Demi Lovato - Skyscraper (Official Video)


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    1. Shangamung Shadang AC-1243

      Sh*t hit different when you play this song right after watching promise Neverland ep12

    2. Pryesha Kewalramani

      2021? I don't think anyone ever left...

    3. diva mdd

      2021 anyone 😭😭

      1. MrKevin94


    4. rabia javaid

      who is still watching in 2021 ?

    5. Sepp von Schleck

      Who‘s watching january 1994?

    6. Alejandra Poveda

      Lyrics: Skies are crying I am watching Catching tear drops in my hands Only silence Has an ending Like we never had a chance Do you have to Make me feel like There is nothing left of me You can take everything I have You can break everything I am Like I'm made of glass Like I'm made of paper Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground Like a skyscraper Like a skyscraper As the smoke clears I awaken And untangle you from me Would it make you Feel better To watch me while I bleed All my windows Still are broken But I'm standing on my feet You can take everything I have You can break everything I am Like I'm made of glass Like I'm made of paper Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground Like a skyscraper Like a skyscraper Go run run run I'm gonna stay right here Watch you disappear ya yaa Go run run run Ya it's a long way down But I am closer to the clouds up here You can take everything I have You can break everything I am Like I'm made of glass Like I'm made of paper Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground Like a skyscraper Like a skyscraper Like a skyscraper Like a skyscraper

    7. official wasecorner

      I started being her huge fan from this song. She's so inspiring

    8. Kai Alexandria

      I remember hearing this song for the first time 8-9 years ago with my friends on our lunch break from school! Instantly fell in love with this song! Still absolutely *love it* till this day!

    9. natasha bingham

      How was this 9 years ago time Is just flying past:( wish I could turn back time

    10. Nightmare Afton Gacha

      I love this song and plus I have this song for my dance song

    11. bagogi mathumo

      2021 we here

    12. Holly Jones

      I am still cutting to this day and it reminds me that one day I want to come over self harm never knew that cutting and all would take over my life and control me and make me the liar I am today

      1. Eric

        When you're going through hell, you keep going. I wish you the best of luck. ❤️

    13. Evelin Breda

      Caramba só tem gringo aqui

    14. Ri


    15. Kota Spencer

      This was my ringtone on my mom's phone. Then a little more than a year ago I tried to commit suicide and she left me. She abandoned me and cut ties with me and I felt abandoned and I have picked myself back up. I'm successful in my life and now I think back to her and she had the right ringtone for me.

      1. xeta toy

        Omg sweetie im glad u fought ur way back to life 🥺❤ Stay strong, no one could tear u down

    16. Hind Kamoul

      here in 2021 😔😔

    17. Abigiel Gelaw

      whos here in 2021:(

    18. My Real Life Budget

      January 2021

    19. Dalia Anna

      who's from 2021 ?

    20. Rayane Aloise

      2021 ❤

    21. Minn DSmom


    22. Minn DSmom

      the movie nad

    23. Minn DSmom

      good days Sd

    24. Minn DSmom

      just me

    25. Minn DSmom

      going quicksand

    26. Minn DSmom

      uh quicksand

    27. A M

      I wonder how many views are weekly views of us who keep watching it?!

    28. babi Zuko

      Who's Watching January 2021? 😭 Everytime A listen to this song, I tearbend so Hard :( Ilysm Demi

    29. Tristan Deloach


    30. Eduardo Rovira

      Like to claim good luck in 2021 #bless

    31. Alyssa M

      This song is ten this year.

    32. Johnmark smith

      2021... like this if you watching right now?

    33. Rola Halabi

      January 2021

    34. Lucas Ataide Silva

      Demi is the best ❤️

    35. Raynara Lopes


    36. Raynara Lopes


    37. Joana banana

      2021 anyone?

    38. alexis houk

      i love this song does anyone still listen to her

    39. Paralysed 17

      Anyone from 2021?

    40. marou la rousse

      2021 ??

