Ja'Marr Chase Trains Like Batman for NFL Draft

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297 миӊ. көрүүлөр16

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    1. K Nicc

      GOAT. I live on the LSU Campus & guess now I'm officially cheering for the Bengals. 🏈🏈🏈

    2. youtube

      god damn only one rest day? thats borderline overtraining

      1. Forever Blessed

        He’s fine lol

    3. PSNyounowut2do

      who hear after the draft lol. lets go cincy !

      1. Ja'Marr Chase

        @J Elle Saint Cyr nobody care come to cincy and cover me bet you can't

      2. J Elle Saint Cyr

        Here^ not hear 👂

      3. Steven Huddleston


      4. Ja'Marr Chase

        I'm the best decision the Bengals ever made me and Joe gonna finish what we started #TIGERSFOREVER

    4. Mark S Raab

      Which grey nikes is he rocking in the vid? Cant seem to find em

    5. Daniel Bradley

      This is 100% true. This is real.

      1. Forever Blessed

        Down bad bro

    6. Daniel Bradley

      My parents are child molesters and hired a state trooper to hold me down at gunpoint and inject Coronavirus and tapeworms into my leg. I'm sick and DYING. Please get me help PLEASE

    7. Daniel Bradley

      Please I need help please

    8. Malik DD

      This dude is gonna be a monster

    9. Elijah Ball

      WHO tf knows what Batman’s workout regimen is?? 😂😂

    10. Buddy Fox

      Why was he scared to play last season with a new LSU QB?

      1. 1nf!nity


    11. Andrew Hopoi

      Chase is Robin! Smitty is Batman!

    12. IGO BIG

      Man I pray that it's a CeeDee lamb again and we take Ja'marr Chase

    13. williamseric740

      I could really get use to Burrow to Chase...

    14. SeanLondon

      Ja'marr looking lean AF

    15. Byron Brown

      Who Dey, All Dey, Every Dey and especially on SunDEY


      Psalm 23:4! Fear no Evil

    17. Awake

      He sounds like Ronnie Coleman

    18. Richard Ramsawh

      Bro looks like a young Melle Mel with the plaits.

    19. 悟界王拳

      naming my newborn after him, dat man aka the batman is sick wit it

    20. Matt Martinez

      He’s going to look great in those stripes, who Dey

    21. TEZ

      Goin 5th to the Bengals so he can be a duo with burrow again

    22. Rafik Baines

      Dolphins at 6

    23. Rod Franklin


    24. Rock the Artist

      Damn howie roseman this was ur guy

    25. Quincy Dean


    26. Z S

      Joe is currently training my Son Isreal, Great coach/ Player humble guy I'm rooting for him in Life and the NFL

    27. Jeff

      Yaaaaa because Batman was known for his “strength” or his “agility” said no one ever

      1. Jeff

        What made him super was his morals and his intelligence. You really think when the Justice League was recruiting him, they got him for his explosiveness?? Lmao

    28. RoRo

      Eagles please trade back up for this dude!!

    29. The greatest ever

      I'm sorry but batman puts this to shame. Batman recovered from a broken back in prison and beat bane

    30. Dwart55

      Could get reunited with Joe Burrow, Bengals own the 5th pick in the first round.

      1. 1nf!nity


      2. chloe Orobello

        really bro wow

    31. Eddie GainZ

      Kinda short, dude barely 6ft,

      1. jusblowk

        6ft is average but for the nfl that’s tall

    32. gods gace45

      If we get this guy in miami oh my god it's going to be superbowl after superbowl 💪🏆✌️LSU. In the house

      1. Peter Mazzella


    33. Malcom X

      With the 33 pick the kc chiefs draft chase

      1. jusblowk

        Yea no 😂

    34. Victor Hardin

      Sorry son you can train like batman all you want but you still don't have natural talent or body like t.o. Megatron or dk.


      Ehh if anything I’m less impressed he’s literally gotten to train since November, ofc he rested well. Trainer even said he shaved 2 tenths off his 40 midway thru his training and hinted that his speed needed work. I love how he plays and regardless those numbers are super impressive just saying I wonder what Kadarius Toney’s pro day would be like if he got to train since November instead of being hit and carrying his team.

    36. Corey Langham

      I don't know how I feel about taking someone who didn't play last year, brings up thoughts of Mike Williams

      1. 1nf!nity

        @Corey Langham jamarr in 2019

      2. Corey Langham

        @trent T who was

      3. trent T

        He was better than Justin Jefferson who almost won rookie of the year. I don’t understand your logic.

