just fine

      2. Steve

        @Joshua Bull that’s great news! I’m pumped btw ya think it’ll work on gtx1050? Or i should’ve went for 1660? Lastly oops i should’ve be more descriptive about bugs a minor glitch is okay but crashes is what kind of bugs i can’t tolerate of

      3. Joshua Bull

        Cdpr will never have microtransactions in a paid game All 3 delays were to be fixing bugs. Don't worry about it

    87. cynthia rouse

      SimWorld Majik

    88. Henri Q

      1:01 Soo fucking cool, i wish i be able to do this.

    89. Retrolution

      If this doesn't run well on my system I am totally fucked for at least a few months...Here's to hoping I'm good.

    90. Aaditya Desai

      When Keanu Reeves is my partner.....I'll fucking burn the whole world!!

    91. Mayank Bharti

      He is fuc*ing JOHN WICK🔥🔥🔥

    92. robert dawson

      So is Johnny silver hand being in you’re head going to be along the lines of how joker was is Arkham Knight, but more interactive

    93. Yes

      Oh my god its John Fortnite from the popular online game Fortnite!

    94. KunGal Fantasy63

      John​ Wick​ become​ Super​ cyber​ then​ others

    95. Dull Future


    96. Rohan Khera

      Weapons with increasing power Guns, shotguns, books and ultimate one "THE PENCIL" 😂😂

    97. GaMeKiNG GTO

      " Tencere yuvarlanmış kapağını bulmuş " Johnny Silverhand

    98. N Satheesan


    99. vincent

      1:14 Porsche 911 turbo type 930 👌

    100. DUD3 X 21

      0:49 IS that a combined Blue/Red pill? Matrix reference