    41. Irwan Hidhayat


    42. Aldin John Garcia

      January 2021, anyone? like this

    43. John carlo Llaban


    44. John carlo Llaban


    45. John carlo Llaban


    46. shaylajenet

      I haven’t listened to this song since middle school I swear it was my favorite, I even sang it at my school talent show and it got me through some really challenging times. I did not expect to feel so emotional about it after so many years, but as soon as she belted the first note I was in tears. I can’t believe this song is almost a decade old. So crazy. Thank you Demi 🖤

    47. Gwenynburgh Pictures

      I'm wondering where's the skyscraper............. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    48. Reei Temakei

      This song helped me get thru so much! 😭☝👏💕 lov you Demi keep being ur strong amazing self 💕

    49. tyler smith

      Who’s watching in 2021🧐

    50. Milena Petry

      Assistindo em 2021

    51. Catarina Matos

      2021 ❤️


      2021 anyone?

    53. Kryz Tyll

      January 12, 2021😍 i love this song.

    54. Coloring with Shaughna


    55. greenbook


    56. Shawn McDowell

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    57. Mrly


    58. SILVER

      These lyrics means a lot to me❤️

    59. Syrine Stephanie Sullano

      I love her movie camp rock

    60. Zab Tamayo

      Been here because of Janine berdin

    61. Anas

      came here from a novel i read on wattpad back when i was in 7th grade, i am now a third year uni student


      January 2021, Anyone?

    63. Æ

      This deserves a billion views. The song itself can heal us.

    64. Dhe Vis

      Who's still watching this ! 2021 .

    65. Gregory William Joseph Liebscher

      You sweeeeeet rightous woman ❤️ I will RESCUE YOUR HEART , never fear ,,, I'm here for you ETERNALLY ,,,, remember , gregory williàm Joseph liebscher INSTAGRAM,,, GAURDIAN ANGEL , for you ,,,, really , SERIOUSLY ,I love you ,,,I actually care about your emotional needs ,, money sucks ,,,it destroys people ,,,, love is PRICELESS , smile I care for you DEMI,, LOVE FROM GREGORY WILLIÀM JOSEPH ARIZONA GRAND CANYON

    66. Marek Draws


    67. Marek Draws


    68. Daniel Arce

      Today I felt like listening to this song 💗 I remember being so sad back then but now I’m happy I’m still here this song saved me 💗

    69. Daniele Silva


    70. Leo Espinosa

      January 10 2021 😍 Still the best 😍

    71. UragonDragon

      Who’s with me this 2021? This song is forever.

    72. UragonDragon

      My Song

    73. Kairu Breeth


    74. Isabela Almeida

      January 2021?!?!

    75. Jamie Russell

      good song

    76. Scarlett

      this is still one of the best song ever made from her

    77. romnick Ebuengan

      I stil loved you so much demi my love ❤ pls cumbak 😅

    78. Burak ULU

      3:23 greetings from Lacey Sturm :)

    79. BEST SONG

      2021 😉

    80. Bluberry Muffin89

      Always makes me emotional I needed to here this today

    81. Dyosanelleee Cutieee

      Who's still here in 2021?


      Her voice has pierced my heart....

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    84. Claire Cohen

      *she is so pretty*

    85. Na Nae

      this hits hard during these covid times...

    86. esin


    87. 지호민

      2020now but not still old I still listening

    88. Blessing Dipumbe

      whose watching this rn

    89. Raquel Santos

      Watching this at January 2021 i just cant stop

    90. Gregory William Joseph Liebscher

      PRECIOUS demi,,,,☮️

    91. Anonymous ANDY

      I’m getting older wtf it’s been 9 years 😐

    92. Christianne Joy Fidelino

      Who's watching this in 2021?

    93. Asia DeBoise

      2021 and this still hits

    94. Bruno Martins


    95. Bruno Martins

      I love so much this song. Oh my God 😭

    96. Widad Saiyed

      But yes initially Dr Karen Ghany is more wise jingle in grey hair lady Trinidad Immigrations I was taking a break from Facebook my migraines got too out of hand and eyes affected with flash jingle in evidence I get tired of typing as well I need to vent to both my biological mother Zakira Mehfooz and biological baby sister Wajiha Saiyed to rejuvenate myself jingle in contacted Fizi Yadav directly this time to know my cell phone number and address this time for real you know where to reach me this time

    97. Sudisha Majumder

      Okay so I'm here in January 2021 🖤..

    98. Matteo Vecchio

      not a fucking comment about kerli who wrote this masterpiece

    99. Rj Dapodong

      Who's watching January of 2021

    100. Chaimae Hmami

      Who here 2021 this song never get old