    37. MilkMonster

      Was expecting him to be much taller. 6ft when most of these black athletes hitting 6ft 3 easily.

    38. DJ_6ix20two

      I cant stand when coaches time players in the 40, 3 cone drill, and shuttle with a stop watch and act like it’s accurate. That’s the dumbest shit. Lasers or nothing

    39. Zach Weissman

      what a weird way to start the video rofl. "Yeah he look real good in uniform." xD

    40. jasonredpill

      he should change his name to DarkKnight thoo

    41. Scott Wilson

      WHO DEYYYYYYY Burrow about to hit the jackpot

    42. Jrock

      Real deal

    43. Sean Jenkins

      And where's the time to study like a normal student? This sounds like a JOB to me

      1. Evan Field

        It is a job.... he got drafted 5th overall and is gonna make millions

    44. ryan sutter

      He came in a 200 lbs and had pro day at 201?🤨

    45. Steven Ferris

      Welcome to Detroit! Land of the wide receiver greats

      1. Steven Ferris

        @trent T you're probably right, Waddle it is

      2. trent T

        He’s going to cincy

    46. George Wallace

      9ers, please draft this young man

    47. Double21Stuffed

      come to Miami

    48. LukesofHazard 14

      Dude is BIG

    49. LukesofHazard 14

      damn they said homeboii was up to 212 at one point and they had to dial it back. I know that naturally these strength n con coaches will hype their guys up a little bit but you cant deny that Chase has a phenomenal build and proves it with his physicality and ability to go up and high point the ball. Also has great hands and YAC playmaker

    50. J P

      Who pays for this stuff? He was still in college... Weird.

    51. ceo los

      See in detroit with our new QB superbowl run

    52. Sami

      F’k Howie Roseman and the Eagles. We should’ve kept our #6 pick and use it on him. Whoever picked him is going to be the winner, this guy is going to be a monster.

      1. 1nf!nity


    53. keith jack

      He is better than Jefferson and Jefferson is nice!

    54. Jarrett Stidham

      He look like Lamar tho

    55. George P

      Just like God. On the 7th day, he rests. 🔥🔥🔥

    56. Miles Pittman

      Steve Smith 2.0

    57. North Quo

      Looking forward to seeing this guy in the NFL

    58. Anish Khajuria

      Aight I’m a fan now bc he trains like Batman

    59. SAT Scott

      Calling it...ROY. Burrow gone let it fly in Cincy. Chase a dawg.💪🏿

    60. yuh

      Chase + Higgins + Boyd good luck NFL :D

    61. Duckyroc

      Well, wherever he goes I’m gonna draft him in my fantasy league lol

    62. Joel387 suzuki

      Best wr in the draft

    63. Creynolds

      Bro was a genius to sit out last season. When you put up numbers like that. Just sit back and train. Why risk getting hurt?

      1. Kevin Bob

        @Creynolds exactly chase way better Smith wasn’t even the number 2

      2. Creynolds

        @1nf!nity winning!

      3. 1nf!nity

        @Creynolds i don't

      4. Creynolds

        @1nf!nity but how do really know? He could have used as an excuse to not play.

      5. 1nf!nity

        @The Discussion when did i say that he wasnt?

    64. Brian DiVirgilio


    65. malvoish

      LSU produce garbage

    66. KGB KGB

      wow hes so smart. I bet he could be an engineer or a doctor...lmaooo

    67. TheGamingEagle

      I'm so frustrated my Eagles traded down

      1. Drew

        fax we gonna regret not getting this kid

    68. Supamadulaoblongata jr.

      Please hold off until the lions draft. This dude is just what detroit needs.

      1. HumanFitBit

        He won’t fall much he’s a beast

    69. ziyon harris


    70. LyleTheEgg

      @Bengals pls draft him

    71. Zjwardlow

      You know a New Yorker when yu see or hear them Ju Hearddd 😂

      1. Zaddy Looney

        Chase for Louisiana

      2. Jeremiah Abiade

        More likely Louisiana.

      3. Justin Connor


    72. yo yo

      Jamar chase is different

    73. yo yo

      Bengals... sewell is a beast forsure. But this guy already played with burrow in the best college football season ever. They beat every top team. Cincy you have to pick this guy! Get o line later in the draft especially with the Bengals new o line coach they will be set for a decade. Chase, Higgins, boyd, moss at TE. With burrow throwing to these guys omg.

    74. yo yo

      Cincy is not taking penei sewell, they will be taking this guy I promise you. They just picked up Thaddeus moss, chase is next for a lsu reunion in cincy!

    75. Abdi Osman

      WR1 thats simple

    76. samp

      The Goat of this draft: chase. Get that bread son

    77. BXNY 1

      why i swore Jamarr was like 6-3 ...

    78. Xavier Rhodes

      He looked a little bit like Lamar in the thumbnail

    79. James Matthews

      I rather see my Dolphins draft another WR cause we don't have a QB that can throw to this guy. He'd be wasted on us.

    80. Gone 2 far Cunny

      Julio Jones remake

    81. Joshua Fricker

      MIAMI AT 6


      Gd luck with year homie✊🏽

    83. Nathan Velazco

      As an Eagles fan, I just want to say... . . . FUCK

    84. Writer

      My eagles messed up

    85. IRON MIKE

      I wonder how much that school/ program cost

    86. 77 388

      dude is a beast. He's lucky af to be able to train at a place like that for months.

      1. MrOhman86

        @Willi Williams that’s funny but true smh

      2. Willi Williams

        When he gets to Cincy the facilities and coaches will be far worse than LSU’s.

      3. the truth


    87. Jose

      Future Dolphin

    88. Maikeru

      Not like Batman, DK already owns that title.

      1. King Gio

        I would say Myles Garrett has the Batman costume built in his skin 😂

    89. smaller cathedrals

      It's insane to read to read the commets here. I mean, sure, he seems like a nice guy with great talend, and I'm happy for him. But come on, ... not only is everything laid out for those athletes to begin with, they even get paid for it. So, it does not require that much of discipline. It's just following a schedule, really. And if you applaud someone for being able to pull through with their job? You really need to raise your bar. You wanna what kind of discipline I respect? Facing the realities of real life, and not falter. Showing up at a gym? Getting massaged? Really?

    90. Benjiman

      Bro had to split targets with the guy who got the rookie receiving record What would his numbers have looked like without Jefferson on the other side?

      1. Benjiman

        @Braden Houser lol prolly

      2. Braden Houser

        worse he would have more people covering him

    91. Riot Ninja

      He shoulda put some of that energy into helping his teammates and coaches win games last season. Go ahead draft the selfish guy who would’ve gotten vastly outplayed by many WR and TE this year. He’s a product of Burrow. And he knew it.

    92. nick j

      chase as a sophmore was clearly the better WR between him and Jefferson. Seeing what Jefferson has done in the NFL, chase is going to dominate

      1. samalatight pooper • 39 years ago

        Only if ever did work like that lmao

      2. ANaea

        This literally means nothing

      3. THRIVA

        @North Quo oh ok

      4. North Quo

        @THRIVA Didn’t mean position wise. I meant how the difficulty of NFL is a lot harder than college ball. Someone could be the number 1 college receiver in the state and could still turn out as a bust. You mever know whats gonna happen

      5. THRIVA

        @North Quo NO TF IT ISNT LMAOOOO

    93. caldwmc

      I've always said that if college players have the numbers by there sophomore year and projected 1st or 2nd rd pick, sit that next year out and get ready for the NFL. Let your body heal from 10 to 15 years of football since childhood. The tech, the medicine, the knowledge is incredible now for these guys.

      1. The Tide

        @Isaiah King I’m actually an amateur body builder, not that I have to defend myself 😂

      2. Isaiah King

        @The Tide -couch potato

      3. The Tide

        @caldwmc We (Bama) are always gonna have first round picks every season.

      4. Trent Alexander

        Love of the short game vs love of the long game. This young man made a decision to love the long game. College is short the NFL is a long shot and shorter shelf life than college! 👏🏾 to this young athlete

      5. Jahshem Reeves

        @caldwmc TRUE LOL

    94. One up One down

      Chase, Smith, and Pitts look like can’t miss prospects. I hope Miami gets one of them.

    95. Robert O'Neal

      Victor Cruz on steroids

    96. t.rippy pancakes

      He could honestly play running back

    97. Javier Varona

      That lateral jump on the shuttle 💀

    98. saully

      Julio jones reborn

    99. Realizniguhnit 1

      Yeah IDK but I don't like when players sit out an say look at my numbers from 2 years ago. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he turns out to be Sammy Watkins 2.0 but best of luck to the kid...